• Show Date: 30/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Italian Spinone


Italian Spinone

Firstly thank you to the City for the invite & congratulation on your anniversary, the show was very well organised with friendly officials & superb stewards all making for a memorable day. Thanks also to exhibitors for giving me such a superb entry which I really enjoyed judging. Just a couple of comments, I hope you don’t mind, but I gave my first set of CCs in the breed in 1997, so it is a breed I have followed closely for a long time. I know level bites are acceptable but I found more than enough untidy mouths with very small bottom teeth, which I don’t remember before. Secondly, please watch the size, I don’t usually penalise oversized dogs but sometimes the over tall dogs lose balance & stop looking like typical Spinoni & it also changes their movement. On saying the above, I found plenty of quality dogs who I would happily have given CCs to who are so very typical & of course, the temperament on the day of the dogs was second to none, just as I expected.

VD (3,2a) 1 Williams’ Sh Ch Inostricani Foo at Rishona, mature 7 year old b/r with typical movement, excellent head & expression with correctly placed ears & a good width to skull & correct head planes, good neck & shoulders, correctly topline with a well set & carried tail, good underline, in good coat & condition, well boned legs & feet, moved well & although alone, he is quality & could win anywhere. BVD. PD (5) 1 Sandy’s Milisimo Mulinello, beautiful o/r of just 9 months, he is so correct with lovely balance & type, just right for age & a lovely showdog who really moved with such verve & correctness, excellent head & expression with a lovely eye & a good nose, head just right for age, good neck & shoulders & a correct topline & tailset, lovely coat put down in excellent condition, well boned legs & feet, he is quality & a excellent type of a good size. BPD; 2 Hope’s Stagerun Peregrine, b/r who just needs to finish to complete the picture, he was in good coat & moved well, correct head planes & a good size, nearly a year old & has lots of potential as he is a balanced & a good size, maturity should finish the picture; 3 Gill’s Testeverde Enrico Caruso Del Jocagil. JD (3,2) 1 Griffin’s Wolf Del Subasio at Sanjika, b/r with an excellent head & expression, correct eye shape & colour, good planes with good width to skull & well set & carried ears, good nose & dewlap, good crest to neck with well made shoulders & a strong topline & well set tail, good underline & correct bone, set up he is balanced & when he moved had that lovely movement that only Spinoni can do, it was effortless yet determined with a good head carriage in profile, he is quality & an exciting prospect. GD (3) 1 Thompson’s Testaverde Back For Good, br/r of a good breed type, no wonder he appealed as I see now his breeding, he won a good class with his excellent head with such a human expression for his beautiful eyes, good neck & shoulders, correct topline & tailset, in excellent coat & condition, well muscled hindquarters & this really showed as he covered the ground with ease & determination, he is balanced & a very masculine young man; 2 Cayford’s Montecani True Colours, o/r again a good type just lightly taller than 1 but still in proportion, still young & still needs to finish but he has a lovely coat which was presented in good condition, he showed well, masculine head & expression & his head just needs to finish to complete the picture, good depth & width of ribcage, good hindquarters, bone & feet, very masculine in outlook with good head carriage in profile movement; 3 Stanley’s Samsonli Aladdin. PGD (5,1) 1 Dewar’s Macarica Harrys Rock, o/w youngster in good coat & condition, moved soundly in profile with good head carriage, he is balanced & quality, masculine head & expression with a good eye & correctly set ears & dewlap, good neck & shoulders, with correct topline & tailset, well made dog who is a good breed type, not an overlarge dog but good proportions; 2 Rossiter’s Hercules Inostricani, b/r quality dog who is balanced with a masculine head & expression, in lovely coat & condition, good topline & underline, lovely hindquarters & tailset, good neck & forequarters, showed well & a very good type; 3 Fordham’s Lucoru Catequil at Cloudnine. LD (9) What an excellent class to judge where 1 Spencer’s Gradevole Gandini, won by his head! Lovely masculine balanced head with good planes, correct