• Show Date: 06/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Liz Storey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Thank you for your entry. I am sorry we had to be judged indoors but torrential rain that even the Wolfhounds came in from prevented any attempt at outdoor judging! I found my principal winners to be a close fit to my interpretation of the Standard, and in some classes I really had to split hairs. However, I did see a few untypical head types with far too much stop and also some who were lacking in forechest. Some dogs could also benefit from a nail trim too. I found no incorrect ridges worth mentioning and no incorrect bites.

Puppy Dog (7 entries, 1 withdrawn through illness) 1st. White’s Carlincox Gold Star. 7 months old red wheaten. Very nice head type with correct eye and ear. Good length of neck into good shoulder angulation. Correct ribbing, nice even topline with slight rise over loin. Correct tailset, good rear angles and low set hock. Good tight feet. A very appealing outline. He moved out very steady and true. Nicely handled. 2nd. Timms’ Carlincox Solid Gold. 7 months, Preferred the overall size and substance of his brother above and he’s a little shorter in muzzle but still a nicely put together puppy. Nice angles front and rear, well ribbed back, level topline. Moved out well in profile. 3rd Rozelridge You Da Man

Junior Dog (9 entries, 2 absent) 1st. Jeffery’s Mirengo’s Machinga at Rexgrove. 16 month old well proportioned all through. Well off for bone and with excellent tight feet. Correct head planes, good length and depth of muzzle. Dark, round eye. Correct ear carriage. Kind expression. Good length of neck into correct shoulder placement. Excellent depth to chest and ribbed well back. Level topline carried on the move. Very good width to first and second thigh. Moved very steadily and true fore and aft. Very nice reach and drive in profile. 2nd. Ashman’s Patemeliann Red Tarka at Kitarka. Pretty unlucky to be in the same class as 1 above. I have liked this boy since he was a puppy but he had dropped a little weight today. Nevertheless a very nicely put together dog. Nice head proportions, very kind expression, good depth to muzzle. Correctly boned for his size. Good length of upper arm, well laid shoulder, good topline and underline. Excellent tight feet. Good rear angles. Moved out well coming and going and in profile. 3rd. Clements’ Amahle Hello Mr Heartache.

Post Graduate Dog (7 entries, 0 absent) 1st. Cann’s Hespa Whiskey Mac. Slightly heavier in head than I prefer but still had good proportions to skull and muzzle. Excellent front, bone and feet. Good forechest. Deep chest well down to elbow, very good ribbing. Excellent first and second thigh, low set hock. A very free mover, driving off and reaching out. True coming and going. 2nd Aitken, Muir, Rossiter and McGoldrick’s Villagedogs Rise of The Phoenix at Saadani (imp Bel). Very nice body on this liver nose boy, excellent bone and feet, good forechest, correct length of upper arm and lay of shoulder. Slightly too much wrinkle on his head for me but he had good length and depth of muzzle, and correct amber eye for his coat colour. Very good and steady mover. 3rd. Vincent’s Imola I’m Your Man at Jematti.

Limit Dog (8 entries, 1 absent) 1st Maidment’s Amahle Alo. Light Wheaten, substantial dog who at 3 years is just coming to maturity. Very good head type with correct proportions occiput to stop and stop to muzzle. Flat backskull and correct width between ears. Excellent length of neck which flows into correct shoulder placement. Correct infil of forechest. Chest down to elbow and ribbed well back. Firm and level topline. Excellent rear quarters with low set hock giving drive to push forward his great reach in front. Wonderful profile movement and true fore and aft. Res CC. 2nd. Davies’ Gunthwaite Papa Don’t Preach. Slightly smaller stamp, correct conformation all through. Very appealing red wheaten, correct head type, good dark eye, good ear placement and carriage. Excellent lay of shoulder and corresponding rear angulation. Well boned, good feet. Level topline, correct underline. Moved out true and very good in profile. Nicely handled. 3rd. Neelanjani Jay Monrow

Open Dog (11 entries, 3 absent) 1st Anthony’s Ir Ch Rottzridge Nemesis. Fine upstanding red wheaten male who commanded my attention from the get go. No denying his masculinity from his head alone. Strong jaws and very good muzzle depth and width. Body powerfully built, very well muscled and in tip top condition. Excelled in correct oval bone and on excellent tight feet. Correct length of neck into good shoulder. Great ribbing carried well back. Strong back held level on the move. Correct slight rise over loin and good rear quarters. A powerhouse on the move, full force driving from behind, great reach in front. A joy to watch in profile too. Expertly handled. Pleased to award him the CC and Best of Breed. Even more pleased to see him shortlisted to the final six from a huge hound group. 2nd. Greeves’ Hespa Hermes JW A dog I have always liked and judged before. A good traditional stamp of Ridgeback, lovely male head with dark round eye. Excellent conformation all through but I felt he was carrying just a tad too much weight across the shoulder today. He moved out steady and true, holding his level topline. Excellent depth of chest and length of ribbing. Very good rear, well boned and on good feet. 3rd. Little’s Sofala Joe The Lion

