• Show Date: 16/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

I felt honoured to be invited to judge my own breed together with a fabulous entry of Miniature Pinschers and super strong Hound Puppy Group at this prestigious all-breed Championship Show. My sincere thanks to the Officers and Committee for your warm welcome and Welsh hospitality. I was fortunate to have very efficient stewards throughout the day so thank you to Joan, Ruth, Jean and Adrianna for your support and company.  

It is always a pleasure to judge a breed I have been involved in now for coming up 20 years. I would like to thank the exhibitors who brought 34 exhibits for me to assess from my entry of 37. I have written my critiques to ensure you know why your dogs were placed as they were; as such I have said exactly what I saw. New bloodlines have been imported from all over the world especially in the last 30 years and as a result certain bloodlines do have a different ‘look’ but they are still irrefutably all of English Toy Terrier type. My job was to judge each exhibit and assess your dog against the breed standard - not to judge the bloodline, the breeder or the owner.  

Please remember that an ETT should be an alert toy dog with Terrier characteristics. It should look capable of being able to acquit itself well in the rat pit and never appear unduly nervous. I was looking for confidence with attitude – many today needed a helping hand to show off their ear carriage and create the desired alert expression. There are a number of key components within our breed standard that are unique to the ETT and therefore need to be prioritised when breeding and choosing your show prospects. Candle flame shaped ears set high, the top line with a slight curve from the withers to the end of the loin falling again over the croup to the root of the tail and the movement ‘akin to an extended trot’. Not forgetting the ‘black and tan’ markings in particular the thumbprints which only two other breeds have in their standard; the Manchester Terrier and the Lancashire Heeler.  

VD (1,0) 1st ROGERS Mrs C & Miss L Sharex Dragons Nite at Wirralway. What a credit to his owner at the 12 years young. A wedge shaped head with strength to his jaw with a little light distinguished frosting on his muzzle. Flat skull and high set ears of candle flame shape. Lovely dark eye. Compact in body but flatter in top line than ideal. Moved soundly away but lacks the forequarter angulation required for an extended trot. Great attitude and showmanship. In fabulous condition.  BVD. 

 PD (3,0) Three very different types but all fitting he ETT Breed Standard to varying degrees. This is how I assessed their virtues. 1st ALLSOP Miss L Pelugias Worth The Wait. The most mature of the trio and in excellent condition and muscle tone. Has strength to his wedge shaped head with flat skull and high set ears of correct size and shape. Small dark eyes help create an alert expression. Slight arch to neck and well laid shoulders. Chest still needs to drop and hopefully top line will then finish as looking a little flat today. Low set tail and moved with drive – wide coming towards. Rich tans, black jacket and large thumbprints. BPD. 2nd RAMSDEN, Miss C & KAGZI Mr S Pallisandre Persian Prince. The baby of the class and has plenty of time to fill out and mature. Very elegant yet compact. Long narrow wedge but may finish too long and therefore lack strength of jaw. Well shaped dark eye and ears held erect but very big. He has the correct top line and falls really well over the croup to base of tail. Looking tall on leg today as he also waits for his chest to drop. Moved with drive and has good extension in profile but a little uncoordinated coming towards. Clear markings and shiny black jacket. 3rd INCH, Miss R H & INCH Mrs C H Edalene Dark Victory.   

JD (2,0) 1st WARREN Mrs T J & Mr J M L Pedara The World Is Mine. Smart looking Terrier stood – on his toes and very alert. Of ideal size and shape. Long narrow wedge shaped head and ears of good size set high and using them well throughout. Eyes are paler than ideal and set a little wide apart which detracts slightly. Compact in body with deep chest to elbow already and good length of rib. Top line good stood with low set tail. Moved a little close behind and would prefer more drive and extension in front. Rich tans and correct markings including clearly defined thumbprints.  2nd JOLLEY Mrs J Lasagesse Wonderwall At Dekobras. Larger dog with better confirmation – very sound away and back and good extension with drive from his powerful hocks in profile. Not as compact as the winner with longer back and rise over the loin. Long narrow wedge shape head with strong underjaw. Eyes a little straight set and need to be darker. Ears a little wide apart and he tends to bonnet them. In superb condition with a gleaming black jacket, rich tans and clearly defined markings. 

