• Show Date: 26/04/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society Championship Show 2019

Miniature Smooth -Haired

Enjoyable day judging Min Smooths @ WELKS, numerically entry was very pleasing, quality rather mixed. Rather concerned with the front construction, through faulty forequarter angulation please read and heed “Sayer” (The Illustrated Standard of Points of The Dachshund).Very pleased with the winners of the main awards, excellent representatives of Dachshunds in miniature.

MPD (4)

1 Reed. Deercroft Dream Chaser.

Shaded Red of 6 mths, of immediate appeal, such a neat package, most promising, correct ht/length, well put together all through, has a handsome conical head, well filled front, is well ribbed back, good bone and feet, sound in movement with parallel hind action.

2 McLennan. Cheguevar Paddington Bear.

Clear Red of 7 mths, another promising pup, such a handsome conical head , is still very “raw”, pleases in angulation both front and rear, is longer in body than 1, still needing to firm up in body and come together.

3 Smith. Wolferlow Tipping Point.

PD (9)

1 Hunt. Wolferlow George Brown At Carpaccio. BP.

This handsome choc/tan of 11 mths was a standout winner of this class, hopefully has a bright future. Loved his size and proportions, so well balanced in outline, has all the essential requirements of construction, forequarter & hindquarter angulation, well filled front , neat elbows, excelled in his ribbing , good width to body with firm topline, carries himself really well. 

2 Cheguevar Paddington Bear.

3 Rudkin. Siouxline Ross For Dynastydax.

JD (5)

1 Starkey. Carpaccio Black Obsidian For Hamoura.

B/t youngster of 15 mths, has an handsome conical head, best for overall construction , appealed for size and proportions, correct height/length ratio, well filled oval thorax, correct angulation, holds a firm topline, moves out soundly with a good stride, can be a little exuberant with his tail at times.

2 Barrett. Ayseebee Twinkling Star.

Another handsome b/t of 16 mths, close up to 1, again appealed for size and proportions, still needing to firm up, preferred the forehand and movement of 1.

3 Beach. Beachdax Red Hot Blaze.

YD (4)

1 Mitchell. Bronia Biaggio. CC & BOB

Outstanding b/t of 19 mths, so soundly constructed, projects an ideal outline with smooth flow in top & underline, excellent in both forehand & hindquarter angulation, well filled front, neat snug fitting elbows, ribbing carried well back and has good depth & width, hammy quarters, short parallel hocks, so sound in his movement, parallel movement away and back & free flowing side gait. Must have a bright future.

2 Protheroe. Royalmaple Fiddle Sticks.

Most handsome b/t lad of 20 mths, holds himself really well, quite raw in comparison to 1, is well made all through, really liked his forehand with well filled oval thorax , was his own worst enemy on the move, needing to settle. Should improve with maturity.

3 Charlesworth. Keydax Leroy.

PG (4,1)

1 Stephen. Bedu Stars And Stripes.

This 20 mth Red brindle appeals for his sound construction and angulation, has a handsome conical head, pleasing forehand, well filled front, well ribbed back with good width all thro, pleases in top & underline, hammy quarters, sound in movement.

2 Carey. Donnadoon Dark Moonbeam For Debbiejay.

Handsome b/t of 20 mths out of a larger mould than 1, being longer cast and well up to weight, however pleases in construction, and is sound in movement.

3 Jennings. Duddondaxs Judge Jude For Jenivon.

LD (6,2)

1 Ergis. Siouxline Jacob JW. Res CC

Such a handsome 2 yr clear red who pleases for breed type, holds a lovely shape in outline, has the correct height/length ratio, soundly made all through with well filled oval thorax, snug fitting elbows, well sprung ribbing, short loin & hammy quarters, was sound in his movement with good stride.

2 Paget & Carroll. Marvale Master Of Disguise.

This 19 mth handsome lad ran the winner close, again appealed for breed type, is soundly made all through, with correct construction and angulation, moved out well, just preferred the front and ground clearance of 1.

3 Startup. Curtisey Head Gardener.

OD (7,2)

1 Barrett. Ch Ayseebee Rumour Has It.

Fully mature 5yr b/t, pleases for breed type, sound construction, and smooth sound movement, has a handsome conical head, good reach of neck, well filled front, well sprung ribbing carried well back, good in top and underline, in close contention for top honours, just pipped by the younger rising stars

2 Blackburn-Bennett. Stargang Barracuda.

2yr Shaded red with lots of appeal, such a handsome lad, has a well filled oval thorax, well angulated & balanced in both fore & hindquarters, although he moved out soundly just preferred the carriage & style of 1.

3 Protheroe. Ch Royalmaple Anky Panky

SpBD (3,1)

1 Bullis. Amafrey Betcha By Golly Wow

2 Mason. Teckeltown Something Magic.

Both b/t youngsters 1) At 15 mths gained his place on better outline and proportions with better developed body over 2) At 11 mths is taller & narrower all through, still very raw & needing to develop.

SpBB (11,1) 

1 Mason Teckletown Youre The One.

B/t youngster of 11 mths, very smart and neat, very feminine head & expression, pleasing size , projects a pleasing outline, sound & happy mover with good carriage, would ideally like to see more development in her forechest.

