• Show Date: 27/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Maureen Daniels Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club

Breed: Shetland Sheepdog

Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club Championship Show Sunday October 27th 2019


Thank you to the Midwestern Shetland Sheepdog Club for inviting me to judge the dogs at the Championship show. Both my stewards kept things running efficiently and helped me to get through the day on time.

My overall impression of the dogs was one of disappointment, particularly where movement is concerned. Having said that I was pleased with my main winners, and my co-judge and I were in agreement on our joint decisions.

B.I.S. Stafford’s Rannerdale Queen o’ the North JW

R.B.I.S & B.O.S. Linford’s Hillhenry Thunderstorm JW

B.P.I.S. Pierce’s Philhope Summer Flame

B.V.I.S. Parkes’ Ch. Milesend Gold Token at Eljetia JW

MP (3,1)

1st Redpath’s Molson Miroquai

Pale S/W pleasing head with good flat skull, dark eye. Good length of neck and lay of shoulder. Really must not grow anymore but a nice puppy.

2nd Botham’s Balidorn Charmer

He is a little charmer, a very raw baby of just 6 months. Has a nice expression. Moved and showed well considering his age.

Puppy (2,0)

1st Withers Mitchfield Dizzee Rascal at Stanydale

Well broken Blue Merle of lovely make and shape. Dark eye and neat ears, Well arched neck, good lay of shoulder. Moved with ease around the ring. Would just prefer more refinement in his head. BPD

2nd Lycett’s Iliad Isle Delight

Shaded Sable, little unsettled. Pleasing head with a good expression.

Junior (4, 0)

1st Stafford’s Rannerdale Showmaster

A young sable and white I have admired from the ringside and was not disappointed when I handled him. A gorgeous head and expression. Well-shaped and placed dark eye, good filling of foreface. Well arched neck leading to well laid-back shoulders. Superb body shape. He moved effortlessly around the ring. Was pleased to award him the RCC. I am sure he will soon be elevated to the upper house.

2nd Varnom’s Milesend Blue Jeans

A well broken blue merle, unlucky to meet the winner today. Head handles well with dark eyes and neat ears – difficult in a merle. Pleasing outline, moved well.

3rd Pattinson’s Kyleburn Hidden Dream

Yearling (8, 1)

1st Goodwin’s Highbrook Hobnob

Rich Sable/White. Nice head and expression. Ample neck and well-placed shoulder. Stood and showed well.

2nd Botham’s Black Spice

Tricolour, Lighter made dog than the winner, but a lot to like. Showed and moved well

3rd Miles Keycharm Gold Standard at Milesend

Novice (3,0)

1st Lycett’s Iliad Isle of Ewe

Sable and White of correct size, with good bone. Pleasing head and expression, used his ears nonstop. Showed very well.

2nd Hepburn’s Foxstone Follow your Heart

Very similar to winner. Just preferred the head on the first placed.

3rd Milesend Blue Jeans

Graduate (2,0)

1st Fisher’s Shellamoyed Black Klansman JW

Handsome young man with a jet black coarse coat. Good head properties, Correctly shaped dark eye giving sweet expression. Showed and presented well.

2nd Sutherland’s Richmaus Ted Boy

Post Graduate (9,1)

1st Sangster’s Amethrickeh Storm Wizzard

Well broken Blue Merle. Nice head and superb expression. Well laid back shoulder. Level top line. Superb bend of stifle giving good drive from the rear. A little reluctant to use his ears which cost him in later class.

2nd Isdale’s Viewdale Cuddly Dudley

A well known young man who always gives of his best. Good head and expression, has a strong underjaw. Good bone. Showed well.

3rd Miles’ Milesend Morello

Limit (9,2)

1st Pierce’s Philhope Buzzword

Sable and white with good eyes and ears, which he used nonstop, giving a lovely expression. Well arched neck leading to well placed shoulders and level top line. Well boned for his size. Moved well coming and going.

2nd Robinson’s Sheltysham Nut Box in Alnmac

Darker Shaded sable with a pleasing head. Nice eye and ear placement, moved well

3rd Edward’s Castlerose Star Turn

Open ((6,0)

1st Reeves’ Ch/Ir CFearnach Crusader Very smart well-presented tricolour with a lovely outline, and jet-black coat which was presented to perfection. Lovely eye and ears. Covered the ground well. Was a strong contender for one of the tickets but just preferred the head properties of my two ticket winners. A very worthy champion.

2nd Bray’s Ch. Lianbray Lothario JW

Another worthy champion with a nice head and expression. Moved with ease

3rd Rutterford’s Ch. Kelgrove Just Blue at Stormhead.

Veteran (4,0)

Only four in the class but all well worthy of a red card.

1st Goodwin’s Ch. Highbrook Hot Heir

Rising 8 years, he has a lovely head and expression. A credit to his owners, another worthy champion.

2nd Pattinson’s Kyleburn Acis.

It is hard to believe this dog is 11 years old. His head handles well, with no coarseness at all. Must be spot on fourteen and a half. Moved well.

3rd Tucker’s Sandiacre Set in Ice.

Sable & White (4,2)

1st Rutterford’s Evad Whougonnacall at Stormhead JW

Moved up from reserve in last class, another youthful veteran. Just unlucky to meet the veteran winners.

2nd Spencer’s Balidorn Rock Star

Nice head, good eye neat ears.

 Tricolour (4,0)

1st Linford’s Hillhenry Thunderstorm JW

Tricolour Dog who I have previously awarded best puppy. He has slowly matured into a handsome young man. Super head, lovely dark eye of correct shape, difficult to find in a tricolour. Flat skull. Used his ears continually. Well arched neck leading to correct shoulder placement. Correct body shape, jet black well presented coat. Moved with great purpose around the ring. Pleased to award him his 2nd CC, and hope his third is not far away.

2nd Withers’ Ch. Stanydale Shot in the Dark JW

First class confirmation and movement, a worthy champion

Blue Merle (3,0)

1st Rutterford’s Ch. Kelgrove just Blue at Stormhead JW ShCM 

Well known Champion Blue Merle. Gentle expression, lovely eye, neat ears particularly for a merle. Moved with ease.

2nd Milesend Blue Jeans

3rd Amethrickeh Storm Wizzard

 Maureen Daniels (judge)