• Show Date: 16/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Miniature Pinscher

A thoroughly enjoyable experience with 49 dogs present including 12 Champions. I found the puppies very exciting to judge and thought the depth of quality in the dog entry was particularly impressive; Open Dog had 5 Champions and I since advised the other two sitting on 2 CC’s. The Veteran Dog is a very special champion and a great ambassador for the breed and will always be ticket worthy. I can see the MPD winning CC’s once he matures a little and would go as far as to say that the winners of all the dog classes were worthy of green cards in their own rights. What a joy to have so many beautiful dogs to use at stud. There were equally half a dozen bitches I thought were of Champion quality including three puppies. Congratulations to the breeders that have worked together and imported some valuable new bloodlines. The breed certainly appears to be in great shape and a pleasure to see the sportsmanship and camaraderie amongst the exhibitors. I shall look forward to my next appointment immensely. 

VD (1,0) 1st COLLINSON, Mrs C J & DARE Mrs S E Ch Collypins Lickety Split Sh.CM. This black and tan dog belies his years and I hope I look as well in my later years as he does? What a credit to his owner. He is such a pro and could actually do the whole ring performance without his handler. He cannot stand wrong as his construction makes that impossible. Still so alert and absolutely loving the show ring still at 10 years of age. He is so compact and a text book top line which he maintains stood and on the move. He was my CC winner 2 years ago at Bath from the Veteran class and I still love him. For perfection I would like a little more hackney action and he was moving a little close behind today; given the strong competition he just missed out on a green card. If I had a 2nd RCC to award it would still have been his. BVIB  

 MPD (2,0) 1st MCILROY-STRACEY Mrs P Krieger's Elf Fantastico. This 7 month old pup has all the makings of a champion. Super head plains and expressive eye; keen and alert. Ears could be a fraction smaller but set high and showed strength. Slightly arched neck and slope to top line. High set tail of length to balance. Sound away and back and showed good animation in side gait; would like a little more break at knee for ideal hackney. Makes a very typical outline stood and on the move. BPD.  2nd COULL Miss A A Vardenais Sam Spinner. Same age as winner but looking less mature. Serious attitude and wanted to do his own thing much to the frustration of his patient handler. Clear black and tan markings. Very good head proportions with dark expressive eye. Like the winner his ears could be a fraction smaller. Looking longer in loin at the moment but with high set tail of length to balance. Moved a little wide away but had a collected gait when settled. 

 JD (3,0) 1st GENTLE Mr D & Mrs D Dimogen Don't Cha Know. Smart red dog of ideal size. Clear winner here having the best overall shape in this class. Compact and square in body. Head of correct proportions with flat skull and strength to muzzle. Eyes just a little full. Perfect small ears set high. Slight arch to neck. Top line with slight slope and high set tail. Out moved his rivals here with precise   gait and moderate hackney with drive from his low hocks. 2nd GULLON Mr C J Barnfall Goodtime Gary.  Black & Tan dog. Typical head proportions with flat skull and dark eye. Would prefer smaller ears. For his height he is a little too long in back and top line flatter. Tail set high. Not the strength of hindquarters of the winner which showed when going away. Heavy breeching on front and back legs. 3rd BAGSHAW Mrs A J Bamtybo Blackjack  

PGD (4,0) 1st SCOURFIELD Mr A Epiphany Insigna At Danton. I admired this breeding last time I judged and gave this dog 2nd in the puppy class behind todays RCC winner. I gave his litter sister the RCC and BPIB that day too. Fulfilled all that early promise and now at 2 years old is really looking the part. He was obviously pleased to see me again !!! An easy winner here for the quality of his head, his expression and small high set ears. An ideal size. Square in body, slope to top line and high set tail. Sound enough away and back and could have a little more lift for better hackney gait. 2nd KIRBY Mr & Mrs H C Tubize Du Beke With Kirbsea. He’s a big, handsome dog that makes a balanced picture with everything in proportion; he has a very good Min Pin outline. Sturdy and square with slope to top line. Correct head proportions and strength to muzzle; high set ears of correct size for skull. Very sound on the move. A lovely looking animal; just needs a hot wash.  3rd PARK Mrs J A Rayjen Carrot Cake  

