• Show Date: 06/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Maureen Rees Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)

3 COUNTIES CHAMPIONSHIP DOG SHOW 09.06.2019 LABRADOR RETRIEVER Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge, my two lovely stewards who kept me on track and lastly to the exhibitors for entering and coming with some super dogs. However I was not pleased with the condition of some, filthy, not oil from the coat but dirt, my hands were black. This is not acceptable, it does not take much to clean the dog with some wipes, and a good brush! A couple could be smelt from the stewards table - not pleasant. Having said that I did have many beautifully presented exhibits. I kept being told “my dog is very lively and can’t stand still” what a feeble excuse, do something about it. A couple of minutes work each day to teach the dog to stand still, and having teeth looked at, makes for a much happier judge. If some can achieve this everyone can. Thank you to those that did. Tails seemed to be getting shorter affecting the overall balance and picture. Most of all I am concerned about the poor movement in the middle range classes, dogs in particular. Reach and drive seems to have disappeared, crossing legs, yes in a couple of cases! Flappy front movement from poor construction does not bode well. These are our future breeding stock. In some classes decisions were very close. I was pleased with my winners especially my two main ones powering round the ring together. MINOR PUPPY DOG 7/ 2ab Hard choice between 1 and 2 just preferred expression of the winner. I am sure both will do well in the future. 1. Perkins Carromer Tequila Just what a minor puppy should be, a baby, full of wiggle and enjoying his day out, not over done in any way. Beautiful kind head and gentle expression. Good length of neck for age running into level top line. Moved well with enthusiasm. BPD. BP. 2. McLellan’s Saranden Muscogee Another lovely baby puppy slightly more mature than the winner. Kind head and soft expression. Good top line flowing into well clothed tail. Well boned and balanced for his age and moved well. 3. Allen’s Timouron Top Gun PUPPY DOG 2 1. Chapman’s Daisypatch Jelly Tot Full of promise, soft expression with good pigment. Well balanced front and rear, clean neck flowing into level top line and straight to tail. Lovely neat feet 2. Mallin’s Elisabetta Red Teddy A taller darker yellow than winner with a little less bone. Kind head. Moved with drive but wide in the front. Hopefully this may improve with age. JUNIOR DOG 4/1ab 1. McLellan’s Saranden Pensacola Well-made chocolate, just a year. Gentle head, correct eye. Good length of neck, well balanced front and rear. Held level top line on the move. Thick well clothed otter tail. Moved with drive. 2. Smith’s Flyenpyg Porky Pig A lively yellow dog. Soft expression with good use of neat ears. Balanced front and rear with neat feet. Not in best coat today, although enough to be correct. Moved with drive but not as powerful as winner. 3. Hutchinson’s Glosmere The Grenadier YEARLING DOG 3 1. Metcalf’s Carromer Jack Flash to Baileydale JW The name says it all, a flashy yellow boy. Well made with good bone. Kind head and neat ears used well. Lovely neck, well laid shoulder, balanced with matching rear angles giving level top line onto good otter tail. Neat feet. Moved well with drive. 2. Jenner’s Lyjansen Simba’s Savanna Kind head and eye. Good use of ears. Well presented, balanced, steady on the move. A short tail affected the overall picture. 3. Perkins Ludalor Lyle by Kenninspires UNDERGRADUATE DOG 4/1ab 1. Grummit’s Suttonpark Phoenix at Manorwell A solid yellow with kind head not overdone. Good barrel ribs, short coupled, balanced front and rear. A little heavy over the shoulders but held level top line on the move. Moved with drive and reach. 