• Show Date: 03/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mervyn Evans Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: stakes classes


August 2019

Stakes classes

Day 1 Vet Stakes (20 Entries) Abs: 8

1st: TANNAHILL Mrs C Wynbury Ailsa (Pointer)  8 yrs old this lovely B/W is a credit to her owner , she still displays the  good qualities lovely head, good neck and shoulder  strong jaw, well laid back shoulders , mforelegs firm and straight well sprung ribs,well muscled hindquarters tail of correct length and set, good driving hind action. Correct  coat texture and  lovely condition, , balanced construction won her this place.

2nd: GABEL Mr P All In One Of Spirit-staffs (S.B.T) Classical head, strong but not overdone, good eyes and ears showing a good expression, straight front, good shoulders, well angulated front and rear, well bodied with level topline, excellent construction, which showed in his movement, moved freely with drive, parallel front and rear, showed himself all the time, in hard condition.

3rd: WALDEN Mrs & Miss S & K Fielgar Majestic Legend Sh.CM VW (Spaniel American Cocker)

Day 2 Vet Stakes (10 Entries) Abs: 4

1st: LINK Mrs G A Multi Ch Pahlevi Disco Diva At Orashan JW Sh.CM CW(Afghan) Long lean head of correct proportions. Nice eye placement. Good neck into shoulder and overall very well made with good length of bone, reflecting her houndy stature. Adequate rib cage and sufficient depth. Good croup and tail well set on. Quite impressive on the go round and sound coming and going. Good coat texture Excellent presentation

2nd: CARTER, Mrs A & HOZEMPA Miss R Ch Amahte Runnin On Jamaican Time (Imp) JW Sh.CM (Ibizan Hound ) A well grown handsome young dog of pleasing type, Long flat skull, nicely arched neck of good length. Level back with good tuckup and strong moderately angulated hindquarters. Moved well both coming and going and  was impressive in profile.

3rd: NEGUS Mr & Mrs I & L A Tarramist Adonis Dream

Day 3 Vet Stakes (16 Entries) Abs: 4

1st: 2686 WHITESIDE Mr R Ch Owainglyndwr Autumnal Brez G.S.D) Nice size but with a real look of power, endurance and stamina, well proportioned outline, excellent rib cage, ample bone and substance, good feet and pasterns, pleasing balance of skull to muzzle, dark eye, very alert and attentive to her surroundings, correct eye, her movement is breath taking with such impressive power, reach and drive which carried her to well deserved placement.

2nd: 2879 RUTTERFORD Ms J C Ch Kelgrove Just Blue At Stormhead JW Sh.CM (Sheltie) Super shape and excellent construction, good reach of neck, good chest reaches to elbow and ribs are well sprung, level topline, lovely sweep over loin, good bend of stifle, well let down hocks. with perfect balance of skull to muzzle,very good underjaw, flat cheeks, expressive dark almond shaped eye, and neat ears, Easy mover,

3rd: 2354 HARRISON Mr F, Mrs A P & Miss J Ch Hisnhers Diamond Geezer at Anfranjo JW Sh.CM (Bearded Collie)

Day 4 Vet Stakes (10 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4058 BRADSHAW, Mrs J M & SYMONDS Mrs M J (Shih Tzu) Lovely dog of excellent type and very well proportioned throughout, he has the most lovely head and arrogant expression with wide square jaws and well placed nose with open nostrils, excellent pigmentation and good mouth, good furnishings complete the picture, he has a strong well arched neck which is set into good shoulders and stands on thick feet, with a well made body of correct depth and level back, well angulated rear with high set tail, and in hard muscular condition throughout, all this topped by a lovely jacket, he moved round with style and drive

2nd: 4289 DOWTY, Ms V & SEEBERGER Mrs M Multi Ch Bolognese Star Donald at Havanese Stars (Bolognese) Compact body with balanced head with excellent dark eyes and pigmentation. Plenty of good silky textured coat and well presented. Outstanding movement and happy temperament. It was a pleasure to see him command the ring . He is top quality with stocky square conformation and proud carriage.

3rd: 4936 MITCHELL Mrs S Cedilla Fancy Dress

Day 1PD Stakes (21 Entries) Abs: 6

1st: 1005 BARKLEY Miss S Chanangel Mr Whodat At Cherryheath ( Spaniel Welsh Springer) Very pleasing for overall make and shape, pleasing head properties, balanced outline and proportions, ample bone and substance, good expanse and length of ribbing, the best of hocks and pasterns and a pleasing mover.

2nd: 1199 HAYDON, Miss J A & GIBBINGS Mr M W V Earthtaw Keep Smiling (Border Terrier) Very typy & of good shape, lovely head, good bite, up to size for his age, very good in body, with good front assembly, strong behind, which he uses on the move, in good coat.

