• Show Date: 17/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pauline Amphlett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Siberian Husky

Scottish Kennel Club/May 2019

Extremely pleased to receive this invitation from the society as I have never judged in Scotland and pleased to note that our breed entry compared favourable with a number of other breed specialists who have judged for this society over the last five years. A huge thank-you to all those who entered and supported the SKC and a special thank-you goes out to all those that had made the long drive up from the South. It was lovely to see you all with your gorgeous dogs and for some of you it was really worthwhile as you took home some of the main green cards.

Just a few thoughts on the day I was disappointed that our ring hadn’t been better prepared for you. The sawdust that was left all over the floor really annoyed me and I thought it disrespectful to you as competitors for the amount of money you pay for your entries. It was noisy for the younger dogs. I just hope it didn’t prove to be a negative experience for them? On the day the heavy rain outside supported the SKC decision to use the indoor halls.

The two main card winners in the dog classes were most definitely from the same pod/kennel. I felt bold awarding a Junior dog the RCC on the day. But he was an extremely worthy exhibit. The dog that I gave BOB and the DCC was wonderful. I struggled to fault him. He was understated in a moderate way, very calm and composed and on the move just ate up the ring with his handler. Then there was the Post Graduate Bitch class, full of so many quality dogs. Took me a while to work it out and in the end I was very happy with the final cut and the class line-up. The other class I will quickly comment on was Limit Bitch. The first and second bitch, were both of a similar type and on the day but the movement on the second placed dog on the day wasn’t as consistent as the first exhibit and in the end this made the decision for me. Finally on the day and really pleased with our BOB who I thought represented our breed extremely well in the group and very pleased with the main ticket and class winners.


PD (2/0)

1 Seaman’s Trailhunters Toruk. 10 mths, wolf grey with blue almond eyes, typical head, tall for a baby, good overall condition, in lovely coat and carrying the right weight, well proportioned, handled and presented, but a bit upright on his pasterns at the moment. Hopefully this will improve with maturity. BP

2 Pike’s Coiregrogan Glastonbury. 7 mths old, wolf grey, bi eyed, nicely constructed, just needs a bit more weight, attractive head with good ear-set, well angulated in the front and rear, level topline, correct croup and tail carriage, unsettled on the move, needs more handling experience but really shows plenty of potential for the future.

JD (2/0)

1 Wakker’s Shaytaan’s Winter Soldier at Ceannabeinne (IMP CANADA). 12 months old, white, beautiful dark brown almond eyed with gentle, alert expression. Really loved this boy’s outline standing and his overall proportions, good lay of shoulder, well-angulated front and rear with level topline, good croup, tail carriage and lovely ratios with leg length to height, this boy really showed his socks off displaying plenty of ground covering movement on the day. RDCC

2 Seamen’s Oerik Ragnar of Voykan Wakanda Kennel. 12 mths old, black/white, brown eyes with lovely shape, attractive head with good ear-set, rangy build at the moment but will grow into himself, a little upright in the pastern, however well angulated in the front and rear, level topline, correct croup and tail carriage, a little uncoordinated on the move but imagine this will improve with maturity.

PGD (11/3)

1 Pack’s Arcticpack’s Prop Joe. 6 yrs, wolf grey, blue eyes with lovely almond shape, attractive head with good ear-set, very well angulated in the front and rear, level topline, correct croup and tail carriage, moved out around the ring with ease. Well handled and presented.

2 Robinson’s Frostynights Bloodraven. 3 yrs, dilute black/white, bi eyed with a lovely almond eye, attractive head with good ear-set, lovely construction, with a good lay of shoulder, well angulated in the front and rear, level topline, correct croup and beautiful tail carriage, a pity that this gorgeous dog was unsettled on the day. Unfortunate to meet 1 today.

LD (5/0)

1 Wakker’s Shaytaan’s Doctor Watson at Ceannabeinne (IMP CANADA). 3 yrs, white, who caught my eye immediately as he came into the ring. Pleased to say he didn’t disappointed in any way. Excellent angulations front and rear, firm topline, correct arch over the loin, good croup and tail carriage. Well muscled with good feet. Had a lovely lay of shoulder, attractive masculine head, well placed ears and dark brown almond shaped eyes, ideal proportions throughout and correct leg length to height. Moved out really well with no wasted energy and was extremely well handled. A worthy CC winner who want onto win BOB on the day and represented our breed in the group. BOB and DCC

2 Beirne’s Itaska. 2.5 yrs, wolf grey, dark eyes, in good coat and overall condition, well-muscled, good angulation front and rear, level topline, correct slope of pastern, good feet correct slope of croup and tail carriage, true coming and going and moved very well for a young dog. Well handled to get the best out of him on the day.

OD (5/3)

1 Allen’s Ch Siberiadrift Keep The Love for Zimavolk. 2.5 yrs, red/white, light eyes which gave the appearance of being slightly round, attractive masculine head with a gentle expression, thought he was a tad short in the leg and in overall length, firm topline, good croup and tail carriage but in lovely coat on the day. Light-footed, true coming and going and very much in tune with his handler.