2. Smith’s Flyenpyg Porky Pig 2nd in Junior 3. Hutchinson’s Glosmere The Grenadier GRADUATE DOG 11/1ab 1. Hodgkiss Dinnozo Top Notch Alfie Upstanding yellow dog. Lovely headed with correct eyes and ears. Good outline with nice depth of chest and spring of rib. Well balanced front and rear. Super top line and positive on the move. Presents a lovely clean picture, nothing overdone. Pleased to award RCC 2. King’s Linthwaite Excalibur JW Another upstanding yellow dog, not in full coat today. Kind head and expression used ears to his advantage. Good barrel ribs. Level top line flowing into tail of good length. Balanced and well-muscled, moved with enthusiasm and drive. Unlucky to meet winner today. 3. Britton’s Llanstinan Louis Lewis Bowstones POST GRADUATE DOG 9/5ab 1. Moody’s Trendlewood Mr Blue Sky Good flow of neck into balanced body. Straight front from the elbow, with good feet. Deep well sprung rib cage. Good flow of neck. Lovely bend of stifle and straight hocks. Moved well. 2. Mallin’s Afinmore Adair Well-presented chocolate dog. Kind head, deep chest and spring of rib, balanced front and rear. Would have preferred a little more length of leg for a more driving action. 3. O’Dell’s Vetybonbetty Chocolate Box LIMIT DOG 10/3ab 1. Johnson’s Cremino Chilly Pepper Sh.C.M. Wow! My first thought when I turned and saw this dog. A lovely balanced picture which was confirmed when I put my hands on him. Kind head and expression. Good reach of neck and lay of shoulder, level top line and correct tail set. Double coat. Overall superb balance and ground covering effortless movement. I had great pleasure to award him the CC later BOB. 2. Faulkner’s Lewisan Likely Lad Darker solid yellow. Kind head and correct eye. Well balanced front and rear, heavy over shoulders, no more weight! moved well but not the drive of 1. Good coat. Unfortunately was not available when recalled for challenge. 3. Autey’s Chadfrith Alcazaba OPEN DOG 7/2ab Two dogs I have admired from the ringside for a long time unfortunately neither had the wow factor for me today. Close decision. 1. Braddon’s Sh.Ch. Trendlewood Born to Run JW Well bodied yellow. Pleased to see he has lost some weight. Lovely balanced head and gentle expression. Good neck into well placed shoulders. Clean outline with correct depth of chest and good spring of rib. Balanced fore and rear. Moved well with drive although would be improved if a fraction faster. 2. Carpanini’s Carpenny Primo Black dog with a beautiful head and the gentlest of expression. Soft eyes and neat ears. Deep chest, well sprung barrel ribs. Well balanced throughout moving with drive. For perfection needs to go a tad faster. Coming back into top condition. 3. Bold’s Shaymiloney Senate JW VETERAN DOG 5/2ab 1. Sharples Cadbarin Loganberry 8 year old black dog Kind head good reach of neck into level top line. Well balanced and moved well, better than some half his age. Not over done in any way. 2. Jenner’s Rossacre Trail Blazer at Lyjansen Black dog 7 years. Kind head, good reach of neck level top line. Less bone than the winner but well-muscled and moved well. Just preferred head and expression of 1 3. Collins Kaspair Now or Never MINOR PUPPY BITCH 13/2ab 1. Woodall’s Mattand A Million Dreams for Thirlmere Lovely head and expression so soft and gentle. Nice length of neck for age, good shoulders and correct front. Level top line flowing onto good tail. Moved with exuberance. 2. Mitchell’s Callyswood Crystal Paler yellow than winner again with a lovely gentle head and expression. Good neck and fore chest well balanced for age. Lovely bone. Moved well with enthusiasm. Double coat. 3. Kent’s Chyanhal Trevose of Trewinnard PUPPY BITCH 10/2ab 1. Bailiss’ Tissalian Hi Society Beautiful head with the sweetest of expression, correct eye shape with good pigment. Superb neck into well placed shoulders and onto level top line. Balanced front and rear angulations. Moved out well. BPB 2. King’s Mikmaqlabs Onawa Well made solid yellow, hopefully no more weight. Well balanced front and rear. Kind head and good length of neck into well placed shoulders. Moved well. Neat feet. Just preferred the head of the winner. 