3rd: 138 CHALLIS Mr S & Mrs K M Vizslanya Aragonia(Hungarian Vizla)

Day 1PB Stakes (19 Entries) Abs: 10

1st: 205 BELL & BARKER-BELL Mr & Mrs D J & G Balintyne Let It Be Me (Irish Setter) Racy elegant youngster with a striking outline. Feminine head of correct proportions and soft wistful expression. Dark hazel coloured eyes, moderate sized ears correct scissor bite , moderately long muscular neck straight forelegs, , well sprung ribs,  nice wide and powerful hindquarters, gleaming topcoat but just needs a bit more feathering to complete the picture, moved true.

2nd: 1390 SMITH Mrs A Javidel Mayde To Measure (Norfolk Terrier) Delightful temperament Absolutely makes the most of her self as she arched her neck and reviewed what was happening around her. Good forehand with adequate bone, compact and well ribbed with an excellent topline and tailset. Harsh well presented jacket. Moved well with a driving action.

3rd: 1361 DAVIES, Ms M & BROWN Mr G Digelsa Dark Indulgence At Wystry (Manchester Terrier)

Day2 PD Stakes (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 2075 TIMMS, Mr G & TIMMS Miss O Carlincox Solid Gold (Rhodesian Ridgeback) High quality hound with no exaggerations, very typical lovely head & expression, excellent neck flowing smoothly into clean well angulated shoulders, firm topline with correct rise over the croup, rear quarters have correct angulation, very strong & free, active mover, presents a picture of a very sound, well balanced hound

2nd: 1932 ROWE Mrs J Boloria's Aramis (Dachshund Wire Haired) Beautifully balanced and has lots of quality. Good forehand with adequate bone, good keel, strong well ribbed body with excellent topline. Strong well muscled hindquarters. Excellent jacket which was presented to advantage.

3rd: 1841 PIKE, Mrs J & CARTER Mrs A Zarcrest Flash Harry At Breezelyn (Dachshund Miniature Long Haired)

Day 2 PB Stakes (13 Entries) Abs: 8

1st: 2074 TIMMS Miss O Carlincox Golden Aura (Rhodesian Ridgeback) What a lovely. promising young bitch, nine months of age and of very good breed type and really did present a cracking outline Very feminine head & expression, nice neck, well laid shoulders, ribcage carried well back, good width across thigh, sound positive movement.

2nd: 1984 ADEY Miss Z Caldecacre The Dazzler At Rubeusbay (Hamiltonstovare) Handsome hound who appealed for his correct rectangular head properties with good strong muzzle, lengthy strong neck, strong bone and firm pasterns, firm level topline, good hind angulation, moved out pleasing profile gait and carried himself well, coat and colour were correct good sound movement

3rd: 2058 FARLEIGH Mrs M L Kinabula's Gucci Bloom (Rhodesian Ridgeback)

Day 3 PD Stakes (12 Entries) Abs: 7

1st: 2559 RUAL - KEOGH, Mrs N & RUAL Mrs L Gilcoru Wolfblass D'brie (Briard) Masculine head with dark eye & good dentition. Neck of good length, and muscular, back firm and level with nice broad chest Nice front & rear angles with well muscled thighs. Good strong feet coat of correct texture and length,Tail of correct length.. lovely effortless movement A nice puppy

2nd: 3350 POWELL Mr & Mrs M & J M Varenka Silver Arrow For Riversrock (Rottweiler) Well balanced and presents a great profile both standing and moving. Good skull, dry and with dark eyes and very good pigmentation. Excellent forehand with good bone, strong slightly sloping pasterns and good feet. Well muscled and moved soundly both up and down.

3rd: 3122 CAFFEL, Ms J & KAVANAGH Miss H Doberway Master Craftsman (Dobermann)

Day 3PB Stakes (9 Entries) Abs: 5

1st: 2771 MCGREADE Mrs D & Mr P Nikara Neverending Dream For Frostia (Samoyed) Most glamorous young bitch maturing well. Broad skull with well set ears and almond eyes. Good reach of neck into correct shoulders, level back, long ribcage. Good body and bone, in excellent coat, long feathered feet. Moved with drive.

2nd: 2568 WILSON Mrs J Jandade Precoius Blossom (Briard) This young exhibit has already made her presence felt in the show ring and you can see why. Well made and well balanced, her angles allow her to flow around the ring.

3rd: 2563 SWEET, Mrs T & SWEET Miss E Arundall Ebony (Briard)

Day 4 PD Stakes (19 Entries) Abs: 8

1st: 3925 GILLMAN Mrs T Bellellen Magic Mike With Mytilene (Lhasa Apso) Nicely balanced in good coat and condition. Very pleasing head of correct proportions, dark eye with nice shape and placement, lovely pigmentation, good mouth and underjaw.Nice shape and size, with well laid shoulders, straight front, enough depth of chest, good ribbing and tail set, well angulated at rear with good muscle, moved very well.

2nd: 4852 PIKE, Mrs J & CARTER Mrs A Breezelyn Latin Gigolo (Pomeranian) A lovely showy compact dog with a correct head, keen lively expression, small neat ears and pleasing dentititon. Good forehand with fine bone, good barrel ribs and very accurate on the move. Shown in good coat and presented to best advantage.

