• Show Date: 07/03/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pauk Shimmin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020


Breed: Saluki

CRUFTS 2019 SALUKI CRITIQUE - JUDGE PAUL SHIMMIN   Thank you for presenting me with a quality entry of salukis. The Limit and Open classes were extremely competitive and some excellent dogs ended up unplaced. On the downside a number of exhibits were carrying too much weight. Some dogs moving excellently in profile were disappointing coming and going. Also at this level there was some disappointing handling. It is important that you show your dog to its maximum potential to allow the judge to make an assessment. VETERAN DOG (4:2a) 1 Glaister’s Ch. Classicus Cassander JW ShCM. Black and cream. A dog I have given top honours to on a prior occasion. Balanced and together, excels in type and moved effortlessly round the ring. B. VET. 2 Ham’s Ch Baghdad Karim ShCM. Black and Cream. Same remarks apply. Very well handled but 1 a little more together on move. PUPPY (1) Walton-Haddon’s Badavie Don Peppino. Striking black/white particolour. A slow developer but coming together nicely. Masculine head with gentle expression. Supple neck, good topline with rise over loin, strong quarters. Good depth of brisket, low hocks and good tail set. Moved soundly. Standing alone but well deserved his 1st. B.P. JUNIOR DOG (5:2a) 1 Postma/Smith’s Fernlark Odyssey. Black fringed fawn. Maturing nicely. Masculine dog with no sign of coarseness. Liked his expression with dark oval eyes. Good front and shoulder placement. Deep brisket with good cut up. Held his topline on the move, powerful quarters. Sound mover. 2 Brady’s Classicus Azim for Bordercot Deer grizzle. Lighter type than 1 but equally correct. Not as advanced in development but everything is coming together nicely. Balanced and together standing, but was a little too happy on the move. 3 Skinner’s Classicus Alron. YEARLING DOG (3) 1 Ham’s Aus. Ch. Crisnick Houdini. Black and Cream. Not large, but mature for age. Masculine head with gentle expression, dark oval eyes. Strong neck with good shoulder placement. Deep brisket with good cut up, nice rise over loin, powerful quarters, moved out well. 2 Rabey-Wilkinson’s Waqiiq V T Swartshof for Greatplains (Imp NDL). Deer Grizzle. Not as mature as 1 but developing well. Pleasing head and expression. Supple neck flowing into shoulders, good topline with rise over loin. Liked his front, good feet, good first and second thigh, low hocks, nice tail set. Moved well. 3 Ulyatt’s Fernlark Legend of Cornhaze. POSTGRADUATE DOG (6:1a) 1 Stenson’s Micattura All For Me. Fawn. Pleasing head, strong neck, correct topline. Good front assembly and fill in of forechest. Deep brisket with good length of rib cage. Balanced front and rear angulation. Moved well. 2 Fortnum’s Ariane Luzia (Imp USA). Silver grizzle. Finer type, liked his head, strong neck, blending into good lines over shoulders. Deep brisket with good cut up. Straight front with sloping pasterns and good feet. Strong well angulated quarters. Moved steadily. 3 Taylor’s Swift Igi of Lanark. LIMIT DOG (12) Strong class in depth. My top 3 have the requirements to go all the way. 1 Copperthwaite’s Al Caliphs Anjal Bey. Cream. Lovely type, masculine yet refined. Balanced and together standing. Moderate without exaggeration. Super condition and muscle tone. Pleasing head and expression with dark almond eyes. Supple neck into well laid shoulders. Deep brisket and cut up, correct topline. Strong quarters. Light easy movement, covering the ground effortlessly. CC. 2 Walton-Haddon’s Amal Hayati Ohdedar El Azizi Fuadi of Ilsham JW Gold with white. In lovely condition, liked his head and expression, good reach of neck, flowing into correct topline. He shoulders fit correctly into his ribcage and his brisket is deep, with good cut up and length of loin. Quarters with just the right amount of slope. Low hocks. Moved out well. 3 Littlechild’s Classicus Baroque at Ravensett. OPEN DOG (13:1a) Lovely class to judge. 1 Ternest’s Multi Ch Oman Said-Ter Dolen. Red. Head and expression quite typical. Superb outline with a strong, supple neck sweeping down to strong shoulders and a good topline with just enough lift over the loin. His front is excellent, powerful hindquarters. Outstanding movement. RCC. 2 Brolin and Larsson’s Ch Sharwassin Chawki. Black and cream. Close up to 1. Masculine head without coarseness and dark oval eyes, well laid shoulders, correct flat bone, deep brisket, ribcage carries well back. Correct topline, powerful quarters, low hocks. Moved out well. 3 Galea’s Ch Pedrogarcia Del Borghino. GOOD CITIZENS (2) 1 Owen’s Ch Caryna Curetes. Black and cream. Dignified expression. Good conformation, correct front with good feet. Shoulder placement fine, good depth of chest, nice topline with good tail set. Strong quarters. Sound mover. 