• Show Date: 17/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Patrick McDevitt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Chihuahua (Long Coat)

Manchester Championship Show

18th January 2019

Judge: Patrick McDevitt (Keenaughts)

I would like to thank the committee of Manchester Dog Show Society for inviting me to judge at their championship show and thank my 2 stewards for keeping my ring moving efficiently, although we didn’t get started until 10am, we still managed to finish up in plenty of time. Thank you to everyone for bringing their dogs under me, I had a super entry of 147 chihuahuas and I know that the weather was a bit unkind for travelling that morning. It has been 6 years since I judged the long coats so all dogs were entirely new to me. Mouths have improved greatly just a few bites still needs to be watched. Males were a lot stronger in type & quality with some exciting younger males knocking on the door, whereas some variations in females, some are getting smaller in size and in bone which won’t help the breeding programme for the future.

MPD (12 entries) Abs 3

1 Fairbairn Mrs C Tidos It’s Only Love

6 mths gold & white good head nice eye & large ears good mouth very sound with level topline carried his tail well super temperament showed very well

2 Joiner Mr B & Byrne Miss M Jotolemar Dangerous Times with Dacatelo another 6 mth old gold & white with black mask good head & eye, smaller than 1, movement very good with good tailset & showed well

3 Silverstein V Silverchi Oooooeeee

PD (12 entries) Abs 2

1 Rooney Mr S Yorone Gold for Gold

9 mths gold & white very appealing expression with good mouth, large eye & well set ears, level topline, sound movement showed well

2 Joiner Mr B & Byrne Miss M Jotolemar Dangerous Times with Dacatelo

as above

3 Newbery Miss B S- lucky Silvester Dogomania (Imp Pol)

JD (6 entries) Abs 0

1 Conquest Mrs C & Mr P Chihohit Favorite Appollon (Imp) BPD, BPIB, RCC

Very pretty mature white boy almost a year old super expression with good stop & dark melting eyes & good pigment, super coat for his age, good mouth balanced body, level topline showed very well with plenty of drive, good tail carriage a star in the making one to watch

2 Emmerson Mrs M X-ismirelle’s Boy Dogomania (Imp)

Gold & white 16 mths old lovely head & expression with large eye good ear set & coat coming nicely nice reach of neck level topline showed very well, unlucky to meet 1

3 Morley Mrs L & Mr K Corentin Chidonna with Efterpi (Imp Pol)

PGD (13 entries) Abs 3

1 Waterworth Mr & Mrs B & J Barwater Golden Delight

Another gold & white 20 mths old lovely head with dark eyes & dark pigmentation, good mouth large ears level topline, nice bone & good tail set showed very well

2 Wills Mrs P Dorentys Dazzlin Duncan

Gold almost 2 years old good head with dark expressive eye well set ears good mouth level topline just needs more coat showed well

3 Taylor Mrs & Miss J & I Mariatta Ready Teddy Go Pepeetolyn

LD (12 entries) Abs 1

1 Hargreaves Mesdames L & R Lookum Manchester by Tampico (Imp)

3 year old red sable & white good head with tapered muzzle, nice eye well set ears, well coated, good movement, level topline very attentive to handler

2 Green Mrs A & Mr J Ellochi Chasing Stars

Lovely marked red & wht, just 15 mths old so has plenty of time, good coat, ideal size, lovely head & mouth, good pigmentation, well presented, moved well

3 Newbery Miss B Ismirelle’s the Mad Hatter at Hermosoangel

OD (11 entries) Abs 2

1 Alarion Mr N & Mrs N Louis Vuitton De Lisle au Vert Coteau (Imp Fra) CC & BOB

Some lovely champions in this class.

3 year old cream boy of ideal size, copy book head with flaring ears, dark eye & pigmentation good, lovely melting expression good mouth, short back very sound, excellent movement coming & going, perfect outline, showed extremely well for handler, my star of the day

2 Sangster Mr J & Miss E Ch Tidos Charlie he’s my Darling at Kirlasidh JW

Red sable & wht 5 year old, another with good head with expression, lovely ear set, good movement, lovely coat, moved very well

3 Heap Mr W & Palmer Ms J Ch Penapetit Platinum

MPB (15 entries) Abs 1

A class of some nice minor puppies

1 Lewis Mrs P & Mr A Tyssul Zharra

Gold 8 mths old, pretty head with lovely expression, large flaring ears, coat coming nicely, ideal size good outline, moved well