2 Bullis. Amafrey Goodgolly Ms Molly

B/t youngster of 15 mths, is balanced in outline and projects a pleasing overall shape, is better in her forechest than 1, preferred the carriage of 1, she needs to relax.

3 Mason Teckletown Daisy Magic

VB (2)

1 Melbourne. Ch Golden Algonquinette Of Melriding.

This clear red is still looking good at 8 yrs, appealed for breed type, has a most lovely head & expression, stunning outline, firm in topline and smooth in underline, excellent well filled forechest and is well angulated front and rear, love her style and carriage.

2 Beach. Jenevan Bunty.

7yr Chocolate & tan with well developed body and ribbing, firm in topline, steady mover, not the headpiece or angulation of 1.

MPB (5)

1 Coxon. D’Arisca So Scrumptious.

This aptly named b/t baby of 6mths was a clear winner here, such a lovely prospect for the future, she is neat , has a lovely feminine head & expression, well constructed with good forechest and is well ribbed back, holds a firm topline, sound in her movement.

2 Tree. Keimantre Zola.

More mature shaded red of 9 mths, another promising youngster, pleases in head & expression, firm in topline, preferred the front & movement of 1. 

3 Price. Samlane Happy As A Lark.

PB (17,2) this was an excellent class, with some excellent prospects

1 Merry. Merryline Miss Moneypenny.

Neat & well developed shaded red coming up 10 mths, liked everything about her, lovely head & expression, well filled front, good angulation, well sprung ribbing of good length, short loin, with firm topline and smooth underline , well developed hindquarters, moved out really well.

2 Coxon. D’Arisca So Delicious.

This lovely b/t youngster of 6 mths ( I see is litter sister to MPB winner) was close up, very raw in comparison, but another exciting prospect, is well made all through, has a lovely head, well filled front and firm topline.

3 Ergis. Siouxline Rachel.

JB (10,3)

Close decision between 1& 2, both excellent specimens of the breed.

1 Russell. Russteck Tea Cake.

13mth b/t of excellent breed type with lovely conical head & expression, is correct in height/length ratio, soundly constructed with good angulation, well ribbed back, good in both top & underline, moved out freely and soundly.

2 Blackburn. Stargang Desert Orchid.

13 mth clear red of equal merit to 1, is sound in construction and has correct angulation, well filled oval thorax, good ribbing, pleases in proportions, again pleases in both top and underline, moved out well, at present she sinks into herself at the stance.

3 Roberts & Smith. Ayseebee Mistletoe Kisses For Rayol.

YB (14,5)

1 Kerry. Kireton Hebe.

21 mth b/t of immediate appeal, has a lovely feminine head & expression, projects a well balanced outline, is sound in her construction & movement, has good ribbing and well filled front.

2 Mitchell. Bronia Bellezza.

19 mth shaded red, close up to 1, again well balanced in outline, good angulation, moved out soundly, preferred the head of 1.

3 Melbourne,Pagett & Carroll. Melriding Sea Infanta.

PGB (9,2) Rather disappointing class

1 Reed. Deercroft Daybreak.

22mth b/t a clear winner here, such a neat package of lovely size and proportions, very feminine head & expression, good forehand, well ribbed back , good in top and underline, easy sound mover.

2 Becquet & Darby. Stargang Liquorice Twist At Bescott.

2yr b/t with lovely conical head, good forechest and is well ribbed back, strode out really well, prefer her a size smaller.

3 Harwood. Paradigm Cepheus Flare.

LB (10,1)

1 Kerry. Kireton Cici.

Very appealing b/t, of excellent breed type ( I see from the catalogue that she is half-sister to winner of YB) and is in much of the same mould, of lovely size and proportions, very feminine head and expression, has a well filled forechest, good angulation, is well ribbed back with smooth flow in top and underline, moved out soundly.

2 Oddie. Riowood Tiger Socks.

 Appealing Red Brindle out of a slightly larger mould, good proportions , with balanced outline, has a conical head with strong jaw, sound all through, well filled forechest, firm in topline, stride out really well, preferred underline of 1.

3 Melbourne,Pagett & Carroll. Siouxline Goldilocks Of Melriding.

OB (14,3) strong class

1 Russell. Ch Russteck Plum Duff. CC

Lovely b/t so neat and sound, feminine head & expression, awarded her Group 4 @ WELKS 2017, still pleases for size & balance, correct height to length ratio, has a neat well filled front, smooth flow in top and underline, is well ribbed back & short in loin, in excellent condition, moved out freely and soundly, just pipped today by the younger dog for BOB.

2 Hunt. Carpaccio Clarice Cliff. Res CC

Yet another top quality b/t youngster from this kennel, certainly one for the future, impressed with her sound and balanced construction, excellent angulation, well filled oval front, neat elbows, lovely feminine head & expression, smooth flow to top and underline, moved out soundly with easy free striding gait. Should be even better when fully mature.

3 Worswick. Dolyharp Sonata

Judge: Mike Caple