2 Andersson’s Alsahra Dakota. Grizzle Parti. Masculine head, good type, lost out to 1 on the move. VETERAN BITCH (5) 1 Williams’ Kasaque Paloma. Silver grizzle. Lovely bitch of superb type and quality. Refined head, long neck, good shoulders and correct upper arm, straight forelegs, good depth of brisket with cut up. Required length of loin, correct tail set and good first and second thigh. Moved with purpose. 2 Williams’ Ch/Ber Ch Ulmarra Tropical Ice at Winton. Red. Finer type, feminine head and expression, good shoulder and upper arm. Correct front. Good spring of rib, pleasing outline, moved well. 3 Matelova’s Bashrahn Al Zahra. MINOR PUPPY BITCH (1) 1 Poole’s Arabellapark Tiger Moth. Black fringed red. Very immature. Nice head and expression. Needs to drop into frame but this is to be expected at this stage. A bit loose and unco-operative on the move. PUPPY BITCH (2) 1 Lemmens’ Al Hfifa Saluk O’safiya. Very pretty cream with dark pigment. I liked her overall shape, correct lay of shoulders, well muscled quarters, firm topline, needs to drop in brisket. Ran her too fast – when slowed down showed she could move correctly. 2 Ward’s Nicolefarhi Del Borghino. Silver grizzle. Presented in lovely condition. Elegant head and expression, balanced and together standing. Just needs to settle on move. JUNIOR BITCH (6) 1 Sanders Parker’s Classicus Antiigone. Deer grizzle. Attractive youngster, mature for age, lovely outline, deep brisket, strong topline with arch over loin. Well muscled and developed first and second thigh. Best mover in this class. 2. Davies & Harrison’s Classicus Alchemy for Charrioak. Black and Tan. Close up to 1 she just needs to settle on the move. Liked her head and expression with good dark eye. Good front assembly, deep chest with desired tuck up. Correct first and second thigh leading into low hocks. 3 Littlechild’s Dabka’s Vincenca at Ravensett. YEARLING BITCH (4) 1 Hagg’s Al Wathba Faazila Obi El-Mass Eyecatching cream. Feminine head, long neck. Good layback of shoulders, deep brisket, excellent cut up. Nice topline, strong quarters, low hocks. Correct tail set. Moved very well. 2 Sanders Parker’s Classicus Antiigone. 3. Mass’s Xarina Van T Swartshof. POSTGRADUATE BITCH (12) 1 Freegard’s Jazelle Athena for Mumtaz. Black fringed fawn. Beautifully presented. Balanced throughout, feminine head with soft expression, in good muscular condition. Excellent front and hindquarters. Moved and showed well. 2 Knowles’ Micattura All I Breathe. Cream. Nicely made bitch. Liked her head and expression. Well laid shoulders, good topline with correct arch. Quarters well developed, correct bend of stifle. Moved well. 3 Hudson’s Glenoak Leilah. LIMIT BITCH (10:3a) 1 Warner and Hetherington’s Canapus Rodinia at Savuka (Imp NL). Cream. Elegant in outline, in tremendous bloom. Fine head with dark eyes. Long neck, set into well laid shoulders. Good front and feet. Correct topline. Moved with plenty of drive. 2 Phillips’ Vidana Amira S Berega Turi (Imp Rus) SHCM. Black and cream. Very graceful bitch, sweet head and dark eyes. Elegant in outline, balanced and together on the move. 3 Ireson and Dann’s Jazelle Aneeqa. OPEN BITCH (20:3a) Strongest class of the day with great depth of quality. Thank you all for entering these lovely bitches under me - just wish that I had more cards to hand out in this class. 1 Seppa’s Int Ch El Ubaid’s Sincerity Isis. Outstanding silver grizzle bitch. Feminine head and expression. Liked her front assembly. Deep brisket with required spring of rib. Good cut up. Correct topline with slight rise over loin. Well muscled quarters and low hocks. Elegant light movement. CC & BOB. In my opinion a bitch who personifies our standard and who showed it off to perfection for the Group. 2 Quick’s Ch Noushzad Caliana at Jorjenjo. Grizzle parti. Liked her head and eye. Classic outline, no exaggeration, balanced throughout. Good depth and spring of rib. Moved freely and true. RCC in some very strong competition. 3 Williams’ Ch Al Zubeyda Lena at Kasaque. GOOD CITIZENS (4:1a) 1 Phillips’ Vidana Amira S Berega Turi. 2 Monk-Schenk’s Al Zubeyda Mahabbah. Silver grizzle. Well made with pleasing head. Well laid shoulders, good overall body shape, moved steadily. 3 Haywood’s Yalameh Shasmeen at Monardie (Imp Deu). JUDGE: PAUL SHIMMIN