• Show Date: 04/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mary Blackwell Sherratt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

National Gundog Association

Breed: Irish Red & White Setter

National Gundog Association Championship Show

Irish Red & White Setters – 4th August 2019


Many thanks to National Gundog Association and its member Clubs and Societies for inviting me to judge at this lovely show and to my excellent stewards Graham and Ann Lambert for the efficient way they carried out their duties.

Thank you for bringing your lovely dogs for me to judge I thoroughly enjoyed my day and some decisions were very close. I awarded my first set of CC’s 30 years ago and have had a number of opportunities to assess and reflect on how the breed has developed over the years. Sadly as in most breeds numbers are diminishing but that doesn’t mean the quality is not there, I was delighted with my CC and RCC winners. There are a few of areas breeders need to give more attention to and although they are only cosmetic in the main it does not mean we should not make every effort to improve in those areas.

Some coats were slightly ticked and although this does not detract from the overall dog, it is not desirable and can not be allowed to become the norm, there is a lack of full pigment in the nose in a few, again cosmetic but not moving in the right direction. There were a number of exhibits with weak front pasterns and flat feet this is not cosmetic and is most undesirable giving an overall weakness to the front assembly.

Veteran Dog - Entries 4 Absentees 0

It was an honour to judge these two worthy Champions.

1. WADE’S - SH CH BALLAKINNISH MALACHI AT OLDESTONE Excels in breed type, masculine balanced head but still maintaining a soft expression, well off for bone with nice tight feet well angled fore and aft, moved happily around the ring straight and true, in the best of coats I was delighted to award him Dog CC, BOB and Best Veteran.

2. WALKER’S - SH CH/IR SH CH VANDERS VA VOOM AVEC WROXHAM Set on slightly smaller lines but strong throughout lovely depth of chest and spring of rib, nicely rounded croup and correct rail set.


Puppy Dog – Entries 1 Absentees 0

1. SHERLOCK’S ALANEA SPECIAL ONE - Both handler and dog are still at the learning stage, the making of a lovely head, good elbows and well off for bone, time is on his side he will have a bright future once he learns to show himself off. Best Puppy

Junior Dog – Entries 1 Absentees 0

1. TATTERSALL’S CARRICK SHADOW DOG AT ALANEA (IMP POL) This boys quality just oozes out, sweet masculine head leading into a well arched neck, best of oval bone, good topline which he held on the move, well muscled and mature beyond his age, a compact package but all there. His stunning outline and overall breed type just stood out in the line up he could not be denied the Reserve CC.

Spec Beg – No entries

Yearling Dog - Entries 2 Absentees 0

Two very different exhibits but both with good points.

1. KNOX & JAKINS’ - TERNE DES CORIS QALIMERO AT COOLFIN (IMP BEL) JW Pleasant head with good stop and lovely dark eye, well ribbed up and strong in the loin, good coat and colour a little rangy on the move, good tail set when stood.

2. MARTIN’S - LAOIREBAY STEEL BLUE OCEAN AT SHANNONSTYLE JW Mature boy with lots to like, the best of deep chests and good oval bone, nice head with soft expression. Good firm topline held on the move.

Graduate Dog – No entries

Post Grad Dog – Entries 3 Absentees 0

1. STEVENS’ - CORRANROO CLOONEY OF ANNAGH- Cobby boy with a lovely balanced shape, nice deep chest, clean neck and shoulders, well off for bone, correct croup and tail set. Good feet.

2. HUMPHRIES’S SPYEFIRE SECRET AGENT JW - Needs to mature into his frame, still very much a baby and out of coat making him look very raw. Strong in head but with correct proportions.


Limit Dog - Entries 3 Absentees 0

1. WARD’S CORNADORE ARGYLE WITH COPPERWHITE (IMP POL) - One of the best movers of the day, balanced dog in excellent coat and condition, just the right amount of angulation fore and aft, presented a lovely picture. Square muzzle and kind dark eye giving him the correct gentle expression.

2. BALL & HARRISON’S CORRANROO COMMITMENT TO SIORRUDH JW - Shorter coupled boy, well ribbed up, muscular body and strong loin, well off for bone. Lovely arched neck, good markings and colour.