PGD (1,0) 1st CLARKE Mrs Z Roseofpern Starman. A well balanced dog of correct body proportions and of an ideal size. Liked his long narrow wedge shaped head and small dark eyes set obliquely to give expression. Ears of ideal size and set high on back of head and of candle flame shape. Just need to work on getting him to use them better to show off the desired assertive, alert demeanour.  Compact with deep chest and very low set tail. Fine boned. Moved soundly away but needs better angulation of forequarter so currently picks his knees up a bit high. Rich tans but needs thumbprints to be better defined as have merged with his black legs.   

LD (3,0) 1st HOWARD Mr & Mrs D C & C M Lasagesse Starman. As you will all know I exhibit regularly each week so you will not be surprised to learn I have seen this dog many times before although never been over him. He is usually handled by his enthusiastic and dedicated ‘special beginner’ owners and he often takes advantage which all ETTs will do if you let them. Today his breeder was most definitely ’in charge’ and the dog was so focussed and handled to show off his key virtues. My first impression when I saw him stacked was a balanced dog with a typical ETT outline; slight arch to his long neck, a perfect shape to his top line and low set tail. He has a long narrow wedge shaped head and strength to his muzzle with powerful jaw. Eyes are almond shape and dark. Ears of good shape and size but could be set higher. Bright tans and therefore very clear definition where black meets tan and faint but very clear thumbprints. Dog CC. 2nd WILLIAMS Mrs & Miss K & C Royomas Walking In Memphis With Sharex. An upstanding Terrier at top height but nonetheless makes an elegant shape stood and on the move. Like the winner he has a super top line and low set tail. Head shows strength. A little wide in back skull with high set ears of good candle flame shape. Small dark eye giving keen expression. Rich tans and clear markings. Moves with real extension and drive and has a big stride in side gait. Sound away but not so tidy coming towards with a tendency to cross in front. 3rd INCH Mrs C H Sharex If I Can Dream For Edalene  

OD (4,1) Three very typical examples of the breed; all with much to offer in our limited gene pool. All particularly good in top line and showing typical extended trot.1st NOWELL, Miss H J V & CROSSLING Miss S L Lasagesse Major Tom. Litter brother to the CC winner and one I have admired since a puppy and looked today like he been to boot camp - handled today by his breeder who really presented him to advantage. Really alert and focussed. Wedge shape head and small dark eye set obliquely, Ideal size and shape to his ears set right high and facing forwards. Loved his expression today. He creates a similar shape stood with a gentle curve although his brother had the edge in top line and tail set on the move today. He too has brighter tans so also real clarity of markings but sadly lacking any obvious sign of thumbprints. Very sound away and back and accurate foot fall in side gait. RCC. 2nd ALLSOP Miss L Ch Pelugias All Fired Up. The owner/breeder knows I have been a fan of this dog since he was a puppy (and gave his father a CC the last time I judged) and like us all he has good days and not so good days. He was absolutely firing on all cylinders at Bournemouth but not so alert today and did not seem to want to put all in. He is masculine and has real strength to his wedge shaped head. Perfect eyes for shape, set and colour. He is a little wider in back skull than I prefer which was emphasised today as he wouldn’t use his ears despite my best efforts to help !! Compact in body with good length of rib and correct top line falling to low set tail. Moves with drive and a long stride. A little wide coming towards. Very rich tan, shiny black coat and well defined thumbprints. A worthy Champion. 3rd SNELL Mrs C Ch Moretonia Kindle Fire.   

VB (2,1) 1st INCH Mrs C H Ariane Oh What A Night At Edalene Sh.CM. A lovely size and overall shape; compact in body with a deep chest and gentle curve to top line falling to low set tail. Long narrow edge shape head with ears set high and of correct candle flame shape. Dark eyes of almond shape set well on head BVIB. Would prefer a flatter skull as a little domed between her ears. In great condition and not looking her age at all. Moved with drive from low hocks and has good foot fall in side gait but crosses her front legs coming towards 

