• Show Date: 24/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Molly Head Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Whippet

Write up for Whippets at Bath Championship Show Sunday 26th May 2019 

Many thanks to the exhibitors for such a lovely entry. There was quality in depth in almost every class and I am sure that dogs could change places on another day. Some decisions were splitting hairs and more red cards would have been very useful! 

Sincere thanks to my two wonderful stewards, you kept things running smoothly throughout the entire day and you must have been frozen by the end. I know that I certainly was. 

MPD 10(2) 1st Perkins Snowleana Errol Flynn of Silkridge Mature looking blue fawn dog, 8 months old, makes a lovely balanced outline on the stack with good angulation front and rear, long neck into well laid back shoulder and deep brisket with a good underline. He excels on the move, being accurate coming and going with a long smooth stride in profile. BP. 2nd Rankine’s Collooney Drag Queen for Chapleigh most attractive 7 months red brindle dog, another eye catcher on the move, in fact similar comments apply to 1st but he is more compact throughout. 3rd Gadsby, Lynn & Isherwood’s Afterglow Whip Jones. 

PD 10(0) 1st Owen, Brodie & Owen’s Wolfcastle Rumpy Pumpy Pale brindle and white parti colour, 10 months old, lovely for size, curvy, balanced outline with good length of loin and correct angulation front and rear. Accurate and scopey on the move, soft, gentle  expression. 2nd Wood’s Ardencote What a Rogue Fawn and white parti, clean lines, excellent length of neck into well laid shoulder, good, free mover, nice for size, slightly flatter in topline than 1. 3rd James Wolfcastle Rumour Has It Among Drakesoak 

JD 11(0) 1st Allansson & Macdonald’s Jasarat Salted Caramel of Macalldon. It was love at first sight! Just over 13 months old, shaded fawn and white parti, he caught my eye immediately. Well balanced outline on the stack and he moved with lovely reach and drive. Totally masculine but not lacking quality and very sound coming and going. Loved him! 2nd Howgate & Hull’s Palmik King of Clubs Most attractive dark brindle and white parti, another well balanced dog of type and quality but built on a more compact frame. He moves accurately coming and going, with a ground covering stride in profile. Well constructed throughout, he was unlucky to meet 1. 3rd Nunnely’s Kelsmonk Kind of Magic. 

YD 4(0) 1st Daniels & Bridgman-Lewis Elmanash Glenburgie Gold fawn dog,  balanced outline, moved soundly from all angles and went particularly well in profile. A quality dog of beautiful type. 2nd Barnes Doddridge Secret Passion Pale brindle parti, good for size, handsome head and soft expression, correct angulation and moved well. 3rd Manley’s Grasampa Turn on the Light. 

ND 6(2) Nunnely’s  Kelsmonk Kind of Magic Fawn dog with blue mask, scopey outline, moved well from all angles, nice for size and substance. 2nd McConkey’s Barmoll Book of Dreams, more compact fawn dog with good overall conformation and a lovely easy stride on the go round. Just a touch wide coming towards me. 3rd.Toogood’s Nichrisar Druid Boy. 

GD 7(1) 1st Allansson & Macdonalds Jasarat Salted Caramel of Macalldon 2nd Hawker’s Jothryn Future Legend with Mollytop Very smart pale fawn dog with white trim. Nice for size with good angulation front and rear, pleasing curves and plenty of length. A lovely quality free mover with ground covering stride and excellent balance throughout. Unlucky to meet 1. 3rd Andrew’s Railfield Rainoir at Sharmus JW. 

PGD 11(0) 1st Ellis’s Railfield Rainmaster JW Red brindle dog of quality, ideal for size and substance, good angulation front and rear. He was feeling the cold on the stack but came into his own on the move and went really well in profile and honest coming and going. 2nd Anderson’s Gazenorth Secret Service Gold fawn boy, another quality exhibit of similar size to 1st, he has a smooth, well balanced outline with a lovely reach of neck and again he moved well all round. Close up to 1. 3rd Gower’s Courtbirch Storm Warning. 