Open dog - Entries 4 Absentees 0

A difficult decision between these two superb dogs.

1. BIRCH & WEST’S CORRANROO CAMERO AT HITIDES – A true red & white without any exaggeration he excels in breed type with typical head and kind eye, strong in body with good depth of chest, good clean shoulders and powerful well anguled hind quarters, well muscled throughout. Moved with drive and purpose.

2. GARDNER’S - ALANEA GAME RESERVE WITH DANWISH - One of my favourites, beautifully balanced dog, well muscled with the best of angles, correct strong oval bone and good feet, kind eye giving a gentle expression. His movement is a delight to watch, free striding with drive, holding his topline and carrying his head in such a regal manner. Unlucky to meet one today but his time will come.


Good Citizen D – No entries

Veteran Bitch - Entries 2 Absentees 0

1. WARD’S SH CH BALLAKINNISH MISCHIEF MAKING COPPERWHITE JW – a compact bitch with the sweetest of heads well balanced throughout with good oval bone she has matured and greatly improved with age, strong and athletic but in no way course a beautiful lady and a well deserved Reserve CC.

2. BARNEY’S SH CH CASAFELICE RHOEN AT ROMAUNT – Gentle expression and in excellent coat and condition, well marked with a strong muscular body and excellent rear assembly, correct croup and tail set. Moved with reach and drive.

Puppy – Bitch Entries 1 Absentees 0

1. WARD’S CORNADORE BIA BECOMES COPPERWHITE (IMP POL) – Sweet baby who needs time, I hope her occiput disappears as she grows and pasterns strengthen, standing she has a nice outline, happy baby who enjoyed her run around the ring.

Junior - Bitch Entries 1 Absentees 0

1. O'CONNOR’S DALCROSS DANCING QUEEN WITH CAISPERN – This young lady stood alone which is such a pity as she could hold her own in any company. Substantial bitch with strong correctly arched neck leading into good shoulders, sweet head with soft expression. Needs to settle on the move to complete the picture.

Yearling – Bitch Entries 3 Absentees 0

1. BALL & HARRISON’S LAOIREBAY SHE'S LEAVING HOME TO SIORRUDH JW – Mature young lady well ribbed up, with strong muscular body, good front angulation and well off for strong oval bone. Definitely athletic rather than racy.

2. HART’s IANBRO MYSTIC QUARTZ SHINES AT GILLIEGRAE JW – both 2nd & 3rd are set on more racy lines, lots to like about them my 2nd has a good spring of rib and well muscled body and my 3rd moved beautifully around the ring I just wish they had more substance.


Graduate Bitch – Entries 2 Absentees 0


As yearling bitch

2. HENSON’s IANBRO CORELLIAN CALYPSO TATSBRO – Litter sister to 2nd & 3rd in YB more mature than her siblings but would still like more of her, a pretty bitch with correct head planes and soft expression, in good coat and condition, correct slop to croup and good tailset.

Limit – Bitch - Entries 4 Absentees 1

1.BAYNE’S CORRANROO CONSORT – Stood out in this class, and excels in breed type and quality, so balanced standing and on the move. Good angulation fore and aft, well sprung rib, strong muscular body, and strong loin, well off for bone shown in excellent coat and condition. Correct planes to her sweet head, lovely dark pigment. Moved with drive and flair around the ring. Bitch CC

2.BARNEY’S ROMAUNT AIN'T LIFE GRAND – I liked this girl as a youngster and she has not disappointed as she has matured. Full of breed type in excellent coat and condition. Clean neck and shoulders, strong muscular body and good rear assembly which shows as she is such a sound mover.


Open – Bitch - Entries 3 Absentees 1

1. HART’S SH CH GILLIEGRAE SWIFT N'CHIC – This young lady has improved with age she has grown into her frame and is in tip top condition, well bodied with good ribs and depth of chest and good bone. She is at the top end for size and would I would prefer a more typical head, her movement was sound covering the ground with ease which won her the class.

2. PILMER’S ANISBRIG KILKERRAN – a pretty bitch, with nicely arched neck leading into good shoulders she is well balanced throughout, just needs a little more maturity to finish the picture. Lost out to the better front movement of 1.

Mary Blackwell Sherratt