LD (3,1) 1st SCOURFIELD, Mr A & KANTOR Mr B Danton Do What You Can (Imp). Appealed for overall size and shape. Square in body with deep chest and the compactness I was looking for. Very typical head and alert expression with small high set ears. Looked a picture when moving in profile with proud head carriage and slight arch to neck with sloping top line and high set tail. Very sound away and back with good bend of stifle. Would like a little more strength in 2nd thigh to create more drive. 2nd EYLES Mrs W E Vardenais C'est Moi. Mature dog with very good head proportions and strength to his muzzle. Ears set high but a little soft and tips curl back. Longer in loin than ideal but achieves a slope to top line because of his exaggerated bend of stifle so stands over too much ground. That said he moved soundly away and back but needs high stepping action for desired hackney gait.   

OD (7,0) What a treat of a class to judge. 1st HARRISON Ms J D Kaypin Dum Dum Diddle With Trenson JW. Only 14 months old but what a cracker. I’m just going to type my notes exactly as I wrote them on the day. “Absolutely stunning for size and shape and with the best head ever as well. So well balanced and square as you like. Tail spot on for set and length to balance. Perfect slope to top line, so sound and a TRUE hackney gait !! Love him.” Dog CC & BOB. 2nd WATKINS, Ms T & DAVIES Ms J Ch Danton Damned If I Do. Another stunning red dog who has fulfilled all that potential from 2 years ago when he won a strong puppy dog class. Alert and confident show man. Flat skull with ears of good size and set high. Strength to muzzle. A fraction broader in back skull than ideal. He is just what I was looking for in terms of a sturdy, compact dog with square body, deep chest and sloping top line. Unmistakeable Min Pin silhouette. So sound away and back and really impresses with his overall shape in side gait. Just out-hackneyed by the young upstart today but so worthy of his Champion title. 3rd BANTON Ms D Darkiss Smokin Aces  

MPB (5,1) Two super baby pups heading this class who will have regular duals I am sure. 1st JAMES, Ms S & ADAMS Mrs M Jaegerson Takes The Biscuit. Beautiful size and shape to this red baby. She has a beautiful head and expression; one of the best heads which is difficult to fault. Small ears set high. Compact in body and square in shape. Slight slope to top line stood but even better on the move. Sound away and back. A close decision for the RCC but just felt the older bitch had a slightly better hackney gait. Is most definitely of champion quality. 2nd BISLAND Mrs J Krieger's Eternal Flame. Another very promising baby again with a typical head and lovely expression with dark eyes. Ears not quite as high set as the winner but of good size. Compact in body with slope to top line which she holds well on the move. Good bend of stifle and low hocks. Moved with precision. Another that I will do lots of winning and who I also think will gain her title. 3rd SANTORIELLO Mr D & Mrs S Pinicio Tinsel In A Tangle  

PB (5,0) 1st SANTORIELLO Mr D & Mrs S Pinicio Wrapped In Red. Such a precocious madam with some serious attitude….certainly vigorous and alert !! There were times when I thought she would be my CC winner especially after the first lead change. She is so compact, with a deep chest and is made to have a perfect slope to her top line which when she put her mind was evident especially on the move. A fabulous head and expression with small erect ears and dark eyes fitting well in her head. Love the slight arch to her neck. High set tail of length to balance. Really sound away and back and enough lift and break at knee for a hackney gait. RBCC & BPIB. 2nd BANTON Ms D Krieger's Eye Candy With Darkiss. A super sound, black and tan bitch who whilst not quite as compact as the winner makes a typical outline and has a slope to her top line and a high set tail. Liked her head proportions with flat skull. Slightly larger eye and ears a little wider apart than winner. 3rd SCOTT Mr D & Mrs C Keljantzi's Zelda To Maynell  

