• Show Date: 10/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Min Witheyman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Junior Handling Association

Bournemouth Championship Dog Show 2019

Junior Handling Association

Bournemouth was my first ever championship show that I competed in and it was an honour to be asked to judge my first junior handling classes at a championship show here.

Across all of the days I felt that the standard of handling was extremely high and in many classes I was having to split hairs between handlers. One of the things I did notice was the showing of the teeth, when showing the teeth try to do it with your thumbs and that way you won’t end up poking the dog in the gums.

Day 1

All of these handlers did a fantastic job having to deal with high winds and at times heavy rain that unsettled many dogs around the showground.

6-11 (6,2)

1st Paige Huges with a Siberian Husky.

I have always liked Paige’s handling; she handles in a breed specific manner suited to that dog. She moved the dog with ease, and they flowed round the ring together. She always had her dog standing perfectly, which is not easy with a free stood breed. Overall a very nice job.

2nd Maisie Allenby with a Dandie Dinmont Terrier.

Maisie is another very good handler and I was splitting hairs between 1st and 2nd. Maisie did not have the most co-operative dog, but she remained calm and worked hard to get the most out of her dog. Once she had gained the dogs attention they moved well together. Maisie stood her dog well the majority of the time just be careful of where you pick the back feet up from so that it is easier to place them. The report between handler and dog is lovely to see and I have no doubt that in the future 1st and 2nd could switch places.

12-16 (8,2)

My top two handlers have different styles of handling, both are brilliant handlers and it was very difficult to split them, so it came down to my personal preference of handling style.

1st Poppy Wynter with a Wire Fox Terrier.

Poppy just blends in to the background and lets her dog shine. Another handler that had a typical stubborn terrier, this dog was adamant that it was not going to move however Poppy used her voice and remained calm and managed to get the dog moving to the best of their ability. She always had the dog standing perfectly while allowing the dog to show its character. A great performance.

2nd Paige Spencer with an Australian Shepherd.

Paige is a very accomplish handler and I can understand why. She moved her dog at the correct speed and made sure that her dog was always positioned correctly. It was very close between 1 and 2 however on individual assessment Paige did not line up in front of the table. During judging I was disappointed to see Paige talking loudly to someone outside of the ring.

Day 2.

6-11 (2,0)

1st Anna Kolomeyko with a Hungarian Vizsla.

Anna stood the dog with all feet in the correct places and moved the dog at the correct pace in straight lines while encouraging it. Just make sure that when you start your pattern-work you start from the judge’s feet.

2nd Riley Honey with a Flatcoat Retriever.

Much of the same comments apply to Riley. He obviously enjoys his time in the ring which is lovely to see. His flatcoat was not the most co-operative on the day by Riley remained calm and regained the dog’s attention. Unfortunately, today 1st moved their dog slightly better that Riley on this occasion. I am sure in the future he will be one to look out for.

12-16 (10,1)

This was one of the hardest classes that I have ever judged and there were multiple handlers that could have won.

1st Abby Webb with a Tibetan Terrier.

Abby stood out from the moment she entered the ring. She had a lovely report with her dog which was shown on the move with the dog constantly looking up at her. She moved the dog at the perfect pace and allowing it to flow during her pattern-work. Her dog was stood perfectly at all times. She was the best of all days for showing the teeth which was clear and gentle.

2nd Isabel Woodhouse with a German Spitz (Klein)

Almost all of the same comments apply for Isabel. She is a nice quiet natural handler that just gets on with the job. She moved the dog at the perfect pace and had the dog’s attention at all times. She stood the dog with all feet in the correct position, giving a lovely outline. I just preferred the way Abby flowed with her dog.

Day 3

6-11 (6,1)

1st Maisie Allenby with a Borzoi.

Maisie is a very good quiet and natural handler. She moved and stood her rather large dog well. Her lines were straight and her corners just right in order to keep the dog flowing on her pattern-work. These two make the perfect pairing and I look forward to watching their progress.

2nd Kara Mason with a Papillion.

Kara is another very good handler. She moved her dog at the correct pace and always made sure that her dog was positioned correctly. Her pattern-work was perfect. It was very close between 1st and 2nd, however Kara’s presentation at the end was slightly too close.

12-16 (5,1)

1st Isabel Woodhouse with a Bichon Frise.

Isabel was one of my favourites across the show. When she presented her dog, she did it quickly and precisely without any fuss. Her pattern-work was faultless with perfect lines and corners whilst keeping the dog moving throughout. She showed the teeth very well giving me a clear view of them. She moved her dog at the right pace and used the whole of the ring to her advantage.

2nd Edward Eddery with a Pug.

A lovely calm handler who made sure that the attention was always on the dog and not on himself. Edward showed the teeth clearly and gently, he moved his dog perfectly and used the ring to his advantage. Unfortunately, his pattern-work was not as good today as 1st but overall a very good performance.

Judge Min Witheyman