• Show Date: 03/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Chihuahua (Long Coat)

I thoroughly enjoyed judging the long- coated ‘little people’ for the second time at this level and thank the exhibitors for their super entry (with only one absentee) and their sportsmanship. I found the breed to be in good shape health wise; there were three with what appeared to be sore, crowded mouths and two with slightly under-shot bites albeit full and neat dentition. A number of exhibits lacked spirit and that alertness associated with the breed; they could have been awarded much higher places with more showmanship. I found compromise the order of the day with beautifully headed dogs not moving so well and dogs with ideal body shape and typical tail carriage not exciting so much in head. I guess what motivates us as breeders is striving to get as many virtues in the same dog; there were a good number of exhibitors here today that I felt were CC worthy.  

PD (9,0) An exciting start to the day with the first two both of ‘green card’ quality. 1st GREEN Mrs A & Mr J Ellochi A Million Dreams. A beautiful head with large round eyes set well apart. Domed skull with flared ears – just loved his expression. Compact in body with well-developed rib and level top line. Tail set high and carried perfectly. Sound away and back and looked a picture in profile with slight arch to neck matching sickle tail set creating a really balanced picture. Coat developing well with feathering to ears and plume of good length. This young chap is about to enter his ‘teenage years’ and is going pot be a handful. He performed perfectly in this class and then showed glimpses of his wilful attitude in the Dog CC challenge. Thankfully encouraging and supportive handling meant he held it together sufficiently to win the RCC in very good company. When it came to challenge for BPIB he had had enough and did not want to play – congratulations to the handler for her patience disguising her frustrations. I noted he was sired by the Dog I gave the CC & BOB to on my debut CC performance at SKC two years ago. RCC & BPD. 2nd ROONEY Mr S J Parisland The Gigolo With Yorone. Has real ring presence and oozes confidence. Another super head with apple dome and flared ears. Dark round eye and alert expression. Level in top line with high set sickle shape tail – so sound in all directions. Ultra clean soft coat with feathering in all right places. A really close call just felt he was looking a little longer and leaner than the winner today. 3rd CATER Mrs L M Tyssul Awel Y Mor In Pixels  

JD (9,0) 1st VEAZEY Miss C Tidos Its Only Love. Caught my eye instantly for his overall shape and balance both stood and in side gait. Very attractive in head with large dark round eye and flared ears with feathering. Compact in body and just longer than height at withers with tail set high and carried nicely over the back. Strength to his hindquarters so moves swiftly with drive. Moves way soundly but could be a little tidier coming towards.  2nd TODD-MCCOID Mrs L & Mr N Tinasjoy Norris Mcdogface Of Rubyanlo. Impressive on move with real air of confidence. Proud head carriage and tail set just right to give sickle shape. Appealing expression with large dark round eye and well set ears. Lovely soft coat with feathering to ears and legs and full plume to tail. Moved parallel away and back. Just a little longer in loin than ideal so lacked the compact ness of the winner. 3rd BARDSLEY Miss P M Hollywel Diamonds R Forever  

PGD (5,0) 1st ROBSON Mrs S Tidos God Of Thunder. Surprised to find him in the PG class but guess he is only just out of puppy. Don’t think he will be eligible for long. I wrote ‘exquisite head and expression’ in my judges book ….twice !! He has adorable eyes set just right and flared ears emphasising his domed skull. Compact in body and tail set high and carried over the back. Moved soundly away and back. Moves with swift pace and creates a very typical outline stood and on the move. I can picture his sire and dam clearly and can see where he gets his looks. A close call for the RCC 2nd WEST, C & ROGERS, C Mesdames Doobyave Chilin Lyka Vilain. A larger dog with a very typical head and super temperament. Alert and confident. Large dark round eyes and large flared ears. Coat very well developed and soft in texture. Moved very soundly. Longer in the back so lacks the compactness required.  3rd MORLEY Mrs R L Corentin Chidonna With Efterpi (Imp Pol)  


