• Show Date: 24/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mary Fisher Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Afghan Hound

Bath Canine Society 2019

Afghan Hound

Judge: Mrs M G Fisher

BEST OF BREED : 4500 COATES Mrs J M Gilari Silken Flame at Bukhara

Dog CC : 4541 JAMES, Mrs E & JAMES Miss I Sitana Aag Toofan

Res Dog CC : 4517 GARDNER Mrs G Javidan Bad Boy Boogie

Bitch CC : 4500 COATES Mrs J M Gilari Silken Flame at Bukhara

Res Bitch CC : 4542 JAMES, Mrs E & JAMES Miss I Gilari Vermillion Venus JW

Best Puppy : 4532 HAMILTON, Mr K & REUBY Mr G Shadowfax Snow Maiden

Best Veteran : 4517 GARDNER Mrs G Javidan Bad Boy Boogie

Best Special Beginner : 4534 HERITAGE Mrs J P & Mr A M Inayaah El Iraja At Jazzmeenah (Imp Ndl)(aw1)

Many thanks for the quality and quantity of the exhibits at Bath Show. My ring stewards, John and Celia, worked admirably for me also liaising with the Western Championship exhibitors in the neighbouring ring. Luckily in most classes I was spoilt for choice as so many exhibits well satisfied the Afghan breed standard but not necessary being clones of one another. Two dogs had undershot mouths and some had matted hair beneath their chests – I thought their chests were very deep! Skull shapes had faults resulting in atypical breed type and lack of eastern expression. Broad back skulls, forefaces lacking chiselling, eyes with haws sometimes hiding the iris, do not fit our breed standard. Temperaments were very sound. I hope the newcomers to dog showing will be welcomed to our hobby and enjoy showing their afghans again.


Class 1774 PD (7 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4545 LANCASHIRE, Mrs A M & Mr M & O'DONNELL Miss C Drishaun Fair As A Lily

 Eleven month self masked cream with glorious expression and pigmentation. Well proportioned in all departments. Adequate heart room for his age with correct length of rib cage and strong loin. Well set ring tail carried with confidence on the move. Good spring and extension, covering plenty of ground. Pleasing head carriage and silky coat completed the picture along with expert handling.

2nd: 4561 MOYES, Mr B & MOYES Mrs E Bryelis Rebel Heart

Eleven month black and silver. Another baby moving with style enabled by correct balance of well angled front and rear angulation. Not quite the head qualities of (1) being slightly stronger in back skull, but he does have very dark eyes.

3rd: 4543 LANCASHIRE, Mrs A M & Mr M & O'DONNELL Miss C Drishaun Pictures Of Lily

Class 1775 JD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4513 FINCH, Mr S & HOPPER Miss E Zandahar Xtraordinary Me At Zinzani

Thirteen month black and tan compact with masculine head and good expression. Firm backline good length of ribbing and spring. Well set ring tail. Scored in movement.

2nd: 4539 HURL, Mr R & Mrs J & NISBET, Mrs F & FORRESTER Ms Zandahar Xcuse Me Mister

Thirteen month silver brindle. Much rangier than his litter mate. Excellent muscular condition moved with big raking strides.

3rd: 4520 GODBER-FORD Mr & Mrs N & F Affyneeta Toskcan Sun :

Class 1776 YD (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4575 PARSONS Mr R & Mrs J Joneca Fire Cracker By Shukriya JW

Twenty one month shaded mask red. Balanced length of foreface and back skull. Not as expressive as (2). Stacked displays all his assets, length of neck, shoulder placement and return of upper arm with co-ordinating hind quarters. Excellent topline and tail set. Balanced in height and length. He puts these assets to use very well when moving, doing so with style.

2nd: 4580 ROPER, Mr D & MOORE Miss C Never Say Never De-koulangar At Temenshu

(Imp) Twenty two month black masked pale gold of smaller stature. He excels in head qualities. Very similar attributes to above but he was outdone on movement.

