• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Neil Allan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Border Collie

Windsor Championship Dog Show

Friday 28th June 2019

Pastoral :- Border Collies

Judge :- Neil Allan

As many of you know this was my first CC appointment and I don’t mind confessing that I was as nervous as I was excited. My sincere thanks to Windsor committee for giving me this opportunity, to my stewards for keeping the ring flowing and lastly but no means least to all the exhibitors for their support, as I now know some have travelled a very long way to compete today.

I really enjoyed my day , decisions were difficult at times, but I was really happy with my winners. The Bitches were stronger over all, Mouth Hygiene gives me a concern, together with rear movement, but I am sure the breed is in good hands.

Class 1090 Veteran Dog

1st Hales :- Sh Ch Laceway Lone Ranger JW, A 9 year, in full coat and in great condition , handled well to show of his good points , good masculine skull of equal length, strong stop, with nice dark eye. Good length of neck with slight arch dropping into well placed shoulders, strong forechest, with well sprung ribs. Flowing top line and muscled hindquarters allowing him to move effortless around the ring. Sorry to see he did not come back for best veteran.

2nd Bell and Sloan’s :- Janbell Midnight Sun Sh.Ch. this 8 year old, of good size strong head with distinctive stop, well set dark eye of good shape, flowing into a well laid shoulders good bone and moved well

3rd Tansley’s :- Bilyara River Ranch Sh Ch

Class 1091 Minor Puppy Dog

1st Dalby and Green’s :- Fayken Return of the King, Love this little man just 7 mouths old and full of potential, good in type, head were it should be at this stage with dark well set eyes and well placed ears. Strong neck good top line,and moved so well for one so young. Handled well to make that great picture.

2nd Lampier’s :- Pencoppen Good Timin, 9 mouths old black and white, just starting to sort himself out of good overall type, good head shape, sweet eye and a good expression flowing top line, nice and straight at front, with a strong back end, just needs to have a bit more confidence which will come in time

3rd Dowson’s :- Thwaitelake Tom Collins at Ozypool,

Class 1092 Puppy Dog

1st Green and Ratcliffe’s :- Fayken Truth or Dare with Arrodare, 10 months old, this is one to watch good head, soft expression with good use of ears, dark oval eye and looking very alert good strong arched neck, good bone with shoulders well laid leading to a flowing top line dropping off to a muscular back end all this made him move so well BPD and BP good to see him do so well in the group

Class 1093 Junior Dog

1st Austin’s :- Miraje Frozen Again Hysteps. 17 mouth old boy well balanced of good type with such confidence for one so young, he came in the ring and asked for the class, love his profile, good eye and expression flowing into a strong neck, well laid shoulders with a parallel front, still needs to tighten up on the rear but I am sure it will

2nd Spencers :- Tobermoray Talysman by Britteb:- slightly smaller all round than one but with good qualities, good expression well placed ears, liked his profile, with good angles all round so moved well.

3rd Dekock and Andries :- Rob Roy Macgregor Van’t Rublisiehof

Class 1094 Yearling Dog

1st Khenkina’s :- Lekou go Drive People Crazy,20 mouths old ,loved this dog in profile, in full bloom, soft expression, so good in type, great head for age with correct ear set, dark eye correct head proportion, good length of neck, straight front with strong bone move well both front and rear move with handler, did consider for rcc

2nd Shahmatova’s :- Nashdom putting on the Style:- 22 months old, good head with a very expressive eye of overall good type, broad head, well set dark eye, with nice stop, leading nicely into a well arched neck, shoulders well placed. Moved well just the side gait let him down today, handled well

3rd Jasica’s :- Eyes of the World Real good Feeling

Class 1095 Novice Dog

1st Pollard’s :- Janbell the Force Awakens:- this 2 ½ year old, good size dog in full coat, good eye and expression, masculine head and moderate length of neck, shoulders well placed with good spring of rib good rear angulation, moved well to cover the ground

2nd Reed’s :- Birkcross Heart of Gold :- 3 year old dog more my type than one, very confident all the time and proved to be a bit of a hand full to the handler, both standing and moving nice head with good eye well angled front and back, deep chest firm over loin well muscled hindquarters

Class 1096 Post Graduate Dog

1st Reed’s :- Birkcross Heart of Gold, As above, just settled down a bit more to take the class