skull & ear placement good, good spongy nose with a good depth & width to jaw, lovely masculine outlook & balance when set up, good coat & condition, he moved well with the typical head carriage on well boned legs & feet, his movement was free & easy & he kept his topline & tailset covering the ground with panache, this quality boy is full of breed type & pushed hard for top awards; 2 Glazik’s Ellisbell Mr Sandman, o/r masculine head & expression, good eye & ear set correct, strong neck & well made front assembly, correct topline & tailset, good ribcage & loin, good underline & well muscled hindquarters, put down in excellent condition, moved & showed well to win here in this excellent class; 3 Allum’s Macarica Hugo. OD (5,1) 1 Challands’ Sh Ch Mistyayre Gigolo for Annilann, mature white of quality, so very masculine & balanced, moved so well looking typical in profile with correct head carriage & holding his topline both set up & moving, masculine head & expression with a kind eye that can melt your resolve to ignore him! Well set ears, correct head planes with a good width to skull, excellent neck & shoulders, good underline & well muscled hindquarters with correct tailset, well boned legs & feet, in excellent coat & condition, thick skin & a dewlap, loved his type & balance. CC; 2 Bruce & Haneskog’s Teazledown Blue Gangsta, b/r balanced boy who is slightly smaller than 1 but still in proportion, masculine head & expression, correct neck & shoulder placement with a good topline & tailset, he was in good coat & condition, thick skin, moved OK up & back but came alive in profile with good foot placement, again seeing his breeding made me understand why he appealed, his maturity & type took his place here & also the RCC; 3 Rossiter’s Inostricani Galaxi. GCD (1) 1 Firth’s Sh Ch Crieda Eagle with Sophalba, no mistaking his quality & I was not surprised to see he had his title for he is balanced & so very typical, moved so well on well boned legs & feet with style & purpose, masculine head & expression with a good eye & well set ears, good neck & shoulders, in good coat, in lovely condition, with the correct topline & tailset.

VB (6) 1 Whittingham & Wright’s Sh Ch Riccini Cienna, loved this feminine girl of an excellent type that always appeal, half sister to the RDCC, so I am not surprised. Such a beautiful head & expression with that look that melts you, so feminine in head yet she has the correct proportions, excellent neck & shoulders, correct topline & tailset with lovely well muscled hindquarters, put down to the minute with the correct coat texture, she comes alive when she moves covering the ground with such ease, determination & style as to belies her age, she is balanced & quality & I could not resist her for the RCC & BVIB; 2 Fleming’s Sh Ch/Nu Ch/Dk Ch/Int Ch Redrue Cherriecola To Cha, o/r of a lovely type, my how she has come on since I saw her last, she is now the finished product & so balanced & correct, in lovely coat & condition, good head carriage & a lovely profile movement, pretty head with the correct proportions & a lovely expression, good neck & shoulders, correct topline & tailset, pleased to see her progress; 3 Abbishaw’s Sh Ch Hastabbi Pretty In Pink. PB (5) 1 Sharp’s Affilato All About Me, w/o from the top drawer, she is so balanced & such quality, loved her breed type & attitude, nothing fazed her, she is just right for age with a feminine head & a melting expression from correct set & coloured eyes, good spongy nose, lovely neck, shoulders & forequarters, well muscled hindquarters, good topline & tailset, correct bone & feet, correct coat put down in top order, when she moves she comes alive, really covering the ground with the correct head carriage & a strong topline, correct footfall & attitude, no mistaking her future, she is a good ambassador for the breed. BP; 2 Bennett’s Testaverde Irma Capece Del Hochopepa, another by Moonwalker, who seems to have stamped his type on the stock today, b/r mature bitch for age who is balanced & a lovely type, in good coat & condition, moved so well on well boned legs & feet, lovely neck & shoulders, feminine in outlook with a good topline & well set & carried tail; 3 Furness’ Minisimo Via Lattea. JB (3) 1 Kelly & Wain’s Lajatico Aida, only just out of puppy this b/r is coming along nice & is well made & finished for age, she is balanced & in good coat, feminine head & expression with a good width to skull & a big nose, correct neck & shoulders with