• Show Date: 13/04/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: michele ivaldi Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gordon Setter Association

Breed: Gordon Setter

I wish to thank the members for voting for me and thus the GSA for inviting me to judge the setters that I have owned since 1989 and been breeding together with my wife since 1993. At this show I had the chance to go over males and as a breeder/owner of four male Show Champions in UK it has been very interesting for me. When a veteran is beating all the other dogs to win the CC it means that what was bred after him is not of a challenging quality i.e. the breed in not doing well in recent years. I think that the weak points are in the lack of bones and muscles, lack of drive and the variation in size and type. On the printed catalogue I can see that my exhibits, as a result of many importations, have a mix of blood from different Countries of our terrestrial globe, it seems to me that the breeders’ attempt is more to reinvent the breed rather than to find a better way to breed a good specimen! Like in all human affairs there are economic efforts in breeding dogs too, but the good result is not proportioned to the strength of the effort. A good breeder should be able to acknowledge that a dog is not good enough in spite of all the efforts have been put for breeding or importing it.

1. HALLIDAY MS M J CH YENNADON THE DRUID JW: what a pleasure to go over this old dog I have always admired during his long career. Now 11,5 years old, excellent type and expression, well-shaped head, correct neck into well laid-back shoulder. Good bones and still with a good muscle tone, moves well for his age and still keeps his top line.

VETERAN DOG 6 (2 abs)
1. ROBSON MR & MRS S SH CH LAURELHACH LIMITED EDITION AT YOHENOAK: Another veteran I always wanted to go over. A 9 years old dog with qualities and type, very well balanced and proportioned. Masculine head with typical expression, correct front assembly and shape of top line standing and moving. Shown in top condition, moves well and improves the performance in the bigger ring. Well-deserved CC & BOS, and Best Veteran In Show.

2. PIRIE Mr & Mrs B ROTHBURY ROMEO BY GADIEBURN: Nice head and expression, excellent shoulder angulation, upper arm a little too straight, correct top line, croup and tail set. Strong bones, moves well for the age but not as good on legs as 1st. 


1. SMITH MR A.D PALANGOR MOONLIGHT SHADOW: Just eight months old, very leggy and immature puppy. Excellent tan markings. Well-shaped head and sweet expression, correct top line. Needs to develop his chest and body. Nice long croup, moves parallel on legs but lacks in drive. 

2. BASTABLE MRS F.E. LOCKSHEAT SPARK IN THE DARK (AI): Same age as 1st but not the same head and expression. A little straight in front and pasterns. Good top line and croup. Excellent color. In the movement I would expect more vivacity and a better carried tail. 

PUPPY DOG 4 (1 abs) 

1. SANDIFORD & SUTERLAND MR P, MRS C.A. & MR A HARBINGER’S HIGHLAND TREASURE (IMP CAN): Almost a year old, good size, good color. Proportioned and balanced in front and rear. Athletic type. I’d like a better front assembly and a longer croup. Very light in body. Moves well with efficient drive and is light on the ground. 

2. SMITH MR A.D PALANGOR MOONLIGHT SHADOW: I prefer this puppy for type, but it is not as efficient as 1st in the movement. 

JUNIOR DOG 6 (1 abs) A very mixed class with both long and short legged dogs.

1. ALCORN MR D, CROWTHER MR D, MACARA MR MRS A & J LOURDACE HEADHUNTED BY CROMASAIG JW: Well-balanced young dog with a classic head and expression. Correct body proportion and good length of legs. Very nice out of neck with good shape. Topline has a little break at the 11th vertebra. Nice croup and tail set. Moves very well on legs and covers the ground well. 

2. ROBERTS MR R.E. MRS J.M. & MISS K.H. CAIRACAILIE SPICE OF LIFE: More mature than 1st but longer in body and shorter on legs. Excellent head and expression, correct top line standing and moving. A little too straight in upper arm. Moves well with a good drive. 

YEARLING DOG 5 (2 abs)

1. SANDIFORD MR P & MRS C.A. HERNWOOD NEPTUNE SEA: A very nice dog with classic head, good size and proportions. Excellent shoulder and top line that ends in a croup that could be longer. Moves well but more fore chest would give him a steadier front. 
2. HORLER MR K & MRS R HERNWOOD JACK O’LANTERN BY RACKENS: A big dog that takes a while to gain coordination in his trot. He moved better in this class than in Junior. Nice and classic head with good lines and proportions, great bones, nice big feet, I would like a cleaner neck. Correct top line. 

MAIDEN DOG 2 (0 abs)

1. CAYTON-LEE & LEE MRS D & MR T SHERWIN IMPULSE (IMP): An honest and balanced dog that could have more length of legs and a more masculine head. Bones proportioned to the size, correct top line, croup and tail set. Moves well. 

2. MATTHEWSON MISS S.A. GRAYLACIER CLASSIC DESIGN: Very masculine head although a little too heavy. A dog of good type. Good shoulder and top line, good bones and well-developed chest. Unfortunately, his hind movement is not very positive. 