2nd Garland’s :- Tonkory Royale Sh Ch:- nearly 3 year old dog, of good type nice well shaped head good neck and shoulders a little longer in body than one and moved ok

3rd Tiller’s :- Foxbarton Kings Knight

Class 1097 Mid Limit Dog

1st Kerr’s :- Sheltysham Son of Swag for Borderclan JW:- 3 year old of good type a little out of coat today but with so much to like, one of good size. Good head with a broad muzzle dark eye and good pigmentation, good neck and shoulders nice flowing top line well muscled well

2nd Lee’s :- Master of illusion JW:- 2 year old with a lot to like of good size, pleasing head and expression flowing neck dropping into well laid shoulders well sprug ribs little long in loin moved well

3rd Walter’s :- Goytre Hiding my Heart

Class 1098 Limit Dog

1st Spencer’s :- Tobermoray All About Banksy JW:- nearly 4 year old,good sized head with a distinct stop, good pigment well set eyes used ears well, strong muscular neck dropping into well laid shoulders good forechest right amount of bone with straight front flowing top line muscular back end moved out well

2nd Surridge’s :- Goytre Saucie Moment JW Sh Ch 7 year old looking good for this age, pushed one all the way, in full coat and great condition good head with distinct stop, well placed ears and eyes of good colour, with keen expression looking alert just wanting to please his young handler, good strong neck dropping into his well laid shoulders with the right amount of bone, good top line strong back end would have loved to see him move out more

3rd Lampier :- Tonkory I’m All Right Jack

Class 1099 Open Dog

A good class of quality dogs for breed type

1st Green’s :- Sh Ch Fayken I am Legend JW:- an impressive 7 ½ year old male showing no signs of age with so much to give. Broad masculine head of good size with moderate stop but distinct good pigment though out well set eyes used ears to his advantage at all times strong muscular neck dropping into well laid shoulders, right amount of forechest good front well sprung rib short loin, good angulation front and back and move like it could do a days work very happy to give him DCC

2nd Kinsey’s :- Miraje Frozen in time:- 3 ½ year old again of a type that I like in good order throughout, one of good size. Good head with a broad muzzle dark eye and good pigmentation, good neck and shoulders nice flowing top line well muscled. Front and rear move out nicely happy to award him RCC

3rd Fawcett’s :- Sh Ch Laceway Photo Finish

Class 1100 Good Citizen Dog

1st Garland’s :- Tonkory Doyle JW Sh Ch:- this 7 ½ year old dog showing no signs of age, good head with the right amount of stop well set eyes and used ears to his advantage broad skull running into a good reach of neck, good shoulder strong loin good parallel front muscular back end move ok

2nd Tiller’s :- Foxbarton Kings Knight:- this 5 ½ year old dog in good shape and moved ok

3rd Davis’s :- Kinaway I Am Sir Matt forJacmalis Sh Ch


Class 1101 Veteran Bitch

1st Dutch’s :- Kinaway Memphis Belle :- this 8 year old bitch in full coat and feeling the heat today. Very light on her feet in good order thought out

Class 1102 Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Green and Ratcliffe’s :- Fayken I am Here :- 6 mouth old puppy, in good order throughout, handled to get the best out of her, using her ear and eye to give me the right expression I was looking for. Neck of good length, good angles throughout and move well for one so young.

2nd Smith and Green’s :- Fayken Final Destination:- this 8 mouth old puppy would normally win this class has got everything going for it but met number 1 today and was out moved on side gait but both bitches will do well if continue to mature .

3rd Lampier’s :- Pencoppen All Time Love

Class 1103 Puppy Bitch

1st Winyard’s Deeann Summer Breeze:- 11 mouth old scored so well in all areas, loved the expression great profile on the stand, strong neck moving down to well laid shoulder with her elbows well tucked in on the move, good flowing top line all angles good for age with good movement both coming and going and gaiting, push hard by number 2

2nd Green and Ratcliffe’s :- Fayken Hold the Dark for Arrdoare :- 8 mouth this bitch pushed hard all the way to the end, lovely expression with correct ear and eye placement, strong neck well laid shoulder placement move well but well balanced throughout,

Class 1104 Junior Bitch

1st Barker and Young’s :- Tobermoray Dance a Dream at Jephanil:- 17 mouths old, one of good size in good coat, very feminine in head with a dark eye with the right amount of stop, moderately arched neck flowing into a good lay of shoulder, just enough depth in her chest good top line dropping off at the croup, well muscled back end move out well

