• Show Date: 20/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North Eastern Whippet Society

Breed: Whippet

What an honour to be invited to award CC’s in the Dogs for the first time at this long established and highly regarded Breed Club Championship Show. It is some 4 years since I had the joy of awarding my first CC’s in Whippet Bitches at South Yorkshire Whippet Club; one of my all-time most memorable judging appointments.  

Whippets will always be my ‘first canine love’ and are the breed that brought me into the world of showing and judging pedigree dogs.  I have been very fortunate to have some of the breeds ‘greats’ as my mentors over the years. I will always be grateful for their encouragement and most importantly for all the knowledge they shared.  

Thank you to the Officers and Committee for choosing me as one of your judges. Your hospitality was exemplary and the warm, friendly atmosphere you created was typical of a well-run and supportive Breed Club. Lunch was inspired (and I was ready for it) there is really nothing better than fish and chips in a seaside town. Bob Potts is a perfect steward especially when you are concentrating on a large breed entry – I really appreciated his support, his efficiency and company.  

The exhibitors were a credit to the breed. Great sportsmanship throughout the classes and rapturous applause for the top honours.  

VD (5,0) 1st Mrs S & Miss F Mycroft’s Ch Supetas Razzalicious JW Sh CM. What a credit to his owner/breeders – this handsome chap could certainly compete with the best even in his Veteran years. Had easily the best top line in this class both stood and then retained on the move. Full of elegance from nose to tail yet most definitely all male. Best Veteran Dog and then BVIS after yet another battle with his Champion kennel mate as well as between Mum and Daughter handling the dog and bitch respectively. So pleased Mum (handling the dog) was able to get some whippet glory today when daughter has been hogging it of late . 2nd Mr & Mrs I Halbert’s Ch Benzfreya Drummer Boy. Beautiful head and expression with such an elegant neck. Well laid in shoulder and makes a balanced. Just a little higher on hock than the winner so lacking his drive today.   3rd Mesdames Ellam & Head’s Plumcreek Forecaster at Demerlay JW Sh CM. 

MPD (5,2) 1st Mr M Rankine’s Collooney Drag Queen for Chapleigh. A young baby with everything in the in the right place to fulfil this early potential. Very attractive lean head with dark eye, super pigmentation and neat ears. Well angulated forequarters matched with a good bend of stifle and showing strength with his well let down hocks; finished with very neat feet and nails. Chest to drop a fraction yet. Loin developing well and top line will finish well I’m sure. Really sound away and accurate footfall in side gait. 2nd Mr C Christie & Mrs S Downing-Christie’s Zigouse Rewrite The Stars. Very raw and needs to settle on the move. He stood well and makes a super outline. Liked his head and eye and elegant in neck.  He behaved well on the table but just wanted to play on the floor. There were glimpses of a very sound pup away and back. Handled with great patience given his antics.  3rd Mr & Mrs Webb’s Crosscrop Shadow Dancing.  

PD (12,1) A super class and top three will have some exciting battles over the next few years. 1st Miss E Newton’s Nevedith Beau Jolais. Already showing maturity compared to the Minor Puppy in terms of both body development and muscle tone. Long lean head with dark eye and small neat ears. Strong neck with slight arch. Really appealed in fore chest, depth of brisket and length of rib – no shortage of heart room here. Top line had right balance with flat back and rise over loin dropping to low set tail. Sound away and back and accurate footfall with good drive going round. ‘Mum and Dad’ would be very proud. BPD & RBPIS. 2nd Mr & Mrs Perkins’ Snowleana Errol Flynn of Silkridge. Loved his overall shape and balance. Instantly appeals in head and expression. Straight front legs set right under body. Good lay shoulder. Depth to his chest already. Hold top line well on move. At times a little over enthusiastic but once ‘checked’ he was parallel away and back; showed good extension in side gait.  3rd Mrs L Grisoli’s Loroli Dancing In The Dark. 

