• Show Date: 06/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Margaret Kempster Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Lowchen (Little Lion Dog)

My thanks to the Committee for their invitation to judge and for the excellent hospitality. My thanks also to my two wonderful stewards for all their help. It has been four years since I judged the breed, one I was involved with for several years, and I was very disappointed with the quality of some of the exhibits entered under me. My concern is the lack of bodies and those lovely Lowchen ‘bums’ that were sadly lacking in many exhibits. I did not find any use of products in the coat, but instead there was sculpting of the coats and backcombing of the topknots which I was surprised to see in a breed where the coats should be shown totally naturally. The other worry is the amount of light eyes, the standard calls for round, dark, relatively large and intelligent eyes, unfortunately many exhibits failed in this department.

PD (1) 1. Mansell’s Teejay Take A Gamble. Well presented gold sable in natural puppy coat, which I am sure will mature nicely. Lovely head with dark eyes, with short strong muzzle and good dentition. Super soft coat, presented totally naturally. Moved out well, showing off his correct rear with good straight stifles. Very much my ideal breed type and was happy to award him his first CC, BOB and BPIB. I am sure it won’t be his last. JD (2) 1. Hillyer’s Brokus Double Or Nothing At Glonido. Black and silver boy in good coat. Head of correct proportions, good stop, lacked the rear muscle I was looking for. Moved ok. 2. Broadbridges Brokus Domino. Black and silver very immature still, nice dark round eye, but slightly longer in muzzle and body than my ideal. PGD (1) Mcfarlane’s Glendyke Naughty By Nature. White boy with a very apt name, nicely bodied, with adequate proportions, when settled moved ok. LD (2) 1. Mcfarlane’s Sharlarna’s Eagle Eye At Glendyke. Upstanding black and silver, slightly larger than my ideal, but nicely proportioned. Nice head and eye, good body and well muscled rear. Considered him for RCC. 2. Broadbridge’s Teejay High Roller At Brokus. Another black and silver, in good coat, a little light in the eye for me, ok rear and movement. OD (1) 1. Brown’s Ch Jadechar Pride Of The Hero. Black and silver in good coat, slightly longer in muzzle and body than my ideal, dark eye, good bite, nice length of neck, but today I felt the puppy was more breed type. RCC. VD (1) 1. Mcfarlane’s Puplicity Put A Spell On Me. Brown and white almost 8 years old, with nice soft coat, moved ok. PB (2,1abs) 1. Brown’s Broevans Fun And Performing. Aptly named black and silver baby, very immature, but sweet and feminine. Full of herself movement was hard to assess but when settled moved well. Would prefer more of her but I am sure that will come. JB (2) 1. Brown’s Broevans Fun Of It All. Litter sister to puppy winner and also full of herself, liked her head and dark eye, nice shape and good neck, I am sure she will do well in future. RCC. 2. Hillyer’s Brokus Shine Of Glonido. Silver and white with a slightly longer muzzle than I prefer, and slightly longer in body than the class winner, moved ok. PGB (3, 1 abs) 1. Mansell’s Teejay Lovesstruck. Silver and white, nice size and shape, good body and typical Lowchen ‘bum’, pretty and feminine but still well built, Moved well and pushed hard for RCC. 2. Mcfarlane’s Glendyke You Rock My World. Cream sable, not settled today making movement hard to assess, nice coat and shape. LB (3, 1abs) 1. Coote’s Cleeview Trust In Me. Black bitch with silver/white feet, lovely feminine head with dark eye, nice expression, good bite, nice body with correct proportions, would benefit from a little more neck but nevertheless she was all I wanted to see type wise and happy to award her her first CC. 2. Brown’s Jadechar Marks Pride And Fun. Very pretty black and silver girl, spoilt by a backcombed topknot making her look even longer in neck which was not necessary. Short back, reasonable rear end, spoilt for me by her presentation. 3. Watts’ Stoneside Taylor Made For Micador. OB Absent.

Margaret Kempster