Veteran Dog (3 entries, 1 absent) 1st Mitchelson’s Diamondridge Damocles of Voortrekker Fit and agile 9 ½ year old. Nicely angled and with level topline held firmly on the move. Nice head type, dark round eye and correct ear placement. In good condition. Moved out well. 2nd. Pyke’s Ch Rozelridge Who The Man Sh CM. Very happy 8 year old. Nice stamp of dog, nice head type with round and dark eye. Moved out ok,

Puppy Bitch (9 entries, 0 absent) 1st Cox’s Carlincox Pure Gold. A very balanced 71/2 month old red wheaten bitch. Feminine head with correct eye and good ear carriage. Excellent proportions to muzzle. Lovely length of neck into great shoulder and she has corresponding length to her upper arm. Well boned for her size, excellent tight feet. Elbows carried under her and close to ribcage. Very good topline which she held on the move. Correctly coupled and with correct angle to her pelvis. Very good rear anglulation. Moved out with purpose. Very true coming and going and a joy to watch in profile. Very pleased to award Best Puppy in Breed and incredibly pleased to see her take Puppy Group 3 in the Hound Puppy Group. She has a very bright future, I am sure. 2nd. Cyprien’s Shavano’s Quality of Life by Indie (imp Norway). Another quality bitch, slightly different stamp but equally correct. At 11 months, she is taller than 1 but has the length to compliment her height. Classic head showing correct planes skull to muzzle with just the right amount of stop. Beautiful dark round eye. Very good front assembly with correct forechest., Strong and level topline. Good rear quarters, she moved out with ease, very steady and true front and rear and very good in profile. Another who I would like to think has a very bright future ahead of her. 3rd. Farleigh’s Gucci Bloom

Junior Bitch (2 entries, 1 withdrawn) 1st. Coyne’s Ozubi’s Patience. A moderate bitch, classic type with really good head. Dark, round eye, excellent ear size and carriage. Well boned for size and good tight feet. Excellent proportions body length to height. Very good angulations front and rear. Nothing exaggerated about this girl at all, just an honest, well put together bitch. Moved well fore and aft and in profile. More than deserved her first place. 2nd. Farleigh’s Driving Miss Daisy. A different type, taller bitch. Well boned and good feet. Lovely wheaten coat colour. Well angled front and rear. . Good spring of rib, level topline. Moved out well. 3rd. Maidment’s Amahle You had Me From hello

Post Graduate Bitch (10 entries, 1 absent, 1 transferred to Open) 1st Coyne’s Ozubi’s Patience 2nd. Hicks’ Nuthouse Some Like it Hot. Lovely wheaten bitch, unexaggerated and similar type to 1. Feminine head of correct proportions with dark eye and good size ear. Nice front assembly, good length of upper arm to correspond with layback of shoulder and giving good reach in front. Level topline on the move, shapely rear quarters with good turn of stifle. Moved true coming and going and steady profile movement. 3rd.Parsons’ Priorpark Pipsicle

Limit Bitch (10 entries, 3 absent) 1st. Catley & McGimpsey’s Diamondridge Roll The Dice for Royalridge. Red Wheaten bitch in excellent condition. Super head with lovely dark round eye. Well muscled all through and showing excellent front and rear angulation. Correct oval bone and good tight feet. Well ribbed back with level topline and correct underline. Slight rise over the loin, correct tail set. Good turn of stifle with good width to first and second thigh. Low set hocks set her driving off with purpose and straight forward front action took her round the ring with ease. Handled well and pleased to award this 20 month old girl her second CC, the third won’t be long coming I am sure. 2nd. Simper’s Amahle Ayita of Matabelle. Well built top of the standard for size and carries herself perfectly, one you can’t overlook for sure. Very good head planes, good ear shape and carriage. Very good front with great infil and width to chest. Well ribbed back, strong topline. Excellent bone and feet, great width to first and second thigh, A handful on the move and I’m pretty sure she could swallow up a huge outdoor ring without taking a breath! She has great reach and drive, a classic. 3rd. Parsons’ Priorpark Pipsqueak

Open Bitch (8 entries, 2 absent) 1st. Cox’s Ch Carlincox First Class JW ShCM. This bitch presented an overall balanced outline. Really good head proportions showing even planes. Correct round eye, good size ear carried close. Just the right amount of arch to her good length of neck, good shoulder placement. Excellent bone and feet. Strong topline held on the move, correct slight rise over the loin. Correctly sprung ribcage and ribbed well back. Good strong rump, very good turn of stifle. Low set hocks. Moved very true and with an effortless side gait. Pleased to award her the RCC. 2. Diamondridge Distant Drum at Lobengula. Very nice stamp and with very good head type. Lovely dark round eye. Correct muzzle proportions. Good length of nicely crested neck into well placed shoulders. Good front, feet and bone. Excellent topline, Strong rear quarters with good width, she moved with grace and power. Close call between 1 and 2. 3. Manning’s Fiadma Syleane Kijani Veteran Bitch (3 entries, 2 absent) 1st. Shaw’s Ch Makiobos Kilimalemrika of Negasi I judged this bitch back in her youth and I have to say she’s really matured well into her Autumn years. At 8 ½ years she was enjoying the ring and showed a very light and even footfall on the move, carrying herself with the dignity only a mature Ridgeback can! Beautiful head and eye, superb bone, good topline and underline, nice width to first and second thigh and very good feet. Handled well.

Liz Storey