• Show Date: 30/03/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Margaret Kempster Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

United Kingdom Toydog Society

Breed: Chinese Crested

My thanks to the Committee for the invitation to judge, and for their hospitality which was much appreciated. I was disheartened with the quality of the dogs, these are ‘toy’ dogs, under 13 inches, of which there were very few. There were a lot of badly constructed heads, with broad skulls or short muzzles, or both and no chiselling which the standard calls for. The other extreme was the dogs with heads like poodles, they had the chiselling but far too long in the muzzle and totally unbalanced in head, which produced an unbalanced outline overall. Eyes should be almond shaped – definitely never round. Missing teeth in hairless I have no problem with, nor do I have a problem with no forward pointing tusks, but I do have a problem with dirty teeth, there is no need for that in this day and age with various way of keeping teeth clean. Too many were overall square shaped when the standard calls for slightly longer than tall, and several too long with short legs which is also incorrect. Shoulders were on the whole poor, with only one or two correctly placed and laid back, and toplines varied from level, to roached, and dipped. Bone in several dogs was heavy when the standard calls for medium to fine, and heavy boned dogs on the whole were the huge dogs that do not please the eye. Movement at best was erratic, no reach, no drive, small steps both front and/or rear, crabbing and hopping are not enhanced by racing around the ring at a rate of knots, walking or a fast walk is all a Crested needs and when it shows off its movement the best. Coats on the puffs were on the whole not correct, too thick, no correct veil coat, and too many with profuse undercoat. There is little ‘type’ in the breed at the moment, I can only assume this is because of the use of imported dogs to English stock, but it has not improved the breed in any way at all, far from it only very clever breeders can use foreign dogs to improve their lines. The breed as the standard describes no longer exists, which is unfortunate, and it is up to the newer breeders to get back to the lovely little dogs of the quantity and quality there used to be seen in the ring. Having said that my class winners were more than acceptable to me, and my eventual ticket winners, were in my opinion, absolutely well deserving of top honours.

