• Show Date: 03/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Ord Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Bedlington Terrier

Paignton & District Championship Show 3/8/19

I would sincerely like to thank The Officers & Committee for inviting me to judge over two days at this lovely relaxed show. Special thanks to my stewards who did a grand job.

I am pleased to say I found no concerns in the dogs entered today, all feet appeared to be in good order and I could see no health issues to mention. I found a large variation in height in the breed and although most dogs moved soundly I found not many to have that mincing gate so typical in the breed. Coats varied a lot but I was judging the dogs overall. I found heads to be good with correct eyes. 

Bedlington Terrier : Jun D (3) : 1 Baldwin’s Woolytop The Pipers Son, prefer the size & balanced profile picture over 2 & thought he was more together on the move, correct skull & long tapering jaw, good dentition & has strength, well set small eye & ears set low on head, tapering neck & no throatiness, body still developing, flat rib, good loin, strong in hock & has correct tapering tail well set on & carried, moved with confidence, in good coat & a promising prospect ; 2 Gillie’s Rhicullen Rennie Mac, at this stage of development is more rangy & taller than 1, pleasing head & good eye & ear sets, depth of chest & good loin, tail well set & carried, moved true fore & aft, think he needs time to balance out to his advantage as does 3 both have plenty time to do so ; 3 Baldwin’s Woolytop Stand And Deliver.

P. Grad D (Poultney’s Travellerways Josiah, up to size male, pleasing in head shape & good strong jaw, good front, could loose a little weight to advantage & body would be better, well set rear, correct hare feet, tail tapering but carried a little high at times on the move, in good coat & hard muscular condition.

Limit D (2) : 1 McManus L’End Show Mystery Universe, just under 2 yr old who i liked for size, still think he needs to mature to give the finished picture, lovely head shape, correct small eye, low set ears flat to cheek, tapering neck, has a lovely shoulder set & upper arm, correct in feet, deep in chest & good arch of loin, stands well on his strong hocks which are well let down, tapering tail of good length & set, moved soundly fore & aft, just needs time, in super coat & hard condition ; 2 Kinn’s Kinnuva Dark Slleekster, 3 yr old male, more mature than 1 but prefer size & balance of 1, prefer head shape of 1, good neck & front, depth of chest & strong in loin, long hare feet with good padding, tapering tail well set, in good coat of correct texture, hard muscular condition.

Open D (6) : 1 & C.C. Offer’s Ch. Woolytop The One And Only JW Sh.CM, fully mature & the finished article at 5 years of age, all male who presents a balanced picture in profile, narrow skull & strong in jaw with good dentition, large well defined nostrils, moderate sized ears low set on head, small bright eyes, lovely tapering neck into a super front, correct in feet shape & strong pads, depth of chest is spot on & nice flexible body, strong well let down hocks, tapering low set tail, in excellent coat & linty in texture, moved with ease & confidence ; 2 & Res C.C.Offer’s Woolytop The Wherryman Sh.CM, nearly 3 yr old son of 1, very similar in size, balance & type, masculine & well balanced, good head, strong jaw, correct tapering neck into good shoulders, deep in chest & correct in loin, good feet & tapering tail which is well carried, super coat of good texture, well presented, moved soundly & with ease, just needs the maturity of his father, 2 sound quality males ; 3 Middlebrook’s Tcheria Tcharleston.

Sp. Beginners D (1) : 1 T Josiah.

Puppy B (3-1abs) : 1 & B. Puppy Jones’s Pengerrig Pure Heart, good shape of head & strong jaw with good dentition, excellent in neck & front, body still developing, well set quarters, when she settled moved out well, correct tapering tail & well set & carried, hare feet with good pads, not the profuse coat yet of 2 but preferred her top line on move ; 2 McManus’s Travellerways Brianna, well balanced feminine b, lovely head shape, good jaw, well set eye & low set ears, correct tapering neck & has a super front, good body for age, profuse in coat & presented to perfection, tapering tail well set 7 carried, she moved better in the next class once she had relaxed more.

Jun B (2) : 1 T Brianna ; 2 Martin’s Grace Iz Moskovskoy Bemty, feminine, nice headed b, good neck but prefer front of 1, in good body, correct rib & loin, moved better behind than in front, correct coat & in good condition, hare feet & well set tapering tail.

P. Grad B (2-1abs) : 1 Lacey’s Bowlingbrook Makingwhoopi, 2 yr old b, liked her a lot & just needs more time to fully mature, lovely head with good small eye, ears well set & close to cheek, good shoulder & upper arm, lovely body shape & condition, strong loin, well shaped feet, moved soundly, in nice coat & hard muscular condition.

Limit B (6-3abs) : 1 Gillie’s Rhicullen Joy Of Patchwork, she is no patchwork she is well balanced all through, in excellent coat & presented to perfection, super body, depth of chest, nice arch over her loin, stands firm in the rear with well set tail, moved soundly just like to see her stride out with more confidence to see the mincing gait she is capable of ; 2 Middlebrook’s Poppyblu Elara 3 yr old b, feminine and of good balance but a little heavy in body today, lovely skull & strong in jaw, good ear & eye set, clean front, correct hare feet & thick pads, tail well set & carried when moving, another who needs to stride out more to her advantage ; 3 Moore & Chydleigh’s Devleigh Dare To Dream.

Open B (6-1abs) : 1, C.C. & B.O.B. Owen’s Bisbee Razzle Dazzle, shocked when I saw how young she is for her maturity, stood out on the move today, feminine & balanced all through, very good skull & strong jaw with excellent dentition, tapering well set neck, good shoulder & upper arm, excellent depth to chest & firm strong loin with slight arch over, very sound rear with tapering well set tail, in profuse linty coat which is very well presented, moved soundly with confidence ; 2 & Res C.C.McNally’s Ch. Conekesheved Kaldo Girl JW Sh.CM, favourite of mine as a youngster, she is very feminine and presents a lovely profile picture, scores well in head, neck & shoulders, good upper arm, depth of chest & strong in loin, holds her top line well on the move & has good feet & tapering well set tail, coat is linty & just coming back & thought she could put more effort in on the move, one who tends to move better outside, worthy title holder ; 3 Mayer’s Tcheria She’s Cheeky

Mark Ord (Judge)