MLD (11) 1st Glasspool & Manners Penbriar Dark Secret at Mannerpool  Black dog whose smooth, powerful stride in profile won him the class and the rest of him is pretty good too! He has excellent angulation both ends, low hocks, an attractive, masculine head, excellent for size and substance, in fact a lovely exhibit. 2nd Price’s Wheelspin Silver Shadow among Silkdance Super quality fawn that I have admired from the ringside many times and he is even better up close. Super outline, good size and substance, very sound on the move from all angles. Really needed more red cards in this lovely class! 3rd Wayman’s Crème Anglaise’s One More Knight at Scarletfair. 

LD 16(0) 1st Poole & Winkley Balmer’s Edenwhip Quantum of Solace Masculine but all quality brindle dog of excellent make and shape from nose to tail. He is so very sound on the move but manages to convey the impression of great power too. Oozes quality from his handsome head to his long tail, good reach of neck into neat shoulder placement with correct layback of shoulder and return of upper arm, deep brisket and good tuck up, strong rear with low hocks. He gave it his all on the final go round to win the C.C. in very strong company. 2nd Russell’s Glantam Genesis at Arjuna Top quality shaded fawn dog who covers his ground well on the stack, being ideal for size and substance, super sound on the move and excellent angulation front and rear. Close up to 1. 3rd Andrew and Rees Kierpark Hello Love JW. 

OD 12 (1) 1st Fryer’s Collooney I Love You at Stonefox Red fawn dog, again a super quality exhibit with balance and style from nose to tail. Sound as a pound on the move, ideal for size and substance, just loved him. In the challenge he went really well but had to settle for RDCC. Things could change on another day!! 2nd Wheeler’s Ch. Mythic Balder Des Plaines Des Bruyeres Avec Ranveli (Imp) JW Glamorous silver brindle and a truly worthy Champion. He showed his socks off even in the awfully chilly conditions.  Another of excellent size and type with balanced, curvy outline, he moves really well. I was truly spoilt for choice in the challenge. 3rd Akerboom & Van Der Schaaf Crème Anglaise’s Panna Cotta. 

VD 7(0) 1st Lawrence’s Saraquele Steal a Glance over Bryntreia Smart fawn and white parti, makes a well balanced outline on the stack and moved well in the chilly conditions. 2nd Hill’s Kierpark Living on a Prayer ShCM Close up to 1st who put his all into his showing. Fawn and white parti, another good mover and he has a lovely elegant neck and front. 3rd Wayman & Wayman’s Cobyco Chasing Stars at Scarletfair JW. 

SBD or B 9(0) 1st Jasarat Salted Caramel of Macalldon 2nd Elmanash Glenburgie  3rd Courtbirch Storm Warning . 


MPB 8(1) 1st Perkins Afterglow Miss Whiplash of Silkridge red fawn bitch of almost 8 months with spectacular profile movement and she is accurate coming and going. Lovely for size and good make and shape overall though still a little immature, as I would expect. 2nd Whitaker-Crosby’s Crosscop May Be One More at Mulcair Close up to one but giving away a month in age, and not as together in profile  movement  and sound coming and going. All quality fawn and white parti  who makes a lovely picture on the stack, everything in the right place and excellent length of loin with good bone. 3rd Mitchell’s Crosscop Just What I Need. 

PB 8(2) 1st Newton’s Nevedith Beau Beep Flashy brindle bitch, 9 months, well off for bone, nice size and attractive overall make and shape. Moved soundly from all angles in the class with a good stride in profile. Not as steady in the BPB challenge, tending to rush round the ring. 2nd Reeds Dejare Dream On All quality fawn bitch of 10 months, correct for size, lovely long neck, feminine throughout and sound on the move. 3rd Smeath’s Dejare Only Dreaming at Willingwisp. 

JB 11(3) 1st Stewart-Ritchie & Van Der Schaaf-Akerboom’s Crème Anglaise’s Vanilla Flavour Correct sized red brindle bitch who clinched the first place with her ground covering stride on the go round. Lovely for overall balance, good angulation, deep brisket, sweet expression, very promising youngster. 2nd Bird’s Blandings Eyes on the Prize Most attractive cream fawn brindle, expression to die for, moved well all round, good for size and type, another promising bitch. 3rd Snelgrove’s Kamasal Starlight Rascal at Huntinghill. 

