• Show Date: 14/04/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pat Butler-Holley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North Of England Welsh Springer Spaniel Club

Breed: Spaniel (Welsh Springer)

North of England Welsh Springer Spaniel club

Championship Show 14th April 2019

Can I thank the committee for inviting me to judge the show, to judge a club show is a real honour and a pleasure, in more ways than one. Delighted to say myself and my Co judge Chris Morgan agreed on eventual winners. It was agreed to call on the referee to judge the Best Veteran in show as the connections to Chris and my winning Veteran dog Tolliday, Sh Ch Ferndel Comander of Bethersden ShCM was too close a friendship. Best in Show was the Dog Ferndel High Fidelity with Tigerrock ShCM ShCex winning his all-important 3rd CC, the bitch taking RBIS Bowdonia Anastasia JW ShCm who also gained her title on the day. Best puppy in show was Chanangel Mr Whodat at Cherryheath. Congratulations to all concerned. And thank you.

Minor Puppy (1)

1 Barkley, Chanangel Mr Whodat at Cherryheath, At 7 months old he so well made in all departments, His head is well balanced, good kindly expression. His neck is long but not over long, clean, with great set into shoulders. His overall outline is good and what you could say is one very promising youngster. Moved soundly for one so young. Delighted to award him BPD and in agreement with my co judge he went BPIB.

Puppy (1)

1 Murray, Madsprings Drogon from Priestbeck, quite an upstanding dog, not quite the balance of the minor puppy at the moment but that could simply be the stage of growth he is today. Moved soundly and such a happy youngster. Like his head and expression good front and well angulated shoulders.

Junior Dog (6)

1 Knowles, Menstonia Minstrel, Wow what a lovely youngster, just into junior he shows so much promise such an exciting prospect for the future. I shall watch him with interest. He displays all the aspect of a welsh springer, symmetrical, compact and so not leggy as some appear. In particular I like his body, substance and especially his quarters which he used to advantage. To see a youngster so well balanced when free stood is a real pleasure. Best of luck for the future.

2 Ritchie & Butler, Slapestones Diamond Mine, unlucky to meet winner today but similar comments apply, I loved his attitude to life!! Good head and expression body well proportioned, to be honest I preferred winner in quarters to this youngster. But well-presented and handled in gleaming coat and condition.

3 Harrison, Glenbrows This is Me

Yearling dog (4)

1 Ritchie & Butler, Slapestones Diamond Mine repeat. He lost some of his spring in this class !! and had the luck to have his feet on the ground at the same time when standing still.

2 Douglas, Bonvis Cadfael to Santallina, Loved his head and expression, good neck and shoulders, strong body and substance. Taller dog than winner today and a little proud of his tail, but I am sure they will swop places from time to time.

3 Phillipson, Menstonia Meteor

Veteran dog (6)

What a class of veterans thank you, what I particularly liked to see in the veteran dogs today was the admiration each dog had for the handlers the expressions were truly melting.

1 Tolliday, Sh Ch Ferndel Comander of Bethersden ShCM I have sung his praises before as I previously awarded him the RCC twice before. This dog is so well built in all departments from his wonderful head and expression to the whole quality of the dog. I particularly like his size and shape so well balanced in totally proportion all over. He is so happy on the move using his tail as he goes around the ring, it was a pleasure to see him.

2 Barkley’s, Sh Ch Cherryheath Mr Mischief JW ShCm a great favourite of mine such a great show man, he loves ever moment of being with his owner breeder, showing his socks off. His head and expression is so pleasing. Strong neck and good shoulders well sprung ribs and good quarters. Moved well so true and active.

3 Chandler, Sh Ch Chanangel Sticky Wicket JW ShCM

Maiden dog (2- 1)

1 Murray, Madsprings Drogon from Priestbeck repeat

Novice Dog (3)

1 Knowles, Menstonia Minstrel repeat

2 Murray, Madsprings Drogon from Priestbeck repeat

3 Phillipson, Menstonia Meteor

Graduate Dog (7)

1 Knowles, Menstonia Minstrel repeat

2 Green Eurion Jasper

3 Bennett Helgen Romeo The Lover

Post graduate (7)

1 Olivers, Glenbrows Royal Dragon, Symmetrical, compact, not leggy, built for endurance and hard work is the opening statement in the standard, and in my opinion he fitted it with style. Nothing flashy about him just a good sound welsh springer spaniel. Preferred him in head to the second place dog. I liked his shape, size especially size. Also preferred his finish to croup to quite a few dogs today. Moved well. His handler did a good job today to pilot him to the RDCC. Best of luck and enjoy.

2 Mcilwaine & Reynolds Glenbrows Van Gogh for Benover JW like him a lot but as I say just preferred winner in head. But such a close call. I loved the cleanness in outline and shape of this dog. Moved soundly with great smooth driving action. Very close to winner.

3 Barkleys Cherryheath Mr Mojito

Mid Limit (2)

I think both of these dogs had enjoyed rather a lot of extra lunches than they particularly needed, which spoiled the outline of them both.

1 Ferndel Buttermint at Ravensworth, good front on this dog, strong body and excellent spring of ribs, couplings short and strong.

2 Cwmbwili Gwilym, carrying a little too much weight today, his attitude was brilliant with that look at me expression. I loved his shape and overall outline.

Limit Dog (5)

Bowdonia Ozzie A lot to like about this dog, for me his overall outline won this class. From his pleasing well balanced head to the tip of his tail he looked every bit a welsh springer. His head is balanced with good finish to foreface, his eye could be darker in colour, but it doesn’t distract from his expression. He moved so well displaying plenty of push and drive so true of what is required from the breed.

2 Graham’s Dons Statement To Nyliram JW (imp Swe) A lot of promise and unlucky to meet winner today. Great rib cage strong loin but most of all he has an excellent finish to his quarters and so powerful. Moved quickly, displaying strong and very active movement.

3 Bowdonia Only the Brave for Cerysan

Open dog (3-2)

1 Clarke Ferndel High Fidelity with Tigerrock ShCM ShCex, I just loved him, displaying all the attributes of a welsh springer, I loved his size and shape and overall outline of the dog. In my opinion he is simply a sound not flashy but top quality dog. At 4 year old he totally looked the part today. From his head to his tail he oozed quality, good head and true expression, strong neck and pleasing shoulders, to be fair I would have like a little more upper arm, but no dog is perfect. His body and ribs so strong with deep brisket , strong loin and true finish to the croup. His tail his carried just below his back. Presented in good condition and so well-muscled. I was delighted to award him the DCC today I understood it was his 3rd CC to his owner congratulations and thank you for allowing me the pleasure of judging him. He went BIS later in the day in full agreement with my co judge.

Special Beginners dog (3)

1 Bennett Helgen Romeo The Lover, moved the best in the class, like his shape and size and overall body proportions.

2 Glenbrows Paper Money for Gilpeta JW A dog which is well up to size, again he looked like he has enjoyed one or two more extra treats than needed. Moved well and presented in fabulous coat.

3 Laithmoor’s Red Grenadine

Special Working (2)

1 Isfryn Peeping Tom JW, compact dog built for endurance as he does on a regular basis. Loved his true movement showing excellent foot fall when viewed in profile.

2 Nl/CIE Ch Isfryn On the Spot, quite a lot of dog again upto size. But a lot to like about him, he had more coat and furnishing than the winner but just felt today I preferred winner on movement.

Good citizen Dog Scheme dog (1)

1 Green Eurion Jasper, its worth a mention that this dog is a gold medal winner in the good citizen dog scheme. At one with his owner he certainly looked up to her for instruction. Presented in great condition.

Pat Butler-Holley