LD (5,0) Two half-brothers who share the same sire. Both showing with confidence and spirit, both very sound away and back. A close call but 1st BERRINGTON Miss R J Ellochi Crazy Nights For Pappersley JW. Wonderful head and expression with large dark round eyes, short muzzle and domed skull. Ears perfect set and with perfect feathering. Compact body. Level in top line and real sickle shape tail with profuse plume. 2nd GREEN Mrs A & Mr J Ellochi Chasing Stars JW. A typical head for shape and wonderful flared ears. Compact in body with well sprung rib and depth to chest. Legs set well under body. Coat not quite as well developed as his brother but soft in texture and feathering in all right places. The winner just had a slightly larger eye which I preferred. 3rd DEBOORDER Mrs K & Mr D Cwtchi Little Rascal By Sayenchi  

OD (7,1) 1st RICHARDS Ms L J Hollyel Iced Diamonds. Had real ring presence and attitude from the moment he entered the ring. An air of confidence and cocky with it. Tail always wagging and feet stamping. Alert at all times with ears flared and focussed on his handler. Real apple dome and ears set just right. Dark, round eyes set wide apart which could be a fraction bigger for ideal. Defined stop and super mouth with perfect dentition. Slight arch to neck and really well laid shoulders. Level in top line and compact in body with well sprung ribs and depth to brisket. Perfect sickle shape tail set high. Such a well-constructed dog and impossible to fault in this regard. Straight front and parallel low hocks. In really good body condition. Coat was clean and soft. Feathering in all right places with attractive ruff and long full plume. Dog CC. 2nd HILL Mr L E & Mrs L A Lynpix The Mexican With Becanna. I was delighted to learn a few weeks later from his justifiably proud owner that this handsome dog had won his crowning CC ; he is more than worthy of his title and I would gladly have given him a CC too on another day. Plenty of confidence and quite the show man. Loved his head and expression. Coat in fine order with feathering in all right places, ruff and plume to tail. Moved really soundly. Just found winner a little more compact in overall shape.  3rd ALARION Mr N & Mrs N Int Ch Mozart Est La De Lisle Au Vert Coteau  

SBD (3,0) 1st WEST, C & ROGERS, C Mesdames Doobyave Chilin Lyka Vilain. 2nd HOLLISTER Mrs K Sibirskiy Brend Urban Euphoria At Hollichi. A better size than the winner and of similar shape; both a longer in back than ideal. Showed confidence and alert at all times. Well domed skull and flared ears. Eyes are dark and round but could be larger. Holds a level top line and has a well set tail. Moves with drive going away but not parallel coming towards and feet turn out slightly. 3rd SKINNER Mrs A T Coltham Choirboy  

SBB (2,0) 1st SKINNER Mrs A T Tyssul Zafira. Very pretty lady who went on to get 3rd out of 10 in a strong puppy class too. Small and dainty. Well balanced overall both stood and on the move. Head proportions just right with domed skull and short muzzle. Slight arch to her neck. Flared ears and large dark round eyes. Compact in body with level top line, Sound away and back and moves swiftly in profile with tail carried well over her back. Can just sometimes stand with feet turning out slightly. Feathering developing well for age. Best Sp Beg. 2nd HOLLISTER Mrs K Sibirskiy Brend Rostislava At Hollichi. Makes a very typical overall shape and of ideal size. Small and dainty. Domed skull and flared ears. Large eyes set a little straight. Not quite the confidence of the winner so did not use her tail so well. Moved with brisk pace in profile’ a little close behind going away.  


PB (10.0) Two half-sisters fighting out the top spot this super class 1st: WATERWORTH Mr & Mrs B S & J Barwater Miss Marple. What a confident little madam and definitely has that characteristic saucy expression. Small and dainty and makes such a typical overall shape. Domed skull and short muzzle with neat dentition and correct bite. Ears flared and feathering coming. Dark round eye. Compact in body and high set tail carried to make a sickle shape. Sound away and back. Her construction would allow her to move a little faster and still keep her shape which would give her even more of an edge. BPIB. 2nd Congratulations to this breeder – winner of PGD, 1st and 2nd in Puppy, JB and BPIB all sired by Ch Bramerita Mr Holmes – I clearly like the type he is siring. HORNBY Mr & Mrs K & S Bramerita Isabele. Another beautifully headed bitch puppy who was more mature in body and coat than the winner despite being a month younger. Slightly heavier in bone and a fraction longer in back than winner. Moved really soundly away and back and is swift of foot in side gait with confident head carriage and sickle shape tail. 3rd SKINNER Mrs A T Tyssul Zafira  

