• Show Date: 03/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Ord Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Border Terrier

Paignton & District Championship Show 3/8/2019

BORDER TERRIER : Thank you all who entered today some classes more difficult than others & some that could change places on a different day. For me it is all about judging the dog on the day and how it performs. I am sad to say I found many of the males difficult to span, I was not impressed with a lot of the heads, the standard is specific on what it requires. Tails I found better than previously. A lot of dogs I thought good on the stack fell apart in front movement. Bitches for me had more depth of quality and more uniform in size, happy to say I could span most of them. I have been criticised before as have others for using the term racy when the breed standard only uses the term with regard to quarters but I also interpret the statement “able to follow a horse” to mean a dog needs to be racy. Nothing heavy & broad will be capable of this task. Vital to remember what the breed was bred to do. Borders had the biggest entry in Terriers today by a long shot & I thank you all for giving me the privilege to handle your dogs.

I was delighted with my top winners today, I was informed my doc C.C, res C.C. & best puppy dog were all related. My bitch C.C. I did well as a puppy at an open show and is the daughter of the bitch I gave the C.C. last time i judged the breed. 

Minor Puppy D (3) : 1 & B.P.D. Spafford’s Reedwater Doc Holliday By Dassett well shaped skull with short strong muzzle, well set ears, moderate in neck & has a good front, body very raw but to be expected, good top line, neat feet & tail of good length set & carriage, correct double coat with correct texture, loose pelt, moved steadily fore & aft ; 2 Lowe & Mile’s Brumborder Jump Ship To Rockslade, could not match one in head, good front, body more developed than 1 with good rib & loin, in excellent double coat, small neat feet, tail well set & carried, moved better in front than behind ; 3 Haugh’s Skyeisla Blue Reflection.

Puppy D (3-1abs) : 1 Haydon & Gibbing’s Earthaw Keep Smiling, has a good otter head, with strong jaw, good dentition, body quite mature for age, clean in front, & sound in the quarters, well set tail, moved soundly fore & aft, loose thick pelt and has a coat of correct texture but I would like more ticking ; 2 Taylor’s Barkanellie Blackadder , not the head of 1, scores highly in body, loose pelt & in excellent double coat, small neat feet, has a good front & corresponding quarters, moved steady but a little loose at this early stage.

Jun D (6) : 1 Small’s Howthwaite Gentil Duke at Tilmoray, pleasing in head with strong jaw, moderate in length of neck, balanced shoulder & upper arm, neat feet, easy to span ribs which are carried well back, strong in loin, racy quarters, tail well set & carried, in good harsh coat with close undercoat, scores highly for his sound movement both fore & aft ; 2 Jackson’s Borderby’s Return To Sender For Clipstone, correct skull with well set ears, moderate length of neck, easy to span rib, strong loin, correct feet, tail well set & carried, moved true. On first impressions looked heavy in shoulder but on handling it appears to be his coat pattern, correct coat texture ; 3 Girling’s Benattivo Jack Jones.

P. Grad D (9-3abs) : 1 Brewster & Green’s Stowthorney Wicker Man, lovely otter head with strong jaw & correct dentition, racy both in body & quarters, he has the correct lay of shoulder & upper arm to balance, loose pelt & good coat but would like more of it, well set tail & carriage, moved with ease & purpose, very sound dog who had the best muscle tone today, neat feet. Could certainly follow a horse with ease ; 2 H Gentle D at T ; 3 Hyslop’s Rocksam at Raisbeck.

Limit D (8) : Quality class of males. 1, C.C. & B.O.B. Spafford's Dassett Last Waltz JW, only young but on first impressions fills the eye for balance & breed type, has an excellent otter head with short strong muzzle, good dentition,v shaped ears well set, good reach of neck leading to correct straight front, when you feel his shoulder & corresponding upper arm you understand why he moves so soundly, correct shape of rib which is easy to span, super top line always held, lovely racy quarters & tail well set & carried, in correct coat of harsh texture & has undercoat, loose pelt, neat feet. Delighted to be told after judging this was his third C.C. and is a most worthy Ch. I was happy with my decision when I watched him in the group & thrilled to see him be shortlisted, congratulations ; 2 Irving’s Dandyhow Captain Morgan, this dog deserves top awards on his size & balance, I can remember old breeders in their reports would describe this one as “ a dog of handy or useful size & shape” by this they were meaning could do what they were bred to do. Correct in head shape & short strong muzzle, correct dentition, lovely straight front, easy to span his rib & firm loin, neat feet & tail of good length & set which he carries correctly, good coat textures but not at its best today so had to settle for Res C.C. ; 3 Armstrong’s Lynsett Lewis.

