• Show Date: 05/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Marion Sargent Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Mastiff


5TH July 2019


Minor Puppy Dog (3,2)

1st Hazelwoods CRAIGLESTONE SQUIRE THUMP – 7 ½ mth old brindle, nice size & bone for age, still very raw which is to be expected, pleasing head for age, good width of skull, stop needs to develop more, nice eye, giving good expression, pleasing width on front, enough ribbing & loin, good angles on the rear, needs to strengthen on rear, needs to settle on movement as paced a lot.

Junior Dog (1,0)

1st Zadehs FAYNAD GRIZZLY – 13 mth old fawn, again, another one with good size & bone for age, nice head, which just needs to catch up with itself, slightly long in muzzle, but this will change, nice front angles, good ribbing, topline was a touch slack on stack but firmed up on the move, would like a touch more stifle on the rear to complete picture, pleasing on the move.

Graduate Dog (1,0)

1st Dickinsons MULLAK TROJAN TITAN – nearly 2 yr old brindle, lovely size & bone, pleasing head, with good skull, correct ear set and nice eye, good muzzle to skull proportions, touch heavy over brow, pleasing neck, nice shoulder angles, touch wider in front for preference, good ribbing , nice rear with good turn of stifle, nice on the move.

Limit Dog (4,0)

1st Thomas & Godfreys CADERMIST BRYCE KINGROCK – nearly 2 yr old fawn, lovely shape & bone but still feminine, lovely head with correct skull, good wide muzzle and correct amount of stop, good ear set, good front angulation, with correct width, nice and straight, good ribbing & loin, lovely rear with good turn of stifle, held his topline & tailset, moved well, pleased to award him the RDCC

2nd Coulman-Holes FAYNAD MAGIC MAN FOR WOMLU – another fawn of 2 yrs old, another pleasing dog, good head, eye could be a touch tighter, but still gave a good expression, good muzzle and skull ratio, strong neck good front angles, correct amount of ribbing & good loin, held his topline well, would like a touch more stifle to complete the picture, pleasing on the move.


Open Dog (2,0)

1st Zadehs CH FAYNAD FRANKINCENSE – 4 yr old brindle male, mature male in his prime, gave a super picture on the stack, very masculine, well boned and good size, good head proportions, good skull, with correct ear set, lovely eye giving that important expression, broad muzzle with good jaw line, correct stop, strong neck, correct shoulder placement, good width on front with straight legs, well let down chest, ample ribbing and wide loin, lovely rear angles, body holding a strong topline, lovely to see him move, no hesitation in awarding him the DCC.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1,0)

1st Bowderys MORGANLEFAY’S IRON MAIDEN – 8 mth old brindle puppy, lovely puppy, who should do well in the future if she carries on growing, she has nice size and bone for age, still very raw in the head which is to be expected, lovely eye, good skull, good width of jaw and solid muzzle, pleasing angles front and rear with nice turn of stifle, nice ribbing but needs to strengthen in body as she develops, she was a lovely free mover, and pleased to award her Best Puppy.

Junior Bitch (3,0)

1st Zadehs FAYNAD YELLOW PRIMROSE – 13 mth old fawn who was my star of the day, lovely size & bone, and still feminine, she just reminded me of the Mastiffs I used to see years ago when there were some numbers about, and she didn’t disappoint me when I went over her, she has a beautiful head, with correct skull, good ear set, short muzzle and good stop, she had a lovely expression with deep coloured eyes, slightly arched neck going into nicely angulated shoulders, nice width on front, with straight legs, enough depth for age, well ribbed and wide loin, holding strong topline, nicely angulated rear, perhaps could have a touch more turn of stifle, but didn’t affect the overall picture, lovely on the move, pleased to award her the BCC and then she beat her kennel mate for BOB. Look forward to seeing how she progresses.

2nd Hazelwoods SWAINSI HOT TOTTY OF CRAIGLESTONE – 15 mth old brindle, another pleasing youngster, pleasing head overall, needs to develop in skull which should come with age, lovely eye, and good ear set, good muzzle, and jaw line, pleasing overall body, good bone, would like a touch more stifle on rear, good topline and tailset, pleasing on the move.


Graduate Bitch (1,0)

1st Dickinsons MULLAK TENACIOUS TRINITY – nearly 2 yr old brindle, good size and bone, head a touch heavy on skull with wrinkle, which hopefully she will grow into, good ear set, good broad muzzle, clean eye, strong neck, touch wide on front, nice ribbing & loin, touch bum high at the moment, pleasing rear, nice on the move.

Post Graduate Bitch (1,0)

1st Thomas & Godfreys CADERMIST ELISABETH KINGROCK – Nearly 2 yr old fawn, good size & bone, lovely head, would like a touch darker eye for preference but nice and clean, good skull & ear carriage, needs to develop a touch more in muzzle, but still has time to do this, strong neck, nice width on front, good ribbing & loin, touch high on the rear at the moment, nice rear angulation with nice width of stifle, moved well. This bitch was the only one in the Challenge apart from my BCC winner who presented herself and moved well. I know it was a warm day but the handlers must make the most from their dogs, and because of this she was awarded the RCC.

Limit Bitch (1,0)

1st Hardings MULALOO MIDWINTER SPIRIT – 20 mth old fawn lovely size & balance, good bone, but kept her femininity, pleasing head with good eye, correct skull and nice ear set, broad muzzle, nice width on front, could have a touch more behind elbow to complete picture, nice topline & tailset, would have like a touch more stifle on the rear, moved well.

Open Bitch (2,0)

1st Andrews CH HESTA SPOD HOLI AT CYBERUS (IMP SKJ) – 3 yr old Apricot fawn bitch of good bone and substance, good broad skull with good ear carriage, good stop, clean eye, broad muzzle, good strong neck, pleasing width on front, good ribbing, nice rear, not as happy in the heat as some of the others today.

Judge – Marion Sargent (Tegwani)