• Show Date: 07/03/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020


Breed: German Longhaired Pointer


Pleased to have an opportunity to again judge the breed, it is just such a shame that since I last judged the breed, it has not gone forward. It is such a lovely breed & I just can understand why it is not more popular. It has proved to be a good worker & is certainly a breed with much potential. I just hope that more people will look at the breed as a potential for them.

VD (1) Thomson’s Ir Sh Ch Jack vom Reitbach mit Sarscottah, very mature 7 year old who was well coated & moved well, masculine head & expression, well coated ears & a good eye shape & colour, good neck & shoulders, strong topline & well set tail, good depth of chest, well boned legs & feet, in full coat & moved well although alone. PD (0). JD (0), PGD (0). OD (3) 1 Siebers’ Int Sh Ch/Nld Ch Kiran VD Laarsche Velden, not an overlarge type but he is quality, so sound & balanced in enough coat & condition, masculine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, strong topline held both set up & moving, where he shone was in his excellent movement, lovely ribcage, well boned legs & feet. RBD; 2 Speck’s Sarscottah Astro, strong l/w male who is very balanced & in good coat, masculine head & expression, good body proportions, put down in excellent condition with good hindquarters & well set & carried tail, good topline & ribcage; 3 Thomson’s Ir Sh Ch/Lux Ch Sarscottah Arris. FTD(0). Working Gundog D (1) 1 Bishop’s Dutch Ch Arany’s Gus, classic dog I have liked before, today he was fully mature & in hard muscular condition, put down to the minute with his excellent coat, masculine head & expression with good ear fringes framing a balanced head & a good eye, excellent neck & shoulders, this balanced boy just moved with ease & style, in profile he had the correct head carriage, strong topline & well set tail, strong hindquarters, an excellent type. BD & BOB. Good Citizen Dog Scheme D (0).

VB (2,1a) 1 Thomson’s Ir Sh Ch Aranys Etta mit Sarscottah, great girl of 12 of that excellent type that I remember from the early days when we first encountered them in Germany. In excellent coat & condition for age, lovely neck & shoulders, such a feminine head & expression with well fringed ears & the correct eye shape & colour, strong topline & well set tail & when she moved the years just fall off her & she shows exactly how it should be done. I couldn’t resist her for BB & BV. PB (0). JB (1ab). PG (3) 1 Hofma’s Wherrypoint Knight Sky over Ansjoros, young bitch of a nice type, moved & showed well, feminine head & expression, enough neck but a good forequareters, held her topline both set up & moving, still just needs to tighten in front on the move but her overall type & quality, good coat & condition carried her through; 2 Walker’s Sarscottah Catch A Rainbow, another pretty bitch with enough coat, feminine in outlook with a pretty head & expression, good bone & feet, good body proportions, strong topline & well set tail, slightly heavier in type but still a good bitch; 3 Cottam’s Sarscottah Cloudburst. OB (1) Thomson’s Ir Sh Ch Sarscottah Charizma, good sized feminine bitch with a good topline & tailset, strong hindquarters, well boned legs & feet, enough coat which was well presented, feminine head & expression, in profile movement kept a good head carriage & good footfall, covered the ground with ease once she settled. RBB. FTB (0). Working Gundog B (0). Good Citizen Dog Scheme B (2,1) 1 Hartnoll’s Questor Koko, typical bitch with a pretty head & expression, good neck & topline, well muscled hindquarters, slightly close in front but her legs & feet are well boned, enough coat but put down in excellent condition, alone but worthy of her win for she moved with style & purpose.