• Show Date: 25/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lucy Kent Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Yellow Labrador Club

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)

The Yellow Labrador Club.

Championship Show 25th September 2019.

Judge – Mrs Lucy Kent (Trewinnard), bitch judge.

Firstly, I wish to thank the Yellow Labrador Club for their kind invitation to judge this prestigious show. A big thank you to my two superb stewards, Shelagh Walton and Viv Edwards, who both kept the ring moving along all day. The hospitality shown to me and my co-judge, Maxine Woodley, was second to none – so thank you. Maxine and I agreed on all our joint decisions.

They were –

BIS – Brown, Todd & Farquharson’s SH CH RAMSAYVILLE RUBY WALSH




I was honoured to have an entry of 180 bitches, making 218 entries. I felt the quality was excellent and in many classes the results could have been different on another day. Consequently, there were quality bitches that went card-less but that’s not to say I didn’t think them of good construction and merit. I did find, however, that while some looked good in profile they were disappointing on the move and as a result they went further down the line. How lovely it was to see the quality of the unbeaten bitches in the CC line-up, of which I short listed 5. In fact, I could have had more in the short list. Thank you to all the exhibitors for the sporting manner in which you accepted my placings, and I sincerely hope you enjoyed your day win or lose. I thoroughly enjoyed mine.

Minor Puppy Bitch (22,4)

1ST Hopkinson’s ROCHEBY STRING OF PEARLS. What a beauty! Lovely 8mth old puppy. Very classic, she has the most feminine of heads with a kind eye which is the correct shape and colour. Very balanced, she has a great neck and shoulder, good barrelled ribs, and good hindquarters with width to second thigh. Moved very true and delighted to give her this class. Notice her dam is a bitch I gave her second CC to, and thought she resembled her when judging this puppy. She was also BPB and BPIS. She will, without doubt, have an exciting show career. Top class youngster.

2nd McGillivray ANTONINE SWEET DREAMS (AI). Unlucky to meet 1 today, but again another lovely youngster, very promising too. Again, this puppy has a lovely head with super reach of neck flowing into correct shoulders. A very balanced puppy standing on good legs and tight feet. Slightly less animated than the winner and not quite as good on the move today. However, am quite sure these two will battle it out over their show careers.


Puppy Bitch (11,1)

1st Hopkinson’s ROCHEBY SPICE. If these puppy classes are anything to go by then we have some cracking youngsters coming through. An eye catching kennel mate to the MP winner, 10 mths old. Again, lovely head with a typical expression. Built on a bigger frame, this puppy also has excellent front assembly leading through to correct length of body, then is balanced by a strong hindquarter. Beat 2nd with shorter length of loin. Best mover of the class.

2nd Lesley’s SLEDDARWOOD TIKKA TAKE AIM AT STEELEIGH. Slightly different type of bitch to the winner. Longer cast than 1, and built on a bigger frame. She has the most feminine of heads with a great muzzle to skull ratio making her balanced in head. Her eye is kind giving a biddable expression. Good to see a correct fore chest as found some to be lacking in this area. She was an enthusiastic shower but once she settled, she showed to advantage.


Junior Bitch (13,1)

1st Bailiss’ TISSALIAN HI SOCIETY. A lovely pair of bitches headed up this class, they are bound to swap places on different days. The winner was shortlisted for the CC and strongly considered for the RCC. A really classic young bitch who commands attention. She excels in balance where her feminine head flows to well-constructed shoulders through her strong ribs onto well angulated hindquarters. Kept her topline on the move and she covered the ground with ease. Excellent quality and type. BYB & BYIS

2nd Braddon’s TRENDLEWOOD SIMPLY THE BEST JW. Similar mould to 1 however just preferred the head of 1. Would love to see her use her ears more. Excellent construction right through from head to tail – very good in body with barrel ribs and short in the loin. Good mover. Two young bitches of excellent quality and type.


Yearling Bitch (19,7)

1ST Reynolds’ CARROMER SHIMMERING IN PINK JW. A very attractive pale yellow bitch. Again, has breed type in spades. Good head with dark pigmentation and a kind eye. Correct angulation in her shoulder and strong and powerful in rear hindquarters. Lovely topline which was kept level on the move. Have seen her with less weight over her shoulder and felt this tipped the balance for me in the line up. Nevertheless, a really promising youngster from this kennel.

2nd Wood’s SUNDYKE SECRET STEPS. This black was different in type to the winner, being built on a smaller frame. Great feminine head, moulded cleanly. Superb ribbing and very short coupled which we seem to be seeing less of these days, great depth and strong bone. Moved out well and attentive to her handler. She had a tendency to throw her head back today which affected her profile.


Maiden Bitch (21,9)


2nd Hopkinson’s GOOD EVENING ROCHEBY. Black puppy of 9 mths, just right for age, she has a great neck and shoulder, kindest of heads, excellent length of muzzle. Strong topline, holding steady on the move. Looks to be one who will be slower to mature but that’s no bad thing at all. Moved well.


