• Show Date: 26/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Louise Forster Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Alaskan Malamute

It was an honour to be awarding my first CCs at what was always one of my favourite shows as an exhibitor. Thank you to the Leeds Committee for giving me the opportunity. I was delighted with the entry and depth of quality of the dogs presented to me. Such a variety of types made sorting out some classes quite a challenge. What was uppermost in my mind was whether the dog moved with the power, soundness and efficiency needed to perform their function. While the weather on the day wasn’t ideal, being very warm and humid, all the dogs coped extremely well. Temperaments were, without exception, absolutely superb. For the first time while judging I came across a small number of level bites. Something to keep an eye on.                                       

PD (2/0)

1, Page’s Snow Legend Believe In You Cedarcreek (Imp Rus)

Very attractive grey & white 11 month old male. Beautiful head piece, albeit still quite puppyish. Loveliest of dark eyes & nice thick ears which will fit him better in time. He makes a lovely shape when stood, with good forechest, correct shoulder placement & balanced angles front & rear. Good feet. Compact body with a good depth of chest, short loin & enough bone & length of leg to make everything look in proportion. On the move he is sound & propels himself around the ring with ease. I’m sure this young lad has a very bright future. I was very pleased to see him shortlisted in a very strong Puppy Group. BPIB 

2, Rutherford’s Chayo Star Of The East

A real baby at just 6 months, this young lad has a broad head & good eye placement. Bigger all round than 1, has great bone & substance, & good feet. Harsh coat but still very much his puppy jacket. Typical puppy exuberance on the move, very sweet & enjoying himself immensely.

JD (2/0)

1, Page ‘s Snow Legend Believe In You Cedarcreek (Imp Rus)

As Puppy

2, Bogle & Horsfield’s Whitewalker Kings Landing At Valknut

An attractive 13 month old grey & white male, beautifully presented in good coat & showed himself well. Head still needs to broaden a little, but has typical kind expression with a lovely dark eye. Good bone & substance, short strong pasterns with correct feet & decent tail set. Slightly shorter in the back which meant he was over reaching a little in the rear on the move.

GD (1/0)

1, Darlow ‘s Iceclimb Ascent

22 month old seal & white with a broad head & strong muzzle. Larger than I prefer but with a good length of neck & a good height/length ratio. A strong back gives a solid topline which he held well on the move, despite more length in the loin. Very well muscled & showed powerful drive from the rear on the move. Looks like he could do a good days work.

PGD (3/0)

1, Wilson’s Amelhuk Empire Of New Era At Arctictundra (Imp Rus)

3 year old wolf grey & white boy with a longer coat than is usually seen in the show ring, however despite it’s abundance, it was not too soft. Smaller in frame, shorter coupled but nicely proportioned with everything in the right place & in moderation. Happy boy with a very sweet expression & thick, well furred ears. Correctly angulated front & rear with straight legs when coming & going & well let down hocks. Moved soundly but more confident handling would help get the best out of him.

2, Winterburn’s Cinneli Polar Force

Larger 3 year old seal & white boy. He has strong head, good length of neck & straight, slightly sloping top line, finished off with an excellent tail set & carriage. A tendency to pace on the move which made assessment of movement difficult, but just managed to show enough glimpses to be able to place him over his brother, who has many of the same qualities, including the ability to frustrate his handler with his reluctance to move without pacing.

3, Botterill’s Cinneli Polar Winter

LD (7/1)

1, Woodhead’s Noraisy Take My Breath Away Jw

I liked this young lad a lot. A 2 year old light sable boy who, as it turns out, was the son of my CC & BOB winner. Nothing overdone about him, as it should be. He stands well over his pads & makes a lovely outline, compact & nicely proportioned with moderate angles, a beautiful topline & happy waving plume. He has a beautiful head with a kind expression & expressive thick ears. Moved with effortless drive & was balanced in all directions. Handled beautifully & another who’s future I shall watch with interest. RCC

2, Raby’s Yuayua At Icemoon (Imp)

Another very promising young dog, just 2 years old & full of breed type. I loved his bone & substance & was a picture on the move. Slightly larger than 1, with a good harsh coat & excellent feet. He is beautifully balanced & makes a lovely shape with a good front, a deep chest & strong topline. He is just lacking a little bit of maturity, especially in the head, with ears looking a bit like they belong to someone else at the minute. I have no doubt that we will be a force to be reckoned with in a year or two.