3rd: 3801 TAYLOR Mr M & Mrs A M Tytomax Celtic Warrior At Annmar (French Bulldog)

Day4 PB Stakes (30 Entries) Abs: 14

1st: 4020 YOUNG Mr P A Lotsmoor Sunshine (Poodle Miniature) A very pleasing head with good length of skull, good muzzle with some chin and nice eye. Clean, strong neck and good rib with adequate depth of chest. Well angulated strong hindquarters and nicely knuckled feet. Particularly pleasing on the move with a light sound action. Excellent coat for age. Her relaxed and happy attitude gave her the edge

2nd: 3952 DESCERE Mrs E Amorevita Kallisto (Miniature Schnauzer) A lovely stylish and well balanced puppy. Good head with neat ears and keen expression. Pleasing forehand and strong sturdy body with depth of brisket and some forechest. Very good topline and tailset which she kept beautifully on the move. Strong well angulated hindquarters. moved soundly.

3rd: 3644 PIKE Mrs G & Mr S Burlesk Blonde Ambition At Eivisah (Chow Chow)

Day 1 Ch Stakes (14 Entries) Abs: 9

1st: 1479 MOLES, Mr B D & WILLIAMS, Mr D W & DALTON Miss L Ch Celtannia Atlantic Gold (Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) A good headed , good eye and pigmentation, flat cheeks and a big black shiny nose. Very well put together with good bone, well ribbed and excellent topline and tailset. On the move he was true both coming and going with some reach and drive and in profile he has a really easy fluid action. Excellent coat texture and colour.

2nd: 398 MARTIN, Mrs R M C & MARTIN Miss R Sh Ch Sunhouse Cheerio (Pointer) Lovely example of the breed. Lovely chiselled head, kind dark eye, neck flowing into correctly placed shoulders, deep chest, lovely front, legs and feet, well sprung pasterns, well muscled hindquarters, short hocks, moved with purpose, his tail correctly set and used, good driving action with elbows neither in nor out

3rd: 1050 THOMAS Ms M Sh Ch Bowdonia Anastasia JW Sh.CM (Spaniel Welsh Springer)

Day2 Ch Stakes (17 Entries) Abs: 9

1st: 1830 GEESON Mrs J F Ch Abydachs Miraval (Dachshund Long Haired) A very nice sized well balanced, excellent condition and presentation. Good head, high set ears, good clean dentition medium sized almond shaped eyes,long reachy neck running into well laid back shoulders. Good depth and length of ribbing, hindquarters broad and strong moved with drive keeping a firm level topline.

2nd: 2015 PASK Mr & Mrs P V & P A Ch Amarach Aaron Of Baronglen (Irish Wolfhound) Commanding appearance and yet has that gentle look that makes for a great dog. Well muscled arched neck, correct shoulder placement, deep chest , well ribbed back, strong in topline which he holds well on the move, good tail carriage and set, straight forelegs and well made hindquarters, very sound on the move

3rd: 2086 HAM Mr S & Mrs A Aus Ch Crisnick Houdini (Imp)(Saluki)

Day 3 Ch Stakes (17 Entries) Abs: 8

1st: 3096 DAVIES Ms J A Ch Hyerdunscar On A Mission With Coulbymoor JW (Bullmastiff) Excels on the move with  free and economical ground covering action giving the desired impression of power and activity without being in any way cumbersome or over done. Pleasing overall outline and proportions, well up on the leg with a full and deep rib cage, firm and level top line, short and well muscled loin, shapely, powerful and well muscled rear quarters, well set and carried tail.

2nd: 3151 JONES Mrs A L Ch Korifey Treasure JW Sh.CM (Dobermann) Lovely head with good proportions and correct depth of stop with dark almond eyes. Good clean dentation,Good width and depth of muzzle with good u/jaw. Long neck to well laid shoulders, good spring and depth of rib. Strong, straight legs, tight feet, and clean underline. Gently sloping topline and smart croup. good turn of stifle and strong hocks.

3rd: 2686 WHITESIDE Mr R Ch Owainglyndwr Autumnal Brez(G.S.D)

Day 4 Ch Stakes (21 Entries) Abs: 12

1st: 4834 HOLMAN Mrs C D Ch Baromar Dubonet at Altina (Pomeranian) Presenting super shape, sweetest of heads, gorgeous expression, dark oval eye, lovely mouth, excellent cobby body, an abundance of harsh well presented coat, excellent straight correctly carried plume, good hind angles & good tail type and carriage. His construction is superb as was his temperament. Small compact feet. Excellent presentation,  absolute sound & flowed around the ring and out moving everything here today

2nd: 4613 LOVELESS, Mrs K & DOWTY, Ms V & CONNOLLY Mrs J Am Port Swed Ch Arbens Epic Swag Of Los Perritos (Havanese) Lovely head with dark almond shape eyes, correct ear placement, good front with well laid shoulders , slight rise of the loin, high tail set, well angulated with excellent textured coat. Moved out with style and springy gait, put down in excellent condition. Shown to perfection.

3rd: 3880 Mrs .J E .Smith &Miss J Smith. Ch Kessaku Bread and Honey ay Snowshoes Sh CM(Japanese Spitz)

Judge Mr T.Mervyn Evans