3. Lavelle’s Crosscroyde Chelsea Flyer JUNIOR BITCH 19/6 1. Braddon’s Trendlewood Simply the Best Well balanced yellow with gentle expression and kind eye. Good neck into well placed shoulders running onto level top line and onto well-developed hind quarters. Good tail and tail set. Moved well with drive. 2. Hoban’s Meadowleigh Black in Style A very pretty black with the kindest of heads which was hard to see with a hand waving in front! More slightly built than the winner. Well balanced. Well laid shoulder and front with matching rear angulation. Moved well with drive. 3. Beecham’s Princess Leia at Baileydale (Imp It) YEARLING BITCH 12/ab1 Close decision between the first two. 1. Evans Farnfield Clarity Beautifully headed with lovely eyes and ears. Good strong neck ample depth of ribs. Well balanced not overdone in any way. Good tail and tail set. Moved well with drive. 2. Charlton’s Classical Act at Foxrush JW Kind head and expression. Lovely neck into good shoulders. Dripping in coat, with lovely otter tail. Presents a square outline, so well balanced. Moved well with drive. 3. Parkinson’s Burnthorn Barleytwist UNDERGRADUATE BITCH 8/0ab 1. Peggs’ Jancett Aurora Lovely kind head. Good reach of neck and lay of shoulder. Straight from the elbows downwards. Deep fore chest and balanced angulations. Not in best coat but enough to see it was correct. 2. Parkinson’s Burnthorn Box Office Paler yellow bitch. Gentle head and expression. Moved well on lovely feet. Well balanced and in good coat. 3. Harvey-Major’s Linjor The Cover Girl GRADUATE BITCH 8/2ab 1. Charlton’s Foxrush Oops a Daisy JW Lovely head and expression. Good depth of brisket, solid front and compact in coupling. Lovely spring of rib. So well balanced. Correct otter tail. Moved with lovely driving action. RBCC 2. Jones Lembas Faith at Serenjar Darker yellow gentle head, neat ears and kind eye. Good length of neck, lay of shoulder and level top line. Well balanced and moved well but not the drive of the winner. 3 Britton’s Bowstones Windchimes POST GRADUATE BITCH 16/3ab 1. McLellan’s Saranden Arapaho Deep chocolate bitch. Feminine but strong head with correct eye colour. Strong neck into well placed shoulders. Lovely depth of chest, well sprung ribs. Kept top line and tail carriage on the move. Considered for higher honours. 2. Digweed’s Notonlyblack Eclipse of the Moon at Willokin (Imp) Black bitch with kind head. Would prefer a little more muzzle. Deep chest, well sprung ribs. Presents a clean outline. Moved cleanly from front with drive from well angulated hind quarters. Good coat. 3. Hodgkiss’ Dinnozo Yellow Diamond LIMIT BITCH 18/3ab 1. Rawlinson’s & Balshaw’s Shanorrell Socialite at Halishimoor Appealed for balance and shape. Feminine head with dark eye. Strong neck into correct shoulders. Good depth of chest well sprung ribs. Moved well from well-balanced limbs. Pleased to award BCC. 2. Jenkins’ Sekada Miss Bianca Darker yellow/ Lovely head and gentle eye. Well balanced presenting a square outline. Good bone. Moved soundly, enough muscle tone. 3. Johnson’s Cremino Crushed Ice OPEN BITCH 6/1ab A hair splitting decision just preferred the drive of the winner. 1. Radostnaya Rusmairas Lambada A pretty yellow with the kindest of expressions. Very well balanced front and rear. Good length of neck flowing onto level top line, held on the move and onto otter tail. Moved well with drive on neat feet. Considered for higher honours. 2. Hodge’s Naiken Classic Cliché Very feminine chocolate bitch with lovely outline and sweet expression. Good lay of shoulder into level top line. Strong hind quarters and short hocks produced lovely driving movement. 3. Lennox & Morgan’s Sh.Ch. Wilenmory Collabro JW VETERAN BITCH 6/2ab 1. Kilford Wojcik’s Courtrose Sweet Nell Super feminine bitch. Classic head with good shaped eye. Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Level top line moved well on neat feet. 2. Wilmshurst’s Mandamay Beyonce Sh.CM Moved well just preferred out-line of the winner. Feminine head with alert intelligent expression. Well balanced with good bone. 3. Lawton’s Gulsary Givenchy Maureen Rees Judge.