• Show Date: 24/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Maureen Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Spaniel (Clumber)

I would like to thank exhibitors for a very nice entry, especially those who travelled from mainland Europe to get my opinion of their dogs.

It is nearly 3 years since I last judged the breed and nearly all the dogs were new to me, which was refreshing. I had only one dog with a level bite, all others having a scissor bite (with one having a couple of slightly misplaced teeth as opposed to not having a scissor bite). Eyes were on the whole good, with only a couple having tear stains. Ears were once again good. Poor movement was evident in a couple of exhibits due to a combination of lack of muscle tone and incorrect construction. The general shape of the Clumber should be long with ribs going well back and low to the ground. The last time I judged the breed many seemed to be getting shorter in back, but I am glad to say that this has improved. As ever, temperament was impeccable. Grooming and presentation could be better in some cases. I mentioned last time - and I will do so again - the feathering on the end of tails is being left on in many exhibits, meaning the tails look extremely long when stacked - in some cases trailing on the floor when moving. In my opinion, the end of the tail feathering should be trimmed off so giving the dog a more balanced look. The atmosphere ringside was wonderful, helped by a steward with a sense of humour!

Post Graduate Dog (1 entry) - 1st Wareham and Dunstan’s Lornajoe General Gilbert. This boy certainly gave his handler a hard time as he was particularly ‘challenging’. He had a pleasing head and eyes. Long in body, with a good depth of chest and spring of rib, a very good turn of stifle and he moved okay.

Limit Dog (3 entries 1 absent) – 1st Sheppard’s Whissgig Daddy Cool. I had these 2 the other way round when I last judged, but preferred this boy’s overall shape now they have matured. His head has developed and he has dark eyes, decent neck and a long body which is well ribbed up together with a good spring of rib. He was in good coat and moved well. 2nd Sheppard’s Whissgig The Bristolian. Not the maturity or coat of his kennel mate. Well boned, level topline and has enough turn of stifle. He moved well as his construction is correct.

Open Dog (4 entries) - 1st DCC his all important 3rd & BOB. Steele’s Stonielea Just William. It was a close-run thing between 1 and 2. He is not the trendy, flashy dog that is often seen, but his construction throughout cannot be faulted which shows in his sound movement. He was in full coat which also helped tip the scales in his favour. Masculine head without being overdone, he has dark eyes and a soft expression. Deep chest, decent length of body with well sprung ribs which go well back, enough turn of stifle, correct tail set which means he carries his tail level when on the move. He is in hard condition and moves so effortlessly on a loose lead which is a joy to watch. 2nd Hirst’s Creeaark Arteyu. Another boy who is awaiting his 3rd CC and in my opinion is certainly worthy of gaining his title. Pleasing head and expression, clean eyes, tight feet, correct length of back, very well-muscled all through along with good angulation front and rear, this certainly showed through as he moved with drive covering the ground well. 3rd Thorogood’s Sh Ch Winhampton Over The Yardarm of Harrifield.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1 entry) Candel’s Wymeswold Saint Tropez (ATC RAF) This little girl won the prize for the one the judge would most like to take home. What a pretty little girl, so feminine with the sweetest of head and expression, well boned, deep chest, good length of back and level topline. Beautifully presented, she moved well for such a baby and pushed hard for BP.

Puppy Bitch (3 entries) – 1st & BP Kirkman’s Wymeswold Butterscotch at Kirkara (imp NDL) Half sister to the MPB. Another pretty girl, sweet head and expression, clean eyes, straight front and good length of body, tight feet and moved well when settled. Beautifully presented. 2nd Syyles’s Tweedsmuir Mimitae to Ragellie. Another pretty bitch who was full of herself today, as were a few others! Feminine head, clean eyes, deep chest and enough turn of stifle. Level topline which she kept on the move when she decided to comply and move as I know she can. A finer bitch than the winner 3rd Wareham and Dunstan’s Buckfarm In The Buff.

Post Graduate Bitch (3 entries) 1st and Res CC Sheppard’s Whissgig Wintersaga(ai) As is often the case until you go over a bitch you do not realise how good they are. Pretty head and expression, with clean eyes. Deep chest and spring of rib, good length of back, this youngster is balanced and moved straight fore and aft due to her correct construction. Standing on tight feet, she is a sound bitch who is maturing nicely. 2nd Claxton’s Anbrook Olivia Rose at Fiverites. Another bitch of a good type, dark eyes, straight front, deep chest and in good coat, she is in hard condition and moved well, just preferred the head of 1. 3rd Sheppard’s Whissgig Comedy of Errors.

Limit Bitch (2 entries) 1st Brookshaw’s Anbrook Center Fold. Half sister to 2 and similar to her full sister who won open. Feminine bitch, sweet head, deep chest, level topline and good turn of stifle she moved well. 2nd Brookshaw’s Anbrook Violette A totally different type to her relations, she is what I would term an old fashioned type, being stronger throughout. Well boned, with a deep chest, good spring of rib and moved ok.

Open Bitch (4 entries) – 1st and CC Wilson’s Sh Ch Anbrook Fair Maid of Kent by Winhampton. This bitch excels in her overall balance, with a good reach of neck, deep chest with sufficient spring of rib. Rear angulation is correct, with a well-turned stifle. She has a level topline and maintained this as she moved effortlessly around the ring, being in synch with her handler at all times. I do prefer the head of 2, but the movement of this girl today got her the class. 2nd Hirst’s Sh Ch Creeaark Fantastica. It is not only puppies that can play up - she was giving her handler a hard time, before eventually settling down and moving well. This is a well put together bitch shown in excellent hard condition and with a pleasing head, good bone, deep chest and spring of rib. Another with a correct level topline which she held on the move. 3rd Wilson’s Winhampton Oops A Daisy.

Maureen Taylor