• Show Date: 03/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Melanie Dunn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

I would like to thank the committee of Boston Championship Show for offering me the privilege to judge the two breeds that are close to my heart and to the stewards who supported me. I had lovely entries for both breeds and some hard decisions to make.

A few exhibits were very dark and I would personally prefer them a few shades lighter, but this did not influence my placing`s as I was looking for hounds that were well constructed, able to free stand full square, balanced and able to move with purpose and drive. Temperaments were sound and ridges were acceptable with many being well defined. The huge applause from the ringside for the DCC & BOB showed that gaining his crown at nine years old was a very popular decision with the exhibitors.

Minor Puppy - Dog (2:0)

1st Bull - SAADANI STORMY IMAGE - A 7 month old mature wheaten boy who has enough bone for moderate size and length. Standing showed his best with level top line, good tail set and tight feet although a little upright in shoulder and rear quarters. On the move was a little hesitant possibly due to the flooring.

2nd Thompson - ROTTZRIDGE TOP O THE CLASS - Another 7 month old red wheaten who is a raw baby and at the rangy stage. Nice head of correct proportions with good ear set, settled on the move. Hard to assess when standing but with further ringcraft and maturity I am sure this will change.

Puppy Dog - (7:1)

1st Clark & Hicks - NUTHOUSE KING OF HEARTS - 11 month old red wheaten boy who is up to size and maturing nicely. Attractive head with good depth of jaw, clean neck leading to capacious chest. Moderate angulation fore and aft. Level topline and good tuck up. Moved out well although a little proud of his tail at this stage.

2nd Jeffery - MIRENGO'S MACHINGA AT REXGROVE - This is a big boy but in outline was well balanced throughout which showed in positive movement. Front feet need to tighten.


Junior Dog (4:0)

1st Clark & Hicks - NUTHOUSE KING OF HEARTS - Continued to show himself to advantage in this class too.

2nd Salmon & House - DIAMONDRIDGE LEGEND AT LOBENGULA - A very similar type in construction to 1st who just lost out today to one who was on form. I am sure they will swap places on other occasions.


Yearling Dog (3:0)

1st Davies - GUNTHWAITE PAPA DONT PREACH - a 22 month old red wheaten dog who has an elegant head of correct proportions. Strong neck, good forequarters and straight front legs, level topline which was held on the move. Enough bone and super tight feet. Moved out confidently.

2nd Healey - DIAMONDRIDGE CATCH A DREAM - An 18 month old red wheaten that is a heavier type than 1 throughout. Balanced in outline, just not as mature, but lots of scope for development.


Post Graduate Dog (no entries)

Limit Dog (7:1) 1st & RCC Farleigh - FLYING FIRST CLASS QWANDOYA WITH KINABULA (IMP CRZ) - A fully mature wheaten dog who is within standard height and moderate. Having a kind outlook, with plenty of spring to rib and heart room. Well muscled quarters, with good second thigh, plenty of bone and well arched toes. Today he scored on movement.

2nd Parrish - ROTTZRIDGE MAD ABOUT THE BOY - Another dark red wheaten dog who has a masculine head with good depth of muzzle and aloof expression. In hard condition which drove his powerful movement. Would prefer a shade or two lighter in colour.

3rd Hanson & Inwood - MIRENGO`S MAHDI

Open Dog (4:0) 1st Nix - CH KITOKO WHEREVER YOU GO EIKO JW - This is a dog I have always liked for his moderate size, colour, well proportioned body and nice tailset. Standing presents a balanced picture, kind expression, nice round dark eyes and ears framing the head. Moved out well in the class but just lost drive in the challenge.

2nd Catharell - CH FAAHAC FREE N'EASY JW SHCM - Another dog I have always admired so this was a close decision. He is a super red wheaten colour with correct pigmentation for a livernose. He was presented in hard condition but would prefer more infill of forechest. Moved out with drive in profile but a little narrow in front coming and going.


Veteran Dog (2:0)

1st DCC & BOB Mulligan - ZOUGANI ZURI SHCM - For me today, this dog looked everything a Ridgeback dog should be, so ticked all the boxes. Within standard height, handsome, athletic in outline and looking capable of doing the job he was bred for, with no exaggerations. Moving he strode out well with easy strides covering the ground and at one with his handler. He belies his age of 9 years. I was so pleased to award him his crown and BOB.

2nd Hurn - RUFUS ON THE LAWN OF MATIKIRIDGE SHCM - 7 year old dog who has much to like, plenty of bone and still in good condition. Just not quite as balanced as 1st and proud of his tail on the move.

Special Beginners Dog (2:0)

1st Barnard - CARLINCOX FIRST ENCOUNTER - 2 year old red wheaten dog who is top of the standard in height. Handsome without coarseness. Shapely body, tight feet, level topline which was held on the move but another that is proud of his tail.


Good Citizen Dog Scheme - Dog / Bitch (3:0)

1st Hanson - BUHERA LOVE ME DO FOR ILIZULU - 10 month old red wheaten boy who is maturing nicely. Masculine head of correct proportions with a kind eye. Strongly built and plenty of bone, muscular. Moved out well.


