• Show Date: 13/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: LIZ stannard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Utility Group

Judging for Best in Utility Group Darlington

Judge: Mrs Liz Stannard

My thanks to Darlington committee for the invitation to judge my first Utility Group. What a wonderful engagement it was, as I think it was one of the strongest groups for a while, so many excellent examples of their breed. In fact I had a short list of 10 and I think there were some who left the ring then who will go onto greater things during their careers.

It is a true saying that it is easy to judge good dogs and that was certainly true today, both easy and a great pleasure.


My final winner was HARWOOD Miss M Ch Minarets Best Kept Secret


So well balanced, with that lovely proud carriage, moving freely with plenty of drive and never giving up showing for a moment. His show record speaks for itself so I will not enthuse on all his superb breed points except to say he ticks all the boxes and is of course put down and presented to the minute by his very experienced owner. A dog that can never be ignored and it was a pleasure to be able to go over him and award him first in this extremely strong group.


2nd DUNNACHIE Mr M Ch Dvojica Vendetta


Another well known winner who although now a Veteran shows no signs of his age both in body tone or agility. Such a free powerful mover with plenty of length of stride, in great muscle tone with good head carriage. Another exhibit so in tune with his handler. Pleased to see him later in the day go 2nd in the Veteran group.

3rd.LYNN, Mr J & ISHERWOOD, Mr T & NILSSON Mrs M Ch Afterglow Poppa Don't Preach


What a picture this bitch makes on the stand, so elegant and eye catching put down to perfection as you would expect from this ace handler.Underneath that beautiful white coat a well proportioned body. There was no disgrace in standing 3rd in this very strong group and she did every thing required by her handler.

:4th :  CAIN Mrs W Ch Sandauri Showstopper For Kutani (Imp)


Another great example of the breed, sturdy, well balanced in heavy coat of the correct texture. Moved freely with that typical attitude. A well carried head on a strong well arched neck gave it that Lhasa look, another great ambassador of the breed.