Open D (13-2abs) : 1 Fleming’s Ch Cedarhill Ghost Writer JW, quality young male & worthy of his title, in profile his picture is of balance & correct in size, has the desired otter head shape, correct dentition, clean in neck & front, spannable ribs of correct shape, excellent in top line, racy quarters, small neat feet & tail well set & of correct length, he has a loose pelt and perfectly presented coat of correct texture, one I strongly considered for top honours ; 2 Guvercin’s Ch. Glebheath Just A Gigolo, prefer head of 1 but what a lovely balanced sound dog, his movement scores him highly, sound both fore & aft with minimum effort, lovely clean straight front, easy to span his rib, strong loin, excellent in top line, has excellent rear which is very evident when he moves & how he stands himself, neat feet & correct tail, in excellent coat and presented to perfection, another worthy of his title ; 3 Barrett’s Howthwaite Grainsgill.

Veteran D (4-1abs) : 1 Wilson’s Ch Olderhill Afortunado, almost 9 yr old who does not look his age, lovely head shape with strong jaw, clean in out line & still has a rib you can span, deep & narrow with ribs well carried back, strong in loin, stands with a lovely straight front & moves soundly with precision, super dense coat of good texture, worthy title holder as is 2 Jenkin’s Ch. Badger beck Uncle Fester, younger than 1, good skull & strong in jaw with small v shaped ears well set on, moderate length of neck & has a good front, correct shape of ribbing & firm in his loin, moved soundly, good coat & pelt, neat feet & tail well set ; 3 Waller’s Question Master.

Sp. Beginners D (4-2abs) : 1 Aldous’s Twigglestone Steps To Hevn, pleasing in head shape with well set ears, moderate in neck & has a lovely rib shape, easy to span, double coat with good texture, neat feet & well set on tail & carriage, lovely sound quarters which drive well on move ; 2 Haugh’s Skyeisla Blue Reflection, very raw pup, not the head of 1, good straight front, can span his rib & is of good overall size, needs to tighten on the move, tail well set & carried, neat feet.

Sp. Beginners B (7-2abs) : 1 Aldous’s Twigglestone Serendepite from a repeat mating of Sp. Beginners D, lovely otter head with short & strong muzzle, correct dentition, moderate length of neck leading to correct shoulder & upper arm, good depth of chest & easy to span her ribs, strong in loin and holds her top line well both on stack & moving, lovely racy quarters, tail well set & carried, moved soundly with ease, in good hard condition with correct double coat ; 2 Dixon’s Otterpaws Red Red Wine, most lovely head on this baby, moderate neck leading to correct straight front, excellent rib & overall body shape, racy quarters & well set tail, moved soundly fore & aft but giving her handler a rough time while trying to stack ; 3 Culliford’s Laurelton Susie’s Surprise.

Minor Puppy B (5-2abs) : 1 T Serendipite ; 2 O Red Red W ; 3 Nightingale’s Foxfactor Foxtrot.

Puppy B (6) : 1 & B. Puppy Sansom’s Tarkaswell Waltzin Matilda, lovely otter shaped head with short strong muzzle,well set ears & has a keen expression, is of excellent size & shape, correct in rib shape & easy to span, well set quarters & tail of correct shape & set, neat feet, she moves very soundly both in front & driving action from her rear, thick loose pelt, just coming into new coat but it is double & of correct texture, presented to perfection & particularly well handled. Delighted to see her also short listed in the puppy group, well done ; 2 Fleming’s Bracknell Countdown To Flegato, absolutely loved this pup & pushed 1 hard today, slightly younger & needs more time to tighten in front movement, most excellent head, straight front, lovely size & easy to span rib, firm strong loin, racy quarters which she uses well, coat correct & presented to perfection, neat feet & good tail carriage & set, another handled & presented to perfection ; 3 O Red Red W.