Novice Bitch (20,7)


2nd Hodge’s NAIKEN ETOILE (AI). Eye catching chocolate bitch of 13 mths. Great balance to this youngster. Kind head with good shaped eye and eye colour to compliment her coat. Lovely reach of neck and strong through the body. Good otter tail coming well off the back. Covered the ground with ease.


Undergraduate Bitch (8,1)

1st Lewis’ CRAMMONDKIRK’S YO YO. An exciting young bitch, very classic and clean in profile. She has a beautiful head, it’s correctly moulded with the right proportions of muzzle length to width of skull. Lovely kind and intelligent eye. Great reach of neck and angulated forequarters, top line just right. Stands on strong legs and tight feet. Moved ok. Shortlisted in the line-up and strongly considered for the RCC, just felt others had the edge on maturity today.

2nd Mills’ TRENDLEWOOD DAY DREAMING. Another lovely attractive bitch. Pale yellow of 15 mths, superbly schooled. Kind head with lovely expression, excellent pigment. Good reach of neck, well angulated shoulder, would prefer more turn of stifle. Free flowing easy mover, a very steady bitch and the more you assess her, the more you appreciate her qualities.


Graduate Bitch (14, 3)

1st Casey & Jayes’ SANDYLANDS HIGH TIME. Superb outline to this quality bitch. Lovely head with kind eye, good strong neck, would have like more length of upper arm, beautifully balanced bitch with a great top line too. In good coat. Handled to perfection.

2nd Peggs’ JANCET AURORA. Nice rich colour to this very typical bitch. Excels in neck and shoulder with good turn of stifle. She was in good condition and extremely attentive to her handler. Feel she will only improve.


Post Graduate Bitch (18,2)

1st Bell’s WESTERULSTON NOLA. Mature black bitch of 4 yrs, so good to see one with the correct texture of coat, felt many had soft coats today. Her frame was adequately covered but not overweight. Again, good head and strong neck, good angulation in shoulder and a very balanced bitch. Powered off from the hocks when moving.

2nd Lewis’ CRAMMONDKIRK ROGUE GOSSIP JW. Liked this young bitch for her classic and pretty head. Very clean in neck with no throatiness and good shoulder placement. Good through the body with adequate angulation in hindquarters. Moved off well with good action. Shown sympathetically.

3rd Stoker’s MADGACK MIMOSA.

Mid Limit Bitch (14,3)

1st Evans’ FARNFIELD CLARITY. This class was quite a mix with some having poor coat texture and I found movement to be poor in some cases. Hence, while some looked good in profile they disappointed on the move which affected placings. However, the young bitch that headed this class was good and positive on the move with a powerful driving action from the rear. She is extremely balanced, has a very feminine head, good eye and kind expression. Good in shoulder and has barrelled ribs and good over the loin too. Presented in tip top condition and shown to advantage.

2nd Charlton’s CLASSICAL ACT AT FOXRUSH JW. Another yellow, different type of bitch and not in the best of coats but this does not distract from her qualities. Another who is balanced, with correct proportions in head, lovely reach of neck, stands fore square on good legs and feet. Good otter tail.


Limit Bitch (14,4)

1st Hodge’s NAIKEN CARINSIA. Enjoyed judging this quality class. Class headed by a lovely black bitch of 3 and a half years. Not flashy just a steady no nonsense type of bitch. She has a classic head with good eye shape and colour, no coarseness here. Correct angles both front and rear and has a good top line which she held on the move. Her movement was the deciding factor when placing this class.

2nd McCulloch’s FREWLINGS ICE MAIDEN AT RIVERARDLE. Another black of quality. A close decision between these two but just preferred the head and movement of 1. Again, a classic black, not overdone in any way. Correct for size and good top line, she stands on strong legs and with good tight feet. In better coat than 1 however.


Special Open Yellow Bitch (8,2)

1st Mills’ LEMBAS CRACKLING ROSIE JW. Again another good quality class here. Loved the sweet, feminine head of this yellow. She has the kindest of eye, being excellent shape and colour, just how it should be. Strong yet elegant neck leading to well-placed shoulders. Good through the body and gives a balanced picture. Better in second thigh than 2. Moved well but would prefer more compact feet.

2nd Britton’s BOWSTONES POLKA. Different type of bitch, more old fashioned. Good proportions in head with correct length of muzzle to skull ratio. Another with a kind expression. Clean in profile with great barrel ribs and correct length of loin. Moved steadily both to and fro and in profile.


Open Bitch (7,4)

1st McLellan’s SARANDEN ROCK YOUR BABY. I gave this bitch a class as a youngster a couple of years ago so it was great to have the opportunity to judge her again. She does not disappoint. She remains feminine with a lovely head and expression. Superbly balanced with a strong hindquarter, she also has the correct texture of coat which won her the class today. Good topline too. Would love her to use her ears more. Shortlisted to the final 5 in the line-up.