NOVICE DOG 4 (0 abs) 

1. ELLINGTON MISS J. R. BENBUIE THORNBIRD: Strong head and strong bones, a dog of good type with a good front. A better pigmentation of the eye rims would give him a nicer expression. Well-developed chest and steady front. Could have a longer croup. Moves well, nicely presented. 

2. GREGG MRS S LOCKSHEATH BEACH COMBER: A dog of correct type that could have darker eyes. Nicely shaped skull. Well-proportioned and balanced. Correct top line and croup. He could have a stronger chest. Moves well and is well presented. 


1. MATTHEWSON MISS S.A. GRAYLACIER PORTREATH: Strong dog of good type, nice head and expression, strong bones and correct color. Well laid-back shoulders, correct top line. In the movement he could put more effort and drive a lot more. 

2. MICHALAK MISS A. KYUNA DREAM MERCHANT: Dog of correct type and well balanced but yet another that could have longer legs. Nice head with correct lines and proportions, correct top line and croup. Good color and coat texture. In the movement he could drive more from behind and be wider and more parallel on the hocks. 

GRADUATE DOG 7 (1 abs)

1. BRYANT MRS T. KILNRAE HALLMARK JW: Well mature dog with excellent shoulder but the upper arm could be longer. Good top line and excellent long croup. Tail well set and carried. Bones proportioned to the size. The tan is a little smutty on the pasterns. Moves well with good drive to cover ground. 

2. HORLER MR K & MRS R HERNWOOD JACK O’LANTERN BY RACKENS: another improvement in coordination and action for this dog shown in three classes. 


1. TIMMERMANN, CORNUM & WELLING R.S.D. MUNROC BERETTA (ATC AU00943USA): A very well balanced and proportioned dog with a nice head that would benefit with a shorter fore face. Excellent shoulder and out of neck, correct top line and tail set, good bones and nice feet. Excellent coat and conditions. Moves well and improves a lot in the big ring with more freeness of the leash. 

2. GLAYSHER MISS L. AMSCOT ROYAL PURPLE OF BILLINGHAM: Longer in body than 1st but with an excellent head and well laid-back shoulders. Top line tends to roach a bit at the loin. Excellent bones and strong body. Moves with great drive. 

MID LIMIT DOG 3 (0 abs)

1. MELVILLE MR D & MRS G TSRUHNOVA TUMUS JW: Excellent head of good type, balanced front and rear, good bones, excellent color and coat, tail well set. The best mover in the class. 

2. GREGG MRS S LAURELHACH YARRA: A dog of good type, head with nice lines and expression, well laid-back shoulders, the upper arm is a little short and the front assembly could be steadier. Nice long croup and excellent drive from behind in the movement.

3. MITCHELL MR C & MRS S.A. ROYDACK RUBY HIDDEN GEM AT BROBRUICK JW: Very close decision with 2nd; this dog has a very nice front and a typical head on a good neck. Well-developed chest and good bones. His weak point is in the short croup that could be also more horizontal which affects the shape of the top line in the movement.

LIMIT DOG 4 (1 abs)

1. COLLINS-PITMAN MRS J. AMSCOT RAISING BLACK: Nice classic and typical dog with a good head. Excellent shoulder and top line, good croup and tail set. Well-developed chest, well-muscled but a little cow hocked both standing and moving. 
2. SANDIFORD & LEWIS MR P, MRS C. A. & MISS C. BENBUIE ROCK ON TO HERNWOOD JW: More compact in body than 1st and higher on legs. Well-proportioned body. Eyes a little too small. I would like a better lay back of shoulder and brighter tan. Excellent long croup and well-set tail. Moves well. 

OPEN DOG 7 (1 abs) 

1. FORD MR I & MRS C. LIRIC FUSILIER WITH SHILLAY JW ShCM: A dog with a beautiful head and expression, excellent coat texture and condition. Well laid-back shoulders, fore chest well developed and nice long croup. His body could be more compact. Bones proportioned to the size. Moves with great drive, coordination and very parallel on legs. RCC

2. ROBSON MR & MRS S LIRIC FOR YOUR EYES ONLY BY YOHENOAK JW: More compact in body than 1st, excellent head and expression, good bones. Well-developed chest, correct top line. Moves well with a good drive but carries his tail a little too high. 

FIELD TRIAL DOG 2 (0 abs) 

1. HALLIDAY MISS M J YENNADON REISS: A compact and well-proportioned dog. Skull a little too broad but nice expression. Well laid-back shoulder, strong loin and long croup. Bones proportioned to the size. Excellent tan markings. Well-muscled dog that uses well his hindquarter to cover ground. Very parallel on legs. 

2. COLLINS-PITMAN MRS J. AMSCOT REBEL WITH A CAUSE (AI) JW: 10 years old, bigger than 1st, I would love a better shaped head and clearer tan. Correct top line and long croup. In the movement could drive more and have a longer stride.