• Show Date: 31/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Otterhound



Pleased to accept the invitation from SCCA to judge Otterhounds ( non CC’s). It was a pleasure to judge them, thank you to the exhibitors for allowing me the opportunity to handle you hounds. I did attempt to try and see the shambling gait at the walk, ( pacing & rolling) without success, too many distracting scents on the ground.

PD (1)

1 Salt,Stringer & Lerego. Teckelgarth Dreadnought. BP & HP Group 4

Exciting 8mth r/gr showing lots of promise, liked his head & eye, large nostrils, well set furled leathers, body proportions, balance of outline , liked how he carried himself, moved out with an easy reaching action with good tail carriage, feel that he still needs to strengthen behind, he did the breed proud in the Puppy Group, certainly one for the future.

JD (2) 

1 Lewis. Olphae Charman Best Junior.

2 Lerego, Edwards & Baker. Teckelgarth Aloysius

Both b/t youngsters who were typy and balanced in their outlines, both had good bone and feet, firm toplines and good coats.

Charman @ 14 mths scored in his forehand angulation and muscular development, enabled him to move out with an easy action, would like to see better furled leathers.

Aloysius @ 17 mths has a lovely head & leathers, does not have the forehand angulation, width of body & muscular development of 1, this is reflected in his movement which lacks the scope of 1.

PGD (1)

1 Harris. PCOH Siebe. A 2yr w/b parti who I have judged before when a raw youngster. Liked his headpiece & furled leathers, has not developed as I had hoped, still rather light in frame and without the substance and muscular power required, colour pattern of coat is not what the standard calls for ( or my interpretation of it)

LD (3)

1 Lerego. Teckelgarth Augustus. RBD

Such a promising juvenile, b/t of 17 mths, so typy and balanced in outline, excellent headpiece, large nostrils, strong jaw, well furled leathers, well angulated forehand, good bone & feet, deep chest well sprung ribbing, powerful hindquarters with moderate angulation called for, so sound in his movement, close up in challenge.

2 Salt, Stringer & Lerego. Teckelgarth Zorro

Imposing, dark b/t of 23 mths, magnificent headpiece framed by long furled leathers, good bone & feet, well sprung ribbing, strong and powerful, preferred the balance, forehand angulation & movement of 1.

3. PCOH Siebe

OD (3)

1 Lerego, Smith & Smith. Ch Teckelgarth Maximus. BD & BOB

Fine representative of the breed in his prime, 6yr b/t of excellent balance & proportions, strong & robust frame, has a handsome masculine headpiece with large nose and strong jaw, framed by long furled leathers which are well set, excellent forehand and powerful hindquarters, deep body well ribbed back, short strong loin, tail well set & carried, low set hocks, coat of correct texture, moved out easily with a long free stride, pleased to hear that he was shortlisted in the strong Group.

2 Lerego. Teckelgarth Neptune

Upstanding strongly made r/gr rising 6 yrs, has a handsome headpiece , large nose strong jaw, long well furled leathers, balanced moderate angulation, deep body, well ribbed back, moves out with powerful easy action, preferred the balance and soundness of 1.

3 McConville. Ottaryx Ouzel

VB (2,1)

1 Lerego & Scott. Ch Teckelgarth Jollity. BV

Liked this 7yr b/t for her size,balance & angulation, pleasing feminine head & expression, large nose, lengthy well set furled leathers, strong neck, good front, perhaps shade soft in topline, moved out with an easy action with good tail carriage.

PB (1)

1 Lewis. Blue Fairy’s Ticket To Ride to Concara’s Olphae (Imp)

11mths b/t appeals for size, proportions & outline, good head with strong jaw, large nostrils, & dark eye, leathers are well set & lengthy, would like to see more angulation in her forehand, strong neck & firm topline, still needing to develop in front, good coat, rather unco-ordinated in her movement. 


1 Lerego, Smith & Smith. Teckelgarth Virtue BB

This 3yr r/gr combines femininity with a powerful sturdy frame, of good size & proportions, good bone & feet, coat of good texture, has a lovely head/eye & expression, leathers are well set, lengthy and furled, has a strong neck of good length, pleases in both fore & hindquarters, good depth of chest, ribbing is well sprung & lengthy, loin short wide and powerful, hocks are short, moves out with an easy long stride with good tail carriage.

2 McConville. Ottaryx Mulberry RBB

Attractive 5yr b/t presenting a well balanced outline of good size & proportions, has a lovely head/eye & expression, leathers are well set & furled, well developed body and conformation, coat of good texture, felt that she was not making the most of herself, perhaps needing more animation, moved out easily.

3 Scott & Wheatley. Teckelgarth Faith

Mike Caple (Judge)