3rd: 4552 MCCORMACK Mrs V Tulak Despicable Me

Class 1777 ND (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4561 MOYES, Mr B & MOYES Mrs E Bryelis Rebel Heart

2nd: 4543 LANCASHIRE, Mrs A M & Mr M & O'DONNELL Miss C Drishaun Pictures Of Lily

Eleven month self masked red. Tall rangy boy who moved very well in this class. Typical expression and very sound throughout.

3rd: 4508 EARNSHAW Mr M & Mrs N Shadowfax Rakes Progress At Moonshadow

Class 1778 GD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4541 JAMES, Mrs E & JAMES Miss I Sitana Aag Toofan

Shaded mask two year old silken coated cream of medium size. I appreciated his head qualities and perfect small dark eyes. Correct outline when stacked with smooth lay of shoulder into strong backline hint of pin bones and good fallaway to well set ring tail. Able to extend, lift and drive on the move with correct footfall seen from front, rear and side. Covers a lot of ground. Well deserved his CC today.

2nd: 4521 GODBER-FORD Mr & Mrs N & F Affyneeta Dionysius

Substantial two and a half year old black and cream. Unlucky to meet (1) today. He also has the ability to move well but not the head qualities of (1).

Class 1779 PGD (12 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 4484 ABREY Mrs D Karagez Tame The World (Imp)

Two and a half year old black and brindle. Very impressive showman. Long lean head with good eye shape and colour. Strong neck to good shoulder and backline, good pin bones and croup. Ring tail held correctly. Deepest of chest and a strong loin. Moved at the right speed to demonstrate his qualities.

2nd: 4495 BURNS Mr J Saxonmill Phoenix Rising

Four year old gold brindle. I loved his type especially his chiselled head and light springy gait. Very well constructed. Good forechest, feet straight below his shoulders, balanced throughout.

3rd: 4491 BOVEY Mrs C & Mr C Sitana Barisa Toofan Karianca

Class 1780 LD (14 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4488 BLOOR Mr J R & Mrs M L Pashtari Lord Byron

Three year old black and brindle. Headed a strong class. Powerful dog but not coarse. Great head quality, with refinement where needed but still a strong jawline. Strong neck to good topline and fallaway. Well carried tail with ring. Huge feet, deep in chest with good tuck up to strong loin. Covered the ground with ease.

2nd: 4590 WINTERS Mr & Mrs C & S Pashtari Lord Tennyson Tokando JW

Black and brindle, slightly smaller litter mate to (1). I liked him a lot and see why he has a very impressive track record. At this stage he is needing some more chiselling to finish the picture.

3rd: 4574 PARSELL, Mr & Mrs G M & C & BEANLAND Mrs J Agha Djari's Navajo At Harlextan (Imp) Deu

Class 1781 OD (7 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4503 DOWD , Miss C & MALIA Miss A Ch Thendara Fait Accompli

Rising six year old all black who thought he owned the ring. Powerful and full of breed quality. Used his head and tail carriage well when moving. Has complimenting angles and enough length of back to move correctly. Appears shorter coupled than some I placed today, but didn’t over step at all. Winning in good company.

2nd: 4576 PARSONS Mr R & Mrs J Ch Syrdarya Hazelnut Hobnob At Shukriya JW Sh.CM

Seven year old shaded mask gold. An honest dog that I appreciated more having handled him today. In great condition and moving like a dream with effortless strides and spring to his step. Perfectly proportioned. I’m just still looking for the ‘at and through’ expression.

3rd: 4558 MOORE Mr W I Ch Cloudside Flash Strike JW

Class 1782 VD (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 4517 GARDNER Mrs G Javidan Bad Boy Boogie

Seven and a half year old blue dog in fabulous condition and demonstrating perfect balance even just free standing. Few dogs have a forechest like his. He has deep well sprung ribs, a square loin and correct tail set. His handler lets him build up his own speed to show off his extension and drive to advantage. I respect his real Afghan arrogance and awarded him the Reserve CC.

2nd: 4522 GOFF Mr K R & Mrs L J Gezancol In The Zone

Seven year old black and tan. Heavy coated and shorter in stature than (1). Nicely headed, well boned and angulated boy. Overly enthusiastic today which made his movement uncoordinated.

