• Show Date: 15/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mike Wildman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer

Border union championship show 

German wirehaired pointer 

Junior dog entries 1

1st O'CONNOR Karlejay Gump they live in yu (AI)

I thought him outstanding for age his coordination and soundness on the move were a joy. He is so well put together forward but not overdone he is completely moderate has an exceptional coat,bone and feet is of medium size has superb ribbing with level top line, he covered so much ground and should never be overlooked on the move I would however prefer him a shade longer in back for those desired breed ratios but otherwise he has quality in abundance RBD BP. 

Post grad dog entries 1

1st BARRACLOUGH Maplehaze Gervasio of Whinbarrow 

Liver &white of good type and overall proportions has some drive and such a lively disposition.quality bone and feet another of correct medium size with quality jacket crisp and dense he is in fit hard condition sound moving effectively covered the ground and displayed soundness out and back if a little immature in body at present should have a bright future. 

Open dog entries 2 

1st MCCULLOUGH SH CH Deutscher Ch (VDH) Kimmax Kurious George BS 17 BS. 18

Liver & white of immeasurable quality and screams GWP for his medium size correct ratios and overall balance masculine head full beard broad well placed ears strong well muscled forehand mature well ribbed body to strongly made hindquarters 

Sound moving with plenty of drive and covers the ground with minimal effort as his conformation suggests he would BD & BOB

2nd DONNELLEY Kimmax knock yourself out JW SHCM 

Hot on the heels of 1 and commanding attention in profile he excels in breed type and I thought he would be my winner on first appraisal but he is slightly behind George in maturity but only just, he is masculine and ideal for size and proportions he balances both ends and is well put together with everything in moderation I loved him in profile although he could be better behind which cost him today I hope he continues to develop as he is so worthy of his title his coat was first class as was his handling. 

Junior Bitch entries 4 absentees 1

1st DONNELLY Kimmax who Kares wins 

Black & white appealed in outline correct size and substance quality head and eye which are sufficiently furnished. well laid shoulder well developed body with ribs well sprung to firm short loin,level topline to well set tail has well angulated rear quarters wide and well muscled close lying jacket of correct texture had drive and holds her outline on the move 

2nd ELLIS Normbar Time Honoured (AI) 

Another quality wire hair different type to 1 lovely head very balanced and correct in size nothing over done on her she excels in outline and soundness just feel her slightly immature in body at present needing a little more fill and spring in rib with full maturity should trouble the best. 

3rd O'CONNOR Karlejay Gump Circle Of Life (AI)

Post grad Bitch 0 entries 

Open Bitch entries 3 absentees 1

1st KIRKWOOD SHCH Arielle Vom Glinzegrund Mit Helydon IMP DEU 

impressed with this veterans type & quality at 8 years she should still trouble the youngsters a new one to me and was pleased to see she has her title completely filled my eye and and is very balanced and appeals in profile she has a lovely head and eye complete with furnishings clean well laid shoulder moderately angulated for hand elbows close to the body which has good depth strong in topline well developed rear quarters straight rear passterns moves with purpose and drive with pleasing carriage in profile BB & BOS.

2nd McCullough 's SH CH Kimmax koz I Kan

 so typical in outline loved her head and expression which was well furnished moderate neck on well laid shoulder legs strongly boned and well under the body substantially made but not over size strong in rear with correct tail set moved with purpose and drive mature body completely covered with well textured jacket. RBB