2nd Lee and Ratcliffe :- Arrodare Royal Flush JW:- 14 mouth old, great head, with well set ears and eyes giving the right expression, good neck , good straight front, moderate angle throughout giving her good movement

3rd Dekock and Andries :- Rheaven Blue Sky Van’t Rublisiehof:- 13 mouth old

Class 1105 Yearling Bitch

1st Simmons and Inverno :- Sashdan Never Ending Story JW :-21 mouth old bitch has it all for me, from the moment it moved I know she will go a long way, great broad head with very expressive expression good eye shape good dark eye used her ears well, strong muzzle but not over the top full bite, neck of good length dropping in to her well placed shoulder with good depth of fore chest and well sprung ribs, good flowing top line, straight front with a good muscular hindquarters moved with a minimum lift, in great coat too, handled well, happy to award her BCC and Best of Breed

2nd Shahmatova’s :- Nashdom La Vie Est Bella:- 22 mouth old, A Smaller bitch than 1, with a good overall picture.

Class 1106 Novice Bitch

No Entries

Class 1107 Post Graduate Bitch

1st Turners :- Littlehorn Aero:- 2 years and 4 mouths old :- of good stock, stood well with a good outline, well proportioned head with well set ear and used to her advantage, strong neck straight front, short loin well angled hindquarters moved well with minimum lift.

2nd Hawker’s :- Jupavia Midnight Secret by Taytinja:- 3 year 10 mouths :- good picture on the stand, good flowing topline. Good head eye and ear set with a distinct stop, slightly arched neck, good front and well sprung ribs, hindquarters needs to muscle up a bit. Moved ok

3rd Stacey’s :- Vitala Chapter and Verse :- 2 year 2 mouth old

Class 1108 Mid Limit Bitch

1st Hoskins :- Birkcross Gracie at Lefevre:- 3 ½ year old :- overall a bitch of good standing, nice head, sloping neck, straight front, good rib, short loin, hindquarters need to strengthen, moved with drive and presented well

2nd Carley :- jupavia Echota 2 ½ year old:- again as above, nice profile, nice head good dark eye well set ears good length of neck, shoulders ok, straight front a little light in muscle moved ok

3rd Austin and Zolakova’s :- Hysteps Made to Measure :- 2 ¾ years old

Classo 1109 Limit Bitch

1st Smith and Green’s :- Fayken Striptease JW 3 year old:- This kennel is producing some very good typical stock, a lovely profile with a lot to give, good head well set eyes of good colour ears well placed and moved to improve the expression, good strong neck dropping to well placed shoulders. Good spring of rib, short loin, strong hindquarters all giving this bitch the things to move well, well presented

2nd Green and Ratcliffe’s :- Fayken The Devil in me JW 3 year old, Another out from this breeder again as above, a lot to like, splitting hairs between them both, out the same litter, just today 1 moved out more to fill the picture.

3rd Griffiths :- Janbell Zafrina:- 4 year old

Class 1110 Open Bitch

1st Gregory’s :- Tonkory Some have it JW:- 2 ½ year old :- loved this bitch, profile on the stand outstanding, super broad head with a pleasing expression, well set eyes of dark oval shape used her ears well. Strong muscular neck dropping into well angled shoulders, good straight front, good bone, well sprung ribs good length of back with a nice drop off, broad muscular backend looking the picture on the move, moved well out and back. Happy to award her the RCC.

2nd Green’s :-Sh Ch Fayken I am love JW just over 3 :- Good head and expression well set dark eyes with good ear placement and used well, strong neck dropping into well placed shoulders strong forechest, good length of body with good well developed hindquarters which allowed her to move well

3rd Walters:- Sh Ch Goytre Daddy’s Saucie Girl JW

Class 1111 Good Citizen Bitch

1st Zolakova and Vlascic’s :- Hats off of Bordertreowe JW:- 4 year old, good size with good bone and substance lovely expression set on a broad head with nice eyes well set good use of ears moved out well with drive

2nd Tiller’s :- Lesnuages Persephone by Foxbarton:- 2 ½ year old of good size moved out well with drive, strong head good angles throughout in nice condition

3rd Tansley :- Bilyara Ice Maiden