• Show Date: 16/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Dachshund Club Of Wales

Breed: Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)

  Dachshund Club of Wales Championship Show

16th August 2019

Miniature Wire Haired 

I took on the entry of my wife Helen, who was unwell with vertigo & sickness on the day & was unable to travel.

MPD (1,1abs)

PD (4,1)

1 Salisbury. Pennywave Nosey Parker At Brocklewood. BP.

2. Smith. Alnecroft Ivan Inkling.

Close call between these 11mth youngsters, Nosey Parker d/br liked his houndy head, strong jaw, correct proportions, has good angulation in both fore & hind quarters, has a well filled front, is well ribbed back & firm in topline, moved out freely with reach & drive, good coat texture. Ivan Inkling br is nicely constructed and has a well filled front, is well ribbed back, moves out freely, preferred the more masculine outlook, forehand construction & proportions of 1.

3. Tomsett. Dajean Surely A Star.

JD (6,2)

1 Pennywave Nosey Parker At Brocklewood.

2 North-Row. It Sezona Iz Divnogorja.

12 mth d/br with strong houndy head, pleasing construction, excellent coat texture, I found him to be narrow all through, not so together as 1.

3. Tomsett. Darjean He’s a Star.

PGD (3,2)

1 Tomsett. Pinochio Klara Defino At Darjean (Imp)

D/br has an excellent head/eye/muzzle, outline & proportions are fine,has a harsh coat, moved out freely, would prefer more snug fitting elbows and shorter length of loin.

LD (6,2)

1 Russell. Russteck The Bruce. CC.

Such a neat well constructed 2yr br, who for me was a clear winner, handsome headpiece, so fit and firm all through, loved his outline & proportions, excelled in top & underline, super bone & feet, he is so sound in his movement, drove off short hocks, parallel movement away & back. All wrapped up in a good coat of harsh texture, delighted to be told that this made him up, well done.

2 Mills-Jones. Carlita Sunrise JW.

Larger framed d/br of 23 mths, strong houndy head, well filled front, good bone, excellent coat texture, in firm muscular condition, preferred the forehand,underline & movement of 1.

3 Clare. Lordscairne Love God.

OD (4,1)

1 Jones. Ch Bimini Starstruck. Res CC.

Handsome 5 yr br who I liked for his size,outline & proportions, has good angulation in both fore & hindquarters, he is firm in topline, is well ribbed back & has a good underline, has a good jacket & moved out freely and soundly.

2 Kay. Kaytian Tempest Over Haiti

A neat package, 2 yr light r/w of pleasing proportions, has a handsome head, good forechest, nicely angulated, harsh jacket, would prefer a smoother underline.

VD/B (4,2)

1 Pain. Trixhund Tattiannie Ravensbeech. BV

This red bitch almost 8yrs, holds a good outline, liked her head/jaw, dark eyes, pleases in her construction with well filled front, deep ribbing carried well back, holds herself well keeping her shape on the move, with firm topline, good jacket.

2 Black. Ch Bassodon Westwood.

7yr D/br with good houndy head & strong jaw, pleases in his forehand and harsh jacket, however was not happy here, was skittish when moving & loses his shape.

MPB (3,1)

1 Watkins. Blackvien Dasher.

D/br 8mths, a roly/poly baby, basic construction is there, liked her front, size & proportions, good width all through, would prefer better head shape, still learning what is required, moved ok.

2 Tomsett. Darjean Surely Star Quality.

Higher stationed br with better head properties and good jacket, is narrower all through and longer in the loin, she was very unsure what was required, tended to scrabble in her movement.

PB (4)

1 Smith. Alncroft Phoebe Gonzalez.

Attractive 11mth br who was well presented & immediately catches the eye, nicely constructed with good fore & hind angulation, well filled front, pleases in both top & underline, holds a good shape, scored on her movement and underline.

2 Taylor. Pennywave Primrose For Ormanstar.

Lovely houndy head on this 11mth d/br, pleases in her forehand, firm topline & harsh jacket, was not so collected on the move, preferred the underline of 1.

3 Mills. Middleton Hunt At Oniasid.

JB (5,1)

1 Dance. Emen Constance Sunshine.

Most attractive very neat 16 mth br, excellent ht/length ration, pleases in her well angulated forehand & hindquarters, well ribbed back, firm in topline & with smooth underline, holds a lovely outline, good harsh jacket,moves soundly & freely.

2 Blackburn. Stargang Minnesota.

This attractive 13 mth d/br has lots of good points, excellent well filled forechest, good angulation, attractive head, good jacket, found her to be longer cast than 1, she is her own worst enemy, was not settled on the move & insisted on going at a tremendous rate of knots.

3 Kay. Foxearth Run For Fun To Kaytian.

PGB (10,1)

1 Crossman. Janter Cinnamon.

Thought this 20 mth choc/tan was a stand out in this class, such an attractive neat package, has a lovely head/eye, well angulated construction, well filled front, hammy quarters, so fit & firm in her body, holds a lovely outline of excellent proportions, moves out soundly.

2 Weeks. Beldrew Flora At Avon.

23 mth d/br who appealed for her real houndy head, good harsh jacket, well filled front, pleases in her angulation, preferred the outline of 1, she tends to lose her outline on the move.

3 Morris. Stargang Peggy Sue At Pennywave.

LB (10,4)

1 Dance. Emen Summer Sunshine JW. Res CC

I see that this attractive 16 mth br is litter sister to junior winner, much the same remarks apply, such a lovely neat chunky package, most attractive head/eye, holds a lovely outline of excellent proportions, in fit & firm condition with good jacket, good bone & feet, is well angulated in both fore & hindquarters, has a well filled forechest, excellent ribbing, pleases in both top & underline, her movement is sound with good profile action, liked her attitude.

2 Crossman & Kennedy. Janter Bee Forever.

Attractively headed & well coated bri of 2 yrs, nicely put together, pleases in both her top & underline, carries herself well & moves out smartly, found her to be slightly longer cast than 1.

3 Morris. Pennywave Pollyanna.

OB (7,1) Spoilt for choice here. 

1 Ergis & Merry. Ch. Drakesleat Trial N’Error For Siouxline JW. CC & BOB

Houndy headed 2 yr br, of excellent make & shape in good coat, so well put together, excellent angulation, well filled forechest, please to see a good return of upper arm, neat fitting elbows, good depth & length of ribbing carried well back, short firm loin, broad hammy quarters, drives off short hocks to move soundly & with enthusiasm with good reach & drive. 

2 Smith. Ch. Drakesleat Prim N’Proper For Alncroft.

Such a lovely neat exhibit, loved this 4yr br for her size & outline, is really well put together, has a good forechest, liked her ribbing, pleases in both top & underline, have met before in 2017 when I awarded her the CC, in close contention for the Res CC, just felt that the Limit winner edged it on movement today.

3 Dance. Ch. Emem Gloria Sunshine JW ShCM.

Mike Caple ( Judge )