• Show Date: 06/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Maggy Halliday Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Gordon Setter

Three Counties Championship Dog Show

9th June 2019


I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge a their well run show. Also thank you to the exhibitors for their entries.

Some general observations of the breed. I found a few level bites, this needs to be watched.

Muscle tone has improved, but would like to have seen a few with better muscle.

Movement was generally better in the bitches than dogs, although one or two bitches were carrying too much weight.

Overall I was pleased with my winners and delighted to see my BOB win Group 2 and Best puppy shortlisted in the final 8 in the puppy group.

Puppy Dog (3)

1. Millar & Scobie’s Yennadon Calvay

Just 7 months old. Preferred his size, substance and more positive hind movement to the other 2 in this class. Pleasing head shape with a kind eye, excellent forechest, front and depth. Level topline into well set tail, good hind angulation and straight hocks.

2. Smith’s Palangor Moonlight Shadow

10 months old and a much larger dog than 1. Good level topline with a better tailset and croup to 3rd, his litter brother. Nice depth to body and good straight front, perhaps prefer a bit longer upper arm. Pleasing head with dark eyes.

3. Bain’s Palangor Moonlight Echo at Pangarak

Junior Dog (2, 1ab)

1. Locksheath Black Ice

Pleasing head and eye. Front and hind angulation is sufficient, would like more depth to ribs and length to rib cage. Topline, tail set and movement better than 2nd.

3. Walker’s Diersett Plutonium

Liked the work in to his head and kind eye. Hind angulation better than 1st. Topline not as level and slopes at the croup, although the topline did level out a bit on the move.

Graduate Dog (5)

1. Bryant’s Kilnrae Hallmark JW

Liked his size and overall shape, although would prefer more spring of rib and width to body. Good front and hind angulation, level topline and correct tail set. A good Gordon head shape with defined stop, low set ears and dark eyes. Would prefer clearer tan on front legs. Moved the best in this class.

2. Holloway’s Lourdace Headliner

A year younger than winner at 19 months old. Still raw, needs to mature on but time is on his side. I liked his overall shape. Good front and enough hind angulation for age. Head is ok but I would like more work in it. Has better spring of rib and tan than 1. Moved well.

3. Horler’s Hernwood Jack O’Lantern by Rackens

4. Roberts’ Cairacailie Spice of Life JW

5. Gregg’s Locksheath Beach Comber

Post Graduate (7,2ab)

1. Millar’s Yennadon Benriach JW RCC

Correct size and presented a lovely clean settery balanced outline. Good front and hind angulation. Good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders, level topline into correct tailset, good forechest, well sprung ribcage with good depth. Liked his head shape in profile showing nice depth of flew. I would prefer a darker eye.

In good coat and condition with lovely rich clear tan. Moved very well with drive to clinch the RCC. I see he is a son of the dog CC winner.

2. Sandiford’s Hernwood Neptune Sea

A slightly bigger dog than 1. Nice head and expression with dark eyes. Excellent forchest, and level topline. Well angled hind quarters. I would prefer more spring of rib and muscle tone. Not so positive on the move as 1.

3. Woodhouse’s Birchgarth Bill Bayley at Halbadier

4. Wrigley’s Kattandale Canterbury (ai)

5. Brittain’s Graylacier Portreath

Limit Dog (4)

1. Tye’s Kyuna Olympic Arrow of Tymora Sh.CM

Mature dog won this class on his more positive hind movement. Like his size and overall shape, perhaps would like a little more substance. Good front and hind angulation. Lovely head and expression with dark eyes. Level topline. Clear tan.

2. Ashton’s Yennadon Renaissance with Gadieburn

Liked his substance and shape. Nice head shape with a kind eye. Had a better length of neck than 1. Correct front angulation and enough hind angulation. Well sprung ribs and well muscled. Good clear tan. Moved well but not quite so positive in hind movement as 1.

3. Melville’s Tsruhnova Tumnus JW

4. Gregg’s Laurelhach Yarra

Open Dog (5)

1. Butler’s Sh Ch Yennadon Lochan at Rubymoon JW Sh.CM CC & BOB

The star of the day. Lovely shape and size, although would prefer a little more length of leg.

Pleasing head and expression with low set ears and good eye colour. Good reach of nicely arched neck into well laid back shoulders. Level topline into correct tailset. Well sprung ribs with good depth and well ribbed up. Good forechest. Correct front and hind angulation.

In full coat and great condition. Moved really well with positive driving movement. The best I have seen him move. CC and BOB and pulled out all the stops in the group to take group 2.

2. Burke’s Ecameadow The Explorer

Very similar in shape to 1 and similar remarks apply, he is just a shade taller. Love his classic Gordon head and expression. Well sprung ribs and level topline. Tan on front legs not as clear as I would like. In good coat. Moved well but not quite the drive of 1. Pushed hard for RCC, just preferred cleaner outline and hind movement of the younger dog.

