• Show Date: 06/04/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mandy Davies Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

National Terrier Club

Breed: Manchester Terrier

National Terrier Club 

6th April 2019 


Manchester Terriers 

Mandy Davies 


Thank you to all that entered today, really appreciated that you took the time to enter and attend.  It was good to get back into the ring after a short break.  All dogs were shown in excellent condition, teeth were all clean and a credit to their owners.  Sorry I could not give you all first place. 


Class 232 SBD/B NO ENTRIES  


Class 233 MPD (1 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 744 OXLEY, Mr & Mrs M & G & OXLEY Miss S R Digelsa Double Top  

6 month old dog at his first show, full of substance and a true showman.  Walked into the ring like he knew what he was doing.  He was typically puppy in movement however there was no concern with his movement from any angle.  Masculine head and straight front.   Excellent example of the breed, positive in all breed standard points.  A beautiful dog who pushed hard for the Res CC in the challenge.  One to watch. 

Class 234 PD (1 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 744 OXLEY, Mr & Mrs M & G & OXLEY Miss S R Digelsa Double Top  

As above 

Class 235 JD (1 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 723 BOOT Mr C Harliboo Word Gets Around  

What a charmer, lovely temperament and expertly handled.  Good strong bone and muscle, lovely profile.  Has a good dark almond shaped eye.  Moved well.    


Class 236 PGD NO ENTRIES  


Class 237 LD (4 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 745 SPAIN Mrs A & Mr L Talanors Diamond Tornado  

Masculine dog with lots of substance.  Moved to perfection from all angles.  Excellent front and stood well on his toes.  Perfect dentition.  Credit to his owners on his excellent condition.  Has a lovely ear carriage which he uses, confirming that he was both keen and alert.   

2nd: 724 BOVILL, Miss A R & DALE, Mr P & SAXTON Miss E Rattustrap Pot Kettle Black (ai)  

Stronger formation than 1.  100% masculine with a good strong chest.  Markings reflect the breed standard to perfection.  Very close between 1 and 2, 1 being slightly better in movement today and ear carriage. Shown in excellent condition. 

3rd: 734 HEMSELL Mr T & Mrs D Tetani Wizard of Dreams JW Sh.CM  


Class 238 OD (4 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 748 WALSHAW Mr & Mrs M & J Ch Talanors Diamonds N' Dreams Avec Janmark JW Sh.  

Solid masculine dog of correct height.  Muscular where he needs to be on his hind legs encouraging him to walk with drive.  Liked his front and strong pasterns.  Well balanced which reflected excellent movement.  Dark almond shaped eye.  Could not deny him the Res CC today. 

2nd: 733 HEBB Mrs A & Mr D Paucelin Falster  

Finer type than 1st, his movement was balanced and held his profile on the move which is a credit to him.  He has a breed quality that meets all the standard points and he certainly catches the eye,  his 2nd place was well deserved as this was a very hard class.   

3rd: 726 CHARLTON Mr & Mrs H Ch Digelsa Done N' Dusted at Lizelms Sh.CM  

Res: 747 STRAUGHAN, Mrs C & CRIPPS Mr D Talanors In For A Treat  


Class 239 VD/B (4 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 741 OLBINSON, Miss L A & KELLY Miss M B Paucelin Andoni At Carapast  

Had to ask if this boy was really a veteran, carrying his age well and shown in excellent condition.  Dark almond shaped eye, excellent ear carriage.  Moved well and expertly handled to a well deserved 1st place.   

2nd: 725 BRANDER Mrs L C Nightstorms Miss Chevious at Menfreya  

Older boy with charisma, starting to show his age however he caught my eye and excelled in all breed points.  Tan starting to fade but markings are all present.  Shown in excellent condition and expertly handled. 

3rd: 736 HEMSELL Mr T & Mrs D Tetani Spirit Of The Wind  

Res: 729 GREENSLADE Mr D & Mrs P Calastoa's Material Girl  


Class 240 MPB (1 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 731 HARRISON Mrs B & Mr J Rosadyva Midnight Sapphire  

6 month youngster who was a little unsure at times on the day.  Her handler was patient and took time to get the most out of her.  You can see she has an air of confidence about her and I am sure she will settle down in time.  Beautiful and feminine just as she should be, lovely head framed with a perfect ear carriage, will be keen to see how she develops.   


Class 241 PB NO ENTRIES  


Class 242 JB (1 Entries) Abs: 1  


Class 243 PGB (1 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 732 HARRISON Mrs B & Mr J Larkswing Belle Star At Rosadyva  

Feminine, compact bitch .  Moved well.  Straight front, Well marked and a dark almond shaped eye.  Perfect ear carriage.  Moving a little close at the rear today. 

Class 244 LB (5 Entries) Abs: 1  

1st: 728 GOODWIN Mr & Mrs A & J A Digelsa Date Night At Holtaire  

Compact and elegant bitch, moved with precision from all angles.  Have written WOW in my notes.  She meets all the breed points to the highest standard and is certainly eye catching.  Expertly handled to get 100% out of her and was my Bitch CC winner and outright my Best of Breed. 

2nd: 742 OLBINSON, Miss L A & KELLY Miss M B Rattustrap Citra At Carapast  

Another lovely mover, compact and elegant.   Quality comes through here and also meets all breed points.   I am sure that these 2 will interchange at varying points of their show career.   

3rd: 727 CHURCH, Mrs D & DALE, Mr P & SAXTON Miss E Rattustrap Fade To Black (ai)  

Res: 735 HEMSELL Mr T & Mrs D Tetani Lux Mundi  


Class 245 OB (4 Entries) Abs: 1  

This was one of the hardest classes today with three very similar bitches. 

1st: 737 KNIGHT Mr C & Mrs G Talanors Typically Special  

Lovely movement with a pleasant outline and perfect front.  Dark thumbspots and lovely perfect ear carriage.  Most pleasing profile on movement and when standing, something she and her owners should be very proud of.  Excellent size and beautiful feminine head. 

2nd: 738 KNIGHT Mr C & Mrs G Talanors Diamond Treat  

So hard to chose between 1 and 2, and was 2nd due to the slight difference in movement.   Eye catching quality bitch, attentive and responsive to her handler.   

3rd: 730 GREENSLADE Mr D & Mrs P Utterbygreen Mint Chocolat Sh.CM  


Judge: Mandy Davies