• Show Date: 05/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: norma inglis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)


 DOGS MP 8(1) 1st Murray’s DAVIXITY NIJINSKY. Smart black/cream with lots of personality that showed in his alert attention to his handler and proud head carriage as he circled the ring. A handsome ‘apple’ head with dark round eyes full of animation and large ears set to allow good width of skull. Coat felt good to the touch and it had a gloss. Impressive rear action, front was decent and he carried his tail over the back with confidence. Spot on for size with the required balance of height to length. At 7 months the future looks bright. 2nd McAllister’s BERMAC BOLT OUT OF THE BLUE. Another nice baby. This one a cream with lots to like. Cheeky expression and had good attitude. Attractive head and face features are his instant appeal and he also felt good on the table with body parts all blending well together which was confirmed when he moved. Super firm topline. Same age as winner just not so convincing in front as yet. 3rd Vaughan’s BERMAC BLANCO Res Incerti’s PERLANERA COMET VHC Slavinec’s CHARONCHI FRANKIE DIAMOND'S

P 8 (1) 1st Davis’ SWEETPANACHE TOMB RAIDER AT CHIBULL . Dark blue and tan youngster with bags of style. Appealing head with dark expressive eyes. Shortish muzzle and good teeth. Smooth, silky coat. Very outgoing and he swept around the ring with accuracy and enthusiasm. Scored for outline with neck, shoulders, topline and tailset all merging fluently. He impressed sufficiently on the move to be in my last three for further consideration. Great rear action. A little over nine months so just into puppy and feel he will be heard of many times to come. BEST PUPPY IN BREED 2nd Vaughan’s BERMAC BLANCO. Nice looking Cream who came 3rd in MP and beaten in that class by his litter brother. Here he was gaining his composure. Good size with nice substance. Eyes and ears were large. Deserves time spent getting him more confident. At 8 months he has time to learn the ropes and relax and enjoy his showing. 3rd Slavinec’s CHARONCHI BILLY SUPER DUPER Res Vaughan’s DONAMI RHINESTONE CHICO VHC Ogborn’s DENIQUE ABRACADABRA AT TINKKATAILZ

J 11 (2) 1st McAllister’s BERMAC BAYANI. Well made Fawn boy with lots of qualities. Typical head well rounded and large, dark, expressive eyes. Defined stop. Loved the balanced outline he presented. Front and rear angles matched well allowing freedom of movement and he was the best mover in class. Brisk and precise. Tail was carried correctly and topline was firm. Good substance and a sensible, appealing personality. 2nd Ward’s RED HOT CHILLI PEPPER BY MILENDO This Fawn was at the other end of Junior. Only 12 months old so was giving away a little maturity. Full of cheek and he wagged with gusto. Another with a good silhouette. Could not match the front action of winner and looked a baby in head. Huge ears. 3rd Fothergill’s BONDOR MR SUNSHINE AT DIAMONCHI Res Ginger & Parkinson’s JODESCHI INCOMING BLIZZARD JW VHC Hall’s JORAZAN ROCKY BALBOA

G 3 (1) 1st Hall’s JORAZAN APOLLO CREED Sweet natured Fawn who gave a stylish performance to win the class. Only 13 months. Head was appealing but 2 scored over him in this area. Firm body with good ribs. Excellent neck shoulders and topline. His sound accurate gait and showmanship swung the decision in his favour 2nd Foot & Soper’s LEANDER BLACK FRIDAY AT BALLYBROKE Liked this Black/Cream with a very appealing head. His expression was bright and alert. Correct rounding of skull, big eyes and great ears. Sleek black coat. Felt good to go over. Moved reasonably well but although older than 1 he looked less mature in body development.

  PG 4 (1) 1st Turner’s MYOJO FORREST GUMP AT KINZIE Very confident boy who took the eye and looked great on the move. Head was acceptable with saucy expression and round, medium brown eyes. Well placed sizeable ears. Could not be denied his place as he showed his socks off which endorsed his sunny, bubbly personality. Scored for balance standing, with impressive front and rear angulation. Nice size and substance and tail carried over back. Asked for this class and got it. 2nd Sutton’s JICARA POISED TO STRIKE NIKITOS All prancing and dancing! Cream with a lush head having all the required ingredients. Eyes, ears, correct muzzle, defined stop, lean cheeks. All in order. Loved his breed type and and felt he might win the class. Exhuberance took over and he was very wayward on the move plus standing slack in topline and he paid the price. I felt his owner’s frustration with this wild child. 3rd Davis’ NOICHI RED ROIJA AT CHIBULL

