• Show Date: 06/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Manchester Terrier

Despite only 9 entries (of which 4 were present) I was excited with the three males entered. The BOB winner I have judged before and I think just gets better with age and he really does deserve the top honours he has amassed to date. The two puppies were both very promising with many virtues; congratulations to both breeders who consistently produce quality Manchesters. 

PD (2,0) 1st OXLEY, Mr & Mrs M & G & OXLEY Miss S R Digelsa Double Top. An exciting young dog who already has great ring presence and is so alert and confident. One of the best heads I have seen on a Manchester for a long time. Text book small dark almond shape eyes and ears already dropped close to skull. Straight plains to his skull and muzzle. Long narrow wedge with mouth full of teeth and strength to underjaw. His neck flows into his well laid shoulders and already has very accurate footfall. Strong level back and correct rise over loin stood; just flattens a little on move as you would expect of a youngster at this age. Jacket and muscle tone shining like wet coal and rich tan with large clearly defined thumbprints. I guess the purists could say he is a little larger than ideal and I would personally like him a fraction shorter in loin but this is a beautiful example of the breed and I predict he will win top honours in both breed and all-breed competition. His mature, consummate show-man of a kennel mate had to pull out all the stops today to win BD & BOB. Happy to award the puppy RBD & BPIB and delighted to see he went Puppy Group 2.    2nd WARNER Mr F & Mrs P Talanors Time For Fun. Another well-proportioned young dog puppy of an ideal size and overall shape. A little finer boned than the winner but still all male and showing strength and stature. Confident and alert expression. Ears set high and dropped neatly. Dark, almond eye and wedge shaped head. Elegant neck and well laid shoulders. Level back with slight rise over loin with a very low set tail. Really sound going away but not quite accuracy of winner coming towards. Short, sleek black jacket with rich tans. Thumbprints evident but lacking definition. 

OD (2,1) 1st CARTER Mr K Ch Digelsa Declaration. He is surely one of the breed’s most successful ambassadors of more recent years and has truly deserved a place in the history books. He really never puts a foot wrong and must be a joy to show…..he can’t stand wrong, he is always on his toes and so alert – he never misses a trick and has an outstanding temperament and disposition. In such wonderful condition thanks to his clever breeder/handler and his devoted owner; you clearly make a great team. Such a typical head and expression with those perfectly set and neatly dropped ears. Sound as a bell and has a wonderful outline both stood and on the move. A privilege to go over him once more. BD & BOB 

PGB (1,0) 1st  ROOM Mrs L & L Landover Coco Chanel.  A happy, confident bitch with a long narrow wedge shaped head. Almond shape to her eyes but need to be darker in colour. Ears not dropped correctly which spoilt head and expression. Slight arch to neck. Level in back and slight rise over loin. Moved with drive from behind and sound away and back. Loses top line in side gait which dips uncharacteristically towards the withers. Shiny black coat, bright tans and clear thumbprints.BB