YB 11(3) Davies Collooney Black Velvet Pasharif  Eye catching black with smart white trim, very curvy in outline but not lacking length, excellent for size and substance and moved well all round. 2nd Osborne’s Florancy Above and Beyond Derohan JW Smart, well balanced brindle with white trim, very feminine and spot on for size. She didn’t like the cold on the stack (and who could blame her!) but came into her own on the move and went well. 3rd Bass and Hall’s Shalfleet Zante Star at Silverfrith. 

GB 5(1) 1st Bird’s Blandings Eyes on the Prize 2nd Bass and Hall’s Shalfleet Zante Star at Silverfrith Pretty brindle and white who is nice for size and type and has a lovely easy stride on the go round and a balanced outline on the stack. 3rd Doherty & Van Der Schaaf Crème Anglaise’s La Colle Noir. 

PGB 9(1) 1st Wilkinson’s Citycroft Starfall JW Classic fawn bitch, bit more of her than the previous class winners but not a big girl. At almost 2 she looks mature and is balanced in outline with good muscle tone, she has a long neck into well placed shoulders and a good return of upper arm. She moves as well as her construction says she would, being accurate coming and going and a nice stride on the go round. 2nd Miluk’s Mollytop Lady Babu Brindle bitch with white trim, another of pleasing type with obvious quality. Ideal for size and moves well. 3rd Rees and Jones Kierpark In The Name Of Love. 

MLB 6(0) 1st Glaholm’s Gazenorth Secret Identity Golden fawn who oozes quality, beautiful for type and size with no exaggerations just totally well balanced throughout. Moves positively coming and going and has an easy stride on the go round. 2nd De Boer, Van Der Schaaf & Akerboom’s Wild Honey of The Three Turnips Striking black brindle and white who was just 1 day still in puppy. Another of correct size, with nice bone and very mature for her age. Curvy throughout but with a good length of loin and super sound on the move. BPB 3rd Johnston & Wilson’s Cyangrange My Cuppa Tea 

LB 19(2) Oliver’s Spyanfly She’s a Swinger Brindle with substance and great power on the move but still full of quality. Curvy outline, well off for bone, feminine head and expression RBCC 2nd Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Misty Eve JW Pale fawn bitch, classic outline with total balance. One I gave a first to as a puppy and she has fulfilled her early promise. She moves well from all angles and was close up to 1. 3rd Home and Fisher-Home’s Citycroft My Fair Lady of Jasarat JW ShCM. 

OB 11(1) Mowbray’s West Chelan Quick Look at Me Stunning red brindle, 2 years old and possesses great style and quality. She has near perfect proportions on the stack, ideal for size and has the sweetest of expressions. She certainly has that “Look at me” quality and it kicks into overdrive when she moves round the ring. Liked her a lot! B.C.C. & B.O.B. 2nd William’s Barnesmore Queen Of The Celts Gold fawn bitch who is built on a bigger frame to the winner but certainly not lacking quality. Feminine head, superb length of neck into good shoulder placement, deep brisket with good tuck up and good width of stifle with low hocks. When she moves she is spectacular, accurate coming and going with a stride that covers the ground effortlessly. 3rd Wheeler’s Ch Adagio Deep Cover to Ranveli (Imp). 

VB 8(2) 1st Snelgrove’s Huntinghill Jazzmatazz. Lovely 8 year old bitch of excellent size and shape making a very smart picture overall. She moved well in spite of the cold, miserable conditions and brought her beautiful dam very much to mind. BV 2nd Eatough’s Jzan Zanalishi ShCM Pretty little fawn of almost 11 who coped well with the cold and put in a lovely show. Moved well and deserved her place in spite of being the oldest in the class. 3rd Richards-Healion Anywhere and When at Clynecourt ShCM.  

Judge:- Molly Head