Class 1783 SBD/B (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4534 HERITAGE Mrs J P & Mr A M Inayaah El Iraja At Jazzmeenah (Imp Ndl)(aw1)

Ten month old black masked red bitch. Very feminine and steady when she moves but feels she needs more front extension.

2nd: 4540 HYDE Miss G Affyneeta Swanky Franky

Twenty month old black and silver dog. Tall, well built dog just learning the ropes and more settled in this class. He is very loose limbed at the moment which reflects in his movement.

Class 1784 MPB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4568 NOBLE, Miss J & GARDNER Ms T Aqua's The Bitchisback (Imp USA)

Shaded masked gold aged seven months. Quite a compact baby totally happy. Pleasing head and eye with good head carriage. Sound chest, nicely ribbed with level topline and square loin. Very precise, parallel movement with no exaggerations. Tail raised and carried correctly.

2nd: 4566 NISBET & FORRESTER Pramya Hot But Not Blonde at Finix (Imp)

Eight month old black and silver. Another lovely puppy, leggier than (1) but she scores in shape and eye colour, very deep chest. I loved her low set hocks.

Class 1785 PB (8 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4532 HAMILTON, Mr K & REUBY Mr G Shadowfax Snow Maiden

Tall nine month self masked cream who headed a strong class. Promises to have a natural saddle although coat still at the fluffy stage compared with (2). She has a quality head with excellent pigmentation to eyes which are dark and well shaped. Good width of front, well angulated shoulder and upper arm. Well developed rib cage for a baby. Judging by her muscle tone she is well exercised which accounts for her mature body strength. Correct set tail which rings when moving. Well co-ordinated, ground covering, springy strides for one so young.

2nd: 4546 LANCASHIRE, Mrs A M & Mr M & O'DONNELL Miss C Drishaun Don't Gild The Lily

Ten month self masked red. Her sleek coat pattern makes her look more mature than (1) but she didn’t match the performance of (1). A lovely example of the Afghan standard, with text book head, neat and precise on the move with pleasing long limbs and balanced length of body.

3rd: 4566 NISBET & FORRESTER Pramya Hot But Not Blonde at Finix (Imp)

Class 1786 JB (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 4567 NISBET, Mrs F & FORRESTER Miss A Zandahar Xclusively For Finix

Thirteen month heavily coated black and tan. Strong in head. Excellent profile with good neck, dead level topline and well set ring tail. Fore feet set well beneath shoulders, well developed ribbing and strong loin. Well angulated hind quarters. Her quality producing excellent movement.

Class 1787 YB (5 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 4553 MCCORMACK Mrs V Tulak Never Been Kissed

Seventeen month self masked pale gold. Beautiful profile enhanced by her coat pattern. Good head with pleasing expression. Slightly shorter in back length than (2) but has less hind angulation so foot fall is still correct. Nice ribbing and strong loin. Eager mover but I wish she didn’t feel inclined to drop her head. Hind movement very true going away where she scored over (2).

2nd: 4559 MOORE Mr W I Ch Cloudside Sunflower Jw

Twenty three month self masked pale gold. Very attractive head and expression. Lighter boned than (1) but similar to go over. More pin bone definition than (1). Moved well in profile being very light on her feet, but was moving quite wide behind today - what a shame as I really liked her.

3rd: 4586 STEVENS, Mr I & CRAFT Mrs K Jonaca Fireblade

Class 1788 NB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4566 NISBET & FORRESTER Pramya Hot But Not Blonde at Finix (Imp)

2nd: 4548 LANCASHIRE, Mrs A M & Mr M & O'DONNELL Miss C Drishaun Say She Ain't Gazon (ai)

Eleven month blue/cream domino. Very glamorous houndy baby. I loved her long lean head and fabulous pigment. Balanced throughout. Nice fallaway but tail a bit wayward at present.

3rd: 4547 LANCASHIRE, Mrs A M & Mr M & O'DONNELL Miss C Drishaun Consider The Lily

Class 1789 GB (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4581 SANGHERA Mr H & Mrs J Tulak Driving Miss Daisy To Sitana

Seventeen month shaded masked cream. Stronger built, rangier and heavier coated than her litter sister. Good length of skull but back skull a bit heavy. Comes into her own on the move, covers loads of ground effortlessly. Fabulous coat texture.