2nd Powell’s CH SEATALLAN YELLOW ARCHANGEL(AI). A really close decision here. Another bitch who is classic, not particularly flashy but has everything in the right place. She is clean in outline, easy to assess. Lovely head with biddable expression. Good in both fore and hind quarters, stands fore square on legs with good bone and correct feet. See she is a full champion and very worthy too.


Veteran Bitch (7 Years and Over) (7,2)

1st Powell’s SEATALLAN WATERLILY. A great class of slightly younger older ones! So good to see dogs in good shape, a real credit to their owners and the longevity of our breed. The winner (7 yrs) was in excellent condition and a true and steady mover. Sweetest of heads, kind eye, good front assembly with good fore chest and front feet in correct place under her body. Balanced bitch right through body and into hind quarters.

2nd Scutcher’s WINSLEYWOOD WILD HONEY JW ShCM. Lovely headed yellow of 8yrs this one. Loved her clean neck and correct lay of shoulder. Good through the ribs and loin. Held her top line well on the move with correct tail carriage. Handler had her complete attention, she looked devoted to her.


Special Veteran Bitch (10 Years & Over) (7,2)

1st Dodd’s SH CH BROCKBURROW BREAKING DAWN. Again, another class of lovely veteran bitches and thank you for bringing them today. The winner was 10 and a half yrs, superb black with the best of heads. Biddable and soft expression, heavy enough over the shoulders. A balanced bitch who still has a strong hind quarter and turn of stifle despite her years. Correct textured coat too and plenty of it.

2nd Powell’s SEATALLAN TEASEL. At almost 12 yrs, she belies her age. Not as much coat as the winner, cleaner in her outline as a slighter build than 1. Another with a lovely head and expression. Held her top line well on the move for her age. A strong hind quarter with very good turn of stifle. Moved steady and true.


Champion Bitch (6,3)

1st Hodge’s SH CH NAIKEN DANCE RHYTHM JW IR JUN CH. A truly lovely bitch, just a typical Labrador from head to toe. She was shown in top condition, in good coat and very at one with her handler. The most true head and expression, with a lovely coloured eye. Good reach of neck flows to correct lay of shoulder. She’s correct through the body, has a good spring of rib, correct length of loin. Hindquarters good with some length in the hock. Am sure time will see her develop more second thigh. Free, easy and natural mover. Pulled out all the stops to take the CC. A worthy champion indeed. RBIS.

2nd O’Brien’s SH CH MAXFIELD MAYBELLINE JW. Another great bitch, I liked her a lot too. Great breed type, again has a super head with a typical Lab expression. Strongly built without coarseness. Great forequarters with good forechest, stands well on good strong legs and correct tight feet. Through the body she is just right with correct ribs and short loin. Steady mover.

3rd Casey & Cavallo’s SH CH LEMBAS KISS ME KATE AT MOYGLASS. Just wanted to make a few remarks about this bitch too. She is of great quality and a shame she was so out of coat. Lovely head, correct sized bitch, would prefer a better reach on the move however this does not distract from her many qualities. These three bitches are all very worthy of their titles, thank you for bringing them.

Field Trial Bitch (3,1)

1st Rose’s LEOSPRING DIVA. See these two are a mother and daughter pair. Good to have the chance of judging them where their attributes are different to the wholly show bred dogs. This bitch was a good type overall, she was better balanced than 2. She had a sweet head with kind expression. Covered the ground well both to and fro. Stronger in hindquarters than second place. Clearly excellent muscle tone and without doubt, fit for function.

2nd Venturi-Rose’s LEOSPRING TAY. Daughter of first place. A finer frame on this black bitch. Has a good forequarter, with good reach of neck and correct lay of shoulder. However, not as strong in the hindquarter making her less balanced than 1. Liked her kind eye and feminine head. As you would expect, also well-muscled and ready for a day’s work.

Special Working Bitch (6,4)

1st Coode’s WARRINGAH’S GULWARRA JW. Felt this chocolate bitch was the best I’ve seen her look. Having just turned 4 yrs she is now fully mature and she was in tip top condition today. Like the CC winner she is very classic in construction and outline, a typical Labrador, not overdone or flashy in anyway. Her head is of the correct proportions and her eye colour is a perfect complement to her dark chocolate coat colour. Lovely reach of neck, superb shoulder, legs under body, good forechest. Lovely barrelling through the ribs with a strong hindquarter and good second thigh. Tight feet. All this topped off with a properly clothed otter tail. Moved well covering the ground with ease. Clearly fit to work in the field. Delighted to award her the RCC. She and the CC winner made an excellent pair together.

2nd Venturi-Rose’s LEOSPRING BUNTY COCONUT. Another chocolate, this one a much lighter shade. A good example, she was clean in profile with a strong neck. Good in shoulder too but tended to throw her head back when standing which put her out of balance rather. Not quite the movement of the winner. Coat texture a little on the soft side today. Another from this owner who is fit as a fiddle.

Lucy Kent (Judge)