3. Boxall’s Sh Ch Ludstar Fredrick Frankenstein (Imp)

4. Ashton’s Foresters Xcalibur of Darkmoor Mit Gadieburn (Imp)

5. Jarvis’s Reddeer Gaelic Mysteryman (Imp)

Veteran Dog (3)

1. Ede’s Glenarden Martlet

A well made 7years old who is of good size and shape. Nice length of neck, good lay back of shoulders. Well ribbed and good forechest. Moved well.

2. Tong’s Liric Special Tribute to Kellizlot (ai) JW

Another 7 year old dog of similar size but not quite the depth of 1. A good head and eye. Moved ok.

3. Cawthen’s Marshmoor Magna

Puppy Bitch (6,2ab)

1. Ackerley-Kemp’s Yennadon Gigha

Only just 7 months old. Like her overall shape and hind angulation. Pleasing feminine head and dark eye. Good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders. Obviously still needs to develop in body and depth. Lovely clear tan. Loved her hind movement for one so young, showing a straight driving action. Delighted to see her shortlisted in the puppy group.

2. Kelly’s Lainnireach Original Tonic

11months old and litter sister to 3, preferred her substance, depth and clearer tan to 3.

Sweet head, good reach of neck and level topline. Adequate hind angulation. Moved well.

3. Cuthbertson’s Lainnireach Angels Share

4. Cove-Print’s Ladysdale Frilly Ghillie for Colourbox

Junior Bitch (4)

Hard to decide between 1 and 2

1. Reid’s Diersett Irridium

This 14month old has lovely substance and shape. Good neck and shoulders, level topline with a slight slop at the croup. Good depth and width to rib cage. Moved well.

2. Hall’s Melview Phoenix

Really liked her outline shape and size and thought she would be my winner, but did not have the substance and width of 1. Level topline and better in croup then 1. Lovely sweet feminine head. Good front and hind angulation. Moved well.

3. Cuthbertson’s Lainnireach Angels Share

4. Whiting’s Locksheath Princess Tiana

Graduate Bitch (6,2ab)

1. Reid’s Diersett Irridium

2. Whiting’s Locksheath True Baloo

A nice size and shape. Level topline, good front and hind angulation. Pleasing head and good colour. Moved well

3. Tidmarsh’s Lourdace Helix at Maybesque

4. Davies’ Hernwood Athena at Herrera

Post Graduate Bitch (12)

A good class.

1. Slaughter’s Graylacier Night of Love with Ordett JW

Loved her last time I judged when she was just 6months old. Lovely sized bitch. Sweet feminine head with dark eyes, correct front and hind angulation. Well ribbed up and level topline. In good coat and colour. Moved well.

2. Melville’s Tsruhnova Tarkheena JW

Another bitch I really like and beat 1 for best bitch puppy last time. She is slightly longer cast. A lovely feminine head with dark eyes. Excellent forechest and front angulation, level topline into well set tail. In good coat and rich tan colour. Moved well

3. Whiting’s Locksheath True Baloo

4. Ackerley-Kemp’s Yennadon Glenlossie

5. Cuthbertson’s Lainnireach Royal Flush

Limit Bitch (5)

1. Evans’ Burroughtof Dark Amber Von Langstrumpf CC

A lovely feminine bitch with a sweet head and expression with dark eyes. Decent reach of neck into good lay back of shoulder and level topline. Well muscled quarters with good angulation. Lovely flat coat in excellent condition and colour. To be critical I would like a little more spring of rib. She moved so well with reach and drive to take the CC, her third.

2. Ackerley-Kemp’s Yennadon Reiver

A similar bitch to 1, perhaps a little shorter in body length. Nice feminine head with a slightly lighter eye. Good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders. Good spring of rib and well ribbed up. Good angulation. Lovely clear tan. Pushed for the RCC, and although has great straight movement she didn’t move as freely.

3. Phillips’ Flaxheath Top Model at Glenmaurangi

4. Beese’s Lainnireach Liberty Bell at Asheys

5. Reids Diersett Sesto Elemento

Open Bitch (6,1ab)

1. Osborn’s Sh Ch Amscot Siena Spice JW RCC

A more compact young bitch of correct size. A sweet feminine head and expression set a good reach of neck. Level topline and good ribcage, shorter coupled than 2. Well angulated quarters,in good coat and condition. Moved well to clinch the RCC.

2. Boxall’s Sh Ch Lauralhach Entrapment JW

A bigger framed bitch than 1. Lots to like about her. Presents a good body shape. Nice head shape and dark eye. Good forechest and ribcage, level topline in to correct tailset. Good front and rear anugulation. Moved well.

3. Watson & Roberts’ Kyuna Believe in Magic by Moonglade JW

4. Dixon’s Ecameadow Saffron with Wallbank

5. Sweryda’s Graylacier Genevieve at Waseley JW

Veteran Bitch (2,1ab)

1. Moore’s Sh Ch Gadhelic Spirit of the Celt JW Best Veteran

A 9year old who is well up for size and full of life! Nice head shape with a kind, would prefer a slightly darker eye. Well angulated, well sprung ribs and level topline into correct tailset. A bitch of good substance. Moved well with her handler who was trying to keep up with her.

Maggy Halliday