• Show Date: 19/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: norma inglis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Toy Group


                TOY GROUP

Driffield Show is held at Wetherby Racecourse in Yorkshire and I was thrilled to be invited to judge at a show which holds such great memories for me as a breeder/exhibitor. It was here in 2007 that we had the thrill of making up two tricolour Cavalier Champions on the same day. An unforgettable day when dreams were realised and yesterday saw another great occasion at Driffield where I judged the Toy Group. As this was my first time judging at this level it felt both exciting and slightly scary at the same time but Martin Freeman and his Committee were lovely and I felt in good hands. 


Three breeds represented......Pugs, Pomeranians and Coton de Tulears.

First place went to N Walker’s SUNLEA PUGS. A family trio who were very uniform in make and shape and proudly strutted around the ring. Lovely heads and expressions and all capable of moving accurately. They had style and their eyes held the fire that is so appealing in this breed. They looked good together and you could see the likeness in their breed traits.

Second were the LIREVA POMERANIANS of A Cawthera- Purdy. Pushed strongly for first place. Their quality and undeniable breed type was clear. Typical heads and endearing fizzy personalities. Four lovely specimens who moved with such self assurance. Pugs just had the edge. ‘Cookie cutter’ came to mind

Third were the three COTON DE TULEARS bred by J and S Scott of the CUKOTON affix. One female accompanied by a brother and sister. Beautifully presented dogs behaving well Their resemblance to each other was not so stamped as the class winners.


Lots of talent on show and it was a hard task to chose a few and dismiss the others many of whom I would gladly have included. It was real hair splitting at this level of the competition 

1st The Maltese Jackson’s CH BENATONE GINO D’ACAMPO. A well deserved winner of the Group. A 4 year old male in his prime who saw off all the competition. In full luxury coat he swept around the ring with style and looked a picture. A very handsome boy with exquisite expression coming from twinkling eyes and wonderful pigmentation. Good body proportions with neck shoulders top line and tail set all smoothly merging to create an outline of the best. Presented in wonderful coat and condition. A happy dog with good ring presence. Not surprised to hear this was his 3rd Group success. Made to make your mouth water 

2nd The Affenpinscher Owen & Ossowski’s CH DARKLE HAWKER HARRIER Smart 3 year old male with lots of style on the move where he caught the eye with his correct outline and tidy tail. Sparkling eyes set in a typical head with monkey like appearance. Correct rough coat. Firm top line. The failing light was making it hard to see the dark coated dogs but I saw enough to be impressed and with hands on he drew respect. 

3rd The Pug Ashton’s ROSEWITCH ANOTHER EXCUSE WITH ZOBEAR. Exciting young bitch not quite two who won Best of Breed from the Pug Yearling class. A joy to watch on the move where she came towards me with sound front action and a good rolling gait to her hindquarters. Straight top line and tail curled close to her hip. Lovely coat condition. Delightful face and delicious expression full of animation. Large eyes. Am sure she has a rosy future . 

4th The Cavalier Rix and Berry’s RICKSBURY ROYAL HERITAGE Jw. A Blenheim boy who was made up to Champion on the day. He seemed to sense the occasion and put up a really good performance. Only 17 months old but carrying a wealth of conditioned coat that was well marked. His front and rear action are admirable and as expected has good reach and drive. A good looking dog with large dark eyes and flat skull and good ear placement. Presents an eye catching outline with good croup. Had never gone over him before and I liked what I found. Congratulations to his owners.

TOY PUPPY GROUP.....The Adult Toy Group was full of top notch Toys and the Toy Puppies I thought were even better with lots of stars in waiting. 

1st The ETT....Gourley & Leonard’s WITCHSTONE UNEXPECTED GIFT. Yet another winner for this breeder with the Midas touch. A black/tan bitch only 8 months old showing all the breed requirements needed to hit the heights as she matures. Expression was alert with dark eyes great ears and her demeanour keen. Such a super size and her movement was as sound as a bell. All parts blended so well and in profile she looked fabulous. Hung on her owners every word and showed non stop. A smashing youngster who I was happy to award first place and delighted to watch her go onto Best Puppy in Show. The long wait was well worth it. 

2nd The Pomeranian..Cawthera-Purdy’s LIREVA’S GLORIOUS 8 months old orange poppet. Impressive puppy who fitted the bill. Foxy face with bright eyes. Small ears. Short backed with good tail carried over the back at all times showing her buoyant personality. Lovely mover with a super outline. Swanked around the ring full of her own importance. Great size and shown in excellent condition. 

3rd The Maltese.....Dornan & Flannigan’s SNOWKAI’S EVEREST. The Maltese exhibits who came through from the breed judging had a great day and won a place in every Group category such was their high quality. This one a 9 month old bitch who filled my eye. Small and dainty with accurate movement. Lovely make and shape with a delicious expression and good eyes. Black pigment that gave a stunning contrast to her white coloured lush coat groomed to perfection. Sweet nature. She had good attitude. A baby with a good future 

4th The Japanese Chin......Davidson’s SHARLARNA BOOTY CALL Very pretty 8 month old black/white bitch with so much to like. Smashing size with good substance yet retaining refined bone. Level top line both standing and on the move where she stepped out with good lift and plenty of self assurance carrying her high set tail correctly. Good face features. Plenty of fill and enough cushioning. Dark eyes full of mischief. Rounded forehead with good ear set. A wealth of quality coat silk like to the touch. The future is bright. Completed a quartet of exciting puppies. 


1st The Maltese ....Welbourn, Dowsett & Tyler’s IR CH ZUMARNIK HOT PURSUIT CW12 SHCM. Found it incredible that this stunning boy will be 11 years old soon. His condition and the way he raced around the ring contradicted this, but it was a fact. Full of the glamour that this breed exudes and his coat was long, silky and flowing. Expression was very appealing with lovely eyes and dense pigment. Handled well with cobby body, good shoulders that allowed free movement and a topline that was firm. Finished off with tidy tail carriage. Headed a super class of oldies who were still shining brightly.

2nd The Chihuahua S/C ....Sutton’s CH RHAPSODY IN BLUE NIKITOS JW. An old friend who I gave a CC to a couple of months ago. Here she was again giving 100% and still impressing me. Quality never fades and at 8 years old she can still hold her own in any company. She is full of fun and cheeky with it. Ticks the boxes for breed points and is a super size with good balanced outline. She demands attention and gets it

3rd The Italian Greyhound ....Henshall’s CH GEMOLLI JOIE DE VIVRE JW SH.CM VW Super 9 year old whose silent self assurance appealed. Looked good and she knew it. Lean head with bright eyes full of expression. Very feminine outlook. Tidy ears. Such a graceful outline with reachy neck and soft curves. Very satisfying to watch on the move . Obviously cherished by her owner as her condition was impressive.

4th The King Charles Spaniel...Clarke’s STONEPIT SUPER SYDNEY FOR POLTOMIC 7 year old tricolour male. We had met before and have to say maturity agrees with him. Attractive head with dome and handsome expression. His outline was a clean sweep from head to tail with everything blending. Stepped out with great freedom and precision. Presented in nice coat. Understand he won well in Breed today and I could see why.

Norma Inglis .....Judge