3, Brook’s Snobruk Secret Mission (ai) JW

OD (4/3)

1, Nawrocka & Phillips’ Ch Monikoona Most Wanted JW

This 6 year old Sable boy is so striking & impressive, he commands your attention. Oozing breed type with a beautiful head piece, correct coat, strong top line & excellent tail set & carriage. Deep chest, the correct front assembly, powerfully built rear, & excellent bone and substance. On the move he is balanced & straight coming & going. Having seen his career progress from an early age, I can honestly say that I have never seen him looking better than he does now. In his prime & presented & handled to perfection. CC & BOB

2, Mountstephens & Pullin’s Ch Inupiat's Qulit Henrik At Whitewalker (Imp Nor)

Another mature & impressive looking male. Grey & white, almost 6 year old & in his prime. Well muscled & in fit condition, with a harsh coat. A little longer in the leg & also longer in the loin than 1, but holds a strong topline on the move. I have judged this boy twice before & he has always impressed me with his bone & especially his feet. He worked hard today but I preferred the overall balance & outline of both CC & RCC winners.

3, Ellis & Nevinson’s Chayo Golden Touch Sh.CM

VD (2/1)

1, Robb’s Multi Ch Under Icewolf's Star Inditarod JW Sh.CM Jun Ch

I judged this boy as a relative youngster some 8 years ago. He took my eye then with his effortless movement, compact shape & overall balance, & he did it again today at almost 10 years old. The only sign of his age was in the eyes. Harsh coat, great bone & feet & is sound in all directions. It was a joy to see him again.

2, Kay’s Kaytoo Antarctic Riki

A lighter built dog than 1 but presents a lovely outline. Attractive head with the darkest of eyes & correct ear placement. Good straight legs & large tight feet which carried him soundly around the ring. I have known this lad since he was a baby & it is a delight to see how well he has matured.

SpB D/B (3/0)

1, Burgess’ Cedarcreek Forever Young At Mountainglen

Very feminine 4 year old grey & white bitch who I judged as a junior & found her just as appealing now as she was then. Makes a beautiful shape when stood, with ample bone & good height/length proportions, but it is on the move when she comes into her own with correct angles creating a driving action, good reach & a strong topline. She came close in the challenge for RCC, so I was delighted to hear that she took a well deserved Spec. Beg. Group 3.

2, Perfitt’s Samjoe The Dream Lives On (ai)

2.5 year old grey & white bitch with a more compact outline than 1. Very feminine head & expression but with a slightly lighter eye than is preferred. On the move she was sound enough although lacked a bit of the drive that I look for. Perhaps the warm weather was taking it’s toll.

3, Bogle & Horsfield’s Whitewalker Kings Landing At Valknut

PB (2/3)

1, Butler’s Paha Sapa Mals Blahnik Via Kaytoo (Imp Ita)

I really was quite taken with this puppy. 7 months seal & white who is still very much the baby, but she carried herself so well & took things in her stride. Barely a stitch on, but had everything on show as a result. Darkest eyes & an attractive, feminine head. Lovely length & arch to her neck, flowing into a straight topline & excellent tailset. Moderate angulation front & rear which was even more evident on the move where she was in control of herself & so nicely balanced. Another fabulous puppy who’s future I will be watching with great interest.

2, Horsman-Phoenix & Horsman’s Snow Legend Be My Lucky Nordicwinds (Imp Rus)

11 month old grey & white puppy with lots to like. Litter sister to my male puppy winner with many of the same attributes. Very pretty head piece with correctly set ears which she used well. In better coat than 1 but I just preferred the balance & clean outline of 1, especially when seeing them move together. She is another youngster with a bright future & on another day the placing may change.