JB (4,0) 1st TWIGG Mrs S J Monarkle Fire N'ice At Teffys. Admired the size of this red bitch. She is sturdy and makes a typical outline stood but can dip in top line on the move. Flat skull and dark expressive eyes. Keen and alert. Would prefer a little more strength to muzzle. Was really sound moving away and back. 2nd BILLINGTON Mrs T Bamtybo Bonbon Avec Yrieix. A black and tan of similar shape to winner but a fraction longer in loin. Full of confidence and a real show off. Liked her head proportions and small high set ears. Would prefer more bone. Moved with drive. 3rd REES Mrs T Telidor Take A Chance  


PGB (5,0) 1st PARK Mrs J A Rayjen Yum Yum. A very attractive 13 month old dark red bitch giving her handler a hard time. She has super attitude but does what she wants not what her handler wants and as such she didn’t show off her virtues well today. Plenty big enough for her age but lovely overall type. Correct head proportions with flat skull and high set ears; dark eyes with a naughty glint. Difficult to assess her top line properly stood today as she was such a fidget but on the move she has a really good slope. She is really sound away and back and has makings of a typical hackney gait. Owner/handler needs to take control to realise full potential.   2nd KIRBY Mr & Mrs H C Vardenais Limini With Kirbsea. Very compact and square but would benefit from a little less weight to give more definition and the desired wedge shaped body. Typical head with very alert expression and sure of herself with high set ears and strength to her muzzle. Would like more slope to top line. Sound away and back. 3rd WILKINSON Mr & Mrs C & R Keljantzi's Zaheera  

LB (6,1) 1st SANTORIELLO Mr D & Mesdames E & S Collypins Tell Tallulah for Pinicio. An easy winner here with a beautiful head and expression. Small high set ears and wonderful arch to her neck. Whilst compact enough I would prefer slightly less loin. Deep in chest. Slope to her top line and high set tail. She has a lovely hackney gait; one of the best here today and really drives from her low hock. Makes a really balanced picture overall and definitely another of CC quality. 2nd COLLINSON, Mrs C J & DARE Mrs S E Collypins Don't Do It Daphne.  A red bitch and litter sister to the winner who makes a balanced overall picture. Another beautifully headed bitch with little to change. Slight arch to neck and compact in body with deep chest. Not quite the tail set of her sister and whilst sound away and back lacks her sisters true hackney gait. 3rd WHERRY Mr T & Mrs A Alcum Kraken  

Class 250 OB (6,0) 1st STRACEY Miss R Ch Kriegers's Dark 'n' Delicious JW Sh.CM. This black and tan bitch caught my eye as puppy and I have often admired her in the Group ring and she immediately caught my eye again today in this class. She is such an attentive show off and has a wonderful rapport with her young handler who knows how to get the best out of her. She is compact and square but with elegance and there is no mistaking she is a bitch.  She stands proudly with super head carriage, arch to her neck and a fabulous slope to her top line. Well-proportioned head with flat skull and high set ears which could be a fraction smaller for ideal. Slightly rounder dark eye. Strength to her muzzle. Very sound away and looks a picture in profile with sufficient animation to create a hackney gait. Delighted to add another CC to her worthy and impressive collection. Bitch CC. 2nd COULL Miss A A Ch Vardenais Mischief Managed JW.  Another more than worthy champion with a super head that I could not fault. Just the type of expression I wanted. Very alert and meant business. Hass a super slope to her top line on the move but was flatter than winner today when stood. Moved very soundly away and back but not quite the higher stepping action required for a hackney gait on the go around. 3rd GRIFFITHS Mr & Mrs C & J Ch Keljantzi Xciting Prospect For Amious JW Sh.CM