• Show Date: 10/02/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Melanie Harwood Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Northern Toy Poodle Club

Breed: Poodle (Toy)

Northern Toy Poodle Club Championship Show

10th February 2019

I would like to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge this very well run friendly show, there was a lovely atmosphere and it was good to hear ringside applause for class places. Thanks to the ladies for a lovely lunch and to Roy Hannar my steward for the day. The entry was not the largest and a dire weather forecast resulted in some absentees, but on the whole it was a quality entry. Front and rear angulation needs watching, just because they are upright in front and straight behind does not make it right. One or two were up to and pushing the measure, nails on some could have done with standing closer to the nail clippers, and coats with mats left in is not something I find appealing when I judge.

Junior Dog

1st Marston’s Ritara It’s In His Kiss – well presented white with super head and eye and lovely expression, balanced angulation, good ribcage but was tensing up on the table so topline was slightly roaching, stands on small tight feet, needs confidence on the table and to get it together on the move.

2nd Trodden’s Blanco Las Dalias – another white, on the larger side, well balanced head and although he is not as fine as winner he has an appealing expression, solid body, dense coat which would look better for a good tailoring, moved freely but would like more extension. 3rd Coats’ Afterglow Jack Ryan at Malanthios.

Limit Dog

1st Grant & Murphy’s Afterglow Americano at Silvora - Mature black with a well balanced head and good chiselling to foreface, correct eye placement and a devil may care expression, body of good depth and well sprung with a wealth of coat to cover, balanced angulation, such an extrovert, in the challenge preferred the hindquarters and carriage of winner on the day, Reserve CC.

2nd Thompson’s Trandella Love the Look Shcm – nicely balanced black with a dense jacket covering a well made body, has a refined headpiece and lovely expression, strong neck, nice feet, carries himself well, just not going as well in front as winner.

Open Dog

1st Bryant & Nelson’s SE UCH Nasailleen Intuition - lovely honest and well proportioned black with a super head and eye and wicked expression, beautifully chiselled foreface and well defined chin, good reach of neck and solid body covered with a dense coat of good texture which was beautifully presented, he has balanced angulation and is very full of himself which is just what a Poodle should be, scored in rear movement and tail set and carriage, I was delighted to award him the C.C. and was thrilled to find out this was his third, congratulations. RBIS.

Special Open Dog (Any other colour than black)

1st Cookson’s Tuttlebees Dream A Lil Magic With Claumar - very stylish white, with a balanced head, dark eyes and lovely expression, good chin but he still needs to break in foreface as he is a bit plain at the moment, well rounded ribcage nicely covered and topped by a dense jacket which is well presented, moved freely but needs to tighten in front.

Veteran Bitch

1st Thompson’s Clopton I Love Dancin at Trandella - honest bitch of lovely shape, nicely put together, pleasing head with a nice eye and expression, solid body and good covering, well cushioned feet, moved freely. Best Veteran in Show.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Jones’ Afterglow Astrid at Melucy – very pretty youngster with lovely refined head and with plenty of chin, she has dark expressive eyes and is feminine throughout, good reach of neck, solid body of ample depth and good ribcage, dense coat, full of herself, moved well when she settled, BPIS.

Puppy Bitch

1st Bryant & Ryan’s Nassailleen This Is Me at Tirkane – Eye-catching black with a lovely head and expression, she has a long neck set into well laid shoulders, good ribcage which was nicely covered, balanced angulation, loved her overall make and shape, unfortunately her handler tripped and nearly fell which unnerved her so had to settle for RBPIS.

Special Puppy Bitch (Any other colour than black)

1st Marston’s Seldoop Xceedingly Xciting - promising white with refined head small dark eyes and pretty expression, good pigmentation, well rounded ribcage with good covering, nice feet, dense coat, stylish when she gets it together, just needs to gain confidence.

Junior Bitch 1st Laws’ Ch Afterglow Dinnerdate with Karamouche well proportioned feminine bitch who is full of sparkle, she scored in head piece, with dark expressive eyes and good leathers, she has a well arched neck, lovely body and stands on well padded firm feet, dense coat which is well presented, stylish on the move. In the challenge she pulled out all the stops to take the CC, competing against the gorgeous male for BOB she again stepped up a gear and could not be denied taking top spot of Best in Show.

Graduate Bitch

1st Sillito-Beal & Crowder’s Grayco Giggles with Malibu – lovely honest type, well balanced throughout with no exaggerations, lovely head and expression with good chin and nice moulding to foreface, well sprung ribcage with good covering and correct depth, dense coat but for me could do with more tailoring, strong contender for the CC and I am sure she won’t be long before she is taking top honours.

2nd Goldsborough’s Safiette Jasmine Surprise – much smaller than winner, sweet expression but could do with more chin and strength to foreface, excellent body and well rounded ribcage, not as sound as 1st but showed well.

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Jones’ Clopton I Stole The Diamond - gorgeous silver a pretty head, small dark eyes and lovely expression, super pigment, nicely balanced throughout with a well made body covered by lovely jacket which is a lovely colour, good tail set, moved well when she settled, just needs to gain a bit more in confidence.

2nd Parr’s Canparr Luv To Boogie - nicely balanced white with a pleasing head and expression, she is finer than her litter sister who won limit but would still like her finer on backskull, she has strong neck, good ribcage, and stands on neat feet, good dense coat, she moved freely holding her outline but not as soundly for and aft as winner.

Limit Bitch

1st Parr’s Canparr I’m Runnin’ Around – mature white with dense coat of good texture, pretty head and expression but could be finer on skull, dark eyes, well rounded body and good width of chest, good feet, well set tail, moved well but was poking in the challenge.

Open Bitch 1st Taylor’s Ch Tuttlebees She’s My Girl - black bitch that is full of sparkle, she has a lovely head and well chiselled foreface, good length of neck, short backed with good set tail, standing on tight feet, she has a lovely jacket which was well presented and moved freely, she just didn’t hold her shape as well in the challenge, Reserve C.C.

2nd Batey’s Afterglow Desirable Diva at Donavika – preferred the head on winner, having said that she has a pleasing head and dark expressive eyes, she has a strong neck of good length and a good ribcage of correct depth although she is a little bit too well bodied, dense coat, needs to settle on the move.

3rd Parr’s Canparr Hi Class Lady

Special Open Bitch (Any other colour than black)

1st Goldsborough’s Safiette She’s A Fine Girl – brown bitch who is on the larger size, super body and condition, well shaped head which is nicely proportioned and clean on backskull, dense jack of rich colour, moved soundly.

Carol Harwood - Judge