JD (9,0) 1st Mrs S & Miss F Mycroft’s Shiny Sensations Wish Upon A Star with Supeta. Very elegant in outline. His head grabs your attention as you approach the table. Such an alert yet gentle, unforgettable expression with dark eye and neat ears. Elegant in neck into well laid shoulders and matching return of upper arm. Very precise foot fall showing good extension and drive from his low hicks. Perhaps just a fraction more rise over loin for ideal. 2nd Mr & Mrs Halbert’s Marimay Harry’s Game. Another very attractive head to this youngster with an elegant neck flowing nicely into his top line. Good depth of brisket and length to rib. In side gait, very balanced but not quite the extension fore and aft of the winner. Very sound away and back. 3rd Mesdames James & Peacock’s Wolfcastle Rumour Has It among Drakesoak. 

YD (5,0) 1st Mr M Howgate & Ms Y Hull’s  Palmik King Of Clubs JW. Just my cup of tea could easily have been my CC winner as far as first impressions go so definitely made my final four for the CC challenge. Loved his head and expression with dark pigmentation which is so appealing in a dark brindle parti-colour. Of an ideal overall size and shape. Straight front legs and beautifully angulated forequarters with hindquarter angulation to match. As such he has a text book rhythmic side gait with perfect footfall. Goes away a fraction closer than ideal compared to the CC and RCC winner – it was still a very close decision. Head had to rule heart so this beautiful dog narrowly missed out on a green card today. 2nd Ms C Price’s Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance JW. This young dog could definitely do a days work and had the most wonderful feet and muscle tone. Attractive head and expression with an elegant neck and very well laid shoulders. Well-developed fore chest and good length of rib. A little longer in body than the main winners but still with many virtues. Moves very true, has well let down hocks and well-muscled 2nd thigh. 3rd Miss L Uggeri & Mr D Wood’s Collooney Tartan Toffee at Bohosoul. 

ND (4,1) Mrs E Winstone’s Lolani Moonshine over Minelli. Was 4th in my very strong puppy class and an easy winner here. Very attractive head and dark eye with gentle expression. Seems to tense when stood and can fall off over the croup but makes a beautiful overall shape on the move. Very accurate foot fall and moves with drive from low hocks showing very good extension in front.  2nd Mr C Christie & Mrs S Downing-Christie’s Orange Crush Des Plaines Des Bruyeres. Long lean head and dark eye with neat ears. Built on heavier lines than the winner and also had a little too much breakfast which spoilt his overall shape. Super low hocks which he uses to drive and very sound away. Very flat in top line on the move. 3rd Ms J Lloyd’s Archibold Jon. 

GD (2,0) 1st Miss J Barkas’ Citycroft Fred Astaire. Surprised to find this dog in Graduate as there was only one thing I would change on an otherwise beautiful whippet of an ideal size. No exaggeration and so balanced in front and rear angulation which matched perfectly and created sound parallel movement with reach, drive and accuracy of footfall. Held his top line well on move and was a picture in side gait. Would like his head a little narrower in back skull but he has dark eyes and super pigmentation to match his dark brindle colour. As Dot Gardner would have said – “remember you have got to catch the rabbit first….” Final 4 for CC Challenge. 2nd Miss S Cuthbert’s Zigouse International Love for Lunaire. Liked his head and gentle expression. A longer and larger dog overall with an elegant neck. Super top line showing slight arch over the loin. Showed good extension and drive in side gait. Higher on his hock than ideal and nails need attention. 

PGD (4,2) 1st Mrs G James’ Drakesoak Rum Punch. Very attractive in head and makes a very typical silhouette and perfect size. Flows from nose to tail and scores in top line. Strength to hindquarters with good bend of stifle and well developed 2nd thigh. Showed real drive and has well laid shoulders and good length of upper arm to allow long matching stride. Would benefit from being moved a little faster to really showcase his confirmation. 2nd Mrs G Chippendale’s Cobyco Classic Performance. Makes an appealing shape stood with elegant neck line, level back and defined rise over loin. Good lay of shoulder and matching angle to upper arm. Fore chest well developed. Deep in chest and legs fitting well under body. Would like a little more length of rib. Well let down hock but moved a little close going away and insisted on flying his tail which spoils outline on move.  