a good forequarters, correct topline & tailset, good undercarriage & ribcage, moved well with correct head carriage & strength in hindquarters enabling her to cover the ground soundly; 2 Coldwell’s Lucoru Summer Breeze, not so forward as 1 but very typical & very balanced, feminine head & expression, her head just needs to finish to complete the picture, in good coat & condition, good neck & shoulder, correct fore & hindquarters, good bone & feet, a good mover who catches your eye in the profile, when she finishes she will be one to watch; 3 Turner’s Oslulf Pecan Pie. GB (3,1) 1 Mortimer’s Scodinzolare Perlescenti, completely naked but she is hiding nothing, this o/w is an excellent type, I loved her head & expression, good crested neck & good forequarters, she is balanced & when she moves, she effortlessly covered the ring with ease on her well boned legs & feet, she is balanced & she has a good topline & tailset; 2 Channon, Davies & Horler’s Montecani She’s A Rainbow over Thandiwe, mainly o/w who is so pretty but she is still a youngster who needs to finish to complete the picture, she is an excellent type who was in good coat & condition, pretty head & expression with a good neck & shoulder, she is balanced & just needs to finish & her topline to settle to be really pushing the big girls hard. PGB (5,1) 1 Abbishaw’s Hastabbi Pink Explosion, mature o/w with a melting expression, one of those dogs that just makes you smile, reminds me of her dam, in excellent coat & condition, balanced & a good type, good neck & shoulders with correct fore & hindquarters, good profile movement with correct footfall & head carriage, holding her topline correctly with her tick tock tail, up & back today she was slightly close but she is a good strong solid girl who won a good class; 2 Allum’s Macarica Toscanini, b/r mature very feminine bitch of quality, she has good balance & a lovely feminine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, correct topline & tailset, moved well covering the ground easily, good topline held set up & moving, showed well to win her place with her good coat which was present so well; 3 Hibbs’ Testaverde Magic Maggie. LB (8) Yet again a class which was a pleasure to judge even though it gave me hard decisions to make. 1 Glading’s Riccini Biella Del Mavaya, same way bred as my RBCC, no wonder she kept drawing me back, this o/r is classic, so very feminine, obviously a type that I have admired so many times over the years, she is balanced & beautiful & has such a feminine head with that melting expression that always makes me smile, correct planes & good neck & shoulders, excellent fore & hindquarters with a coat that was correct & beautifully presented, moved so well with correct footfall from well boned legs & feet, lovely head carriage & winner of a very strong class; 2 Fleming’s Chandhally Cockney Rebel, o/r, another excellent type who showed so well to win her place here for her quality & type, she is balanced & so very feminine in outlook, loved her head & expression, well made all through from her correctly crested neck & forequarters & shoulders through her correct topline & tailset to her excellent hindquarters, correct coat which was beautifully presented, she is a credit to her owner/breeder, moved & showed so well; 3 Bruce’s Teazledown Aphrodite. OB (9,1) Yet another quality filled class. 1 Allum’s Sh Ch Inostricani Palmina Del Macarica, o/w mature girl who is the finished picture, I loved her head both in balance & with her correct skull & earset, this quality girl is balanced & a good size, excellent neck & shoulders, good forequarters & hindquarters with a good ribcage & loin, correct topline & tailset, in excellent coat & condition, thick skin, moved so well in profile she had excellent head carriage & good footfall, really using her hindquarters to cover the ground with ease & good forward reach with no wasted effort. Showed her socks off & today I was pleased to give her the case & add to her tally of CC & to add BOB to that, she looked very good & an excellent type in the ground ring; 2 Guest’s Sh Ch Bardantop Spells Chaos, o/r balanced bitch of a lovely type who moved so well, such a feminine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, clean eyes, good topline & tailset, correctly textured coat which was presented very well, thick skin & a good dewlap, of a good size & I fully understand why she has won her title for she is from the top drawer; 3 Harrison’s Riccini Abrielle.