Minor Puppy Bitch (4:1)

1st & BPIB - Denver - NYANGOMA CALL ME ANYTIME [ATC AV01998DEU] - Much to like about this red wheaten 8 month girl who has the sweetest expression and knowing round, dark eyes. At the lower end of the standard height but still has some knuckle and growth to come. Growing up evenly with level topline. Correct length of body and moderate angulation fore and aft. Strode out well for one so young.

2nd Parrish - ROTTZRIDGE THE GIRL IS MINE - Red wheaten 7 month old girl who is up to standard height, enough bone, tight feet, nice front and length of body but would prefer more rear angulation. Moved okay.


Puppy Bitch (6:2)

1st Parker - KIROMOL AS YOU LIKE IT WITH AZULI - 10 month old red wheaten girl who has an attractive head, clean neck leading to well constructed front, good length of body, moderate rear angulation and tight feet. Moved out freely.

2nd Woodrow - MIRENGO'S MIKOMI - Another 10 month old girl, head of correct proportions, neck free from throatiness leading to well proportioned body. Moved out at steady pace.


Junior Bitch (7:0)

1st Scanlon - KINABULA'S ALL ABOUT THE BASS - Much to like about this young bitch. She has an attractive head framed by nice big ears, Growing evenly, within standard height. Shapely in body with good angulation fore and rear. Movement free and easy. Well handled.

2nd Coyne - OZUBI'S PATIENCE - A lovely looking bitch with correct forequarters. Good length to body and plenty of bone, super tight feet. Would prefer just a little more rear angulation. Moved okay.


Yearling Bitch (6:0)

1st Taylor -TOKWE TRULY GINTASTIC - A wheaten bitch who at nearly 2 years old is reaching maturity. Feminine head with good depth of muzzle. Body balanced and muscular without coarseness. Moved out with purpose and nicely handled which won her this class.

2nd Davis - IMOLA INTERNATIONAL - 19 month old wheaten bitch. Whilst a bigger stamp of a girl she is balanced with good confirmation and a kind expression. Moved out well.

  3rd Scanlon - KINABULA'S ALL ABOUT THE BASS - Just lost out on maturity in this class

Post Graduate Bitch (7:2)

1st Davis - IMOLA INTERNATIONAL - Standing improved in this class showing good bend of stifle and well let down hocks.

2nd Seaman SOFALA SMART JAZZ AT SANSILVER - 2 year old wheaten bitch who is well put together and has plenty of bone and nice tight feet, but just dipped in topline on the move and lacked animation today.


Limit - Bitch (9:3)

1st & BCC Kapma-Saunders - NUTHOUSE BOOGIE OOGIE OOGIE AT OOSTBLIK - 3 year old wheaten bitch who has an excellent outline and size, well made throughout. Feminine head with dark, round expressive eyes. Good neckline, well ribbed body with good bone. Moved out soundly. Pleased to award BCC.

2nd Forrester - HESPA HEART OF GOLD - a well presented bitch who scored in head and expression. Having a good front with depth of chest. Level topline with good length of ribbing and rise over loin. Moved with drive. Nicely handled.


Open - Bitch (11:2) 1st & RCC Salmon - DIAMONDRIDGE DISTANTDRUM AT LOBENGULA - A feminine 3 year old red wheaten bitch who has much to like. Having good confirmation fore and aft with good width to second thigh, well let down hocks, strong topline and good depth of ribbing. Covered the ground with ease.

2nd Denver - INT CH NYANGOMA AFRICAN JATOO [ATC AU00701DEU] - At nearly 4 years old this bitch is fully mature. Head of correct proportions and most attractive. Strong neck, topline and quarters with elbows well tucked in. Moved out well. Just a pity she seemed to be having a phantom pregnancy which spoilt her underline.

  3rd Kirby & Mansfield - CH SHINGWIDSI TSHADI ROSE

Veteran - Bitch (5:0)

My favourite class of the day with so many girls who I would love to take home! They could all clearly still show the youngsters a thing or two.

1st Thompson & Taylor - CH KELSHANTI JAMILA URBI - Now 8 years young and one I awarded a CC to in 2014 when she was in her prime. She remains a top quality bitch who for me meets the standard. Head of correct proportions with attractive, intelligent outlook. Balanced throughout, clean strong neck, leading to good lay of shoulders, level top line and correct tailset both of which were held on the move. Plenty of bone and standing on tight feet. She continues to have free and easy movement.

2nd Catharell - KITOKO MABEL - Another favourite of mine and one I awarded a RCC in 2016. She has not really aged much and has not lost any of her attributes. Liked her every bit as much as the first. She is a lovely type with a pleasing head and sweet expression. Well balanced and muscled to give her true movement.


Special Beginners - Bitch (5:1)

1st & BSB - Taylor - TOKWE TRULY GINTASTIC - Having won Yearling Bitch she continued to be shown to her best advantage to win this class.

2nd Forrester - HESPA HEART OF GOLD - 2nd in Limit Bitch. The only thing I would add is that she would benefit from the handler lengthening her stride to get the best movement.

3rd Scanlon KINABULA`S ALL ABOUT THE BASS - Won Junior Bitch but the more classes entered this young girl just lost her enthusiasm in this class.

Melanie Dunn (Khananga)