• Show Date: 13/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hound Association

Breed: Dachshund (Wire Haired)

The Hound Association Championship Show 13th July 2019

Wire-Haired Dachshunds

PD (5)

1 Davies. Atahira Cantata 9 mth pale red of pleasing size and shape, liked his strength of body, well angulated front and rear, prominent pro-sternum, well ribbed back, firm in topline, broad rump, well let down hocks, needing adult coat to come through. BP

2 Rowe. Boloria’s Aramis 7mth choc/tan promising, still very much a baby, good neck & firm topline, well ribbed back, preferred the angulation of 1.

3 Derochaise Vincenzo Di Braego

JD (4)

1 Chambers. Cishelvine Just Kiss With Hototo

2 Phillips. Royal Pepper’s Vice Versa (Imp Fin)

Excellent youngsters who should do well, both have houndy heads & strong jaws at present 1) the 17 mth red is as to be expected a little more advanced in his development being fit & firm all through, with good bone & feet, the required angulation fore & aft, well ribbed back, moves out well, looking better on the move than at the stance, in excellent harsh jacket. 2) 13 mth brindle of lovely size & balance, well ribbed back, has a good jacket and is a sound mover, at present preferred the front of 1.

3 Adams. Teckelgarth Gatling

SBD (2)

1 Frampton. Weinacht Larch At Drakkina. 12mth brindle out of a larger mould, with well filled front, firm in topline and well ribbed back, prefer to see firmer feet.

2 Graham. Brumberhill Armstrong

17 mth brindle with lots to like, of lovely size & outline, lots of animation, good jacket, preferred the front of 1, however will be hard to progress given his bite.

PGD (6,1, 1w/d)

1 Smith. Salixian Eau Rouge. 2 yr rich red of lovely size & balance, easy winner here, good bone/feet, firm all through, well filled front , good jacket, balanced angulation, steady mover.

2 Binks. Tannahill Oslo. 13 mth d/br in harsh jacket, pleases in his front, good bone/feet, strides out well, would prefer to see more hind angulation.

3 Stockdale. Derochaise Monterey At Fenwires

LD (5,1)

1 Adams. Wyldetarn Shoot From The Hip JW CC. Upstanding 2yr br full of his own importance, with excellent balance & outline, fit & strong with excellent well knit body, real houndy head with strong jaw, stands on good bone & firm well bunched feet, well angulated front & rear, well ribbed back , in good jacket, excellent mover, pleased to hear that this gives him his title.

2 Tendrow Moondance. D/br rising 4yr, smart in outline, of pleasing size & proportions, carries himself well, good bone & feet, firm in topline and smooth in underline, preferred the forehand angulation of 1.

3 Cishelvine Caught Out

OD (8,3)

1 Marston-Pollock. Cloudside Oliver. Res CC . 4yr br to whom I awarded the Res CC the last time I judged @ Leeds 2016, out of the top draw, houndy head, super build and angulation, well filled front , in excellent order, good coat, good reach & drive. In the challenge it came down to show performance on the day, just wished for a little more animation.

2 Mrs & Miss Northrow. Tendrow One More Time Barmaud. 2yr red of lovely make & shape, close up, real houndy head & strong jaw, excels in his forehand, well ribbed back, grand bone /feet, has an excellent harsh jacket, preferred the hind angulation of 1.

3 Silvae Trader


Little to separate these 2 promising youngsters.

1 Mrs & Miss Rowe. Boloria’s Miss Dior. 7mth choc/tan, chunky baby, liked her well filled front and angulation front & rear, well ribbed back, pleases in head and expression, firm in topline.

2 Gibson. Allfreys Matilda. 9 mth br, more mature in her development, liked her size and balance, in close fitting harsh jacket, pleases in head would prefer more furnishings, at present preferred the front and hind angulation of 1.

3 Eldred. Derdledash Moon Beam

JB (3)

1 Clayton-Smith. Cairparavel Kiss from A Rose. Very promising 14 mth d/br stood away in this class, lovely size & balance, lovely well filled front, close fitting elbows, fit and firm all through, well ribbed back, good harsh jacket, moved soundly. 

2 Vine. Cishelvine Kiss Me Quick. Attractive deep red of 17 mths, well put together, pleases in front, has good ribbing , firm in topline, was rather uncooperative with her handler, preferred her front to 3.

3 Sanders. Knottsrose Mystique

SBB (1)

1 Eldred. Derdledash Moon Beam. 6 mth d/br very attractive head & expression, of pleasing make & shape, would prefer slightly sturdier frame, whilst she holds her shape at stance, at present she tends to run up on the move.

PGB (5)

1 Clayton-Smith. Cairparavel Lilac Wine. 14 mth D/br litter sister to winner of Junior, liked her construction & angulation, well filled front, well ribbed back, firm in topline, jacket could be harsher.

2 Smith. Salixian Tea For Two. Most attractive 3yr br of pleasing size and outline, has good ribbing & pleases in top & underline, in good jacket, thought that 1 scored on her front construction.

3 Vine Cishelvine Can’t Catch Me

LB (11,1)

1 Gibson. Allfreys Helena. Res CC. 22mth br of lovely size & shape, attractive feminine head & expression, close fitting harsh jacket, scored on her well filled front, neat fitting elbows, shoulder blades well laid back & with good return in upperarm, well ribbed back and smooth in underline, good bone/feet and short hocks, moved out soundly with good gait.

2 McCalmont. Silvae Trade Secret. Larger framed light br of 23 mths, attractive head, carries herself well, has a harsh jacket, although she has a well filled front, preferred the forehand angulation of 1, again well ribbed back & firm in topline, good bone/feet & short hocks, strode out well with sound movement.

3 Davies. Pendyffren Miss Dolce By Atahira

OB (7,1) 

1 McCalmont. Silvae Trademark. CC & BOB. Light br litter sister to 2nd in Limit, she is the real deal, full of life, has real ring presence, real houndy head with strong jaw, is so well put together, text book front & forehand angulation, excellent ribbing carried well back, strong loin, broad hammy quarters, good bone & well bunched feet , movements is sound and she really drives of short hocks, all wrapped up in a harsh jacket. Her performance demanded the CC & BOB & I was pleased to oblige.

2 Phillips. Tendrow Time ‘n’ time Again. 4 yr d/br of lovely type, lower stationed than 1, most attractive feminine head/expression, a neat package with lots to like, has a good jacket, good bone/feet, short hocks, smooth in underline & firm in topline, well filled front, in the challenge preferred the movement of the Limit winner.

3 Rowe. Boloria’s Trick or Treat JW

VB (1)

1 Maes Jones & Bates. Ch Derochaise Black Orchid. A d/br just short of 11 yrs, & in excellent condition for her age, fit & firm all through, has feminine head/expression, so very well put together, presents a balanced outline with good angulation, all wrapped up in a close fitting, harsh jacket. Moves out soundly and with enthusiasm, seriously considered in the challenge.

Judge ( Mike Caple)