• Show Date: 19/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Linda Westron Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Pointer

I had a lovely entry with many good pointers present. Sloping pasterns are not as present within the breed as they should be, and they are the shock absorbers for a galloping breed. I saw a couple of suspect mouths, and movement and tail carriage sometimes affected placement of otherwise good dogs. Temperaments on the whole were excellent, as was presentation.

Veteran Dog (4,1)

1. Harrison’s Sh Ch Millpoint Heatwave JW ShCM. Black/white, put down in good order, sweet head and kind expression, clean outline, well balanced throughout with a good tailset. Went well.

2. Best’s Shadesett Keep On Believin For Bestina. Black/white, well put together dog with a typey head, shapely throughout, well set on tail which was carried well on the move. A little lethargic on the move today.

3. McCready’s Aus & Am Ch Fuglere Sirocco at Tuke Glen (ImpAus)

Minor Puppy Dog (1)

1. Walkling’s Wilchrimane Tambuti With Kiswahili. Orange/white, just 6 months old, very attractive head with soft expression, plenty of body and substance for his age, balanced in angulation and went steadily around the ring for one so young. Tail carriage needs to settle a little.

Puppy Dog (1)

1. Layton’s Joneva Born To Thrill. Orange/white, 11 months old, up to size but he shouldn’t grow on anymore now. Clean and elegant in outline, holds himself well on the move with plenty of presence, well muscled, a little narrow yet in front but plenty of time to develop. Handled and presented well. BPD.

Junior Dog (8).

1. Oddie’s Sharnphilly Boondoggle. Athletic black/white of excellent medium size. Balanced all through with a strong topline leading into good hindquarters with well defined hocks, nicely muscled, typey head with alert expression and neat ears, good tailset and carriage. Stylish mover that covered the ground well with perfect footfall. Handled well to advantage, and shown in grand fettle. He performed just as strongly in the challenge, and that secured him the DCC.

2. Wilcox’s Pipeaway Dreams Afyre In Merynjen. Orange/white, lots of type, also a handy size, sweet head with kind expression, not quite as forward as 1 at this stage but time on his side.

3. Henshaw’s Sharnphilly Vice Versa with Peteshe.

Yearling Dog (7)

1. Siddle & Siddle’s Wilchrimane Niffler. Orange/white of medium size and good type, kind gentle expression, good short hard coat, well muscled, went with enthusiasm using his neat tail well. Will finish well.

2. Jamieson, Macara & Blackburn-Bennett’s Kanix Peri Peri With Glenfinnan. Orange/white from a slightly larger mould, good head, well balanced and well angulated throughout, expertly handled and went well.

3. Barker’s Ragus Let’s Get Moving At Flinthill.

Post Graduate Dog (11,3)

1. Preece & Gilding’s Harvestlade Cullinan. Orange/white, upstanding dog with an excellent clean outline, strong and athletic with an aristocratic bearing, up to size but plenty of elegance, nicely put together with well set tail carried correctly. Moved well although appeared distracted at times today. Maturity should see him receiving top honours.

2. Gerrard’s Carmandine Count On Me. Black/white, well made throughout, nice head, dark eye giving pleasing expression, good topline well held on the move.

3. Wilcox’s Pipeaway Dreams Afyre in Merynjen.

Limit Dog (5)

1. Blackburn-Bennett’s Kanix Obi At Stargang. Orange/white stylish dog of good medium size. No exaggerations, nothing heavy or overdone, typey head with beautiful dark eyes giving a soft expression, balanced in angulation fore and aft, excellent neat tail which was well carried, precise mover. Didn’t perform quite so confidently in the challenge but well deserved RCC nonetheless, a quality dog.

2. Hall’s Gartarry You Shook Me. Black/white of a larger frame than (1), lovely type with a pleasing masculine head and dark eye, plenty of depth, clean lines throughout, scopey dog that moved with enthusiasm. Unlucky to meet (1) in such fine form.

3. Martin’s Sunhouse Chips Ahoy.

Open Dog (5,2)

1. Jamieson, Macara & Blackburn-Bennett’s Sh Ch Kanix News Flash At Glenfinnan. Liver/white upstanding dog, well up to size but clean elegant lines, lengthy neck and firm topline, good tailset, went well with plenty of enthusiasm and ring presence.

2. Critchley, London & Heaton’s Shadybrook J Hoover at Whipspan (ImpUSA). Orange/white, not quite as mature as (1) yet and not the depth of brisket, clean in outline, elegant throughout, pleasing head with soft gentle eye, good tail action on the move.

3. Saunders’ Teisgol Double Trigger.

Special Beginners Dog (3)

1. Tregaskis’ Moenfair Sanguinem Luna. Liver/white, good head, clean lines, went well in this class but carried his tail a touch high.

2. Booth’s Lundgarth Teal. Orange/white, not quite so mature yet as (1) and needs to drop in brisket, clean lines and good carriage on the move.

3. Astbury’s Penwest Photo Finish For Dorbury.

Good Citizen Dog (3)

1. Langford’s Fydal Cortese Of Papermill. Orange/white, medium sized athletic dog who went well when settled, pleasing head, strong in body, held himself well on the move but tail a shade high.

2. Saunders’ Teisgol Double Trigger. Orange/white from a larger mould. Nice head of pleasing type, balanced throughout, strong topline, good neat tail, feet a little round and was carrying a little weight over his shoulders today.

3. Tregaskis’ Moenfair Sanguinem Luna.

Veteran Bitch (4,1)

A trio of lovely bitches, all of whom had excellent true tail action.