2 Seward’s Ch Elleonia Perfect Chance. 5 yrs, wolf grey, lovely dark almond eyes and soulful expression, attractive head and good ear-set, lovely coat and condition, well angulated front and rear with a lovely outline standing, a tad tall but everything in the right place, covered the ground well from the side moved a bit wide in the rear on the day. Well handled on the day, unfortunate to meet one today who showed himself to full advantage.

VD (5/1)

1 Pack’s Snopeak Diaryz of a Madman at Arcticpack. 10 yrs, wolf grey, lovely head, excellent ear set and blue almond shaped eyes. In good coat and overall condition, lovely angulations with a level topline, correct slope of pastern, croup and tail carriage, sound coming and going and moved effortlessly around the ring.

2 Thomas’s Frostyfurs Santa Paws of Sledsuka SHCM. 10 yrs, grey/white, dark brown eyes, in good coat, enjoying his day out with his handler, sound overall construction but didn’t have the flowing movement of 1 on the day.

SBD (1/0)

1 Snelsdon’s Niflheim Gambit. 3 yrs, red/white, blue eyes, in good coat, enjoying his day out with his handler, good overall construction but a little unsettled in the ring so didn’t show him self to full advantage. But represented the breed well in the Special Beginners class at the end of the day.

GCD (0/0)

PB (1/0)

1 Pike’s Coiregrogan Rbble Valley. 7 mths, wolf grey, dark eyes with good shape, feminine head with gently expression, good ear-set, well angulated with lovely outline in the stand, firm topline, good croup and lovely tail carriage. Moved well for a puppy on the day, needs time to mature and put a little weight on but showed lots of potential for the future.

JB (1/0)

1 Cordwell’s Amiz Likoori at Sakkino. 12 mths, black/white, lovely feminine head and gently expression, lovely dark brown almond shaped eyes, good ear-set, well angulated with lovely outline in the stand, light in bone, excellent topline for a puppy, demonstrating light-footed ground covering movement from the side and drive from the rear and must say she was ably handled on the day to get the best out of her. Stood alone but definitely one to watch for the future.

PGB (16,2)

1 Jones & Mihulka Shaytaan’s Upyours at Icynights. 2 yrs old, grey/white, dark almond eyes, feminine girl with gorgeous head, well placed ears but a pity she didn’t use them much, lovely overall angulations with firm topline on the move, croup and tail carriage, which created a lovely outline, good leg length. Light footed, ground covering movement, sound coming and going. In excellent coat, well presented and shown to full advantage by her handler. RBCC

2 Shelford’s Snotrekka Enchantress. 5 yrs, grey/white, attractive head with ear-set a little wide, lovely shoulder angulation and firm topline, into correct croup, tail carriage and good overall angulations, covered the ground well on the move, pity she wouldn’t drop her head on the move, light footed and sound. Well handled on the day just preferred the movement of one on the day.

LB (7/1)

1 Shelford’s Joy av Vargevass (IMP NOR). 3 yrs, beautiful dark almond eyes, with a classic head. A gorgeous girl that ticked all the boxes for me. Keen, alert expression, lovely shoulder angulation, nice gently slope on her pasterns, firm topline on the move, good front and rear angulations, lovely side profile, gently slope on the croup with lovely flowing tail carriage. Sound coming and going, light footed and covered the ground with ease. Well handled and presented by her owner to win her class today. BCC

2 Bryson’s Inukshuk Kunik O’Ullaktut. 3 yrs, lovely feminine wolf grey, dark almond eyes, gorgeous head and expression, well placed ears, good overall angulations with a firm topline on the move, gentle slope of croup with tail carried level to top line high, lovely leg length to height ratios with correct bone, holding the right amount of weight, well handled and much to choose between the first two girls in this class if I’m honest. But on the day she was just a little unsettled on the move, which cost her the class today.

OB (5,0)

1 Wakker’s Ch Icynight’s Sparkle In The Mist at Ceannabeinne. 5 yrs, black/white, oblique dark almond shaped eyes, feminine expression, well set ears, good shoulder angulation running into good length of leg, gentle slope of pastern into tight feet, gently arched over the loin into a moderate curve of stifle, carrying a tad more weight since I lost saw her which pleased me, expertly handled by her owner to get the best out of this girl on the day, demonstrating light ground covering movement with reach and drive.

2 Seward’s Forstal’s Crystal with Elleonia JW. 5 yrs, black/white, feminine girl with gorgeous head, used her ears well with a delightful expression, good overall angulations, firm topline on the move, croup and tail carriage, good leg length and correct bone. Sound coming and going but on the day didn’t move as smoothly as 1 on the day.

VB (3/1)

1 Shaw’s Gazelle. 9 yrs, white, light almond shaped eyes, lovely feminine expression, this girl really used her ears to frame her head, well put together with good angulations, topline, croup and tail carriage and carrying the correct weight. Extremely well handled, demonstrating light smooth movement covering lots of ground with very little effort. BV

2 Casola’s Podrical’s Starlight Express JW. 7.5 yrs, grey/white, dark eye, lovely head and expression, feminine girl, with correct ear-set, another dog in good overall condition and holding the right weight, ably handled today. Lovely outline in the stand with good ratios of leg length to height, moved well but didn’t have the drive of 1 on the day.

SBB (0/0)

GCB (0/0)

Pauline Amphlett