• Show Date: 13/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hound Association

Breed: Borzoi



As always a pleasure to judge Borzoi, thank you to exhibitors for the excellent entry and the opportunity for me to judge your graceful & dignified hounds.

PD (5,1)

1 Birmingham. Russkiy Azart Master Ballantine Eletto (Imp) It. BP. Impressive looking well developed pup of 10 mths, had the stature, soundness & scope I was looking for,well constructed , with good angulation front & rear, has a handsome head with dark eyes, strong jaw & neat ears, well set lengthy neck which flows into smooth flowing topline , broad well muscled strong hindquarters, has good bone/feet & pasterns, moved out the soundest here, with a scopy side gait.

2 Ridge-Reeves. Sukeshi Nureyev. Attractive 8 mth pup, with lots to like, particularly liked his headpiece, bone/pasterns & feet, preferred the angulation of 1, was a little unsure of what was expected of him, not so collected on the go around as 1.

3 Raczka. Jamarqui Alchemy Argent


1 Smettem Minson. Donskoi Romeo At Chywoon

2 Lynden. Donskoi Tchaikousky

15 mth litter brothers, who pleased for type, liked their heads, strong jaws, eyes and near ears, both have good bone/pasterns & feet, Romeo is more upstanding has better hind angulation & moves out soundly with plenty of scope in his action, Tchaikousky slightly smaller in stature, pleases in outline , not quite the scope of his brother.

3 Jackson. Charnealis Old Black Magic At Padztar

YD (2)

1 Donskoi Romeo At Chywoon

2 Szeligova. Orlow Silent Enigma. 20 mths & very unsettled in this class, this affected his movement, feel that he still needs to develop & mature, has good bone/feet & pasterns, front assembly needing to tighten. Out moved by 1.

SBD (3)

1 Orlow Silent Engima. BSpB. Much more settled here, movement improved as a result, had more scope than 2.

2 Carter. Quartz Van De Marloe. 2yr with a most handsome headpiece, good pigmentation, strong jaw, neat ears, good pasterns & feet, however preferred the angulation, scope of movement & tail carriage of 1.

3 Umfreville. Manitias Silver Prince Of Voyshka

PGD (9,2)

1 Jackson. Harropine Odin At Padztar. 3yr Quality dog, with touch of elegance about him, rather surprised that he is still in PG, handsome head with dark eye, good pigmentation, strong jaw, neat ears, smooth flow from well set neck into smooth flowing topline & fallaway, broad strong hindquarters, balanced angulation, good tuck up, liked his bone,feet & pasterns, moved out with good reach & drive, smooth flowing gait.

2 Floyd & Fredisdottir. Tyysgol Syr G’wain. Another quality dog of 2 yrs, pleases in outline with balanced angulation, nicely put together, good depth of brisket, pleases in both top & underline, in good muscular condition, moves out soundly, favoured the head,feet & scope in profile movement of 1.

3 Oberon Van De Marloe

LD (9)

1 Hughes & Bradley. Go Go Bolshoi Indiana Jones At Nishrisar. At 6 yr fully mature dog, impresses for his size & flowing outline, in strong firm muscular condition, certainly looks “fit for purpose”, no doubting his masculinity, impressive headpiece (though would prefer darker eye) neat ears, lengthy well set neck, pleases in both fore & hind angulation, deep brisket & good tuck-up, excellent fallaway to broad well muscled hindquarters, impressed in his side gait with good reach & drive.

2 Clare. Ryazan Firestorm. Smart quality 2 yr , still to develop & reach maturity, of slightly smaller stature, liked his headpiece, with strong jaws, dark eye, neat ears, presents a pleasing outline, moved out soundly, today preferred the scope of 1.

3 Odell. Donskoi Baraban at Sukeshi

OD (9,1)

1 Pinkerton & Cattoni-Sarman. Ch Korsakov Radost Power Of Love Menigma (Imp). CC & BOB. Pleased to meet this handsome hound again, now aged 3yr he was awarded BP @ The Borzoi of the Year 2017, where I was fortunate enough to officiate. He combines strength & power with a certain elegance. Such a handsome hound most lovely head eye & strong jaw, small neat ears, presents a beautiful flowing outline, with good depth of chest, strong loin and good fallaway to broad well muscled hindquarters, good bone pasterns & feet, comes into his own on the move, his correct angulation enables him to move in such a smooth flowing profile gait with good reach & drive, sound away & back, in glorious condition with excellent coat.

