• Show Date: 05/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pauline Luxmoore-Ball Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Siberian Husky

A quality entry awaited me at East of England and very grateful to the exhibitors for their entries, a lovely atmosphere ringside and not many absentees. Just a reminder to the exhibitors in our breed that whilst judges may forgive lack of coat, which is perfectly natural and normal at this time of year, when a dog loses coat they also lose condition. There were some borderline exhibits in terms of weight and we must endeavour to be mindful. As always a lot of dogs with some maturing to do and given this is a slow maturing breed they just need time to finish the overall picture. Whilst blessed with the weather, it was very warm for some exhibits who didn't perform as well as their construction would suggest.

MPD 1(0)

1. Simms’ Over The Rainbow Des Sarmentins (imp FRA). 7 months and medium

plus bone, good croup and well presented, moved well in profile and parallel away

although ‘crabbing’ slightly, very well muscled.

PD 2(0)

1. Sargent’s Keriquel Orinoco. Pleasing head, good croup and shoulder. Medium

bone and good reach on the move. Nicely conditioned although out of coat.

Preferred overall balance to 2 nd .

2. Seaman’s Trailhunters Toruk. Up on legs at the minute and going through

‘rangy teenager’ stage already. Pleasing head, still some growing to do in this

slow maturing breed.

JD 2(0)

1. Seaman’s Oerik Ragnar of Voykan Wakanda Kennel. Better balance at the

moment than 2 nd but currently still a ‘rangy teenager’, out of coat but moved

better in profile than 2.

2. Smith’s Snoqualmie Captain Morgan at Arcticswirl. Pleasing head and

expression, still has the ungainly movement of a youngster and slightly squarer

in proportions than 1.

YD 3(0)

1. Webb’s Rock Me Amadeus. Well muscled and slightly longer in back than I

would prefer, in coat and well presented and handled. Moved nicely in profile.

2. Williams’ Salazka’s Newt Scamander. Still a ‘yearling’, acted up but nice foxy

head, good feet and muscle, just not as ‘together’ as 1 st which can be expected at this age.

3. Wright’s Snowrun Echo.

ND 2(0)

1. Robertson’s Chatanika’s Dragonkin. Out of coat but construction is there,

well balanced and good proportions, slightly feminine head at this stage, would

prefer more condition.

2. Snelson’s Niflheim Blade. Over standard and well turned out, still needs to

come together but good reach on the move.

PGD 7(0)

1. Hart’s Zawkkast’s Scrappy. Not handled to advantage but excellent make and

shape. Good shoulder, croup and carrying good muscle with nice medium bone.

2. Aguilera’s Sulaco Hudson. Understated but covered ground well and shown in

nice muscled condition.

3. Thomas’ Eversepp Maine.

LD 9(1)

1. Leich/Koops’ Forstal’s Inola. Well balanced and in good muscled condition, fit

feet and covered ground well.

2. Wynne’s Mydisa Golden Ticket. Nice dog, just lacked the shoulder of 1 st ,

good proportions and maturing nicely.

3. Hart’s Arctictrek’s Ralph Revels at Zawkkast.

OD 5(0)

1. Biddlecombe’s Ch. Korsvig’s Cooper at Tsaritsa. Well balanced and in

proportion, correct coat and excellent in profile. Pleasing head and well

muscled, very much on his toes and would benefit from firmer handling, nice

ground covering movement, DCC & BOB.

2. Ashcroft’s Smile n’ Wave for Zanjelic. Well handled and presented, nicely

balanced and in good muscled condition, moved well just wasn’t as animated as 1 st,


3. Grisbrooke’s Ch. Azgard Glock.

VD 4(0)

1. Seward’s Elleonia Silver Bullet. Well balanced and in proportion, easy ground

covering gait and in well muscled condition, BV.

2. Platt’s Rykalov’s Sparks at Wightflight. Good shoulder and reach, just lost

out on movement to 1 st .

3. Thomas’ Teakans Jet Force. 13 year old, well constructed, sadly a little too

hot for him today.

SpBD 2(0)

1. Webb’s Rock Me Amadeus. Previous class winner.

2. Snelson’s Niflheim Gambit. Good bone and foxy head, moderate condition

and glimpses of nice profile movement, handler needs more practise.

MPB 2(1)

1. Bailey’s Artictrail Baby Cyrus. Stood alone but worthy of 1 st , nicely balanced,

moderate bone, good coat and croup, nice in profile.

PB 2(1)

1. Aguilera’s Keriquel Ginevra at Sulaco. Stood alone and again worthy of 1 st ,

nice bone, well balanced, good reach on the move and nice tight feet, BP.

JB 2(0)

1. Smith’s Snoqualmie Taliska Skye at Arcticswirl. Still very rangy, good

shoulder and reach on the move, still very much a junior, pretty head, out of

coat but still muscled and in condition.

2. Norley’s Articskies Bold as Brass with Snodiva. Presented and handled well,

preferred more feminine head of 1 st , would prefer more muscle.

YB 2(0)

1. Aguilera’s Seppstasja’s Jet at Sulaco. Just carrying better condition than 1 st ,

balanced, medium bone, still very much a youngster.

2. Brown’s Polarcreek Taiya JW. Again nicely constructed, just lacked the

condition of 1 st , although marginal.

NB 2(0)

1. Platt’s Coldspell’s Blue Steel in Wightflight. Won on profile movement,

carrying good weight and nicely balanced, covered ground well.

2. Quinton’s Legworx Neoteric. Good shoulder and proportions, moved well, just

lost out to the profile movement of 1 st . Showed a lot of promise.

PGB 10(0)

1. Quinton’s Legworx Primordial. Feminine head and expression. Good shoulder

and balance. Nice muscle and moved well in profile with an easy pick up.

2. Leich/Koops’ Forstal’s Tsula. Very well muscled and balanced. Correct coat

and good bone. Covered ground well, just preferred the overall picture of 1 st .

3. Seaman’s Sasoolka Baobhan Sith.

LB 10(3)

1. Wynne’s Mydisa Golden Night Fury. Well balanced and in proportion, carrying

good muscle and well turned out, pretty head and moved very well in profile,

stood out for me and ticked all the right boxes, moved effortlessly, just lost

her enthusiasm on the challenge for BOB, BCC

2. Robertson’s Chatanika’s Racers Ripley. Well constructed and good

proportions, whilst in good condition, completely out of coat but her

construction could not be ignored for the RBCC.

3. Seward’s Elleonia Perfect Dream.

OB 6(1)

1. Wynne’s Ch. Mydisa Golden Deelishus JW ShCM ShCEx. Shown in excellent

coat and nice muscled condition, easy gait, well presented and handled with nice

profile movement.

2. Sargent’s Ch. Keriquel Aqualight. Naked! Well balanced with excellent

construction, pleasing head with good muscle and condition although currently

re-growing her coat.

3. Norman’s Skimarque Grace and Favour.

VB 2(0)

1. Sargent’s Keriquel Meribel. Lovely in profile, good bone and muscle, excellent


2. Norman’s Skimarque Anna Pavlova. Good bone and muscle, excellent croup,

just preferred the front movement of 1 st .

SpBB 2(0)

1. Smith’s Snoqualmie Taliska Skye at Arcticswirl. Previous class winner, BSpB.

2. Bailey’s Articswirl Baby Cyrus. Previous class winner.

Pauline Luxmoore-Ball