• Show Date: 16/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Marston-Pollock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand)

WKC Ch.show GBGV 16.8.19 


1.Buchanan & Maclaren’s Ch. & Ir.Ch.Tarmachan Cartier,Fully mature in top form,masculine and truly noble hound.A pleasure to go over,clean skull and good length of leather.Strong neck of good reach,well placed shoulders with well boned legs carried down to well padded feet.Lovely body flow of good proportions,well muscled hindquarters,sound as a bell.Good textured jacket. CC & BOB. 


1.Buchanan & Maclaren’s Tarmachan Mr.Myosotis,very promising youngster of lovely proportions.Balanced head with good quality of leather.Good length of neck strong front with very good upper arm angulation,legs set well under him.Nicely sprung rib,well developed hindquarters for his age.Moved very soundly. 


1.Cooper & Smith’s Jayanel Ambiorix,good height to length ration,typy expression,not overdone in skull.Well placed shoulder with good fill in of forechest.Balanced hindquarters,sound mover. 

2.Butler & Cooper’s Jayanel About Time Too,Taller on the leg and not the shoulder angulation of 1.Front movement a bit bossy.Good topline and body shape.Just preferred peorportions and type of 1. 


1.Makey’s Ch.Int.Bel.Ch.Gairside Good Lord,Noble head with good balance and length of leather.Strong front,would like a shade more upper arm length.Mature body with good well muscled hindquarters.Sound mover. 

2.Buchanan & Maclaren’s Ch.Macaroni v tum-tums Vriendjes of Tarmachan,well proportioned and of good type.Nice to handle just lacked body maturity compared to 1.Moved very soundly. 


1.Buchanan & Maclaren’s Tarmachan Miss Impatiens,quality puppy with lovely head proprotions and expression.Strongly made with long reach of neck,well filled in forechest with good width.Well shaped ribbing carried back to strong loin even for her age.Moved soundly.Res CC & BP. 

2.Roberts’Tioga Opihr,Lovely feminine headpiece with good textured leathers.Lacked body and needs to fill out.Would like a shade more length of second thigh. 


1.Cooper,O’Brien & O’Brien’s Jayanel A New Chapter,Feminine with good eye and expression,not overdone in head type.Needs to fill out in forechest.Strong topline,held on the move.well balanced hqs. 


1.Rutter’s Tu Vois Bien Du Greffier Du Roi,Overall a pleasing bitch not a strong type but very honest.Well proportioned with good bone substance.Strong legs and well shaped feet.Moved with good width just needs to channel her energies more into driving away. 


1.Roberts’Tioga Dot To Dot,Typy bitch,well matured with feminine head.Good angulated forehand and well ribbed body.Stood over the round well,strong well toned muscle. 

2.Sutton’s Holmchappell Mercedes,not as strong in construction nor depth of type as 1.Well boned with good working jacket.Stood with good balance would like more width to hindquarters on the move. 


1.Makey’s Ch.Int,Bel Ch.Gairside Good Gracious.Classis head type with lovely outline.True Basset style.Good shoulder layback and return of upper arm.Mature body, good length of  ribbing.Well muscled hindquarters.Moved soundly with good drive.CC. 

2.Buchanan & Maclaren’s  Ch.Tarmachan Ice Diamond,Different head type with good skull shape,clean cheeks.Well placed leathers,would prefer a darker eye.Not quite as clean neck into shoulder as 1.Strong body with good topline,sound mover. 

Pam Marston-Pollock