• Show Date: 31/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lisa Tyler Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Ibizan Hound

OD (3, 1abs) 1, CC, Carter & Hozempa’s CH AMAHTE RUNNIN ON JAMAICAN TIME (IMP) JW SHCM SHCEX,  8y ch/w, well shaped pleasing head with strong jaw and some veining, very good earset and texture when he chose to show it, fine strong bone with correct forehand angulation, not too much; ribs carried well back and in excellent condition, firm in topline which he held on the move, not the most active in profile today but his out and back movement was the best of the day, really clean and precise, he has been a real ambassador for the breed over the years and I was pleased to award his 7th CC; in the challenge he had to give way to his lovely daughter. 2, RCC, Steele’s FALCONCRAG VALENTINO AT THREADGOLD, dark ch/w, 7yo with a classy typical outline, correct angulation in front and depth of chest, lean muscle behind with moderate turn of stifle, good feet with correct pasterns, noticeable hover in profile though not as precise coming at me as 1, decent head with strong jaw but slightly soft in ear; RCC. 






JB (1) 1 BJ, Brian’s ABBOTSOAK SKY OF FLAMES AT DEBBIEJAY, petite and very typy w/ch with a great deal to like about her, balanced breed-typical angulation, feminine head with good eye shape and mobile ears which she wasn’t too keen on showing off, very nice hover in her profile movement, though needs to strengthen behind a little; considered her for the RCC but she looked a little immature next to the winners. Very pleased to see her go G3 in the Junior Group; well done! 


LB (2) 1, Worrall’s ALANAURA UNSEEN UNICORN, w/ch broken coat, nice head and good eye shape, very good front assembly, with typical modest but not absent angulation, good feet and pasterns, well ribbed up with chest well above her elbow; lifting a touch in front action and falls away a bit too much in croup with more angulation behind than she has in front; 2, Carter’s AMAHTE'S BEWITCHED (IMP), ch/w dam of the BOB to whom she has handed on many good qualities, refined head, mobile ears, good length of neck, well balanced both ends but would not want any more angulation. Not quite back to her best after a litter and tending to roach her topline. 


OB (3) 1, Hall’s IR/GIB CH AFILADOR PANDEMONIUM SHCM CW18'19 ANCH'18, such a picture of elegance, beautiful feminine head and expression with lovely detailing, fine mobile ears, moderate angulation both ends with ample forechest, long ribbing and firm in topline, in superb show condition with lean musculature; moves around the ring with the lightest of free strides, in perfect harmony with her handler. To be critical she is not quite as precise in front as her sire, being a touch soft in pastern. Presents an overall impression of lightness, agilty and poise; full of quality. CC, her third, and BOB; 2, Steele’s CH FALCONCRAG QUEEN NEFERTITI AT THREADGOLD SHCM, tall, mature rich ch/w of excellent type, very nice head with correct planes and good earset and carriage, good length of neck, matching modest angles front and rear, quality lady who moved very well, if without the lightness and freedom of 1; her class and maturity earned her the RCC; 3, Carter’s AFILADOR ROOM ON THE BROOM SHCM. 


Lisa Tyler Jackson