Sp Beginners D/B (3) 1. Farquharson’s Shanshal Prince Of Arabia White puff in heavier coat than I prefer, pretty head, would have preferred darker pigment but won this class on her movement. BSB 2. Panayiotis’ Ynchreenoo Lus Ny Paish. Mahogany h/l with black crest and white feet, on the bigger size for me, but had a nice head and eye, didn’t move as well as 1. Veteran Dog (3, 1 Abs) 1 Hampson’s Zerachiel Ready To Rumble ShCM. Black and white puff in lovely correct coat, nice shaped eye, slightly wider in back skull than my preference, but nice topline held on the move. 2. Oliver’s Peter Pan At Sarelidan Sh CM. Mahogany h/l a little on the square side, good head and eye, front movement not his fortune. MPD (3) 1. Snell’s Udo Z Jasne Huezdy (Imp Cze) Black and white puff, full of confidence for one so young, nice body, masculine head, good neck, nice rear and strong movement. 2. Hampson’s Zerachiel Mr Majestic. Just 6 month powder puff, very pretty head and expression, coat still to develop, and quite unsure of himself on the move. Will develop nicely when he gains his confidence. PD (8) 1. Dixon’s Debrita Dilligent. Black and white h/l who won this class on his attitude and movement, beautifully presented, nice topline held standing and on the move, correct head with very dark eye, good ear set and nicely furnished. 2. Coulter’s Scherzando Betelgeuse. Black with nice shape and movement, a little bigger than 1, good ears, level topline, fine boned, slightly heavier head than I prefer but won his place on his attitude. JD (8, 1 abs). 1. Coulter’s Scherzando Betelgeuse. Won this class on his attitude and movement and I felt he was more breed type although a bit bigger than I like normally. Beautifully presented. 2. Higgs’ Touch Beauty Fire Power JW. Mahogany h/l full of himself, good head proportions, topline not as good as 1 hence his placing. GD (2) 1. Masters & Shakeshaft’s Doucai Show Boy. Black with pink lace h/l full of confidence, all round a little on the big size for me, but won this class on his movement and attitude. 2. Richardson’s Doonbeg The Raven For Iliana. h/l with black crest and white socks, quite tall and needed a little weight, but quite pretty head, not as confident as 1. PGD (6, 1 abs) 1. Jones’ Hitmonchan The Showman. Black and white powder puff, misbehaved on the table but still the best mover in this class, his attitude won him this place. Slightly larger again than my ideal, with nice coat, good ears and neck, correct tail set and carriage. 2. Frame’s Elfalllons Little Dragon. Blue h/l with a good head, correctly set ears, a little nervous on the table but ok on the move. Correct topline and well set and carried tail. LD (8, 1 abs) 1. Crow’s Estillinis Silver Surfer At Casacavallo (Imp) JW. Mahogany h/l who won this class on his excellent movement and correct body. Good head, with nice neck and topline, good shoulder placement, slightly longer than my ideal but moved really well and showed himself off to his best. Well handled. RCC. 2. Quadling’s Prefix Alfred Nobel With Malenkhai (Imp Swe). Mahogany h/l much smaller all round, with a very pretty head, lovely fine bone, nice crest and furnishings not overdone in any way. Not the confidence of winner but never the less a hard decision. OD. (7) 1. Wikstrom & Wikstrom’s Multi Ch. Jamming’s Extravagant. Superbly presented black and white puff with true veil coat and super head, lovely ear set, although would have preferred to see furnishings on his ears, but never the less did not detract from the shape of his head, totally balanced nose to stop and stop to occiput, beautiful dark eyes, well chiselled cheeks, super clean teeth with perfect scissor bite, nice neck and well laid shoulder. Correct front and nice rib, good tuck-up, with super tail set and carriage on well-muscled rear with correct angulation and length of hock. Moved with the grace and style I want to see in a powder puff and could see why he carries so many titles around the world as well as top powderpuff in Finland for the last two years, presented to perfection at one with his handler. Happy to award him the CC and BOS. 2. Bartlett’s Michadaine Crazy For You. Silver powder puff in super body and condition, often over looked for showier dogs, this dog has correct veil coat, a typical head and eye, slightly shorter in muzzle than 1, but nicely set and carried well fringed ears. Good mouth with correct bite, clean teeth. Well carried neck with nicely placed shoulder, good front, with correct rib and well covered body. Nicely muscled rear with good angulation correct tail set and carriage, moved totally at one with his handler whom he obviously adores, slightly larger than my preference but never the less deserved his place on his showmanship which gained him his high placing. 3. Barker’s Cheeswood Shimmering Moon. Another lovely puff with correct veil coat, nice head and expression, delighted to place three super puffs in this competitive class, all of whom I was very happy with. VB (2) 1. McGuigan & Blakwell’s Annamac Fairy Tail. 11 year old who has lost none of her showmanship, super head and neck, nice shaped eye, excellent neck and topline held well, lovely tail set, and moved at one with her handler. Shame she never gained her title. BVIB 2. Meacham’s She’s So Unpredictable At Khanor. Cream Puff in somewhat heavier and wavy coat, didn’t have the showmanship of the winner. MPB (8, 2abs) 1. Hinton’s Cheeswood Moonlight Dream. My find of the day – what a stunning sable and white puff puppy, with absolutely my type of head, lovely dark correctly shaped eye, beautiful expression, good neck, straight topline held and on the move and super coat present to perfection as always from this exhibitor. Delighted to award her RCC and BPIB. I am sure she has a glorious future. 2. John’s Cheeswood Naughty But Nice. Pink spotted h/l litter sister to my winner, what a little powerhouse she is, full of herself. Lovely head, with nice neck and good body, another one who will do well. A difficult class as some lovely dogs to choose from. PB (7, 2 abs) 1. Lane’s Translvania Sasima (FCI Imp Pol) Mahogany h/l beaten in previous class but well deserved to win this one. Very pretty head, nice eye, overall nice size with good body but doesn’t need to put on too much weight. 2. Cole’s Exhar Annatis black and lack h/l very pretty and moved well when settled, pushed hard for the class but lacked the confidence. Nice body and will mature nicely I am sure. JB (6) 1. Payne & Dunlop’s Ch Habiba True Blue. Mahogany and white h/l thoroughly deserving of her title, super feminine head with dark correct shaped eye, lovely neck and front, correct topline and tail set, totally correct size, super muscled rear giving her excellent reach and drive, Delighted to award her BCC and BOB and she was short listed in the BIS ring also. 2. Moyes & Hunter’s Bryelis Voodoo Woman Black and silver h/l – very similar to winner, and a hard choice between the two, lovely shape and size, pretty feminine head, nice neck and topline, good mover. Could change places with 1 under a different judge. GB (4) 1. Moyes & Hunter’s Bryelis Voodoo Woman. 2. John’s Valkrest Indianapolis Black and white puff a little nervous, but very pretty, lovely coat and nice ear furnishings, needs time to mature. PGB (7, 1 abs) 1. Skivington’s Ajatiaza’s Cherish Me. Mahogany h/l with everything in the right place, a little big for me, but never the less deserved this class. 2. McGuigan & Blackwell’s Doucai’s Too Cute To Scare At Annamac Black and lace h/l, with a nice head, who was not playing today and gave her handler a hard time, hard to assess movement as was pulling her handler unfortunately. LB (10) 1. Bartletts Parcauwen Crazy Secret Jem Among Michadaine JW Sh CM. Very pretty cream and white powder puff in lovely coat. Nice neck and topline held at all times, tail set and carried nicely, Won this class on her showmanship and her attention to her handler at all times. 2. Hinton’s Cheeswood Foxy Moonlight. Mother of the minor puppy bitch winner, lovely head and expression, very pretty throughout, moved well slightly bigger than my ideal. OB (10, 3abs) 1. Payne & Dunlop’s Ch Habiba Reign On. Another worthy Ch from this kennel, super sized mahogany h/l very pretty head, good neck, very nice shape with nice tuck up, moved with style, but let herself down in the challenge with a change of handler. 2. John’s Iakarandas Hera, lovely silver puff, put down to perfection, lovely head, slightly rounder eye than I prefer, but very pretty. Nice neck and front, with good topline and tail set. Correct veil coat, considered her for RCC but that puppy just pipped her to the post!! 3. Jones’ Kelsion Bling It On Hitmonchan. Cream and white puff in slightly heavier coat, very similar to my limit winner but a little heavier all round. Pretty head and eye, adequate neck, topline good standing and moving, didn’t give her best hence her placing in this big class.

Margaret Kempster