2 Dawson. Ch Tschernigow Kalinow At Stubbylee ( Imp) JW ShCM Res CC

Another I have met before ( although did not realise until seeing the catalogue) now rising 7yrs I awarded him the CC @ LKA 2015, rather surprised to meet again, comments much as before, upstanding, fit for function, has the size strength and substance ( although now perhaps a little too much) to enable him to fulfill the breeds function, head was acceptable, good strong jaw, small near ears, liked his flow through neck, topline & fallaway, balanced in his angulation, excellent forelegs pasterns & feet, another with excellent profile action, low and far reaching. On this occasion pleased to award him the res CC. 

3 Pinkerton. Ch Ujay Kalinow At Menigma (Imp) JW ShCM

PB (3) Always difficult to assess raw youngsters who have little idea of what is expected of them. All were unsettled in their movement, 

1 Dawson. Metel Avgusta Ala Azul At Stubbylee (Imp). Attractive raw baby of 6 mths, basic framework is there, pleases in her feminine head, dark eyes & neat ears, angulation as required, good /feet & pasterns, showed me that she has potential.

2 Rogerson. Donskoi Baristinya. Another very feminine youngster @ 9 mths is still very raw, attractive head & eye, neat ears, moves out well in profile gait, preferred the angulation of 1, still needs to settle in her front movement.

3 Parsons. Jamarqui Alchemy Annie

JB (3)

1 Lyden. Donskoi Talsiya. 15 mth shapely bitch of some quality, I see from the catalogue she is litter sister to 1& 2 in JD, has a lovely feminine head , dark eyes, neat ears, strong jaw, pleases in her outline, well set neck flows into shapely topline and good fallaway, with broad strong hindquarters, has good bone/feet & pasterns, sound and scopy in action.

2 Warren. Charnealis Tatiana At Vonstarna. More finely built bitch of 14 mths still very raw in comparison to 1, more compact in outline, is very feminine in outlook, has good bone/pasterns & feet, preferred the angulation & outline of 1.

SBB (1)

1 Parsons. Jamarqui Alchemy Annie. 11mth still very much a baby, lengthy feminine head, with lovely dark eyes, neat ears, is balanced in outline, has good bone, feet & pasterns, very unsettled in her movement, would ideally like more forward reach in movement, perhaps one for the future.

PGB (4,2)

Little to choose between these two, although quite different in type.

1 Moran & Kelsey. Ricanova Moulin Rouge. 2yr who pleases for size & type, has a most attractive head & eye, neat ears, presents a pleasing outline, with rise over loin to good fallaway & width in hindquarters, on today's performance thought she moved out with more freedom than 2, would ideally like to see better feet & pasterns.

2 Codling & Jones. Jansams Tiramisu. Most attractively headed youngster of 19 mths, of smaller stature & more compact than 1, balanced in outline, preferred her feet & pasterns to 1, was rather unsettled in her front movement, tending to pick up her feet.

LB (6,2)

1 Barrett-Williams. Tyysgol Guinevere. Res CC. Quality 2yr of excellent balance & proportions, very shapely in outline, has a lovely feminine head with dark eyes & neat ears, holds herself so well, sound all through with moderate balanced angulation & flowing outline, good depth & tuck up, would ideally like better knuckled feet, moved out soundly with smooth flowing gait, pleased to award her the Res CC.

2 Binnie. Dreamlight Dawn Run. Fully mature & soundly made almost 5 yrs, of slightly heavier build to 1, lovely headpiece with strong underjaw, dark eyes & neat ears, has good angulation in both her forehand & hindquarters, pleased with her bone/pasterns & well knuckled feet, presents a balanced outline,preferred the easy flowing gait of 1.

3 Rogerson. Nibrass Emerald Queen

OB (9,4)

1 Carter. Rothesby Winter Rose. CC. Graceful & dignified 5yr, so feminine with most lovely head & dark eyes, good pigmentation & lovely expression, small neat ears, is so well put together, lovely front with good angulation in her forehand, has good depth of chest, stands on good bone, pasterns & feet, has good tuck up to stong loin , excellent fallaway to strong broad well angulated hindquarters, so smooth in her sound effortless gait, pleased to award her the CC.

2 Dawson. Ch Stubbylee Prima Donna JW ShCM 4 yr old who was a youngster when we met at LKA 2015 where she won Post Grad , of a larger heavier build to 1, certainly has the stamp of her sire about her, liked her construction, bone & feet, preferred the head & pasterns of 1, pleases in her movement with good reach & drive.

3 Odell. Sukeshi Shiggy Bops

VB (1)

1 Eardley. Ryazan Perdita of Hillohawks ShCM. This lovely bitch stood Reserve at The Borzoi Of The Year 2017, now a Veteran @ 7yrs, still has the elegance & dignity she possessed then, is so feminine with lovely head & expression, dark eyes good pigment and neat ears, she projects a lovely smooth flowing outline, is soundly constructed, liked her bone, feet & pasterns, still pleases in her sound scopy gait. BV

Mike Caple ( Judge)