• Show Date: 16/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Marston-Pollock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired)

WKC Ch.Show 16.8.19 

Min.L/H Dachshunds 


1.McCarthy Nagshall Just Santana,masculine head with goo strong topline.Well covered body ,moved with better width than two in front. 

2.Broad’s Neertanuaf Sea Magic,liked his head type better than 1,but didn’t have the front construction of 1 and subsequently moving wider in front. 


1.McCarthy’s Nagshall Santa Cruz,nicely shaped has good front anglulation and width on the move.Would like a shade more body development,good width to hindquarters,and nice overall shape. 

2.Pike & Carter’s Zarcrest Flash Harry at Breezelyn,Like his head type but again not the front angulation of 1,Narrower thorax and topline could have been firmer on the move.Moved with a little too much width. 


1.McCarthy’s Nagshall Santa Cruz 

2.Broad’s Dinkidax Dionysus,appealed very much in type.Could be longer in head length to balance him up.but good topline and good width to hindquarters.Would like a shade more upper arm length.Moved nicely with good width. 

3.Hall & Osborne’s Dinkidax All Fired Up. 


1.McCarthy’s Hagshall Love to Be,masculine head with good strength of underjaw.Good overall body shape, a little fronty but has better return of upper arm than 2.Could be stronger in topline on the move but moved with sounder hindquarters than 2. 

2.Broad’s Eldmour Sea Lord of Dinkidudlor,finer head but has lovely eyeshape and expression.Good topline but lacked body maturity of 1. 


1.Poole’s Findowrie Mr Mckenzie,quality male with typical expression,would like a slightly finer backskull.Overall lovely construction and shape and was well ribbed back,strong loin.Moved with good width,in the challenge I thought he matched the CC winner for type.Res.CC. 

2.McCarthy’s Nagshall Just Lucamac,heavier type and not as collected on the move.Has a good overall shape and type and deserved his place here. 

3.Hall & Osborne’s Dinkidax Midnote Charmer. 


1.Wood’s Ch.Wildstar Wrobinson,stood alone not only in this class but for type and quality over all the males.Quality,balanced head without being overdone in any way,good underjaw.Well filled in thorax and strong front.Lovely body shape ribs carried back.Topline flowed into strong,well rounded hindquarters,moved soundly.CC & BOB. 


1.Baler’s Jentiki Dot Com,still to gain confidence,but won here on her type and overall shape.Looked better stacked on the table as she was reluctant  to extend her hindquarters but has a lovely typy head and well developed body for her age.Moved soundest here. 

2.Murphy’s Frenchfavour Linen at Classidax,totally different type of good construction and width through thorax and ribbing.Not keen on this head type would like different eyeset but much to like about her. Moved well. 

3.Rothchild’s Rothmia Tahitian Moon 


1.Hall’s Cliffmere Woodlark,sweet feminine head with good shape to backskull.Nicely shaped with good fill in of thorax and well set legs.Mature body flowing into strong hindquarters.Good shape over croup.Moved soundly keeping her topline.BP. 

2.Rothchild’s Rothmia Get your Glad Rags On,very raw baby, not my type of head but is constructed well and needs time to come on.Would like her a little more substantial. 

3.Fitzgerald’s Lyndarlea Starshine Wilma at harlilsun. 


1.Goddard’s Minard Darque Angel,stood out for quality,type and substance.Feminine head with goo d strength of underjaw.Lovely front and well boned legs and feet.Full,oval thorax,lovely strength through her body core.Well muscled hindquarters.Moved soundly.In the challenge just let herself down a little being a bit unsettled,but I heard later she slept in !!  Res.CC. 

2.Whitfield-Robert’s Minard Your Own Kind of Music with Dandydayo,I see litter sister to above and daughters of my BOB.Quality passed on and repeated, pushed hard as she has a lovely quality head and is well balanced all through.Moved with verve and will trouble the best,just needs to mature a little more in body. 

3.Norris’Willowheath Bringing Hope to Criscan. 


1.Baker’s Cliffmere Frollick,headed two similar bitches and I actually preferred the head of 2 ,very nicely put together with good balance and overall shape,moved soundly. 

2.Shutt’s Donnadoon Starlight,much of my remarks above and perhaps on another day they would be reversed.Nice to handle but lacked confidence. 

3.Johnson’s Charpurdy’s Dandy Dutchess. 


1.Worwick’s Dolyharp Fur Elise,Stood out for quality,feminine head,lovely expression and depth of chin.Flowed through neck and shoulders,moved very soundly keeping her outline and shape over her hindquarters. 

2.Whitfield-Robert’s Dandydayo I Am Moana, very nice deportment but lacked the neck and shoulder flow of 1.Good shape overall with strong topline and moved very soundly. 

3.McCarthy’s Nagshall Just Be Lucky. 


1.Mitchell’s Bronia First Edition,Quality head type,lovely sweet expression.Good reach of neck.Excellent fill in of thorax and shoulder placement.Legs set well under keel.Strong topline with good flow over loin.Moved soundly.CC. 

2.Dare’s Larkhund Sofia different head type to 1.Not quite as clean in neck into shoulder but shapely and good body maturity.Moved soundly. 

3.Fitzgerald’s Harlilsun Harrybo Summer. 

Pam Marston-Pollock