1. Smith’s Sh Ch Fydal Ava. Orange/white of lovely type, clean elegant outline, well held topline, good angulation, happy mover with a neat tail that never stopped. Best Veteran In Breed.

2. Guy’s Carmandine Cookie Crumble By Fleurfield. Orange/white, pretty head with expressive eyes, balanced throughout with no exaggerations, firm topline, went well.

3. Macmanus’ Luneville Strawberry Moon.

Minor Puppy Bitch (3)

1. Gerrard’s Chesterhope C’mon Over To Carmandine (ImpNZ). Orange/white, very pretty and ultra feminine with a gorgeous dark eye, so elegant throughout, nothing out of place anywhere at this stage, good front with good pasterns although feet a touch round, balanced angulation each end, didn’t put a foot wrong for one so young. No doubt will have an exciting future. Best Puppy In Breed.

2. Siddle & Siddle’s Wilchimane Charisma. Orange/white of just 6 months. Lovely head and expression, of good type, plenty of substance, well angulated throughout and firm in topline, stylish happy mover who went well. Preferred tail length and carriage of (1) on this occasion but plenty of time on her side.

3. Anderson-Rowell’s Daledancer Rita Owla.

Puppy Bitch (2)

1. Hall’s Gartarry Sweet Dreams. Orange/white, well grown with pleasing head and dark eye, plenty of substance, presented a cleaner and more athletic outline than her sister today, balanced throughout.

2. Hall’s Gartarry A Million Dreams. Orange/white, litter sister to (1) and made along similar lines, very pretty head and alert expression, balanced outline but carrying a little too much weight today.

Junior Bitch (7)

1. Oddie, Dyer & Cole’s Sharnphilly Serendipity. Black/white, nothing overdone anywhere, well angulated both ends, pretty head, nice size, went very well. Should finish well.

2. Lien’s Kanix Quiz To Reambeck. Black/white stronger built bitch than (1) but still feminine and very athletic, lovely head with nice dish, a little longer cast than (1) at this stage, athletic and eyecatching on the move.

3. Booth’s Ragus Go Truly At Lundgarth.

Yearling Bitch (6)

1. Siddle & Siddle’s Wilchrimane Snapple. Orange/white, beautiful bitch with stunning outline, put down in excellent condition, well muscled as are all exhibits from this kennel, lovely head and eye, well angulated front with just enough forechest and good pasterns. Went well but carried her tail just a touch high today. Will trouble the best. RCC.

2. Wilkinson’s Stocksfell Seldom Seen. Orange/white from a slightly larger mould, very pretty head and expression, clean in outline but not quite the balance in angulation as (1), went well with enthusiasm, covering the ground well.

3. Hinton’s Fleurfield Morning Glory.

Post Graduate Bitch (9,1)

1. Preece & Gilding’s Harvestlade Lesedi La Rona. Orange/white, pretty bitch of nice type, elegant lines with balance throughout, thin ear leathers, went well with nice carriage.

2. Stoke’s Hawkfield Castaspell Over Guanabara JW. Liver/white, shapely bitch with a tidy outline, good head and eye, strong topline held well on the move, lively and active on the move. Put down in gleaming condition.

3. Edmonson & Robertshaw’s Luneville Diamond Dancer.

Limit Bitch (10,1).

1. Blackburn-Bennett & Macara’s Kanix Naughty Nancy. Black/white, upstanding bitch with plenty of charisma, attractive head of good type, strong yet feminine, balanced athletic outline, scored well on the move where she went with plenty of reach and drive, carrying herself with panache and great pointer carriage with her head held high and a lashing tail. Well deserved CC & BOB.

2. Blower’s Fydal Blown Away To Deadaway. Orange/white, pretty feminine bitch of lovely type, a shade finer all through than (1), sweet head, clean elegant outline with tidy and precise movement, good tail carriage and tail used well on the move.

3. Gordon’s Hawkfield Saunter JW.

Open Bitch (4)

1. Blackburn-Bennett’s Sh Ch Kanix Orient At Stargang. Orange/white from the top drawer, excellent medium size and just right for bone, lovely well balanced outline free from exaggerations, pretty head and eye, neat tail and stylish sound mover. Have admired her from the ringside, just carrying a touch extra weight today.

2. Smith’s Fydal Bedazzle. Orange/white, very feminine and pretty, so elegant all through, good outline with well let down hocks, moved well with a good tail action, just not quite the forward reach of (1) today.

3. Hazeltine, Razzell, Spey, Oldfield & Lopes Am Ch Bookstor Fabello Kinky Boots (NAF).

Special Beginners Bitch (4,1)

1. Booth’s Ragus Go Truly At Lundgarth. Black/white, placed 3rd in a strong junior class, medium sized and tidy all through, well balanced with nothing overdone, went around the ring well. Best Special Beginner.

2. Webster & Goodwin’s Pennystone Sunny Daze. Orange/white, shapely bitch from a slightly larger mould than (1), good head with kindly expression, sound girl who went well.

3. Large & Pressley’s Sniperay Ambrosia.

Good Citizen Bitch (3,1)

1. Anderson-Rowell’s Daledancer Rita Owla. Orange/white puppy with a very pretty head, good type, alert sort with a dark eye giving a bright intelligent expression, clean in outline, very elegant, neat tail, lots of maturing still to do but plenty of time ahead of her.

2. Phillips’ Waterton Remember Me. Liver/white, sound honest girl who moved out with enthusiasm, clean lines, needs a little time to drop in brisket.

Linda Westron (AURICHALCUM)