L 5 1st Crowley’s NIKITOS NAMETHATDOG Such a satisfying dog to judge. Friendly disposition on the table (not every dog liked me today which was a concern) and had no qualms in being examined. Large dark eyes, lean cheeks, big ears. He never put a foot wrong and hung on to his owner’s every word, making my job of assessing him all the easier He showed happily, all the time wagging. Stands presenting a balanced outline with excellent neck and shoulders. Whilst not tantalizing in head compared to the CC winner, its appeal was enough. One of the soundest moving dogs on the day. It was his effortless gait and admirable footfall that won me over. RCC to rapturous applause from the crowds. None more proud than his breeder who stood second in this class. . 2nd Sutton’s JICARA HEARTBREAKER NIKITOS Lots to like about this Fawn. Facial features appealed and he scored well for rounded head and skull with correct length of muzzle. Stop was defined and his eyes were text book. Nicely balanced body. Lovely size. Spoiled his chances by a bout of snorting and this resulted in unsettled movement. Only allowed me glimpses of his capabilities. 3rd Gear & Borrill’s FRANCO DOGOMANIA AT AUMAKUA Res Waddington’s SPINDLEPOINT YULE BRYNNER VHC Eydmann’’s BRAMERITA A GUINNESS MAN

O 9 1st Sutton’s CH NOW OR NEVER DE L'ISLE AU VERT COTEAU NIKITOS JW (IMP FRA) My CC WINNER and BEST OF BREED. A very handsome Fawn with look at me attitude. I did and I liked what I saw. Spot on for size and scored highly for outline and body proportions. Height to length balance was excellent. Proud head and tail carriage on the move and he impressed me with his strong rear action. Smashing head with correct skull, eyes a good size and colour, ears big and flaring. Lovely depth of chest and nice ribbing. I like a Chihuahua with spirit and this boy had it in spades. Not much I would change. Could be a tad tidier in front action but his virtues are so many and his weaknesses so few. The name of the game in judging. 2nd Facey’s CH COPYMEAR CALENDAR BOY JW A live wire with lots of attitude. Beautifully presented Sable who is rising four. Has all that is required in the breed to make for a stunning head. Animated expression in his large dark eyes. Good width between ears. Defined stop. Correct Balance of skull to muzzle. Has lots of sass and stepped out briskly with tail carried confidently. 3rd Fothergill’s DIAMONCHI MISTER MOON JW SHCM Res Davies’ DACHIDA'S MR WOO VHC Huntley’s JAHNEEMAHS LOOK AT ME JW

SB 2 1st Ogborn’s DENIQUE ABRACADABRA AT TINKKATAILZ Sweet natured dark sable who was placed in puppy dog and at 9 months is still developing. Went well covering the ground in a brisk action holding his topline level. Large ears set off his head. Expression whilst pleasing needs time to blossom. 2nd Hollister’s MIGEL MAGIK CREATURE AT HOLLICHI (IMP RUS) Cream/Fawn of 14 months. Presented in good nick and schooled well. Liked his sweet face and bright saucy expression. Nice size. Could not match the movement of winner being untidy coming towards me.


 MP 8 (2) 1st Sutton’s WE GOT TOLD YOU GOT SOLD TO NIKITOS A Cream sweetheart debuting at 6 months and you would think she knew it all. Such was her attitude. Pleasing in all departments. Feminine and dainty yet had substance. Cheeky expression with large eyes and ears. Neck and shoulders merged well and twinned with a firm topline and good rear angles. She strutted. Exciting baby. 2nd Fothergill’s DIAMONCHI LITTLE MISS STAR Another 6 months Cream toddler. This one a real baby and very raw. Has it all there on tap just needs to progress in her development. A lovely face with eyes full of expression. Good ear placement. I shall keep my eye on her. 3rd Slavinec’s CHARONCHI SUGAR AND SPICE Res Gear & Borrill’s AUMAKUA DONT STOP ME NOW VHC Curr’s NATIMUK PALOMA

P 4 1st Allcock & Suprinaityte’s BORJOMI FORTUNE. Such self belief displayed by this young Cream that she demanded a second look. Her pert expression was mouth watering with large provocative eyes full of mischief. Good ears set off her head. Only nine months old but stepped out with style and impressed with her controlled accurate gait and tail held correctly. Firm topline and her balance was striking. BEST PUPPY BITCH and in my final four for the CC. Just has to keep breathing to go far. Really lovely. 2nd Huntley’s MILENDO MARCAIL AT JAHNEEMAHS Another sweet bitch of nine months. Large eyes set in a classic head type with well placed ears. Her expression was saucy and she had the temperament to match. Good front and rear angulation allowed her to move freely. Smooth glossy coat. Just a little soft in topline when standing compared to winner but was every bit as accurate on the move. 3rd Wells’ DOLLYBEAU'S PENNY FITZGERALD Res Lane’s DENIQUE MISS SPELLED

J 5 1st Rooney’s BORJOMI BEYONCE AT YORONE Dreamy Cream Fawn with first rate head properties. Beautiful apple dome with well placed ears that were always switched to the on position. Very big eyes and totally typical expression. Front and rear matched allowing a smooth accurate gait. Nice tail carriage. At 16 months I feel more good times are waiting just around the corner 2nd Wells’ BULLYWOOD SUMMER FIRE AVEC DOLLYBEAU 10 month old cream bitch with nice expression. Moved well throughout showing good front action and drive maintaining level topline all the time. 3rd Incerti’s MILENDO UPIKA FOR PERLANERA Res Hill’s LILLIPUTCHI MINI ME VHC Smith’s VALENCHINO DELICATE OF HULAWAWAS

