• Show Date: 24/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Utility Veteran Group

A real lesson in how to keep your dogs in the very best condition even in their later years. My final four had muscle tone, a real healthy quality to their coat and skin and well cared for teeth ….as well as being beautiful examples of their respective breeds. I can imagine all still more than capable of giving the youngsters a run for their money on a regular basis.   

In top spot was Lhasa Apso bitch who I was delighted to see also went RBIS under Liz Stannard. I learned afterwards she has had a fabulous show career and is still regularly winning top breed honours and indeed nailed the CC & BOB awards again today. Scarll & Sykes Ch Timazinti Liberty is an ideal size and makes such a typical shape stood and on the move. Her head is very special; ideal proportions and a perfect reverse scissor bite with the straightest incisors. Very alert with proud head carriage and a super arch to her neck. Her forequarters are a joy and pleased to find well angulated hind quarters to match. As a result she drives and has excellent freedom of movement which gives her great ring presence on the move. Coat in immaculate order.   

Cassidy’s Tibetan Spaniel Ch Jazpjper Hot Gossip Sh CM has a youthful glow to her and I see was herself in the green cards today as well. Very pretty bitch with such a sweet head and expression with well feathered ears set high and perfectly dropped to frame her face. Her dark oval eyes and well cushioned muzzle complete the typical ‘chimp’ look. Well- proportioned in body. Moved briskly and true away and back. Silky coat with slight shawl and plumed tail completed the picture.   

In 3rd spot was the impressive Standard Poodle Ch Somanic Style By Design at Clanese owned by Mrs C Furey and winner of the RDCC as well today. Presents a very balanced picture stood. Magnificent head and ‘poodley’ expression. Very proud head carried on his strong neck. Body well-conditioned with short back and strength to loin. Presented in first class order. Moved really parallel away and back. In side gait he shows real drive but would just a little ore reach in front for ideal.  

Cund & Harrop’s French Bulldog Ch Chelmbull Moon Pilot took 4th spot. Admired his type and condition. An impressive square head with width all through and typical ‘clown’ look with bat ears set right on top and open nostril. Chunky in body and rock hard condition. Thick neck with slight arch. Width to chest and well spring rib tapering to strong loin; short tail set low. Made a super shape in side gait with freedom of movement. Straight front coming towards t not quite as positive going away today.