MLD (7.0) 1st Mrs C Hawker’s Jothyrn Future Legend with Mollytop JW. Only a young dog but immediately stood out for his classic unexaggerated outline – just the typical silhouette I was looking for. Totally balanced both stood and on the move – I wrote the word ‘balance’ three times in my brief notes and everything just fits together !! Alert and focussed with that faithful whippet expression. Text book top line with good length of rib supporting a level back and then gentle rise over his loin. Short healthy coat and very well-conditioned with just the right amount of muscle in all the right places. On the move he is parallel away and back, in side gait he has reach and drive with such accurate footfall, natural head carriage and a low set tail. In Dog CC challenge he never faltered and was moved at just the right pace to show off his virtues. Delighted to ‘start him off’ and thrilled for his breeders and owners that he picked his 2nd CC up the following day. 2nd Mrs M Head’s Demerelay Snowy Owl. Handsome dog and impressed on the move with his typically flowing top line especially at full extension. Very well developed forechest with really deep chest and super length of rib. A little exaggerated in bend of stifle and tended to look a little short stood falling off a little too steeply over the croup.   3rd Mrs J Barkas’ Jimanica Just Dreaming. 

LD (9,1) Having completely fallen for the mid-limit winner then this class walks in and I still have a 10 strong Open Dog class to come too. The five placed where all top quality whippets. 1st Mr G Poole’s Crosscrop No Matter What. Could immediately picture him in the CC challenge as so similar to Future Legend in make and shape. An unexaggerated, classic shape with just right overall length of body for height at withers; so balanced throughout. Beautiful head and neck. Sound away and back; excellent free flowing side gait with accurate foot fall. A pleasure to award him the RCC which I found out is already quite a collection in addition to his 2 big green cards. His title will come soon I am sure. 2nd Mr S Glasspool & Miss K Manners’ Penbriar Dark Secret at Mannerpool. This dog could easily be the black silhouette of the winner especially on the move. Long narrow head with dark eye and neat ears. Very elegant in neck with correct top line. Loved his deep chest and length to rib. Really excels in side gait and just flows from his nose to his tail.  Sound away and back. Winner just had a half inch extra in loin which I preferred but liked him a lot. 3rd Mrs S & Miss F Mycroft’s Supeta Secret Weapon.  

OD (11,1) 1st Miss M Dillon’s Ch Kierpark Smooth Criminal at Runforest JW. Beautiful head and kind expression. Dark sparkling eye and neat rose ear. Super neck for length with slight crest. Perfect length of body with well-developed forechest, deep chest and length of rib. Just right length of loin with gentle rise over falling to low set tail. Moved with real drive from his low hocks and parallel away and back. Has really good extension but small gap on footfall in side gait. Would like slightly taller on the leg for perfect overall balance. 2nd Mrs J Wood’s Ardencote Star Gazer. An appealing outline with no exaggeration and making a well-balanced picture overall when stood. Good length of rib, level back and rise over loin. Would like another half inch in the loin. Moved soundly away and back. Accurate footfall on go around. 3rd Mr G Poole & Mr J Winkley-Balmer’s Ch Edenwhip Quantum Of Solace. 

Sp R or C (3,0) 1st Very handsome chap of an ideal size. Loved his head and dark eye with small neat ears. Loads of heart room provided by his deep chest and well spring ribs. Showing strength of loin but would like a little more length as falls of slightly over croup when stood. Very sound away and back with strength to his low hocks. Moves with good extension in front and drive from his hindquarters. 2nd Ms D Webber’s Zoraden Paint It Black. A longer finer type and very elegant. Makes a typical shape stood with long head, elegant neck, level back and slight rise over the loin. Nice and deep in chest but lacked the spring of rib of the winner. Moved parallel away and back. 3rd M V Leathart’s Ringmore Dalrymple.