G 4 (1 ) 1st Foote & Soper’s LEANDER JUST JILL AT BALLYBROKE Quality Fawn who put up a good show.. Fetching feminine head with round dark eyes of good size. Lean cheeks. Big, set apart ears. Rounded skull. Liked her neatly made body with good ratio of height to length. Firm in topline and her tail was carried tidily over her back. Alert with good ring manners and she was stylish. Outmoved 2. 2nd Holland-Smith’s DIAMONCHI SHINE LIKE A STAR . Feel she has more to offer than she gives. Smooth Cream girl of 21 months with well presented coat. Huge, expressive, dark eyes. Ears were well set on. Nice size. Has a balanced stance but needs more fluency on the move. . 3rd Crowley’s CHRISTALCHI TARAKING

PG 8 (2) 1st Waddington’s SPINDLEPOINT MAE WEST. Neatly made 2 year old Cream with the softest of expressions coming from large, dark, round eyes. Ultra feminine and such an adorable disposition. Correct rounded skull, lean cheeks, defined stop. Good body proportions and her size appealed. Balanced outline. Steady on the move and her close coat was in excellent condition and had a gloss. 2nd Fairbairn’s TIDOS PEACE MISSION Another quality bitch who pushed winner hard. Just as nice looking with typical Chihuahua head properties and had the required body ratio of length to height. Playing up and misbehaved going around. Frustrating for her owner as she has so much going for her. Her verve just needs channelling. 3rd Hill’s LILLIPUTCHI SHADY LADY Res Fraser WIDOGI HEY JUDY VHC Hall’s DIAMONCHI USHUAIA STAR GIRL AT JORAZAN

L 5 1st Rooney’s JICARA HIGH VOLTAGE AT YORONE. A Cream who oozed quality and has the most stunning outline. Excellent head and expression with lush eyes. Unexaggerated breed points and she had a lovely personality. Sleek coat finish. She shows herself off beautifully allowing this to be appreciated. Good angles front and rear. High set tail carried up and over. She motored around the ring with style and drive. My RCC WINNER and am sure there’s more in store 2nd Huntley’s JAHNEEMAHS ALL EYES ON ME Sweet faced 14 month old Fawn who wasn’t making the most of herself. Liked her size and substance and her proportions were good. Facial features appealed and construction was first rate with a well balanced body. Such a pity she wasn’t cheerier and insisted in dropping her ears. The change of handler definitely unsettled her. Having an off day. 3rd Fairbairn’s TIDOS MIS SION INSANITY Res Slavinec’s SILVERCHI STRING OF PEARLS AT CHARONCHI) VHC Ansell’s MJIS ELLE DOGOMANIA JW

O 4 1st Sutton’s NIKITOS NOTHINGLIKENORMAL JW Delicious expression on this dainty black/cream. She was as cute as they come and cheeky with it. Small and neat and ultra feminine. Well rounded skull with accentuated stop. Good teeth. Large expressive eyes and ears were large and flayed. Decent neck of medium length set into good shoulders. Level topline and well angulated hindquarters. She swanked accurately around the ring 2nd Soper’s CH LEANDER BABY JANE Another nice one who filled my requirements. Super headed red girl with round dark eyes and large flared ears. Body proportions were spot on and she had good ribbing. Neck shoulders topline and tailset all appealed and I liked her size and substance with adequate bone. Not quite the posture of 1 going around but she impressed 3rd Stangoe’s STANGHURST STRIKE A POSE Res Taylor’s ARKOSCHI MISS PRIM N PROPER

V 3 1st Sutton’s CH LOZEK RHAPSODY IN BLUE NIKITOS JW An 8 year old who saw off all the other competition. Her joie de vivre is infectious and she lit up the room. Beautiful head with apple dome, large flared ears and eyes full of animation. Compact body with super ribs and spirit level topline. Good quarters front and rear. Tidy tail. Moved soundly with plenty of bustle and confidence. Great pleasure to award her the CC. 2nd Fraser’s WIDOGI HIPPOLYTA What a pretty face on this 9 year old Fawn. She was as bright as a button with keen expression. Ultra feminine with a lovely head and good eyes. Good body with pleasing outline. Well turned stifles and good tail carriage. Super sound mover and was showing no signs of thinking of slowing down! Not in the same condition as winner. 3rd Fothergill’s CH BETHS SUNSHINE LADY AT DIAMONCHI

SB 2 1st Smith’s VALENCHINO DELICATE OF HULAWAWAS Preferred the expression of two but this Fawn had the edge on movement and this clinched the class. Had swagger and liked her size and substance. 2nd Crowley’s CHRISTALCHI TARAKING Girly black/cream with very pretty expression. Nice eyes and good ears. Regular mouth finish. Loved her friendly outgoing temperament. She was a wagger. Out moved by winner.

JUDGE Norma Inglis