JB (4/3)

1, Butler’s Paha Sapa Mals Blahnik Via Kaytoo (Imp Ita)

As puppy

2, Horsman-Phoenix & Horsman’s Snow Legend Be My Lucky Nordicwinds (Imp Rus)

As puppy

3, Dobson & Wolfe’s Dreamwolves Ma Lil Cushla

GD (2/0)

1, Jelfs’ Lapema Gia Visto JW

Feminine 21 month old bitch, a little larger all round than 2. Beautiful length & arch to her neck, with a broad head but with slightly larger lower set ears. She is longer in the loin but well muscled & holds a strong topline. With moderate angles creating a balanced, ground covering side gait, she was expertly handled to get the best out of her.

2, Perfitt’s Samjoe's The One And Only

Same age as 1 & equally feminine but with less coat which was clearly just coming back after a blow. Good angulation, nice front assembly, slightly lighter in bone than 1. I’d like to see her in harder condition but she has everything she should for a bitch of her age.

PGB (1/0)

1, Wilson’s Arctictundra Taiya

Pretty 21 month old bitch but with a lighter eye and larger, lower set ears than is ideal. She makes a good shape & has the correct angles necessary to produce the driving movement required when settled, although her tail was a little high set. She has enough bone for a bitch.

LB (3/2)

1, Campbell & Elliott’s Packice Neiden Winterling

I just love everything about this bitch. I gave her Best Puppy Bitch 3 years ago at our club show & I was thrilled to see that , now aged almost 4, she has matured (physically, if not mentally) as I hoped she would. Harsh coat & a strong yet still feminine head with dark eyes & correctly set ears, which she used expressively. Well muscled throughout, she is fit & looks ready for anything. Giving her handler a hard time with her enthusiasm for life, she was keen on the move with her excellent balance producing the correct reach & drive needed for a powerful yet tireless & efficient gait. Looks like she could go all day & I wouldn’t get bored watching her. It was a pleasure to award her the CC.

2, Burgess’ Cedarcreek Forever Young At Mountainglen

See Spec. Beg.

3, Dobson & Wolfe’s SUTARKA LA DOLLE VITA

OB (6/4)

1, Mountstephens & Pullin’s You Are The One Of Kiyara's Wolf Pak (Imp)

An exceptionally feminine bitch with a very pretty head, kind expression & dark obliquely set eyes. Just coming up 4 & has matured a lot since I saw her last. There is nothing overdone or excessive about her, everything fits together where it should, is in proportion & is balanced. Beautiful length of neck & clean shoulders & top line. Correct angulation front & rear producing a sound steady driving action when viewed from the side, & straight, well placed legs gives parallel movement when coming & going. Couldn’t match the power of the CC winner on the move but is just as sound & has just as much breed type, albeit a different style of bitch. Deserved her RCC

2, Horsman-Phoenix & Horsman’s Nordicwinds American Dream JW Sh.CM

Another feminine bitch who I have judged before, presenting a lovely clean outline. Sturdier all round, slightly heavier in the front than 1 which didn’t quite give her same elegance in her head carriage on the move, but moved out with drive on strong legs, good feet & with good topline & tail. It was a matter of splitting hairs between these two bitches. In fact I thought the first 3 in this class were all worthy of top awards.

3, Robb’s Jun Ch Icewolf Its Only Witchcraft (ai)

VB (7/1)

This class was full of quality. None of these girls would look out of place in the Open class.

1, Blaney’s Ch Windberg Paparazzi To Fenrirkin Sh.CM VW

This 9.5 year old black & white bitch cannot be overlooked, simply because she has the most impressive movement that you will see on any bitch. Dense harsh coat, substantial bone, good feet & correct tail. A little heavier in the front & has a slightly longer back than I would like which I feel detracts from her balance when stood in profile. She is, none the less, difficult to match for power & drive when she gets going. I could not deny her Best Veteran.

2, Nawrocka’s Multi Ch Monikoona Casablanca Sh.CM

Top quality bitch. Full of type & substantially built, at 10 years old she was presented in outstanding form & could easily trouble the younger girls for a top spot. Under her harsh coat she has excellent bone, correct construction & is in great condition. Kind expression & well placed, thick ears. Her movement belies her age & she was just unfortunate to come up against 1 on such top form today.

3, Wrighton’s Snobruk Rising Star Of Kisnicova