• Show Date: 13/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Linda Mackenzie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hound Association

Breed: Otterhound

      The Hound Association, 13th July 2019


Soundness needs to be addressed in this breed, too many unsound dogs/bitches in an entry that wasn’t huge! These are working hounds that should be capable of a full days hunting, many of this entry would struggle to achieve this!

PD (1)

  1) Salt, Stringer and Lerego’s Teckelgarth Dreadnought, strong, upstanding pup with plenty of bone and substance, nice head and leathers, good bite, decent length of neck leading moderately angled front, plenty of ribbing and excellent coat. Reasonable rear angulation, one of the best movers here. A little proud of his stern. RCC.

JD (2,1abs)

1) Lerego and Dunn’s Teckelgarth Crassus, just under a year old, white/sable hound who is a little plain in head for me, strong body and decent ribbing, lovely weatherproof coat. Moved ok but lacks hind angulation for me and could be tighter in pasterns, but that may well improve with age.

SBB (0)

PG (0)

LD (2, 1abs)

1) Lerego’s Teckelgarth Augustus, this hound had a beautiful head and leathers, excellent coat, well bodied and with decent angulation at both ends, but his movement was extremely erratic to the point I was questioning his soundness. May have been the floor and, on another day in another ring his movement should improve.

OD (3, 2abs)

1) Lerego, Smith and Smith’s Teckelgarth Maximus, fine, upstanding stallion hound whom I have judged before, has matured and flourished, beautiful head, excellent coat, really powered round the ring, great showman. Looked great in the BIS ring. CC and BoB.

VD, SWD/B, PB no entries

JB (3)

This was not a good class.

1) Porter’s Ottaryx Quinevere, very immature, needs to muscle and strengthen up, decent head and good coat but her movement especially hind movement was appalling to the point of unsoundness. Only beat her sister into second place as she managed to almost hold her topline when trying to move.

2) Smith’s Ottaryx Quartz at Goldmarker litter sister to first, same remarks apply, but she didn’t manage to hold her topline when moving.

3) Johnson’s Olphae Cadence with Wildan.

SBB, PGB, LB no entries.

OB (2)

Two very different types.

1) Lerego and Smith’s Teckelgarth Virtue, this bitch stood head and shoulders above the other bitches here today. Grizzle with a fabulous head, great conformation fore and aft, super coat, and because her conformation is correct, she powered round the ring looking as

 though she could go all day! CC, her third, I believe.

Follett and Follett’s CH & Gr CH Four Pillars Tahoe Turquoise, black and tan bitch, heavier all through than my winner, head is not my favourite, she has decent angulation and is well bodied up with an excellent coat. Again I was questioning movement on the floor as there was something peculiar going on with her near hind as she cornered, which was also stopping her driving from behind.

VB no entries

Linda Mackenzie (judge)