• Show Date: 16/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nicola Firth Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Beagle Club

Breed: Beagle

Scottish Beagle Club 16th June 2019

Thanks to the Scottish Beagle Club for inviting me to judge this very friendly and well run show.

Veteran Dog(5)

1 M W & J S Goldberg Ch Molesend Kaftan Pleasing head with soft expression, good neck and shoulder, level topline, short coupled moved soundly all ways.

2 Nash Kelseva Greatest Day Broken Tri, lovely head, soft expression, good topline, moved well

Minor Puppy Dog(6)

1 Craig Davricard Jacob.T/W Lovely head and expression good neck, level topline, good quarters, moved well. Very much the baby but liked him a lot BPD & best puppy in Show

2 Henningsson Dundas Julemark Luther Tri another very promising puppy good bone and well carried stern, moved out well

3 Powell Hayapark Gershwin

Puppy Dog(4)

1 Craig Davricard Joshua Tri, Litter brother to minor puppy and similar comments apply, in the challenge for best puppy his brother was more settled.

2 Hayapark Gershwin, 3rd in MPD Tan and white, lovely size and shape, only six months, moved well

Junior Dog (1) 1 Nash Kelsava All Or Nothing Lemon and white, Nice head with soft expression, well set leathers, correct size. Was a little erratic in front, moved well behind and in profile.

Novice (2) 1 Kelsava All Or Nothing

2. Brown Beagleboys Mister Farenheight T/w dog will nice head but could have darker eye, Good bone, moved ok

Graduate Dog (3) 1. Mrs J and Miss E Thornton Nedlaw Trumpeter with Maplelayne. Lovely lemon and white out of smaller mould, pleasing head good ear set, reachy neck, good shoulder and front, level topline and good tailset, strong quarters, very sound mover showing reach and drive.

2.McAuley Finmorlan Rufus Broken Tri, Masculine head, good neck, level topline, moved soundly

3 Beagleboys Mister Farenheight

Post Graduate Dog(7) 1.M W & J S Goldberg Newlin Perth at Molesend. Free showing Tri with lots to like, Pleasing head and expression well set leathers, good neck and shoulders, well set stern, moved soundly.

2. Finmorlan Rufus

3. F & E Finlay Rhiconich Jarvis

Limit Dog(6)1. Kingsland & Stevens Redcap The Patriot Lemon & White. Lovely head, good neck, level topline and well carried stern, good outline when stacked and really comes into his own on the move showing reach and drive, on top form today CC, BOS

2.PJ & L A Havard Annavah Phoenix Flashy blanket tri Plenty of quality; excellent masculine head, correct eye and soft expression, very good neck and shoulders, level topline compact body and well carried stern. Correct front and rear, moved with drive. Very Close up Res CC

3 Jones Newlin Preston to Clairdale

Open Dog (4) All Quality in this class 1.Craig. Davricard Harliquin Lovely well balanced Tri dog, good masculine head with soft expression, good leathers. Straight front, good tight feet, moved very well all ways, in the challenge just seemed a bit lethargic.

2. Thornton Ch Nedlaw Benedict with Maplelayne JW, slightly smaller Tri , lovely head and expression good neck and shoulders , Good bone and feet, level topline , strong quarters which powered him round the ring in profile, not so good when viewed from behind.

3Brannan Ch Rosanka Nolte JW

Veteran Bitch (12)

1 PJ & L A Havard Ch Annavah Ginney Tri, Feminine head good neck level topline strong quarters, moved with reach and Drive best Veteran

2 Brown Raimex Rowanberry Open marked Tri , lovely head and expression, reachy neck good shoulder, level topline, well angulated quarters, moved very soundly.

3 Hunt Shercroft Duchess JW ShCM

Minor puppy Bitch(5)

1 Henningsson Dundas Julemark Lolita Tri baby with lots of potential, sweet head, long leathers, good neck and shoulder, well angulated quarters, moved soundly with drive BPB

2 Hunt, Norris, Carmichael & Starbrook Shercroft Liberty t/w compact, good bone and feet, appealing head and expression, excellent front, moved out well

3 P J & LA Havard Annavah Candy Crush

Puppy Bitch (3)

1 Craig Davricard Jazzmine Smart Tricolour with pleasing head and mild expression. Level topline, good bone with neat feet and well carried stern. Moved soundly.

2. Brown Mickleesum Athi Pretty Tan/White good neck and lay of shoulder, short coupled, moved with drive but would like better topline and tailset.

3 McBain & Stevens Blitzlilie Girl With No Name

Junior bitch (8)

1 Foster & Jones Stormpasture Operetta Compact Very pretty Broken tri , lovely outline when stacked, good bone and feet, moved soundly with reach & drive

2 Fellows Rosanka Midler Tri bitch Excellent neck and shoulder, level topline well set on stern. Moves very well with drive

3 P J & L A Havard Annavah Lady Gaga

Novice Bitch (5)

1 Shercroft Liberty

2 I & J Hill Dapperdawg Spritzen

3 Nash Kelseva Legally Blonde

Graduate bitch (8)

1 Henningsson Dundas Julemark Ariadne Super feminine, tan and white, lovely ear set and long leathers ,dark eye. Well sprung rib and good depth of chest, though could have a tad more length of leg for total balance. Good strong quarters which she used on the move

2 MW & JS Goldberg Molesend Tranquil Rich tan & White, feminine head, good neck, level topline and good tailset, moved well

3 Kingsland Redcap Amelia Earhart

Post Graduate Bitch (10)

1 Laughton Redcap Sherbet Pips for Brimbleway Pretty Tan/White bitch, good earset, reachy neck and well placed shoulders, level topline and good tailset, well bent stifles and depth of second thigh. Moved out well with drive

2 Powell Hayapark Feather Quality feminine bitch of a smaller type but all in proportion, Lovely head, well set leathers, straight front, compact catlike feet, good forechest, lay back of shoulder, length of upper arm and topline, very good mover from all angles

3, Hunts Bondlea Lucy

Limit Bitch(12,3) Very nice class

1 Henningsson –Dundas Chequers Countess Mary Mit Julemark Quality tan/white, lovely shaped head, good neck into well placed shoulders, good bone and feet, good depth of chest , level topline and well carried stern, strong well angulated quarters. moved very soundly with plenty of reach and drive Res CC & Reserve BIS

2 Foster & Jones Stormpasture Nightcap another lovely bitch, Tricolour, Happy showgirl, pretty head, good neck, good outline when stacked and moved very well all ways.

3 PJ & L A Havard Annavah Petal

Open Bitch (4) 4 lovely Champions in this class

1.P & L Havards Ch Annavah Knick Knack Broken Tri bitch, beautiful head with low set leathers, and soft expression, lovely reachy neck which flows into a firm level topline, she has well laid shoulders, good depth of chest and strong well made quarters, good bone and tight feet, very sound on the move , correct away and back with plenty of reach & drive in profile, pleased to award her the CC and BIS

2 M W& J S Goldberg Ch Molesend Secret High quality t/w very well made with a good outline. Very feminine with a lovely head, good pigmentation and soft expression, excellent angulation both fore and aft, well developed body with good shoulders, level in topline and well angulated quarters, good bone and neat feet, moved soundly all ways. Close up and in contention for the res CC.

3. Browns Ch Raimex Brittany