JB (4,0) 1st ROBSON Mrs S Tidos Cherry Pip. Litter sister to PG dog winner and still a baby but easy winner here and a close contention for the RCC – definitely green card worthy as she matures. She is a beautiful size and overall shape. She cannot stand wrong and is alert on focussed so catches your eye. Fly away ears and domed skull. Large dark expressive eyes. Slight arch to her neck. Compact in body and excellent tail set and carried just right at all times. Loved her outline in profile stood and on the move. Just going a little close behind in challenge compared to the big ticket winners. 2nd EDWARDS Mrs C Neo Fabulous Angel TAF. Liked her typical head with a domed skull and flared ears of good size; feathered well. Eyes dark and round but could be a fraction larger for ideal. Compact enough in body but winner held her top line better. Medium length tail set high and carried in sickle shape. Moved parallel away and back. 3rd TODD-MCCOID Mrs L & Mr N Tinasjoy Tilly Mctrotface Of Rubyanlo  


PGB (7,1)1st TODD-MCCOID Mrs L & Mr N Oozora Queen Of The Night At Rubyanlo. Very sound and cannot stand wrong. Hade the best overall outline in this class. Really well handled to show her virtues. Alert at all times and using ears well. Lovely expression with large dark round eyes and flared ears. Compact in body and high set tail carried over back with plume developing. Feathering evident but could have been a little more developed for age. 2nd POYNER Ms M D Bronteana Sugar Baby Love. This bitch has a beautiful head but needs a confidence boost to use her ears and give an alert impression. Real apple-dome head and ears set wide apart. Large dark expressive eyes. She is a ovely size and makes a typical overall shape. Compact in body and well set tail. Better developed feathering and full plume but coat a little thick over the body. 3rd LODWICK Mrs P & Miss R Pocoperro Leila  

LB (7,0) 1st ROBSON Mrs S Hurascalexi Bond Passion Of Tidos. A right show off and full of self –importance – loved her spirit and overall breed type. Very attractive in head with domed skull and large round dark eye set well apart. Really alert expression. Level in top line and tail set high; would prefer a little curve for ideal sickle shape. Moves with pace and good extension in front. Straight front and legs set well under body. Good bend of stifle. A little close behind going away. 2nd JONES Mrs P A Flickan Flibbertigibbet. I liked her domed head and loved her eyes; large round and dark set wide apart. Ears of good size and breadth between but can hold them a little low. Really straight front and sound away and back. Compact in body with level top line but prefer tail higher set. Coat well developed with feathering in all right places.  3rd RADFORD Mrs A L Ridgehawk Treasure Girl  

OB (10,0) 1st HORNBY Mr & Mrs K & S Ch Torre Del Pilar Shelda's At Bramerita (Imp). I have admired both LC and SC Chihuahua from this famous Spanish kennel and they bred my RCC winner last time. I think they have absolutely ‘got’ the head and expression; especially the eyes. I can see why the owner would have picked this bitch to import as she has a similar expression to the beautiful ‘Donut’. My notes say ‘What a stunning head’ and her temperament is exemplary – never stopped showing and wagging her tail. She adores her owner/handler. Compact in body with the right length to her firm level top line and a good spring o rib and depth of brisket. Super sound and such attitude on the move. Her tail is set high but she can sometimes hold it a little flat – I am convinced if she stopped wagging it would give a better sickle shape but I was not going to penalise such a happy dog!! Lovely soft coat in perfect condition. Just the right amount of feathering in all the right places and full plume. BCC & BOB. 2nd ROONEY Mr S J Ch Donami Limelight. Another beauty who scores in overall balance and typical silhouette stood and on the move. Such typical head proportions with apple-dome, defined stop and short slightly pointed muzzle. Eyes round and dark , full of sparkle but preferred slightly larger eye of winner today. Compact in body and firm level top line. Tail set high and carried over back to make a perfect sickle shape. Very sound and moves parallel away and back. RCC. 3rd BARANZECK Mrs A Ch Capevidle License To Thrill