2nd: 4509 FAIRBURN, M, & ROBERTS, P Mesdames Cloudside Sunset

Top notch twenty three month old red brindle bitch. Preferred her head to (1). Excellent construction and presentation again, but just not the ground cover of (1) today.

3rd: 4567 NISBET, Mrs F & FORRESTER Miss A Zandahar Xclusively For Finix

Class 1790 PGB (7 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4500 COATES Mrs J M Gilari Silken Flame at Bukhara

My find of the day! This three year old is how I imagine a traditional afghan to be. She is a rangy red sporting a beard beneath her glorious head. Perfect eye placement producing desired expression. Then a series of smooth lines along her neck to her shoulder, glowing saddle, pin bones and well angled fallaway with ringed tail. Silky hair on her fore feet with sloping pasterns and correctly angled for legs matched with hind quarters. Flawless performance in her class and the Challenge won her the CC.

2nd: 4542 JAMES, Mrs E & JAMES Miss I Gilari Vermillion Venus JW

Another stunning red, only afterwards did I realise they are litter mates. Fractionally shorter coupled and less mature, but to handle, shut your eyes and there is only a hairs breath between them. (1) had the edge on expression. Reserve CC.

3rd: 4526 GREENFIELD Mrs D Pashtari Lady Windermere To Phelezzi

Class 1791 LB (9 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4524 GOSLING, Ms T & Mrs J & HUMPHREYS Mrs N Ayoubkhan Silver Cloud JW

How lucky to find yet another bitch that sums up an afghan for type and temperament. At five years old she has now developed the extra substance to finish the picture and is in fabulous condition. A tall houndy blue with refined head, long neck producing a lovely outline when stacked. She maintains that outline on the move, which she knows she can do so well. Won this class with a top class example of a light springy gait, shame she just gave up in the challenge.

2nd: 4565 NEWTON Mrs L Shimalma Midnight Liaison

Most beautifully presented quality four year old silver brindle. Again one producing great lift and extension. Refined, dignified and functional, personifying the breed.

3rd: 4531 HALL Mrs R A Saxonmill Mirror Mirror

Class 1792 OB (10 Entries) Abs: 2

What an honour to judge these top winning bitches.

1st: 4496 BUSBY Mr A P & Mrs L I M Ch Syrdarya Malted Milk At Wilbus JW

Seven year old shaded mask cream. Beautifully chiselled and bearded head which I could appreciate much more than from the ringside. I closed my eyes to go over her body – and everything flows. She is quality and moved to match. Beautiful coat and in great condition.

2nd: 4535 HITCH, Miss M & BARLEY Mrs J Ch Zhivias Sunrise Surprise Of Zendushkas

Four and a half year old shaded mask red. Immaculately presented with gleaming red saddle and in great condition. Correct head with desired underjaw and good eye placement. Lengthy neck, slightly shorter shoulder blade than (1), good topline, fallaway and tail set. Nice spring of rib, pleasing angles allowing easy springy strides.

3rd: 4487 BASTOW Mrs W & Mr G Ch Cloudside Flashlight at Karandikar JW

Class 1793 VB (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 4554 MCKENDRY Mrs L Cloudside Empress Octavia

Red brindle of nearly eight years. Still in tremendous coat and full of vim and vigour. I appreciated her femininity. She has a lovely skull shape, long neck and excellent shoulders. Long rib cage and square loin with firm topline and obvious pinbones. Good fallaway to ringed tail. Used her well angulated hind quarters to advantage still moving with light easy strides.

2nd: 4502 DARE Mrs J Ch Sitana Nishana At Lakarnadream JW

Glamorous seven and a half year old bitch. Pale gold with grizzle saddle that gleams with health. Excels in depth and balance. Long dignified skull with dark well shaped eyes. Shorter in neck than (1). Good shoulders and level topline. Slightly flatter in croup than (1) with less prominent pin bones. Good tail carriage and moves with true, steady gate.

Judge: Mary Fisher