2 Wynn Mr M & Mrs J Tyssul Zhetta for Wynndax

Litter sister to above, again very pretty puppy with melting expression, just slightly bigger than 1, again good outline, moved well, 2 very nice females out of this litter & will change places no doubt

3 Robson Mrs S Tidos Cherry Pip

PB (12) Abs 0

1 Curr Dr G Natimuk Asta BPB

11 mths old pale gold & cream, ideal size, good head with large eye & ears, good mouth, sound mover, showed extremely well for a puppy, coat coming nicely

2 Robson Mrs S Hurascalexi Bond Passion of Tidos

9 month old gold sable with black mask, another with good head, large flaring ears, nice size of eye, good mouth, level topline, ideal size, showed well

3 Lewis Mrs P & Mr A Tyssul Zharra

JB (11 entries) Abs 5

1 Allcock MBE Mr A Garnox Shortbread Kiss for Sleepyhollow RCC

15 mths old red sable & wht, pretty bitch with lovely domed head, dark big eye with lovely expression, short muzzle with good mouth, large flaring ears, ideal size, level topline with good outline on the move, moved coming & going soundly, showed very well

2 Lynch Mrs E & Mr W Garnox Picture This

15 mths old pale gold, another pretty bitch with lovely head with good mouth & melting expression, ideal size, good outline on the move, level topline, these 2 will swop places anytime showed well, 2 nice bitches from this kennel

3 Rooney Mr S Sweet Melody Scavo at Yorone

PGB (15 entries) Abs 5

1 Radford Mrs A Ridgehawk Treasure Girl

Red & wht 18 mths old lovely head with large eye good mouth, level topline, good tailset on the move, showed well, just needs a little more coat to complete the picture

2 Sangster Mr J & Sangster Miss E Kirlasidh Angel on Ice

Cream sable 3 years old, melting expression with large eye, large flaring ears, level topline, nice tail set on the move showed well

3 Wills Mrs P Dorentys Ello Vera

LB (14 entries) Abs 3

1 Robson Mrs S Rushwardens Ultraviolet of Tidos

Pale gold 17 mths old, copy book head with dark eye, short muzzle with good mouth & large flaring ears, level topline, good outline on the move showed extremely well, just a little more coat to complete the picture but this will come with age

2 Sangster Mr J & Sangster Miss E Kirlasidh Taste of Honey

19 mths old gold sable & wht, smaller than 1 in size & bone, good domed head, large dark eyes, good ears, good tailset on the move, showed well

3 Craggs Mr C & Mrs M Reynoldco Sweet Dreams JW

OB (10 entries) Abs 2

1 Robson Mrs S Ch Go My Way Jp’s Black Cherry (Imp Jap) CC

Black & wht tricolour with lovely markings especially on the face, 3 years old dual purpose size, good head with short muzzle & good mouth, large dark eye, large flaring ears, short back with level topline, sound movement, perfect tail carriage, never stopped showing, a worthy champion

2 Rooney Mr S Ch Donami Limelight

Smaller type than 1, 3 year old gold, a very worthy champion, good head with large dark eye, good mouth, short back, very sound bitch with level topline & perfect tailset, moved very well on the move

3 Smith Mr N & Mrs M Pocoperro Lexie

VB (9 entries) Abs 3

1 Hughes Mrs S Trefnanney Prudence BVIB

red sable & wht 8.5 years old lady, good head, compact body with perfect outline, profuse coat enjoying showing her young socks off

2 Curr Dr G Ch Natimuk Astrid

Cream sable 9 years old, pretty head with large melting eyes, good flaring ears, correct length of muzzle, only has eyes for her handler, enjoying her day out, a worthy champion but 1 had the edge on showmanship today

3 Austin Miss M Ch Mairichis Blossom JW

BEST OF BREED : 2773 ALARION Mr N & Mrs N Louis Vuitton De Lisle Au Vert Coteau (Imp)

Dog CC : 2773 ALARION Mr N & Mrs N Louis Vuitton De Lisle Au Vert Coteau

Res Dog CC : 2792 CONQUEST Mrs C & Mr P Chihohit Favorite Appollon (Imp)

Bitch CC : 2865 ROBSON Mrs S Ch Go My Way Jp's Black Cherry (Imp)

Res Bitch CC : 2776 ALLCOCK MBE Mr A Garnox Shortbread Kiss For Sleepyhollow

Best Puppy : 2792 CONQUEST Mrs C & Mr P Chihohit Favorite Appollon (Imp)

Best Veteran : 2825 HUGHES Mrs S Trefnanney Prudence