Jun B (11-4abs) : First 4 in this class although quite different all had their own quality breed points. 1 Irving’s Dandyhow Pandora, loved her for size & she moves with sound easy strides, keen in expression on a good otter head, well set v shaped ears, straight front & stands herself soundly on a loose lead, correct in rib & loin, neat feet,her tail carriage & set are correct, racy in body & quarters, quality feminine b ; 2 Barrett’s Howthwaite Gay Dusky have judged her at an open show as a raw baby & has come on well since then, a little taller than 1 & 3 today but you can still span her rib, most lovely head shape with strong jaw & good dentition, moderate neck & is in quite mature body shape, coat & pelt are correct, her coat has super texture, tail well set & carried, moved exceptionally well but perhaps slow her down a little, does tend to get carried away ; 3 Gilpin’s Otterbobs Georgia Blue.

P. Grad B (15-6abs) : 1 Hollingsbee’s Otterwood Diodem JW, took my eye on first run around and was not disappointed when I went over her. Good otter head & correct in jaw with strong bite, moderate length of neck to good shoulder & upper arm, has correct body proportions, deep & narrow with ribs carried well back, strong loin, tail well set & carried on move, neat feet, in harsh jacket with depth of undercoat, lovely movement in profile & sound fore & aft ; 2 Fryer’s Iron Sovay, handy size b who is typical in head & expression, well set V shaped ears, she has such a heavy coat gives impression may be difficult to span but this was not the case, correct textured coat & plenty undercoat, correct carrot shaped tail, enthusiastic mover who shows her socks off ; 3 Ellis’s Normbar Estee Lauder.

Limit B (8-2abs) : 1 Gilpin’s Otterbobs Duchess, just the size you want, feminine but not overly fine, moderately broad in skull with keen expression & well set v shaped ears, strong jaw with firm tight dentition, straight in front with balanced shoulder & upper arm which are well set, her ribs are carried well back & easy to span, firm strong loin, racy quarters, in super double coat with thick loose pelt, carrot shaped tail well set & carried, shown to perfection on a loose lead to show her effortless free stride both fore & aft, worthy winner of the C.C. in good competition today ; 2 Mooney’s Chesterton Boutique, lovely racy lines, sound mover. Has a good shaped feminine head, keen eye & well set ears, stands well in front & has correct ribs well carried back & firm loin, tail well set & carried on move, neat compact feet, sound racy quarters but tends to be overstretch a little ; 3 Dixon’s Foxcraig Magic Diamond.

Open B (15-3abs) : Another quality class.1 & Res C.C. Guvercin’s Ch. Glebheath Fingers On Lips at just 2 yrs old this worthy title holder just oozes quality, well shaped head & v shaped ears correctly set, moderate neck leading to excellent shoulder & upper arm, stands straight in front at all times, does not need to be put in position she does it naturally, easy to span rib, strong firm loin, best of quarters & tail correctly set and carried, presented to perfection in double jacket of correct texture & certainly has a dense undercoat, lovely thick loose pelt, movement is sound & precise ; 2 Jordan-Smith’s Riverside Marsha at Jordith, very similar in body shape as 1 but slightly different head shape, younger than 1 so needs more time to her advantage, saying that she held her own in this strong class today. Good otter head & strong jaw with tight strong dentition, ribs carried well back & firm in loin, lovely tail shape & set, neat feet, double jacket which is of good texture, presented in hard fit condition & expertly handled, when doing write up informed they are half sisters and on inspecting the catalogue later I see are sired by the dog I gave Res C.C. to last time I judged ; 3 Baird’s Tojamatt Debutante For Dowgri Sh.CM

Veteran B (4-2abs) : 1 & B.V. Jackson’s Ch. Cobstonway Moon River At Clipstone, just coming up 10 yr old b who stills moves soundly & with ease, most lovely head shape & well set ears, can still span her rib & strong in loin, best of coats, it is double & superb hard texture of her top coat, carrot shaped tail well set, moved true fore & aft & thoroughly enjoying the show ring still, worthy title holder ; 2 Brewster & Green’s Foxfinder Becky At Stowthorney 12 yr old girl and another who can still move soundly which she did with ease, still in excellent body shape & can span her rib, tail well set on her racy quarters, prefer head shape of 1.

Mark Ord (Judge)