PB (4,0) 1st WINES Mr H Etruria Just The One . Such a raw baby but quite exquisite in overall type, shape and so sound on the move. She such a pretty head and has some serious attitude hidden behind those small dark almond shape eyes. Ears set high and of wonderful shape. Elegant neck with slight crest and compact in body with correct top line and perfect low set tail. Absolutely parallel away and back and already has a collected trot which really extends when in full flight. Looks like a miniature version of my CC winner. Rich tans, clear definition of markings and neat thumbprints. Will have a promising future I’m sure. BPIB. 2nd CLARKE Mrs Z Roseofpern A Star Is Born. Another very elegant bitch built on a series of gentle curves and of ideal size and overall shape. Long wedge shape head with almond shape eye but a fraction paler than the winner. Ears of candle flame shape but held a little flared today until I assisted. Elegant neck and very good top line with gentle curve from withers to croup and falling to low set tail. Moved with drive but a little untidy coming towards and has tendency to just turn her feet out slighty. Rich tans and very dark thumbprints which have started to run. 3rd INCH Mrs & Miss C & R Edalene All About Eve  

JB (4,0) 1st PHILLIPS Mrs Z S Mansiya Mischievous. Just out of puppy and such a confident and focussed Terrier; mature for her age. All credit to her owner/handler who has a great bond with her charge and has trained and conditioned her for the show ring superbly. Long narrow wedge shaped head with flat skull. Ears held erect and of correct size and shape. Dark almond shape eye makes for appealing expression. She is compact and has good balance overall but I wouldn’t want her any longer. Top line has very slight curve with super low tail set and well angulated hind quarters. Walks into her stand really four square with bang straight front. Moves with pace required for extended trot. Sound away and back. All marking clear and in right place. RCC and later won the Special Beginners Stakes to follow on from her SB Group win at Bournemouth – great finish to her SB career as now over qualified !! 2nd DIXON Mr G & Mrs L Lasagesse Definitely Maybe. A very elegant bitch who is going through her ‘teenage stage’ and looking a little long and lean today. Very pretty head with long narrow wedge, dark eye and ears of good size and shape but holding a little 10 to 2 which detracted. Lovely neck with slight arch and well laid shoulders. Chest still needs to drop and spring a little. Moves swiftly in profile with good foot fall. Just moving a little close behind going away. 3rd POTHIN Mrs A Moretonia Golden Sky  

PGB (6,1) 1st PHILLIPS Mrs Z S Mansiya Mischievous. 2nd LESLIE Miss S A Moretonia Easter Chick. A very shapely bitch of ideal size. Long narrow head with small dark sparkling eye and ears of correct size, set high and of candle shape. Elegant neck and gentle curve to her top line and low set tail. In tip top condition and superb shine to her black coat. Rich tans and really clear thumbprints. Moved at pace and held top line on profile. Moved close behind going away. 3rd DICKER Mrs D A Moretonia Golden Girl at Neerodan  

LB (5,2) 1st ALLSOP Miss L Pelugias Naughty But Nice. A beautiful bitch in so many respects and definitely CC worthy – was in my Top 3 today and narrowly missed out on the RCC. She has a long narrow wedge with flat skull and real strength to her underjaw. Loved her dark eye and expression and she has classic candle flame shape ears of correct size. Elegant in neck and well laid shoulders. Compact in body. Top line curves gently from withers to end of loin falling to perfect low set tail. She moves with drive from her low hocks and extends well in front. Comes towards a fraction wide. All markings present and correct with rich tans. 2nd DIXON Mr G & Mrs L Lasagesse Definitely Maybe. 3rd COX Miss V Pelugias The Secrets Out At Petitpaws  

OB (4,0) 1st WINES Mr H Ch Etruria Out Of Words. Of ideal size and makes a perfect shape stood and scores so well in outline on the move. She has a beautiful head – long narrow wedge with flat skull and ears of ideal shape and size. She has a wilful attitude with a wicked streak designed to wind up her owner/handler as she will only use her ears when she want to. That said they are set high and when focussed and alert her head is a joy. Text book top line and low set tail. She is so sound away and back and her construction allows to move effortlessly at the pace required for an extended trot. At full extension her footfall is so accurate. Markings are all in right places, rich tans and well defined thumbprints. Bitch CC & BOB and later made the final 8 in the Toy Group short-list . 2nd DICKER Mrs D A Neerodan Made To Make It. Another very shapely bitch of ideal size – very similar in outline to the winner stood with perfect gentle curve to her top line and low set tail. Lovely dark eye of almond shape. Ears of correct size and shape but another reluctant to use them and appeared a little flared at times. Moves effortlessly at pace with top line flattening slightly in side gait. Very accurate foot fall and sound away and back. Another quality bitch and certainly worthy of a CC. 3rd INCH Mrs & Miss C & R Edalene Never Let Me Go